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  1. Air/Track temperature for console
  2. Don't forget about Metacritic!
  3. How are sales figures holding up?
  4. Formula A KERS Question
  5. [ANSWERED] Project Cars 2? Is PCars 1 abandoned?
  6. Assist on real, are the on all the time, of do I have to turn them on?
  7. merc benz
  8. [No] Console and PC crossplatform?
  9. What changes are required in UI for help in "Drifting"?
  10. Flags and penaltys
  11. [NOT OUT YET] Is this true (patch 2.0)?
  12. Let's see them naked.
  13. Multiplayer skill level search??
  14. Multiple Tire Sponsors (More Below)
  15. Can I hack the particles back in rear view mirror?
  16. How to save a setup?
  17. Project CARS - All Platforms - Planned Patch 3.0 - Release Notes
  18. With regards to How much force feed back is good or bad
  19. Tires go instantly cold - no control
  20. Will CPU bottlenecked PC benefit from Windows 10's DX 12?
  21. The Lighting In This Game!!!!!
  22. Tire sound in every corner with karts ?
  23. Help
  24. Where do I go to donate to project cars 3
  25. List of important bugs/missing features!
  26. Which manufacturer would you like to see next in Gt3?
  27. Why PCars has nothing to fear from Forza6... IMO.
  28. Which manufacturer would you like to see next in Gt3, and only Gt3?
  29. Will we ever get any JDM cars? Supra?
  30. Xb1 update!
  31. New generation of GT3
  32. Pre-race car setup tyre choices and in-race tyre choices
  33. Optimum tyre pressures should set automatically when change tire in-race or pre-race
  34. Track DLCs, when ?
  35. Which image do your prefer? (Unscientific for a reason)
  36. Monza Short Track Rolling Start
  37. "Simulating Session" crashes game
  38. [No] Decreased anti-alising for Xbox One with patch 1.3 ?
  39. Celebrating my 200th race win.
  40. Possible to get a little insight into SMS-Studios?
  41. Game pad steering "over lock" restriction.
  42. Boring stuff.
  43. Watch Goodwood Festival of Speed LIVE!
  44. Forum club small charge to join.
  45. Historic invitational event
  46. Bentley Continental GT3 - Steering wheel and wheel position?
  47. Sales for racing fans
  48. 'Real' & Traction Control
  49. Real event list
  50. How I'm learning new tracks...
  51. when is blipping neccessary "gameplay wise"
  52. My Ian Bell history (skin like a rhino)
  53. Noob Question: What is Clipping?
  54. Why would ANYONE set 30 mins practice and 30 mins quali for a race??
  55. The 100 Bullets League - The 100km Championship to Glory!
  56. What should devds do to make career more entertaining. Your ideas ?
  57. Rainbow Car?
  58. patch 1.4 am i doing something wrong?
  59. Invisible force fields moving the car. Known issue?
  60. So what little touches do we have to look forward too?
  61. Wheel stand pro v2 compatibility question
  62. Azure Circuit: pCARS arcade mode :(
  63. Bearing in mind it's a sim, what view do you use?
  64. Game Design
  65. What FFB value adjusts this?
  66. Anyone Else Want Single Player Challenges (Time Trials, etc...)?
  67. Changing tires at pit stops
  68. Rewinding Replay Crashes Game
  69. Copyright Infringement Found in CARS
  70. This Sim Needs A Safety Rating/Ranking System!
  71. What's your favourite Car/Track combo?
  72. Having Trouble Braking In A Straight Line
  73. Time taken to repair damage in garage .
  75. NES version...
  76. Played again GT 6 a few days ago and was really shocked!
  77. Random disqualification
  78. Tyres changed for super hot slicks!
  80. Clipping Question
  81. AI Cars stuck on track.
  82. A little confused how to manage my setups
  83. Online typing
  84. Cockpit vs Helmet 'look' difference.
  85. Endurace races
  86. Can you setup the FOV like this in Project Cars?
  87. Sweet Revenge
  88. Performance Boost - Disable Post Processing Filters?
  89. [ANSWER POST 31] Bentley Continental in career mode
  90. Ramming speed
  91. Some simple questions
  92. Almost every slight oversteer ends up in the dirt :D
  93. Anyone watching the BTCC from Croft today?
  94. AI Difficulty
  95. Invite friends to play career mode?
  96. Mercedes A45 AMG fuel consumption
  97. Formula B, no tyre temp on second run
  98. Superkarts Straight to LMP1?
  99. Project Cars PS4 on sale
  100. PCARS Self Help Group
  101. Cars and their gear shift methods
  102. jump start penalty for nothing
  103. Explanations needed for an idiot - Please help
  104. unable to counter steer or brake steer, need help!
  105. The Effect of Steering Ratio?
  106. How realistic is Project Cars?
  107. AI Pit Too Often
  108. Too easy on lower difficulty and too hard on higher difficulty.
  109. Which wheel after the G27?
  110. formula gulf upshift question
  111. road reflections/mirroring?
  112. need monitor/TV advice
  113. HUD Explanation
  114. Time in the pits (poss Devs Help)
  115. Penalty system is crap
  116. Fanatec Universal Wheel Hub Sale
  117. Make very frequently patches, new cars, new tracks a.s.a.p, not community events !
  118. Oval licensing
  119. Race position and lap counter bug
  120. Please help me rate (difficulty rating) some tracks
  121. What is the 'correct' finishing point on SPA?
  122. Le mans on Ultra
  123. Free Cars
  124. Even intro video lags
  125. Funding for Project Cars 2?
  126. when is next update coming?
