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  1. Silverstone Classic crashing (PS4 online)
  2. i have question and can we please get this
  3. second question
  4. Converting or quitting?
  5. Look what I've made ;)
  6. Unlocking DLC Invitational events in career
  7. Lotus 49 C Formula 1
  8. Cannot save my setups after loading them at Rouen or Silverstone Classic
  9. Top speeds LMP1
  10. are we gong to have time progression fix with race
  11. Audio sliders along with transducer settings used with telemetry
  12. First time start-up
  13. Hot Hatchbacks?
  14. "Upgrade" to PS4 version or stick with XBox?
  15. Help with improving pace
  16. Your real world track experience.
  17. Disc or steam
  18. LOGITECH Driving Force G920 Question
  19. Tyre Compounds
  20. Change career calender appearance
  21. question concerning random weather slots
  22. Track & Cars of November
  23. Consistent lap times
  24. How Do You Play Project Cars?
  25. glad I opened up my eyes @ @!
  26. xbox One - wheel vs FFB wheel
  27. Cadwell Park using new Lotus 51 FF
  28. Why is the AI swap driver so slow while chewing through tires?
  29. Issue : DNF - Not enough time to finish races
  30. Tired of messing with FFB? I have a solution!
  31. Advice on FOV and seat settings
  32. Polished Sidewalls Tires F1
  33. Oulton Park pit stop bug?
  34. Project Cars Telemetry Link is wrong on website
  35. Could this be why I've never had a problem with p cars,
  36. Few questions after my first day with P.C.
  37. Best track to play at Night?
  38. Car Updates
  39. How can this STILL happen?
  40. Am I playing too much?
  41. SMS PLEASE DO THIS !!!!!!
  42. When will November survey results be posted? Just curious.
  43. Career: AI brake temperature start of race.
  44. Huge Shout-out to P-Cars!
  45. Using the AI driver with Endurance races.
  46. Saving tunes for a car per track
  47. AI racing with the wrong tires?
  48. Throttle problem
  49. When Rain and AI feel scripted. (Story about a race)
  50. Proposal possibility to order vehicles
  51. Replay Telemetry Question
  52. the Lotus type 51 will go with 0.0L of fuel
  53. Pcars would be the best of simulator if...
  54. Recreating famous races
  55. Invitational not unlocking and divergent information
  56. Well done Project Cars
  57. Sharing Video Replays
  58. Classic Hockenheim...today
  59. So many new sim rigs out there
  60. Overly sensitive track limits on Nordschliefe
  61. Help with some corners
  62. T150 yes or no?
  63. Rev Counter?
  64. random/real weather option in career mode
  65. Certain AI cars set @ 100 struggle on certain tracks
  66. What's changed since release?
  67. Game makes life charming.
  68. Playing for the first time in 6 months... My feedback.
  69. Anyone play with their phone as a virtual wheel?
  70. Locations- Tracks MENU LIST
  71. Career questions
  72. End race timer problem
  73. Logitech G29 wheel.....
  75. Historically accurate car – track combinations
  76. VBOX Pro Button Box for PC / PS4 (Still waiting on MS for an XBOX version)
  77. Mandatory pit stop skipped by AI
  78. VAC lobbies
  79. What would you race for?
  80. Incorrect background behind cars in the car selection screen
  81. You love Driveclub graphics?
  82. Saving Personal Best Times?
  83. Licensing costs?
  84. Testing.....
  85. Sponsorship decals
  86. Weather system on this game is completely messed up!
  87. New to sim racing, question about mandatory pits?
  88. Has the flag system changed?
  89. Attention to detail
  90. Imperial vs metric displays. (Plans to update?)
  91. Default Car FFB, or what??
  92. 24 hours of Nurburgring Nordsheife
  93. SuperCar US club race in ruf (issues.?)
  94. Weird problem with fuel levels
  95. Tip to exit pitlane in 2nd.
  96. SMS Super Touring Car Series
  97. Anomalies and lack of physical consistency in pCars weather system
  98. Host Kicking
  99. Pedals - best option for office chair wheels & carpet ?
  100. Reset Leaderboards
  101. Why only one custom livery allowed?
  102. 7 months and still not pitcrews !
  103. Weather Slots
  104. Is there any way to...
  105. Do you use your real name in career?
  106. The track side replay "camera."
  107. Lateral Force on Camber
  108. Track IR
  109. steering center Lotus Type 40 Ford
  110. The Coming Soon layouts in this game
  111. Shifting gears with H-Shifter Bug!!??
  112. How to get a good start ?
  113. Toyota TS040 bug at LeMans ?
  114. Surrounding Light at Willow Springs International - Way too bright
  115. thoughts on survey for project cars ie. (which is better handling)
  116. POLL: Tire Heating Patch 6.0 vs Patch 7.0
  117. Retiring ALWAYS puts you in last place...... bug?
  118. [BUG]Dynamic weather progression...this is it??? (Xbox1)
  119. Calling all devs
  120. Can someone please fix this.
  121. so when will we see any type of WTCC / BTCC addon then??
