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  1. Time trail question and other things (2.5-3.0 patch)
  2. Thrustmaster t300rs on sale $369.99 Canadian
  3. Leaderboards
  4. Nurburgring 24 hrs lay out.
  5. Impossible Pitstop timing
  6. AI progression. (How it works..?)
  7. Improved REPLAYS is good, but not enough
  8. Back to the track! Love the updates since my last time playing!
  9. AI fuel load/consumption
  10. Estimated fuel consumption figure in the setup GUI
  11. Class in project cars
  12. Exploding A.I.
  13. whats up with race replays
  14. Why is the Force Feedback bad in this game?
  15. Logitech G27 advice needed.
  16. "SOP"question
  17. DLC career events - Design suggestions
  18. Break down of lap times online
  19. Choosing cars - BUG (Bentley)!
  20. Please devs do somethng about pit box occupied...
  21. How to save a lap from time trial?
  22. UI definitely needs work, imo
  23. Fanatec Tech support
  24. wet racing line
  25. [QRWEP] Quick Race Weekend Event Planner (V1.1)
  26. Night Racing Glare
  27. Car Handling
  28. Steering wheel question about compatibility.
  29. Bentley Continental GT3 steering wheel not lined up
  30. What are the Realistic Driving Aids for each car?
  31. Fast and clean with controller? (Possible?)
  32. Logitech g29 V Thrustmaster T300 review
  33. Any chance of updates on tracks?
  34. Tired about Project Cars bugs? Try Need for Speed...
  35. We need some REAL PATCH next time
  36. thrustmaster and guillemot thrustmaster what is the difference??/
  37. Mandatory Pits and Rain Slicks, questions
  38. Which car is shifting which way?
  39. Cater to Sim Lovers, But Help for Regular Gamers
  40. Tough time at Nordschleife
  41. AI tires practice and qualifying
  42. Custom wheel for a G27???
  43. Anyone having sign in issues with steam today?
  44. Community Ambassador info
  45. My TX Wheel or Thrustmaster Products in General
  46. Strangely code
  47. One lap around Brands Hatch shows why I love this sim so much.
  48. LMP1 Race on Le Mans with AI Problems
  49. September Free car and/or DLC ?
  50. steering wheel disconnects after 3.0
  51. The most fun you can have in Pcars
  52. Recording/Streaming from Oculus DK2 in P Cars
  53. How many hours do you have logged PCars cars?
  54. Weather progression [SYNC TO RACE] does not do anything
  55. Question Re: $400 Racing Wheels
  56. AI pit strategy
  57. Fuel usage not correct!
  58. If you guys at SMS are racing enthusiasts?
  59. Does anyone know if Thrustmaster is going to make a new F1 rim?
  60. Please give us Fahrenheit and PSI
  61. Any new cars/tracks this month?
  62. Marek RP 339H LPM1 or RWD P30 LMP1?
  63. Please help with Pitstops
  64. I have GT3 question.
  65. "Assistance" and/vs "Assists"
  67. No dampers
  68. Message Randomly Blocked By Profanity Filter
  69. Lobby synchronized then Bug in the next Game (qualifying deleted)
  70. Watch or download ghosts from time trails?
  71. Question about FPS
  72. Ignoring sub forums for "New Posts" search
  73. Audi 90 quattro help (KERS)
  74. Time Trials Number 1 attempts - My Twitch channel
  75. Weird Display Glitches
  76. Should I pull the trigger?
  77. Just bought plans...
  78. Ginetta G55 GT3 paddle shifting
  79. Game gives up. Car unable to move for a while
  80. Road cars Ruf
  81. Is it just me....
  82. Major Corner Cutting "Bug"...Developers need to fix ASAP
  83. Ideas for pit crew animations/pit-stops
  85. [ANSWERED] AI has no lights on in the rain
  86. Lotus 49 very strange (tire 1967 issue?)
  87. Are you guys done nerfing the formula A?
  88. G27 H-Shifter double hands animation
  89. Which track is going to be killed off next?
  90. What is about "the free car every month"
  91. Post your Tips/Tricks for Going Fast!
  92. Wheel Stand Pro for T300
  93. A la carte DLC?
  94. Ace AI (100%) is too slow
  95. Improving HUD and ading more tweaks
  96. I have a fast question
  97. Bump & Rebound using Telemetry
  98. Driving advice please - RUF RGT8 Road on Brands Hatch GP
  99. What triggers smoke puffs?
  100. The Physics of Old vs. New
  101. Stay Tuned...
  102. Oversteer at slow speeds
  103. Patch 3.0 - Am I going crazy?
  104. How many ford Mustangs do you have
  105. If money was not an issue . . . . . .
  106. [ANSWERED] swap driver?
  107. [Solved] 4th Gear
  108. Wet Racing lap times and Setups
  109. [INVESTIGATING] "edit current pit strategy" doesn't pause anymore?
  110. Sound issues
  111. Online event rules change every time.
  112. Car not being refueled
  113. Project cars download
  114. Braking in the Mustang 2+2...
  115. Are you gonna do ANYTHING about this bug????!!!!
  116. H-Shifter Vs. Paddles??
  117. Terrible physics :(
  118. Race Invitation
  119. The 1987 CTR Yellowbird, do you like it?
  120. Will The Old VS. New DLC come with its own career / set of events
  121. Amazing Camera View - Not Possible on PS4??
  122. Time Progression
  123. Using Wheel for first time
  124. Car wish Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  125. Toughts about the new DLC... (most of them in the wrong category)
  126. Is it not possible to give us the street car and the race car of the same build.
  127. Cars Farewell
  128. Patch 4.0
  129. Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 final drive too high
  130. Can some one explain to me this....
  131. [KNOW ISSUE] Qualifying times and simulate end of session.
