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  1. i hope the DLC Track its not more than 5$
  2. MS Sidewinder Joystick force feedback setup help
  3. A "Short" Word on Project Cars & SMS
  4. Any Chance of the DLC Being Released Today?
  5. The Pit Crew is for the Next Patch ?
  6. Tyre change options.
  8. The Physics of Audi-Ruapuna
  9. Any chance on getting this feature?
  10. Ruapuna park dlc track vid (EDIT) new audi dlc vid
  11. Project CARS is PC Gamers #1 Best Racing Game on PC
  12. Audi A1 - Discussion Thread
  13. FFB Default & Classic
  15. 1st World Problem.......
  16. Does this mean we will get to see Mosport (CTMP) as a future DLC track?
  17. Barcelona GP track limits
  18. Watkins Glen water barrels?
  19. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
  20. Interesting lap times from my sons first time on p cars
  21. custom races , multiclass, timed races, 24h replicas etc
  22. Gtx 960, DSR vs AA, how much better is 970 or 980
  23. Ruapuna
  24. How can I remove the changes that happened to Formula A car in patch 2.5?
  25. Logitech G29 Unboxing
  26. Free Car #3
  27. Accumulated mileage shared across Motec, not per car
  28. When Will The DLC 2 Steam Version Be Released?
  29. 2.5?? - where is it ?
  30. New track
  31. Live timing in pause menu - endurance race
  32. The cut track indicator
  33. Reply time ...
  34. [ANSWERED] Dividends for investing in Project Cars.
  35. Good car and track combos
  36. DIRTY online drivers
  37. Driver swaps/ endurance racing
  38. Loving game, but some things have to be adressed
  39. Slipper clutch?
  40. Update 2.0 track cutting rules
  41. Request
  42. About that new FFB...
  43. Driver Ratings
  44. Apologies to Racers at Monza
  45. Logitech G920
  46. Bentley GT3 and GT3 Class Races
  47. Chronos, offline & online penalty; change to
  48. Track limits Glencairn East - possible bug
  49. Let's talk about... damages
  50. Why do I have to start last in race 2? Bug or feature? + framerate after 2.0
  51. Traction control
  52. Clio Cup @ Nordschlief - Today 20:00 GMT
  53. Automatic Tire Selection
  54. [ANSWERED] Got DQ'd after finishing a race 1st with 0.2 L of fuel
  55. Inconsistent Difficulty
  56. Lotus 49 @ Laguna Seca - Sound issues
  57. Mercedes 190 EVO no sense of front grip
  58. Leaderboards for new Audi?
  59. Congratulations on ai in 2.5
  60. pro settings? we need ultra settings please
  61. Missing Sonoma Route/Course
  62. Advanced Undocumented Settings
  63. First impressions of the newest DLC cars
  64. Choosing a helmet
  65. Just renewed my contract with LMP1 and... RAIN
  66. Crashes
  67. Go Kart Career - bug?
  68. I can't wait to drive the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO
  70. setups for day night races
  71. BTCC Cars
  72. can this game be fixed
  73. Car track selection
  74. AI level changes according to the race?
  75. AI do not know what drafting is?
  76. 3rd Party HUD Overlay
  77. When will Real Weather come back.
  78. Free Practice: Tyre wear
  79. Lotus 72D Cosworth CTD every time since new Patch
  80. DLC 2 and Livery Pack 2 Now on PS Store AU and GB Stores
  81. Azure Circuit Turn 1 Kerb In Wrong Place
  82. Is air speed/pressure under F1 Cars taken into account?
  83. blani is such a noob!!
  84. night race formula A cheat?
  85. When Will The Steam Release of DLC 2 Be Out?
  86. Dlc cars in career
  87. Free Custom Liveries #2
  88. July Track Expansion DLC
  89. Ian Bell, I hope you are enjoying my money...
  90. Ruapuna TT PS4
  91. Bug in Ruapuna track
  92. Audi 90 IMSA GTO.... When wet dreams come true
  93. Front tires getting really hot in under a lap
  94. Audi R8 LMP can't hit 300 km/h on mulsanne straight?
  95. The next DLC!
  96. Car of the Future
  97. Livery Pack 2 PC/Steam?
  98. Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO Graphic Bug
  99. Hats off to the audio crew.
  100. Game Support Comments
  101. Track popularity in another forum :)
  102. Which cars support KERS/DRS/Brake Bias/Anti-Roll-Bar functions?
  103. DLC 2 Free Car 2 - United States
  104. Am i the only one who feels the Formula B is "racier" than the A?
  105. FPS drop in rain (Bajada de FPS)
  106. Xbox One controller on PC question
  107. Audi R8 LMP 900 Graphic issues
  108. Nintendo Life: Ian Bell's Official Statement on the Wii U Version
  109. DLC cars in career mode.
  110. Any chance for more X1 class cars? McLaren P1-X?
  111. Did I mess up my zero to hero trophy? also something seems bugged.
  112. Audi R18 e-tron gear Indicator
  113. Yay finally got a T300rs!... Oh FFS!
  114. Help! (apparent physics reset, tyres turning cold instantly)
  115. Strategy Calculator/Planner [DOWNLOAD] Version 2 Open Office/Google sheets
  116. [KNOWN] car ghosting issue: any chance to resolve this bug?