  127. Am I Missing The Fundamentals Of The Game Or?
  128. Assists vs Lap Time
  129. This not what sms have stated when pcars was realeased
  130. nfne8671
  131. The 100 Bullets League - Time Trials has started!
  132. Odd self changing Car settings (Need Help)
  133. Is there any bug in Hockenheim?
  134. Front End vs Back End Question
  135. pCARS VR Journey starts today (patch 2)
  136. This is outrageous
  137. [Patch 2.0] Todays 1.4 GB Update?
  138. Career car number selection is purposeless
  139. Community events, pointless at the moment
  140. Open wheel races with AI is really unplayable
  141. My 4th of July wish.
  142. Is this car porn?
  143. AI skills on qualifying..strange behaviour
  144. A little advice please....
  145. Online record means nothing.
  146. Showing off unfinished paint job
  147. You want this game to be a Sim? Then make it a Sim ...
  148. Who to turn to if I would like to use the Project Cars logo for personal use?
  149. Thrustmaster T80 wheel
  150. Moving up from regional to European championships.
  151. Closing useful threads?
  152. Why is it a bad day, exactly?
  153. [NO] Does Project CARS development of rFactor and or F1 Challenge game ?
  154. Will console versions have PC Telemetry connection in the future for the game?
  155. PC2 v GT series
  156. Tenperature readings?
  157. Somebody please explain...
  158. Tire Temperature Sensitivity Explanation.
  159. Pits Occupied Question
  160. Doug914 appreciation thread.
  161. Thanks a lot, Slightly Mad.
  162. racing line guide toggle?
  163. Alright then. Where's the Track Expansion Pack?
  164. My career is broken after patch 2.0?
  165. Request pit stop?
  166. Competitive using Auto Trans??
  167. Random Weather for Solo Mode
  168. Electric/ Hybrid road racing series?
  169. No Pit Crew
  170. Opel/Vauxhall Licence
  171. Thrustmaster TX firmware update for Mac.
  172. Finally getting it
  173. Some cars not performing as expected after patch 2.0
  174. Fastest way to get DQed online? (Serious Question)
  175. Weight Balance
  176. Create racing with pitstop
  177. No Collisions
  178. So how is Patch 2.0?
  179. A little story.
  180. Novice question: Ford Mustang understeering
  181. A quick note.
  182. Having trouble in drying weather
  183. Community Events times not posting
  184. What to do for tier 2 in career mode
  185. Best Cars & Tracks List - YOU CHOOSE YOURS?
  186. Pit entrance at Watkins Glen - ghost ai
  187. Nissan license
  188. Check update log ?
  189. Pressure vs. inner/middle/outer temperatures
  190. Physics glitch?
  191. I Blame the team at Project CARS...
  192. 24h Le Mans event - Bug report and questions
  193. So how's that free June car going?
  194. A reflection and AI issue
  195. Starlight glen
  196. Is there any organized online service for pCARS?
  197. Sunday Driver Achivement
  198. Could I Be Banned, Too?
  199. After we saw Ian Bell...
  200. Track blocking pile ups
  201. How's SMS gonna deal with mods in this game?
  202. Is it my pit strategy or a bug?
  203. Finish The Drill
  204. Future liveries
  205. Question about the coming track pack... (New car)
  206. Focus RS pit strategy tires?
  207. How to match/outperform auto transmission by doing manual transmission?
  208. Project Cars made me cry
  209. [YES] Do tires pop?
  210. [YES] Does the race date influence the temperature?
  211. [YES] Glowing disc brakes
  212. A positive about this game, the amount of tracks !!
  213. T3PA-PRO Question?
  214. [resolved] 2 different speed on screen
  215. Sale again for Thrustmaster T300 RS
  216. GT tour live
  217. Open wheel Cars throttle question
  218. Rain Effects
  219. Dry to Wet - AI performance patch 2.0
  220. Road cars or Race cars
  221. FaceTrackNoIr - Has anyone got a .ini file I could try.
  222. Pit Stop d'ont working in large races - Xbox One
  223. AI headlights in bad weather
  224. Shared Memory On/Off Hotkey...
  225. Why are the rolling start accelaration points so far back? (Small rant)
  226. fanatec csw b v2 invitation codes
  227. Nascar cars and no oval track
  228. endurance race settings??? please help
  229. Track Information
  230. [NOT A BUG] Engine Sound Bug with both R8
  232. HUD question
  233. 'White line ffb' canned effects? And why?
  234. 3rd time not so lucky
  235. Profile and progress lost
  236. Question about triple screens
  237. Matchmaking / Reputation
  238. LMP2 Endurance
  239. AI - Never overtake each other!
  240. I say no to payd dlc
  241. Audi R8 V10 Plus: AI driving out of the pits wall contact
  242. Ps4 vs xbox1 controls
  243. In the big scheme of things....
  244. What caused this crash?
  245. Maximum PC Aug 2015 - Project Cars review 8 out of 10
  246. [BUG IDENTIFIED] Serious pitstop issues :( + video
  247. can you race le mans 24hr twice in one season?
  248. July Track Expansion Predictions
  249. Telemetria
  250. Keyboard and game pad players time trial?