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  1. Thankyou SMS and WMD
  2. Setting weather
  3. Deadzone or no Deadzone?
  4. merc AMG c coupe DTM
  5. Oval Track Filter
  6. Virtual mirror always off!
  7. suggestion for mods admins
  8. Metric v imperial
  9. Fuel litre selection.
  10. Do we need a FFB component graph?
  11. Tyre Wear, Fuel and Pit Stops - Bit of Help Needed
  12. The official old school DTM liveries for the Mercedes-Benz 190E have disappeared?
  13. Multi-task Lmp and gt race?
  14. Fun Car + Track combos?
  15. Regarding Sakitto and Suzuka...
  16. New track design to stop corner cutting
  17. No Hair Left
  18. Brno rendering issues
  19. I was banned from here for constructive criticism...wow....
  20. You all should be ashamed...not allowing people to voice diffe opinions, constructiv
  21. You want to complain about Pcars? Read me first!!!
  22. Visual tuning changes
  23. Did 2.0 address the "Headlights?"
  24. Funny Pitstop bug?
  25. Ginetta G40 Junior not downshifting (Automatic)
  26. AI Drivers receiving blue flags?
  27. [ANSWERED] Timed race vs # laps?
  28. Patch 2.0, thanks to the team!
  29. [FIXED] PS4 project cars for $3
  30. Leader Board and World Record Question
  31. [Known Issue] Black squares in mirrors after Update 2.0
  32. accuracy of azure circuit to monaco
  33. Patch 2.0 on all formats ..... Whats the next Move ?
  34. I feel scared to drive through the porche curves now.
  35. Question for DEV'S re time
  36. Ruf RGT8 GT3 undrivable on rain??? Need someone to check it out too
  37. Really? Was this necessary?
  38. What happened to Project Cars in Wii U
  39. New update fixes the game and makes playing against AI more realistic
  40. Pitlane sequence and penalties
  41. Problems Passing pit lane
  42. Questions about the tyres...
  43. Question about the Tires in the HUD
  44. [INVESTIGATING] Grand Prix Length Formula A race problem
  45. About Career invitations
  46. Is Brands Hatch Pole Position Placement Correct?
  47. Favorite LMP Cars?
  48. Penalty relative to what you cut.
  49. Permission to Lets Play Project Cars
  50. Question for Devs - SMS (online lobby filtering)
  51. Confused - general questions & pitstops
  52. [NO] Disabling Replay
  53. 25h Bathurst
  54. Broken pit engineer?
  55. How to make Formula A car faster
  56. [OH YEAH!] Restricted engines at Daytona with stock car
  57. Marek Lmp1 and Lmp2, have they gone bankrupt ??
  58. Steering correction. Can't seem to ever get it back straight. Logitech G25
  59. why has the AI got slower after 2.0?
  60. Thoughts from a 34 year old Dad with 15 years removed from gaming.
  61. Tire Temp Question
  62. NEW UPDATE 70% AI most realistic ad gives average player a chance to win
  63. Why so many bugs in this game?
  64. (Not complaining!) What happened to the Audi A4 DTM car...
  65. I met my first Hacker
  66. Quick Start
  67. New playseat.. What do you guys use on the bottom of i
  68. [SEE POST 31] Track-cutting penalties on 2.0
  69. 100% AI
  70. Found a game breaking multiplayer glitch, how can I properly report it?
  71. Endurance to wec?
  72. Most used cars so far?
  73. Stuck on bumper cam + not able to do qualis
  74. Home Field Advantage wont unlock (PC)
  75. Data on formula gulf steering wheel
  76. 100% AI too slow.
  77. Track drys out too quickly after rain.
  78. Enhanced telemetry - tire wear
  79. A great idea for sadists!
  80. How do i reduce front tyre temp?
  81. Can brakes fail?
  82. Time Trial weather discrepencies (Possible issue?)
  83. Career contract unlocks - is there a guide, or are they random?
  84. What has gone wrong (changing driving views)?
  85. RWD P30 LMP1
  86. Forum Bugs
  87. mumbo jumbo (FFB) settings
  88. Nvidia users: Force Ultra Wide Screen on a 16:9 display !
  89. Career Mode Endurance Series
  90. LMP2 Season: rookie class, semi pro,..???
  91. Am I the oldest on this forum to have played this game,and with a simulator,
  92. AI skills level - work for match all circuits | cars
  93. Question for SMS about the FFB and G27
  94. AI does not switch from inter to rain tires. Track drying speed.
  95. wheels v controller
  96. Heres how to view the PC leaderboard online!
  97. [Answered] Question about physical copy of game and patching
  99. Which view do you drive from and why?
  100. Sound from other cars
  101. Kill the pits in practice mode for wheel users
  102. Possible Formula Car Problem (PS4)
  103. Patch 2.0 - Everything in working order
  104. free practice with placeable cones?
  105. GT3 cars - track suitability
  106. [SEE POST 3] More FFB feeling with FWD cars
  107. The Racing Line
  108. PCARS FOV/Cameras
  109. [FFB] Experiments with Relative Adjust parameters
  110. GT Races with the Prototypes
  111. Stuck in pits during qualifying after 2.0 update W/Video
  112. Suggestion for aliasing at onboard views
  113. Does tyre wear cause major vibrations in steering wheels?
  114. Well that's my wheel broke!
  115. AI for career
  116. T300RS FFB settings after 1.4 and 2.0 patch
  117. [ANSWERED] water and oil temps
  118. Track List
  119. VOTE: Leaderboard Wipe? [Y/N]
  120. V8 Supercars [AU] - The next phase...
  121. Straight line speed
  122. [NO] Removing own time from the Leaderboard - Possible?
