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  1. The Physics of Japanese Cars Expansion
  2. Night Racing. (Why?)
  3. AI Rain Issues
  4. Suckers spoiling races
  5. Is the V8 Vantage GTE faster than the V12 Vantage GT3?
  6. any chance of getting the AI difficulty slider to be adjusted past 100%?
  8. Serious neck pain
  9. Activation Key
  10. AI Driver names
  11. Custom Names
  12. E-sports? How?
  13. Even real life can be a little sim-cade at times... LOL
  14. Can you unlock Willow Springs track in career?
  15. Suggestion for pCARS 2
  16. Bad Posts or Good Posts You have Peoples attention
  17. What kind of racer are you? (and some advice needed)
  18. Brake Riding
  19. The default set up... brake bias.
  20. Small patch today
  21. [CONFIRMED] Toyota GT86 ans Scion FR-S: camera is not centered
  22. My google-fu has failed me. A couple of multiplayer-related questions
  23. Co-op pcars with this clever little box
  24. Expansion Pack - Japanese Cars
  25. Force Default Setup ERROR (MULTIPLAYER)
  26. Made up a new game mode, hilarity ensued
  27. What the "挙車" meaning on the "Japanese Car Pack" Logo? "Lift the Car" in Japanese?
  28. Probably has been sugested before but...
  29. UI Car selection defaults to RWD P30 LMP1
  30. I came back
  31. What info is on the BAC Mono wheel?
  32. Lotus 98T not saving tuning setup for all tracks
  33. Toyota GT86 and Toyota 86 - Developers please
  34. Why do SMS keep adding road cars and not 1 oval car or track?
  35. Vintage tracks
  36. Toyota GT86 Rocket Bunny - Minor Issue
  37. camera adjustment for the middle cam (Rear seat)
  38. Toyota TS040 Hybrid engine sounds
  39. Still the perfect race sim
  40. Endurance Series a total loss
  41. multiplayer
  42. Getting fed up
  43. Wow...that's all I can say
  44. photos taken on 2560x1080 cant be viewed correctly
  45. Japanese DLC cars look great... but
  46. My budget triple PLP set up.
  47. [CONFIRMED BUG] Has the Quick Race pole position bug been acklowledged by SMS?
  48. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.7.0
  49. Shifting Question
  50. Team liverys in career ?
  51. novice amateur pro - what are the settings for each?
  52. Unnecessary heavy hands!
  53. Small Annoyance with DLC cars
  54. Seat adjustment and others
  55. I suck at this. (driving fast)
  56. A.I speed register
  57. Switch Driver to another local PS4 User
  58. Scion Rocket Bunny
  59. Where are the Sparks?
  60. GT Night Racing
  61. Why exactly are there no time penalties for smashing into other cars?
  62. Are people still having issues with the R9 390X?
  63. Starting line tactics
  64. Patch 6.0 .................. Add some life to it please !
  65. Rev limit & shifting
  66. Tired of SMS excuses about Career mode/custom championship
  67. Its raining but so cool
  68. Are animated PITSTOPS still coming?
  69. Guys i buy all the dlc so far and the upcoming but...fix that bugs !!!
  70. Bug found in Toyota Hybrid LMP1
  71. How long is this race?
  72. Please let us remove static steering wheels
  73. FA intermediate tires
  74. Elgato Game Capture
  75. Rapuna Raceway disappeared?
  76. Pitting for damage online
  77. Am I the only one who uses and likes the G27's default FFB settings?
  78. When and what is "COMING SOON" ?
  79. Ts040 's hybrid 's problème !!!
  80. Contract offers and how they work .
  81. Track guide / info???
  82. Mandatory Pit Question
  83. Loading screen images
  84. Flatspots - in game or not?...
  85. Multiplayer qualifying issue
  86. LMP1 Championship - 20 minute races?
  87. Simple question for the career jocks
  88. Pit stop ignoring my setting
  89. Cherche des réglages pour Volant G27 ?
  90. Upcoming features and changes?
  91. Post Race Results need some love
  92. Wheel vibrations in LMP1 cars
  93. Revamped the multiplayer pit UI
  94. Can I get our money back for no proper triple screen support as promised?
  95. Digital copy vs disc copy
  96. Why so poor telemetry data?
  98. Formula Gulf to Formula C no contracts
  99. GTE and GT3
  100. Monitor Quandry
  101. Something is wrong with the Steam leaderboard...
  102. Thanks for everything SMS!!!!
  103. Patch 6.0
  104. Monaco pit exit (and other things)
  105. Funny ID name in question?
  106. GT1 AND GT1X
  107. Buttkicker gamer 2 alternative
  108. Fuel bug
  109. Career help please.
  110. [Yes] Timed races coming soon?
  111. Career main race, wrong tyres in pitstop
  112. New bug discovered - grand theft auto in Pcars
  113. Caterham SP300/R PTP Indicators
  114. So AMD just released new Windows 10 drivers...
  115. Simple career question...
  116. What did they do to the BMW gt3 cars after the patch 5.0?
  117. bug priority
  118. 6.0 and glue on cars
  119. Laguna Seca... where'd it go?
  120. Fuel amount seems random in free practice? How do I change it?
  121. Tyre Temperature, Track Surfaces and Vegetation meshes
  122. Well done SMS really enjoying the game, Still some glitches though
  123. Anyone runs triple screen on a GTX960?
  124. RUF Yellowbird
  125. Who at SMS would like a chocolate Hob-Nob and a cup of tea?
  126. SMS Performance Hint
  127. Quick race weekend
  128. Problems using Project Cars and Thrustmaster VG TX
  129. [FIXED] Why was Hockenheim Butchered!
