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  1. Track map on selection
  2. Mojave Test Track ring track glitch
  3. Logitech G27 and chatbox
  4. Big thanks to SMS for this game
  5. What do i have to do to Unlock the Lemans 24-hour event?
  6. PCar's 2, so what features would you like? Nothing bug or issue related
  7. What a fantastic game this is......
  8. Lotus 98T Renault Turbo Formula Car Handling on Wet Pavement
  9. Soft tires only after pit
  10. New Patch Location
  11. [KNOWN ISSUE] random starting grid bug
  12. chase car view not stable when elevation changes on track makes game unplayable
  13. Puffs of smoke.
  14. Leaderboard. Delta times not showing after 1st page.
  15. [ANSWERED] Seems like cheating
  16. Complete List of Car Classes By Tier
  17. Tyre Problems
  18. Happy Thrustmaster TX Users - do they exist?
  19. Oschersleben C Circuit
  20. [BUG] AI Slow out of pit at Ruapuna
  21. The 60s mustang fastback:
  22. [ANSWERED] Mojave - Engine doesn't start.
  23. Pitstops still wrong: estimated times vs reality
  24. Setting Settings
  25. The all new Pit Stop Bug
  26. [FIXED PATCH5] Watkins Glen frame rate issue
  27. respawning in multiplayer
  28. Indianapolis Raceway
  29. Does Tyre wear have anything to do with handling?
  30. Le Mans sponsors
  31. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.5.0 now with gear overview
  32. [KNOWN ISSUE] Bug in single player qualifying after latest patch
  33. Can we get a time trial for Mojave oval test track please.
  34. This needs to be addressed
  35. Doctor's Orders
  36. Freecam cockpit
  37. Mustang Cobra trans am
  38. Pitting in Career Mode
  39. Been asked to ask the developers.
  40. What's missing? A top three conversation with Gravit8
  41. how do you tell your brakes are really worn?
  42. exiting the pit manual control problem
  43. Another AI speed problem.
  44. I think I've found a solution....
  45. Mercedes 300SL brakes overheat
  46. Treating forums like prisons
  47. Fix this, Fix That. ARRGGHH FIX IT ALREADY!!
  48. Replay quick fade
  49. Vantage GT3 shifting animation
  50. 3,5 Hours for nothing...
  51. So is this a landmine or just a bad curb?
  52. Pit Bugs Formula B
  53. GT gear ratios
  54. Garage filters
  55. Free Camera?
  56. Optimization for controllers' quick operarions in menus on PC
  57. Spotters
  58. Multi-class online racing
  59. Fast times and traction control.
  60. Sakitto by Satellite 😀
  61. Helmet Cam with no Helmet -- Audio
  62. 3440*1440 with 2 SLI 970s
  63. Car settings
  64. new game mod
  65. Audi R8 V10 Gearbox bug
  67. elements that don't work
  68. physical/health aspects of simracing
  69. Does anyone else here find it hard to steer in third person with a wheel?
  70. Is there mp leagues ingame integration planned for pcars?
  71. Brands Hatch Trees
  72. Formula B MoTec display
  73. Dirty windows.
  74. Playing on Secondary Monitor
  75. Car Reset Online
  76. What do you guys think of the Mustang Trans Am?
  77. [YES] Automatic refund of Logitech Liveries pack?
  78. [RESOLVED] Can't drive on point-to-point-tracks and on Mojave Test-Track
  79. EULA Project Cars and Rammers, question for Mr Ian Bell
  80. PCars update on Steam Today
  81. Physics crashes
  82. Being too slow
  83. Weather bugs.
  84. Controller braking range.
  85. Cars and Tracks Images.. to my Racing Room.
  86. Night Light
  87. [ANSWERED] Forum notifications?
  88. Suggestion for car/DLC images
  89. NEW logitech Liveries added for FREE!!
  90. leaderboards time not appearing in overall best
  91. Yellowbird [Why no chirp]?
  92. [KNOWN ISSUE] Incorrect gauge for speed BMW 1M
  93. Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE cockpit view issue
  94. Trying to disable traction control on server with realistic driving aid
  95. Formula A - locking wheels physics (well, not locking them)
  96. Logitech G29 settings and button assignments
  97. McLaren P1 KERS question.
  98. "Automatic tyre choice" question
  99. Changing steering ratios
  100. do car setup folow car when racing events?
  101. Breakdowns.
  102. How do weather slots work?
  103. Remco, where are you?
  104. Is this game dead online?
  105. after patch 5.0 Raceweekend is not active only 3 laps
  106. Triple Monitor and Sound online
  107. Report from Imola.
  108. UI hang up is back
  109. Time duration between sessions?
  110. Engine temperature.
  111. Camber again.
  112. when are we getting pit crew
  113. Blow up tires with burnout?
  114. how to save edited camera view
  115. Livery selection and hotlap setting
  116. Time trial times and ghost.
  117. [KNOWN ISSUE] Car selection defaults to a Non-DLC Car when re-launching the game