  132. We need to stop complaining about project cars
  133. [ANSWERED] Please Fix the Formula A Pit Stops!
  134. Help, I'm slow in the straights.
  135. Cockpit Advertisement in TV Replay
  136. Cockpit camera not correct Bentley Continental GT3
  137. Bugs and Wishes for pCars
  138. Can I Remove the virtual Steering Wheel
  139. Mustang 2+2 Collision Physics - WTF??
  140. Ruf Rt 12R
  141. How do I get my wheel to do a 180?
  142. to 4k or not to 4k, that is the question
  143. A lie which was propagated and seems to now be common...
  144. tiny graphical glitch in tuning setup
  145. Is anyone of a smart guy's here tried iRacing or asset corsa simulator ?
  146. Hot Laps and Setup
  147. LMP1 careerraces a bit...short?
  148. Work around work around work around
  149. Advert for PCars during moto GP practice
  150. Plans to fix slow AI in certain corners??
  151. Track limits Silverstone 3.0?
  152. Does anyone enjoy the karts?
  153. Does "vote kick" work yet?
  154. Pitstop strategy app
  155. Funny dudes out there...
  156. symmetrical and asymmetrical setups.
  157. photo mode display problem
  158. Mclaren ATLAS for telemetry
  159. Most realistic road race
  160. Distance from 23" screen
  161. Aug old vs new DLC not showing under Library/DLC in steam
  162. the law of averages cuaght me
  163. Why have they made AI so slow in corners since patch 3?
  164. Lol, free car, what a shock
  165. Formula Rookie German cup
  166. Whats the catch (Thrustmaster TX)?
  167. Need helping finding Car Spreadsheet
  168. Post Patch 3.0 Pit stop issue.
  169. McLaren MP4-12C GT3 - Little Bug
  170. Caper Stock car - (miss labeled rear tires + only slick tires for pitstops)
  171. This game isn't a game with rel time dates....
  172. [ANSWERED] Help l I used the ctrl + k cam option and dont get it reseted :(
  173. Bright outside/Dark inside
  174. TV Camera in Replays
  175. SMS-R PLM Nurburgring Community Event
  176. Provisional Pitlanes on Tracks without Pitlanes
  177. Helmet Cam - How much "look to apex"?
  178. Bug at time trial mode Nordschleife stage 1
  179. in car view changing,how to do it,not sure,
  180. [ANSWERED] Tire Temp/ wear graphic
  181. Tyre wear and laps per fuel information.
  182. Finally get the game to play only to never get fuel?
  183. Cheat sheet.
  184. Wheels go round and round
  185. Upcoming DLC Tease from SMS and Speculation (Spoilers)
  186. Stats Completely Switched? WTF
  187. where is the version of patch installed?
  188. Brake temps reset on pit exit?
  189. BMW 320TC WTCC Steering Ratio Bug?
  190. New Cars
  191. Lets see your wheel setup!!
  192. Career
  193. It's a mess
  194. Any way to reduce the size of the hud elements
  195. BMW WTCC Invitaional in career i noticed something...
  196. Achievement "Selfie" ??
  197. Kers, can someone explain?
  198. Will we be able to drive manually into the pit?
  199. Reputation?
  200. Why was the forum regular "jason" banned?
  201. [ANSWERED] So... pCARS2 Is A Flop...
  202. BMW 320TC
  203. [ANSWERED] Formula rookie missing brake lights?
  204. invalid lap times on cars-stats-steam.wmdportal ?
  205. Will not shift into 7th gear
  206. Weather system?
  207. best lap for races
  208. Open Question for the moderation team
  209. Hosting Ruapuna for people who don't own this DLC
  210. So 60 odd hours into this game so far and.....
  211. Favourite car in the game?
  212. A question of paint?
  213. t500 FFB [how do I dial this out?]
  214. DLC Cars
  215. TrackerIR
  216. [ANSWERED] No HUD
  217. My new 3 monitor setup
  218. Free practice.
  219. Is there a list of all possible mechanical failures?
  220. Is the rear camber bugged?
  221. How's Project Morpheus coming along?
  222. Tire BAR changes?
  223. Sprint Cars in Project CARS 2
  224. Car list.
  225. Race glitched and ended one lap earlier
  226. What going wrong?
  227. override AUTO gearbox!
  228. MARC Focus V8 as DLC ?
  229. White screen sonoma raceway
  230. Blacked Out Second Screen
  231. Rouen les Essarts
  232. [Bug Report] Replay showing some odd bugs
  233. Mustang fastback 2+2
  234. Project Cars ate my PSU
  235. Moderators and Bias Opinions?
  236. Are sim racers dieing?
  237. Require some helpful information
  238. Formula rookie indicator light? What is it?
  239. Lets talk FFB and compare FFB Graph Videos
  240. Project Cars DLCs 2016....
  241. Save race option
  242. more weather
  243. Awesome with your own music
  244. Project Cars : Beautiful but disappointment of content
  245. Car/brand licensing question from a noobie
  246. Tire pressure telemetry
  247. RGT-8 German Cup problem
  248. Pit Stop Strategy - Tyre Pressure Adjustment
  249. I really think I need help!
  250. CTR3 GT Velocity 1H