  130. Newbie question.
  131. About aesthetics
  132. SMS, please can you mix more cars in race
  133. More fictional LMP1 or LMP2 or LMP3 cars?
  134. To All You Crazies Who Use a Controller...
  135. Please Fix The AI on Monza Short
  136. Need help quickly please. (r18tdi team name)
  137. Big thanks for Oculus Update!
  138. Post Patch 6, Lotus 49 observations again – is 6.0 update list comprehensive?
  139. Ruapuna, why, oh why are you so bugy?!
  140. Project Cars patching process is inefficient
  141. Leader board question
  142. Suggestion regarding cut track penalties.
  143. Weather Changes Not Working in Timed Races
  144. [NO] Can I review my replay in Time Trail? I want whole replay, not 2-min one.
  145. Controller UI Key binding
  146. Intro Movie Replacement
  147. Driver names in replays
  148. "Skip to the end of the session" feels weird after the recent update
  149. Hey guys I have a problem
  150. GT3 RS V2 pedal compatility question
  151. Optimal brake temps in TT
  152. Could We Have Scaleable Career Mode?
  153. New Fanatec Wheel Coming Next Week!
  154. Too dark in rain with helmet cam
  155. Please, add rally
  156. Resetting tuning
  157. Formula A Suspension
  158. Help: Can't create more career profile
  159. Post Race from the Panorama 25h
  160. Faulty Power ouput on Paganis
  161. Request from MOD or developer
  162. DLC questions
  163. Patch 6 on pc
  164. Car selection in career renewal contract
  165. Starting grid wiper control, but no headlight control?
  166. Timed 24h races and Time Progression syncing
  167. Incorrect Twitter handle (Career)
  168. Improvements and additional wishes for pCARS (patch 8.0)
  169. How fair the penalty system?
  170. M1 ProCar @ BatHurst
  171. Customize message location in HUD?
  173. LITTLE issue with timed multiplayer race (result screen in "qualification" format)
  174. @SMS Fuel Flow Rate Pit Stops
  175. Timed Endurance Race Anyone? (Joke)
  176. About HUD colour temperature code
  177. Lamborghini
  178. Carrer not playable because of pitstop/tire bug(?)
  179. If you are looking for a wheel stand (recommendation)
  180. New and exciting experience!
  181. Steam Controller motion controls
  182. New loading screen
  183. Unrealistic tire temps
  184. Flag system re-visited
  185. Cannot locate Asano X4 Touring in car menu
  186. Grandstands to crowded for realistic races.
  187. Get rid of the leave patches at the same spot.
  188. Track Temperature VERY OFF?!
  189. 6.1?
  190. Are multiple contracts possible in one season?
  191. AI still have super glue on their tyres...
  192. Classic Hockenheim Track is ALL Kinds of Wrong!
  193. Steam - 14.8mb udpate?
  194. The physics of Road America
  195. Timed races and mandatory pit stop impossible? Why?
  196. Can someone explain refueling to me? Is it me, or is it still not working properly?
  197. The Physics of.........(Community made cars)
  198. Driving View
  199. Help Choosing New Display Setup
  200. Can someone on PC play someone on PS4?
  201. Let's Play | Project CARS | Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.8 AMG
  202. Car shaking in the cockpit camera
  203. ...
  204. Brake temperatures reset during pitstops
  205. Race 2 grid position is wrong?
  206. [YES, Fanatec handbrake works in the game] can anyone confirm?
  207. SMS , can we get the next DLC now .!!!
  208. Career contract offers for same class
  209. Workaround for Community Ambassador Trophy / Achievement
  210. Not having dlc is a disadvantage?
  211. Car information missing post 6?
  212. Plain FFB [no RA, or SoftClip]
  213. Testing the waters for critisism
  214. Pedal mods. (inter changing brands) of pedals & wheels
  215. Damage System
  216. New gaming laptop.
  217. The power of suggestion...
  218. asymmetrical/ tire by tire selection of compounds in all sessions
  219. cut track penalty
  220. SMS, about this new AI...
  221. Oulton Park Problem?
  222. Game froze during a race
  223. Found the ''problem'' of the new tyre heating
  224. Fuel bug
  225. SimXperience Black Friday Promo and New Model Accuforce
  226. iRacings new UI looks very ProjectCARS?
  227. Audi R18 - Help!
  228. Final cut track & disqualification
  229. Flags not working after 6.0 Patch?
  230. What planet is this game set on?
  231. Are the collision physics broken in Project Cars?
  232. Is there a limit to max PING before disconnects?
  233. Question for guys with electrical knowledge
  234. Poll: what are YOUR most used cars & tracks?
  235. Logitech G29 now £179 at Amazon
  236. 1080p vs 4K
  237. Cars with the Piston Heads logo?
  238. race cars or street cars which do you prefer.
  239. Audi Ruapuna Park Track - low FPS
  240. Advice on gaming rig
  241. About tire visual deformation
  242. car specific FFB set up didn't work on the classic tracks
  243. NASCAR Tracks/Cars Rather Seen
  244. Classic Track Expansion - Discussion
  245. Cut Track Exploit
  246. Radiator and Brake duct exploit
  247. how to view the replay of your time trail.
  248. Wrong texture on some trees on Rouen caused by low setting?
  249. Lotus Type 40 indestructible transmission
  250. The Physics of Classic Lotus Expansion