  123. LMP2 nissan. Driving in the rain question.
  124. Ford Escort - AI too fast
  125. SimHQ Motorsports Articles about pCARS
  126. How many tracks in july ?
  127. Damage - what to fix?
  128. [KNOWN] Repairing Damaged Lights In Pits
  129. car set ups from the garage whilst in Free practice/Warm up/Qualifying. ..
  130. Are formula a slicks bugged in rain?
  131. What time of day are time trials run at?
  132. Dlc tracks online
  133. Definition of racing screen
  134. Photo Mode Help
  135. Nationalities! Again.
  136. Built in notes
  137. The Ford Escort MK1RS 1600 Debate
  138. Is it Microsofts fault?
  139. Shadows in game
  140. How to make PIT STOPS work
  141. fuel consumption.. and other questions
  142. DFGT Throttle problem
  143. Coming Soon Tiles
  144. Complaint/Rant Forum
  145. Cockpit view opened a new world for me!
  146. Losing top speed
  147. Qualify Not Working
  148. Ian bell the next great racing game
  149. when you make the audio from the pit guy in french ?
  150. any way to fix the speedometer on the dashboard to read MPH instead of KPH?
  151. Getting cut track message up
  152. These crippling bugs are killing our league races.
  153. FFB,TX awesome but how tweak for less kick back and wheel mapping
  154. Formula B oversteer after pit stop
  155. Gravel = 1 BHP?
  156. SMS Please allow replay of a full lap at least!
  157. [KNOWN ISSUE] Headlights not fixed during pit stop
  158. XBOX One Touring Car Tracks
  159. G27 FFB setup (critique please)
  160. Still Littered With Bugs
  161. Why are there no oval tracks?
  162. Massive A.I. Abandonment
  163. Question about adjusting AI
  164. How to pit stop with damage repair?
  165. Pcars1 Gold/Silver member need help :)
  166. why are people say such mean things about project cars
  167. Patch 3.0
  168. Another week to wait to play project cars kills me,
  169. Historic Tracks - Oh Wow
  170. hot-seat mode
  171. How to compare Lap Times?
  172. No differential downforce on the rear of the Huayra?
  173. Naughty A.I?
  174. Perspective issue
  175. Free cockpit cam
  176. Pit Stop Bug
  177. [PS4] Private lobbies - How many grid positions?
  178. Monitors - 21:9 / 120/144 / 1ms - 5ms / IPS / Gsync / Curve- ... advise please ?
  179. Beating cheater with a clean lap - Episode Two (done by request)
  180. Cut Track Penalty Problems (Post 2.0)
  181. Tire Temp Issues
  182. Formula C - no anti lock braking system?
  183. Any one has optimum controller settings for Xbox One ?
  184. Got myself a project cars apprentice..LOL
  185. I have an obsession
  186. After end of rain FPS gets too low then during the rain (XB1)
  187. Does championship race weather conditions fixed for all season?
  188. Team radio raiın time annoucement only exact for 100% race lenght but not for less
  189. Look what I just found!
  190. Laguna Seca - Night Race - GT3s
  191. Racing games Its A good time for developers.
  192. sakito - suzuka
  193. Mechanical noise when downshifting?
  194. Devs: What goes into choosing a track?
  195. So much fun...
  196. PC vs PS4 default car setups
  197. [ANSWERED] Stuck in bumper cam bug
  198. Atom on Snetterton 300 - issue & bug found
  199. Type of opponents - much better multi class setting?!
  200. STOP THE GAME! Intervention required
  201. Le Mans issues
  202. Ruf GT3 hiss in engine sound
  203. Regarding track expanision DLC
  204. Project Cars 2 FREE!
  205. TX power supply?
  206. Something strange has happened with Zolder
  207. helmet cam fov
  208. license for formula a\b\c
  209. I seem to drive the same car and track
  210. See state of assists in race
  211. BMW M1 Procar - Any Other Group 4 Cars?
  212. Game Profile.
  213. The box crew. A conection With the reality
  214. Question about optimization on different hardware
  215. Best compromise AA/IQ for 21:9 setup
  216. How are people so slow?
  217. DX12 integration
  218. Disconnecting during a race.
  219. Track Livery - your thoughts please
  220. New Rig Setup
  221. Rain-damaged replay camera at Spa..? (video)
  222. What is Project Cars like with a 5.1 Speaker Systems?
  223. A little help with the Dsd adapter for tx wheel
  224. career mode tyre selections (control tyres?)
  225. IndyCar/NASCAR
  226. REV Limiters of GT3 are Correct?
  227. Doug, someone, please help!! Mercedes 300 SEL and Shifter Karts.
  228. Best tracks for best graphic 3rd replay and pics
  229. Why does the A45 sound so bad?
  230. show the trailer of DLC before the DLC out
  231. Profiler (telementry)
  232. BF4 (as compared to pCARS)
  233. What spec TV is needed to match the performance of a 144hz monitor
  234. The path please for Telemetry program
  235. I am loving this game
  236. Sync to race weather
  237. Happy with current cars and DLC plans......
  238. Newbie Le Mans Question
  239. Help needed with organising longer clean races
  240. Questions about 24 and 25 hour invitational events
  241. Getting a new PC for pCARS
  242. Question : AI numbers of pitstop and bad driving
  243. How can you tell what tires are on your car?
  244. [UNSOLVED] What is right FOV (cockpit cam) for my display?
  245. What is the ideal GPU / Surround Monitor Setup
  246. What are your best tracks for scenery and screenshot?
  247. [RESOLVED] Be Cautious of the Logitech G29
  248. Is building a rig worth it for console racing?
  249. GT3 Racing in pCARS
  250. Limited Camera Options?