  122. Penalties
  123. Doppler effect in replays
  124. Survey additional feedback
  125. Career Mode is bad, will you change it?
  126. No slipstream effect for AI?
  127. Bugs or Problems with "force default setup" option (private multiplayer races)
  128. Future of Project cars?
  129. Udp apps
  130. Default tuning settings
  131. Fastest time during qualifying
  132. Fanatec csr elite to Thrustmastr t300
  133. Seasons?
  134. What AA method do you use and Why?
  135. After 2-3 restarts, cars won't start again?
  136. Show your Motec setups
  137. Karting - No Online Practice/Qualifying/Warmup??
  138. I need another room.....
  139. Project CARS Leaderboards - a development request?
  140. No Spa?
  141. question regarding updates
  142. Crew chief spotting? like iRacing? Wasn't that supposed to be in this game?
  143. Ability to Name are Online Lobbies
  144. Nordschleife 12 HR LMP Endurance
  145. No confirmation, No down load link 3days after paypal payment
  147. Kerbs/run offs serious problems
  148. Endurance race and AI driver
  149. List of all cars in order from smallest number of horse power?
  150. The one FFB tune you have to try?
  151. Project Cars
  152. Are people still having issues with Thrustmaster wheels?
  153. My issues/questions/request
  154. Yeah rrrright. At LEAST donīt make it THAT obvious.
  155. Trouble with brake control after moving to wheel/pedals.
  156. What happened to CrewChief?
  157. Solo Mode Entry List Analysis 24h Le Mans Simulation
  158. 3 Screen Setup
  159. Medium tyres have more grip than soft tyres?
  160. a few bugs and issues racing with LMPs at La Sarthe
  161. Why no differential changes from the cockpit?
  162. Realistic things you DONT want simulated.
  163. T300RS Watercooled
  164. I did some camber experiments after 7.0. Hereīs the result!
  165. Queston about how to make a solo event,multi class race have the correct field of car
  166. Too Bright in the Cockpit
  167. Open Letter To SMS
  168. Windows phone pCars Dash
  169. Another thread opened - Ian is listening .
  170. The return of the TYRE PHYSICS DISCUSSION
  171. FFB and driving style
  172. Lotus Type 72D 4WD
  173. this a bug or what is going on?
  174. The NEG /CON controller .
  175. Problem with TrackIR5
  176. Save track times in solo race please
  177. Patch 7.0 Faster or Slower?
  178. DTM, Hockenheim Classic, tyre temps...aaaargh.
  179. AI can drive impossible laptimes??
  180. VRHIVE app streaming data to laptop questons.
  181. Map Display on OSD
  182. t500rs
  183. race start starts moving in slow motion,freezes with sound humming then starts back
  184. [KNOWN BUG] Tyres not warming up?
  185. Renault pack available
  186. has anyone actually tried....
  187. Simulation Cockpit
  188. some tips on setting up a good race?
  189. Problem with setting " Weather syncron the race "
  190. Formula Renault is suuuuper hard
  191. AI Pit Stop Issues
  192. Toyota Ts-040
  193. Thankyou
  195. I underestimate some cars, but Top Gear changed my mind
  196. The Physics of Renault Sport Car Pack
  197. Win a Wheel Logitech G29 with SDL Motorsport and Logitech G
  198. ovals not in pcars 1, but the indycar?
  199. Questions and answers in here.
  200. Original T3PA-PRO accessories...
  201. Renault RS01 weak motor sounds!
  202. Anyone having texture wrinkle issue on lower resolution?
  203. Project CARS Discussion
  204. Replay data
  205. Which View Do You Use When Racing?/Why?
  206. If its good enough for Yorkie, it's good enough for me #rant
  207. Happy Christmas everyone.
  208. Instead of all the requests threads...
  209. [TOO COLD TYRES] Is there less grip now?
  210. Weird stuff related to rolling start and maybe a walkaround
  211. Hovercraft
  212. [ANSWERED] Free Car of the Month
  213. [RADICAL RXC Turbo] Tyre selection
  214. heaven!
  215. Car liverys ps4
  216. Can I change the car model(inside view) from Right wheel to Left ?
  217. Just me or!?
  218. Car Packs, patches, downloads etc.
  219. Sense of speed tips please
  220. What do you think of the car classes?
  221. Edit career name?
  222. Setting AI lap times to yours
  223. Marek RP 339H LMP1 Cockpit rendering problems
  224. Career mode?
  225. Default setups/Random fuel levels.
  226. Classic DTM Series
  227. weather still scripted?
  228. AI running with player setups - suggestion
  229. Host kick function
  230. GTE against GT3
  231. I'm going to commit to pCARS (Oculus Rift racer)
  232. Unusual Starting Bug
  233. Why the Hate?
  234. Qualy 2 Race transition bug (Multiplayer dedicated server)
  235. Opponent can't be seen in Replay saved file
  236. "Replays to default to 30fps" from Ian's Q and A session
  237. "HowTo" - Playseat Challenge Setup with Buttonbox and additional Screens
  238. A championship Mode
  239. Just got Project Cars!!
  240. Realism of cars especially the lotus 98T.
  241. Observations After (Attempting) 24hrs Le Mans
  243. Slightly Mad Studios behind the scenes
  244. Donington Park GT3 Comparison Lap
  245. beat a pro (bac mono @ oulton park)
  246. Formula Renault
  247. TS040 loses power
  248. Eye tracking, potential solution for situational awareness/mirrors/etc.
  249. Brake rumble when braking?
  250. My first racing game.