  117. Kart rebuilt itself on the track after huge crash while racing,weird
  118. Audi R18 e-tron Quattro: I'm in love...
  119. OMG the epicness of this new DLC...
  120. Vintage stockcar inventational
  121. How to use pcars telemetry to tune
  122. New DLC excellent
  123. Audi 90 IMSA GTO sound
  124. Issues hosting a lobby
  125. Audi 90 GTO - Blown Engine still driving... is this a bug?
  126. Unconvinced my Steam version patched up to date
  127. What liverys are the ones of the Mercedes 190 Eolution?
  128. MotoGamesTV s makes comparative video biased
  129. Liveries Pack 2 - what new liveries are included?
  130. What at the most engaging cars for cockpit and sound and drive?
  131. Disabling Fanchat?
  132. [ANSWERED] A personal curiosity
  133. Easiest way to get get extra buttons without keyboard
  134. Control Setting Parameters
  136. Quick Race - Free Practice - Coming Soon
  137. Ok, my fuel calculations were a little off, lol
  138. [Future DLC] Where are the oval tracks...
  139. Ruapuna Speedway - Laser Scanned?
  140. Steam discount gone
  141. Five things you will NEVER hear said about PCars
  142. What I think of pCARS
  143. What is Project Cars DLC 002?
  144. Pcars2? Funding
  145. BAC MONO and Tyre Temps [RESOLVED]
  146. We need this in the game
  147. Seeking In-Game Map Renders
  148. BUG? MB 6.3 simply will not warm-up it's tyres?
  149. Ford GT Mark IV - after 2.0
  150. [INVESTIGATING] Missing sounds online?
  151. from a severely disabled person to the Devs
  152. AI teammate?
  153. Missing MOTEC on the Audi R8 LMP?
  154. Push the AI.
  155. Defining Track limits.......my suggestion.
  156. How to drive an old manual
  157. Cancel my time in time trial
  158. tIME tRIAL QUESTION (sorry not sure where to ask)
  159. With Hamilton, Collins and Rene on board...
  160. Audi 90 GTO no Backfire?
  161. I am amazed from the day 1 to now!
  162. AI Cold Tires
  163. Online toughts
  164. Leaderboard Wipe already in progress?
  165. A simple sugestion for clean racing, I Guess
  166. Something strange happened today.
  167. Yes, Ovals coming soon baby!
  168. [KNOWN ISSUE] Lobby lags when entering the track...
  169. sync-issues at the PS4
  170. [KNOWN ISSUE] Sound BUG Reporting
  171. Audi R18 E-Tron Career
  172. [ANSWERED] Future patches
  173. Tyre Display on OSD
  174. Proof that you can race and win in the wet at 100% AI.
  175. tyre wear and wheel
  176. What is your favorite race series?
  177. [KNOWN ISSUE] Helmet Cam Bug!
  178. My rear view mirror is missing when on track
  179. AI tire wear in Career Mode
  180. Thrustmaster left right clunk sound
  181. Some unrealistic mistakes
  182. What differs this from forza/gran turismo?
  183. Fictional Circuits?
  184. Multiplatform purchase
  185. AI driver doesn't recognise player initiated pit-stops.
  186. Video Card
  187. Accurate tuning guide!
  188. Flag rules
  189. Racing wheel on a glass top desk?
  190. Online reputation
  191. change driver question
  192. Formula A cockpit view suggestion.
  193. Time scales weather slots
  194. Ferrari 458 GT race cars
  195. Formula A fuel use
  196. My History of SMS games, how I got my love for sim racing.
  197. R18 E-tron weakest LMP1 in game at Lemans?
  198. OMG that FFB!
  199. OMG,I drove out of my skin,
  200. [ANSWERED] Brake ducts
  201. Why did you quit the race?
  202. Car manufacturer license crowdfunding
  203. AI stuck on Lemans
  204. When will Monza short AI problems be fixed?
  205. Distance signs at Spa Les Combes
  206. Track penalties at Le circuit Bugatti are too much now.
  207. Still feeling for a lot of people
  208. Another t300RS bites the dust
  209. Car Mods.=
  210. Race Rigs.
  211. Cars Snap Into Wall When You Go Over the Apex?
  212. Driver Network and TT locked after syncing data.
  213. Learning about Pit Stops!
  214. Project Cars on NVidea 780TI (FPS RAIN)
  215. Game Stock Car Extreme is Still Better (FFB).
  216. Virtual steering wheel rotation limit on PS4 / XBOX1 / PC?
  217. Finally difficulty keeping car on track is about right.
  218. Anybody looking to build a new high end PC, bargain available
  219. Is there a way to choose exterior exhaust sounds for interior?
  220. Changing livery on Karts!
  221. Ruapuna career accolades
  222. SMS! What were you thinking??
  223. We're going to see if we can improve the car
  224. LMP 2 Nissan. HELP needed.
  225. Video of weird physics bug
  226. AI driver gets you disqualified
  227. What is "Visual Wheel Filtering" in gamepad settings ?
  228. A.I. Fullspeed with Damage possible?
  229. Silverstone National TT Leaderboard
  230. any news on the Thrustmaster T150?
  231. Ridiculous lap time
  232. Formula B - Faretti / Yiro?
  233. game puts you in wrong event BUG
  234. Driving Footwear
  235. DLC in career ?
  236. Eta for delta?
  237. Monza wiped?
  238. No new GT3 contract offers?
  239. AI Improvements
  240. Motec display backlight - only on with lights?
  241. Tyre Temps in Celsius
  242. when you make time trials record by car and not by category
  243. Racing club
  244. Can the camera angle really makes me 5 seconds a lap faster?
  245. [rant] Thank you sms for such beautiful game.
  246. To share some good feelings
  247. Definitive g29 vs t300rs thread ....
  248. 3hours race: finishes 5th - end list 9th ???
  249. Another Pathetic Tyre Thread. =( Need HELP!
  250. What happened with formula A after last patch?