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  1. Obutto group buy
  2. better support for car setup from race engineer
  3. !!!!Circumnavigating licencing For Liveries for Consoles!!!!
  4. Project Cars on a laptop?
  5. How much do you use Ruapuna Track?
  6. I just need a confirmation on tyre issue in FA.
  7. Team NLD Racing launched their website...
  8. Latest patch is being submitted for certification today (30 July) - what is included?
  9. Why so little?
  10. Street Car tire physics. HUGE improvement since patch 2.5 on PC. Major respect!
  11. Fanatec CSS SQ (clubsport sequential shifter)
  12. Audi R18 e-tron quattro (DLC)
  13. Disconnected from TT
  14. Can we ban some users from online play?
  15. Flags & Penalties off, but still activated
  16. Highest quality track (visually) for demonstrating to new users?
  17. How can anyone tell me there bored of it already
  18. Any chance for full course cautions?
  19. Historic Scenarios
  20. [YES] Any word on next patch?
  21. Does the Ford Focus have a tuning bug?
  22. Flying Start like in IRacing
  23. Is there a name for....
  24. Free Practice & Community Events Linked?
  25. Spa Francorchamps. The posts in turns.
  26. Why no constructor teams and thesame griddrivers in QRW ?
  27. [OPEN!] Project Cars Store
  28. [REQUEST - Book] Setup/Tuning Car Guide for Project cars
  29. Radio Le Man's chat with Andy Tudor from Pcars
  30. Radio Le Mans chat with Andy Tudor from Pcars
  31. Do you use gloves for Project Cars?
  32. Saturday morning procedure now the norm,race planning,
  33. Difficulty wrong ?
  34. 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT3 when in PCAR?
  35. Recommended Headset for Project Cars
  36. Simulated Pit Boards?
  37. Which info does the Caterham SP300R display show?
  38. Rain tyres always overheating. Please help.
  39. GT4 help. AI is killing me!
  40. Would love to see real race competitions and events as DLC
  41. Gineta GT4 - Cold tyres after several laps
  42. Car Classes in MP Mode
  43. [PRO] Nice job pCARS
  44. Brno Corner Tire Stacks Knocked onto Track
  45. Bug?! Lap Time Delta
  46. SMS, what are your plans?
  47. Online session @ Road America
  48. Question. sorry if asked before
  49. Career mode is dead
  50. Is 60 the new 80 ?
  51. Headlights are useless.
  52. what next :-( (session not saving properly)
  53. Tips for races with dynamic weather?
  54. Make it rain less?
  55. Need help with new sim gear
  56. 2 race weekend and reverse grid
  57. Missing details/turn in points on Nordschleife
  58. Learn from other multiplayer simraces (like live for speed an others)
  59. Racing with roommates
  60. Anyone from the U.K and has a DSD adapter?
  61. Is this a new version of a spotter?
  62. Car/track recommendation's
  63. Do tracks have varying grip and impact on mechanics?
  64. Car Performance Reduced after pit stop
  65. Driving assists
  66. Main differences between console and PC versions of game
  68. Will there ever be a rating system? Public lobbies are a mess
  69. Career mode suggestion for devs.
  70. On Screen Guides Display
  71. Landmine Issue
  72. Bentley Speed 8 cold tires on Le Mans
  73. How do you track your pCARS experience?
  74. Question for site administrators
  75. brakes?
