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  1. Th8a shifter on PC question?
  2. Tire Changes in Multiplayer.
  3. AI in real life?
  4. My Top 3 Highlights of 2015.
  5. small question
  6. Quick question about car damage now
  7. The future of simracing in 2016
  8. When and where do you adjust Seat position and FOV?
  9. 1986 British GP....Beat the GOAT
  10. now i know why i have trouble seeing
  11. a few questions
  12. pCars vHUD and Crew Chief
  13. something is broken ingame...
  14. Critic Dissects WMD Entity
  15. Showroom reflections on the car?
  16. Le Mans 24hour time scalling? (career mode)
  17. AI pit strategy question
  18. cars in Career mode
  19. SHH Shifter.
  20. UDP putting me in the doghouse
  21. Pit Stop Strategy Problem - advice needed
  22. [SOLVED] Loss in Performance?
  23. what a game!!!!
  24. Project CARS - Critique
  25. Half the grid is pitting
  26. Thrust master t100 no power
  27. The RUF RGT-8
  28. endurance. some doubts!
  29. Game VS Reality car performance thread
  30. Cold tyres Qualifying...
  31. Bug Report - Error in rendering of 3D models of cars from Helmet- and Cockpit-View
  32. Project cars has many initiation requirements.
  33. Non inflammatory correction: Pcars initiation requirements.
  34. Why does everyone want such long sessions?
  35. A thought
  36. Endurance, gt3, tracks combos
  37. AI pitting with multiple weather slots
  38. ProjectCars Used As a Graphics Card Benchmark
  39. T150 or T300
  40. Formula C fuel load?
  41. La Sarthe Poor Performance / Quality?
  42. My current pet peeves and small adjustment suggestions:
  43. Do you use helmet cam?
  44. Formula A first place in Leaderboard at Cheterfield :3
  45. BMW GT M3
  46. how do you tire test exactly
  47. Fuel, tire wear and damage ... what should I put the sliders at?
  48. Any way to switch on 3D mode with out VR device?
  49. 24h Version of Nordschleife/Nürburgring in progress?
  50. Formula Renault 3.5 AI
  51. PERFECT GAME - only pitstops in online races
  52. Probably common questions
  53. how many tracks lazer scanned
  54. Playseats at offer in Germany and Switerland today - HOT DEALS
  55. [ANSWERED] What happened to DX12 project?
  56. LMP900 category brake temps
  57. forcing default setup online.
  58. CSS question
  59. JUST RACE!
  60. Are there any further patches coming, or just DLC's?
  61. Why all the hate?
  62. how do i get a fixed pov in cockpit view?
  63. Ride heights do they visually change?
  64. FFB with lotus 25/1965 FF; 1962/'65 tires
  65. Define 'SIM' in your own terms?
  66. Audi DLC in career mode
  67. I think the curbs at Bathurst are trying to kill me
  68. boring / higher AI setting needed ingame (GT-86 specifically)
  69. Adjust brightness for cockpit/helmet view?
  70. Just bought Project Cars for PC...coming from PCARS on XBONE...
  71. Is Project Cars "feature" complete?
  72. Looking for Real Assists database
  73. Any idea whats going on here?
  74. 1960s Racing cars & tracks
  75. Is this game playable again?
  76. Issue with active gear when starting
  77. Is something up or am I doing something wrong? tyre problems
  78. Why I don't play project cars?
  79. McLaren GT3 Paint Schemes?
  80. Amore dynamic - reminder
  81. Mini map not transperant
  82. F1 Driver practice on Spa...
  83. Flags and penalties in offline race
  84. Greetings from the new guy on the forum
  85. about the marek RP 339h lmp1 cockpit view steering wheel.
  86. Any news on the custom Multiclass in quick race?
  87. Triple Monitor Stands
  88. I go under the cars when I hit them
  89. Thank You SMS
  90. Can't counteract an oversteer
  91. T300RS ps rim for sale (rim only)
  92. Downshifting animation issues.
  93. Formula B rain problem
  94. Watkins Glen GP Is Wrong
  95. Please Delete
  96. Renault f1 rolling?
  97. What time of day increases the frame rates?
  98. Pagani Zonda gear ratios too low
  99. Need help with G27 FFB settings (was: There's a Real Driver here ?)
  100. Pcars 2 career mode suggestions
  101. Add minigames
  102. test this controller setup and report what you feel
  103. Advice Appreciated - Which is the Wheel Deal?
  104. I wish PCars in the rain was more like this...
  105. Ruapuna Park became laggy
  106. Whats everyones favorite motorsports news websites?
  107. Just Wow!!
  108. Noob wondering what's best
  109. PC wheel for £150 to replace driving force ex
  110. Dubai 24
  111. Problems exaggerated by Le Mans.
  112. Endurance invites on career mode
  113. Patch 8.0
  114. GT3 trophy - Social Choice/Stupid game.
  115. Number of pitboxes
  116. Why no Pit Crews?
  117. Historic Goals not updated?
  118. Pitstop
  119. Ford Mustang GT Rear Lights too dark!
  120. how to tackle Snetterton 200 last corner ?
  121. 24 Le mans race
  122. Tales From AutoSport International 2016
  123. Final Edition DLC? Suggestions and maybe need some tips.
  124. Missing rain????
  125. Beat the Pro Ginetta GT4
  126. Anybody Seen The Steam Reviews?
  127. Unlock
  128. Use AI driver (swap driver) from the start of the race?
  129. App to record lap times
  130. Is pcars going to be like Gran turismo ?
  131. Mouse look (no devcams)
  132. Patch 8.0 Tyre Grip level problem
  133. Formula B
  134. Crowd / Ambient Sound makes game unplayable
  135. slr5000912's closed patch thread.