  118. What tyres are well balanced for AI and Rain currently?
  119. Hold the fade
  120. Your 'immersion breaking' fixes/additional features
  121. Camber Angle is blocked (until -0.9) on the DLC cars? WHY ?
  122. Audi E-TRON Quattro major problems
  123. [Answered] Fuel question
  124. When are the tracks getting some more TLC?
  125. Pitstops still broken and ruining races
  126. Black screen when i try to take screenshot from Steam.
  127. Engine explosion.
  128. Cockpit Camera
  129. A trip to Ruapuna
  130. I just wanted to say thank you to the entire Project Cars team
  131. Selection of car color
  132. [RESOLVED] setups
  133. Customized pedals. (Do they exist)
  134. expansion packs
  135. Photo filters during race
  136. Help me with my first mandatory pit stop.
  137. empty online lobby's
  138. Questions about Monaco (Azure Circuit)
  139. Community Time Trials and DLC
  140. Two championships a season?
  141. Air temperature or density?
  142. Where do you Head next SMS Once the bugs are Gone ?
  143. Someone asked T150 vs T300 vs DFGT comparison/review, but including G25,CSR,and GT3
  144. New Pitstop-Bug since Patch 5.0
  145. T500 questions
  146. DLC WEC contracts
  147. Advice for endurance races
  148. The LMP1's at Le Mans...
  149. Room Death
  150. Random weather isn't working.
  151. Replay in storm
  152. [Sort of] Tunes in career still not saving.
  153. Double Downshift Issue
  154. Can a crash like Anthony Davidson's at Le Mans even be re-enacted in PCARS?
  155. Career mode issue with car setup
  156. Mandatory Pit Stop... What if I stop before I'm prompted?
  157. How to end your race in style
  158. Why SMS don`t have the license to use brands like Ferrari or Lambos?
  159. 2015 Spotter Guide - 24 HOURS OF LE MANS
  160. pit stops times are different than IA (slower)
  161. Toyota LMP1
  162. Driver defective sight
  163. Loss of power / engine damage?
  164. Game slows overnight!
  165. One of the most annoying bug is still there
  166. Detachable Wheel
  167. Two very strange questions
  168. Is it possible... replays
  169. Project Cars
  170. Penalty system in career annoying
  171. Pit stops still broken
  172. FFB options gone
  173. Chasing FPS
  174. Dlc schedule? (Is there one?)
  175. Quick race weekend time bug?
  176. PS4 at Fry's Electronics
  177. Vondaful Game
  178. Crashing into nothing
  179. Engine Restrictor
  180. Daytona Theory
  181. What are the benefits of a race series affiliation?
  182. Project Cars will never be a racing simulator because......
  183. Pit lane lights.
  184. Just having a look around
  185. do tyres show wear?
  186. Some DLC questions about career mode
  187. T300 vs T500 PC not to blame.
  188. Can I revert my career?
  189. I give up.
  190. Fixing this broken game then.
  191. Steering input mode 2 for wheel highly recommended.
  192. Le Mans 24 Hours! WOW!
  193. Tire Pressures - Dry/Wet
  194. This person talks a lot of sense about online play....
  195. Mz ONLY FFB ?
  196. Racing liveries
  197. Audi v10 resetting into Neutral gear (bug)
  198. new 5.0 patch review
  199. Open wheel needs urgent attention
  200. Logitech Momo wheel Problems
  201. Track Air Temperature stuck at 32
  202. Engine stall with sierra
  203. Tire-smoke not realistic
  204. Tyre wear or tyre indicator not working as intended.
  205. Possible Upcoming Ferrari expansion from IPO
  206. Soft pedals.
  207. Oulton Park misleading track side corner sign
  208. [ANSWERED] Open Wheel vs DTM's. It is Possible?
  209. Wonder if this has anything to do with land mines
  210. Street Tyre Improvements, Update: New Japan Carpack
  212. Fastest lap post online race, PLEASE!
  213. Wheel problem is back after 5.0
  214. Career invitationals? Hijacked career?
  215. Weight Transfer
  216. Nascar with Toyota ?
  217. Controller button assignment not working
  218. DFGT Wheel & CSR Elite Pedals
  219. Bentley GT3 performance post patch5
  220. multi class and timed races
  221. Loss of control while monitoring
  222. Slight vibration when accelerating through fast corners
  223. Question about Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals
  224. Ghost Driver when lagging too much?
  225. Zandvoort?
  226. Done with P.Cars - Thanks updates
  227. Another Race ruined by rain.
  228. Game is wrecked.. again
  229. I should be able to sue for whiplash!
  230. Sonoma raceway! What a beauty
  231. [Gamepads] Full R or L Analog Shifters
  232. Tap braking technique
  233. [NO BUG] BMW 320 Turbo has cold tyres in qualifying where as AUDI LMS has warm
  234. Tyres not getting changed in offline games
  235. Stockcars USA
  236. Am I doing lobby filtering wrong?
  237. Requesting tips for Formula Rookie
  238. MP Replays are broken - anybody else?
  239. Low server amount
  240. Is multiplayer dead ?
  241. Time Of Day
  242. External dashboard device
  243. Top speed and oval lap time test. Must read.
  244. Career trophies suggestion
  245. Recommend career path for XB1 player?
  246. Playing Project CARS without my hands!
  247. Hey smart guys. Couple tough questions. .??
  248. Steering Wheel Recommendation
  249. Monaco (Azure Circuit) with LMP1s
  250. Braking distances in the wet are way too short