  76. MS Sidewinder wheel any good?
  77. What is this OSD icon for?
  78. Project CARS ps vita?
  79. Nissan In Project Cars 1 ?
  80. SMS formula rookie too grippy?
  81. Differences between PC and Console versions - Take 2 ...
  82. Visual only is not "visual only."
  83. Free Race Weekend issues
  84. Audi A90 is Turbo yumminess
  85. Have a couple questions...
  86. Setting up a Le Mans 24 hour race possible?
  87. Help: See damage, sector, simulated times?
  88. Names of curves or sections of the track during driving Nurburgring?
  89. Buttkicker Gamer 2 Questions
  90. So, Toyota....
  91. Is this true? Does this Asian brand make its entrance at pCars...
  92. BMW Z4 GT3 - Wrong car?
  93. PC Hanging
  94. Ovals pack DLC ?
  95. Green dots
  96. Private Online games
  97. Replays - viewing from other cars
  98. Clutch damage?
  99. Astro A50 Headset
  100. Ruf CTR3 too much power compared to AI
  101. Bought from website, but no limited edition car pack
  102. Please help! Bug in GT5 championship and Escort livery not accessible
  103. Please change this!
  104. Formula A straight line steering
  105. RWD P20 LMP2 Stick Shift?!?
  106. So are the leaderboards getting wiped with 3.0 or not?
  107. Dynamic weather
  108. Am I the only one who does this? [T500rs]
  109. Cockpit view
  110. Formula A catches itself after spin.
  111. [ANSWERED] Better adjustment of parts
  112. SGA: Are you calibrating your wheel correctly?
  113. Restart for 3.0?
  115. League Info
  116. Online driving IRL
  117. Online Play
  118. August DLC (Spoiler ALERT)
  119. The best pedal set?
  120. Questions About Saved Game With New Patch Coming
  121. Will there be yellow flags in solo race mode after patch 3.0?
  122. little question
  123. AI for karts in career much too easy
  124. Best way to start a race
  125. Having trouble keeping the F1 tyres at optimal temperatures.
  126. Time Scaled Races
  127. After a 2-3 week wedding break from P.cars....
  128. Will the replay broadcast camera stutter be fixed?
  129. Car Numbers
  130. Which patch version do you think this game will be bug free?
  131. Are pit crews coming in patch 3.0?
  132. Devs: we appreciate your work and effort
  133. Not in patch 3.0?
  134. Buying new Project Cars? No thnx!
  135. Caracciola Karussell
  136. Are the Rolling Starts going to be fixed?
  137. How can I get my money back ? I was Junio Member.
  138. Which version to buy
  139. Want to buy game but i need help
  140. Endurance/Le Man 24 hour game crashes- Race underway!
  141. My car is the only car that makes a sound in replays.
  142. Oil Temperature Gauges
  143. Using a wheel - Which controller sensitivity values result in linear steering?
  144. Race result and race ending in solo mode.
  145. Audi R8 hitting pit wall leaving garage.
  146. Logitech Driving Force GT compatibility
  147. Best Car for drifting?
  148. What's all that Smoke?!
  149. Saving all Settings, records, setups etc
  150. Changing weather race help
  151. Smaller patches?
  152. Player gets unfair advantage in qualifying.
  153. native or default rotation for cars?
  154. Can we get Red Bull Liveries now?
  155. Cars driving at night W/O lights
  156. How can I add more steering lock?
  157. New cars and tracks - not which, but when?
  158. TX Issues
  159. The Titan
  160. Options Menu When in Garage
  161. BMW 320 Turbo Gr5 Spring Travel
  162. [ANSWERED] Online setup. (Possible?)
  163. Pit Crews
  164. Will there be more single-player content beyond career mode added to this game?
  165. HUD and tracks
  166. Sell me the latest DLC!
  167. Random weather slots
  168. Viewers noise too loud
  169. Any way to increase the sound of mechanical rattles in-game?
  170. No Backfire on personal Car?
  171. Windrider
  172. Two sides to every story
  173. LMP 2 Endurance Series Race Engineer
  174. Underestimated cars and tracks - Let´s talk about them!
  175. single seater damage to ai question
  176. A rundown of the GT3 class cars' strenghts and weaknesses?
  177. "Kudos to the response time for posters with problems"
  178. And so another loss on panorama
  179. Career Mode a Little Confusing
  180. Share your Tom Shane's Profiler Custom Layouts
  181. Formula A AI
  182. Anyone Using Track IR?
  183. Maybe more light in night races?
  184. Are there any major features announced to be coming for Project Cars 1?
  185. Cold Tires Throughout The Race
  186. No Audi R18 e-tron quattro in Endurance series?!?!
  187. Fanatec GT3 Wheel PS4 , Where can i get one!!!!!
  188. Replay Shortcut Keys?
  189. [ANSWERED] FFB presets - Where are they?
  190. Six New Cars?
  191. Stopped dead with Patch 3.0 on PS4
  192. Motec Tyre Wear Indicator Bug
  193. aston martin or audi ???
  194. Problem with Mclaren 12C GT3
  195. lost cars since patch 3.0
  196. Not a racing simulator after patch 3.0
  197. Console photo mode sliders
  198. Ian and SMS have a lot to answer for!
  199. Track Cutting After Patch in TT
  200. Traction control too powerful?
  202. FPS Drop after patch 3.0 (AMD) - PC [Good info]
  203. Rseat Rs1
  204. Please Don't wait for Microsoft to releasing DLC on Ps4 and PC
  205. Missing the Bentley GT3 in GT3 AI race.
  206. Switching cars in replay cam
  207. Formula B pit tire selection in 3.0
  208. Improved rain effect is great but...
  209. Raining inside garage
  210. Best DLC so far?
  211. Formula A, soft tires.
  212. BMW Z4 GT3 top speed engine noise glitch?
  213. My pot hole glitch
  214. And it STILL wont put the correct tyre on the Formula B
  215. Online Racing aka Counting Bugs
  216. Improve SLI FPS
  217. career mode minor issues
  218. What is that creepy thing at Snetterton?
  219. BMW m3 GT4 - Why so slow?
  220. Post 3.0 Patch - Street Cars on Street Tyres
  221. From Xbox One to PC
  222. OMG,ime in love again,
  223. Gumpert Apollo Bug
  224. Since patch 3.0 starts seem just as bad
  225. In race rebuild :)
  226. Saved Career Times!!!!!!
  227. Ode to the 98T
  228. Refresh rate problem
  229. [ANSWERED] Radical with different hp, why?
  230. Another "this game is awesome" thread 😄😄😄
  231. BMW BTCC 3-series Touring Car in which Categorie it will be?
  232. [YES] Does Pcars simulate dirty air flow?
  233. Last wishes after patch 3.0
  234. GT4 Mustang
  235. Watkins Glen track 5 second penalty is too sensitive
  236. Race Resluts
  237. I found a workaround for the steering ratio bug.
  238. Ode to the GT40
  239. 3.0 rain effects, worms on the windscreen?
  240. 24 hours of le mans in career
  241. " defending champion " trophy? What tier is the fastest?
  242. Why I fell in love with PCARS and why the “Grind” is losing me slowly, but surely…
  243. Race of Attrition
  244. 3.0 Cut the Grass.
  245. [ANSWERED] TT's post 3.0
  246. Accuforce Steering Wheel
  247. online category mixture please
  248. How to reach that graphics in Project cars??
  249. How do you do time trials with friends
  250. Congrats on the track cutting fixes!