  136. Audio during throttle feathering
  137. delete setups
  138. Ffb settings
  139. Are the modders taking this game to where it needs to be almost single handedly?
  140. Marbles? Racing Line?
  141. DLC will work in pCars2 ?
  142. Formula A vibration in Thrustmaster T150 at high speeds
  143. Helmet Cam move cam options
  144. Ford Focus RS 2016
  145. Devs. One more thing to go
  146. Replay Stutter
  147. ZERO To HERO and DEFENDING CHAMPION Trophies...misconceptions cleared up :D
  148. noob queston, symmetrical verses asymmetrical
  149. SMS will DLC be patched ?
  150. Stick or Paddles
  151. Tyre Temp Question (and brake temp question)
  152. Nurburgring gt4 laptimes
  153. Upcoming Ford V8 question.
  154. Do the devs ever post here any more?
  155. FFB Change Post 8.0
  156. Patch 8.0 multiplayer BUG
  157. Best Dash App Android
  158. Best Telemetry App
  159. Twitch betting overlay
  160. Indycar please
  161. Audi 90 Quattro
  162. Should I continue with career mode?
  163. Camber Angle Question
  164. steering ratio setting, is it like this for everyone?
  165. Daytona Roadcourse?
  166. Mad Dog's Career
  167. I love this sim.
  168. free car not im my garage
  169. GT4 restrictors and balancing request
  170. PCARS sound is bad.
  171. Maybe a silly question but....
  172. Falcon V8SC sound suggestion
  173. Pitting and Replay Issue - Silverstone Classic
  174. Speed Sensitivity question.
  175. Am I the only over seventy year old racing online?
  176. Blown/flat tyres or suspension failure? Feature or Bug?
  177. Formula C more laps than fuel allowance
  178. REPLAYS discussion (all platforms)
  179. Favourite Tracks and Cars
  180. How are would it be to have an options for certain cars to have LHD ?
  181. Serious simulation? Am I the only one?
  182. Brightness issues with Vantage GTE.
  183. Disc Brake Glow....On or Off, not fading
  184. Project C.A.R.S. Car Database 1.9.2
  185. Update "Locations" (Xbox) - where/when do the updates get applied
  186. [ANSWERED] Lightswitch, why?
  187. Ghost Data for TimeTrial.
  188. No transmission whine in Ginetta GT4?
  189. Hello :) Great game!
  190. Blown Engine in Career Mode Means I'm Stuck
  191. DLC vs Project Cars2
  192. AUDI R8 V10
  193. Understanding Steering Degrees Of Rotation
  194. LMP2 AI too slow
  195. Project cars : what's your favorite classes ?
  196. Aston Martin DLC. GT3 or Endurance?
  197. fastest on line racers
  198. Lotus 25 tire problem?
  199. Position change on the last lap
  200. Why isn't this in most driving sims?
  201. Clipping
  202. Renault R.S 01 bodywork graphical glitching
  203. In preparation for Casey's (hopefully) upcoming The Physics of Stance Works thread...
  204. Pitting - Issue with tires.
  205. Mad Mike's Mazda MX-5 RADBUL without big wing?
  206. Ford falcon - No dashboard when on screen wheel disabled
  207. The Physics of StanceWorks Pack
  208. How to start a vote in forum?
  209. Lol. Do animated pitstops still not exist?
  210. Project Cars Mojave Test Track Mazda MX-5 RADBUL Bug
  211. What does a eagle mean on the name?
  212. Bannochbrae: problem with AI line
  213. Sound Problems
  214. First Career Race
  215. Rendering settings for YouTube?
  216. Hellp with qualifying please
  217. How would you like some truck action?
  218. Time Trial : impossible to record a time at California Highway Reverse
  219. Bannochbrae AI fuel problem
  220. V8 Bathurst Trophy?
  221. Running the fantasy track in reverse.......please
  222. Little tribute to the new track.
  223. Stanceworks BMW 1er M
  224. Galaxy tab2 help!!!!
  225. Mclaren long tail community event
  226. Are Radiators and Brake Ducts too good?
  227. How weather works ?
  228. WMD 2016
  229. Difference in lap times PC versus PS4 using same wheel.
  230. Real World Race Circuits vs Fictional Tracks?
  231. Starting Grid Launch Technique
  232. who plays with traction/stability/abs/auto clutch off? and who with on?
  233. 1 question about setup settings
  234. Anybody else experience something strange about the force feedback?
  235. No online Lobbys found
  236. Shouldnt the windshield get dirtier as the race goes on?
  237. Newest DLC
  238. BMW 2002 Troubles (DLC)
  239. Weather options are useless
  240. shadow problem and 2002 SW cockpit cam not centered
  241. BMW 2002 Stanceworks AI in "same class" quick race
  242. ai pitstop problems
  243. XBox One Controller vs Thrustmaster GPX
  244. I can't stay on track please help.
  245. Azure Circuit Porsche Super Cup carnage
  246. Why can't a slide be caught smoothly?
  247. Brake Cooling, is it too much?
  248. i like it!
  250. 24h Races In Custom Race Weekend? Will I Still Get The Trophy/Acheivement?