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  1. Tyre pit stop bug?
  2. All going wrong beyond GT5...
  3. intersested in hearing how you guys do single player endurance races
  4. LED TV to Game Move or not normal mode
  5. Mojave test track on public servers
  6. Who has actually achieved "A Day In the Life"?
  7. ginetta g40 career mode pole position?
  8. Late to the party
  9. GT4 slicks pitstop problem
  10. Bathurst 12hr
  11. Do You Swim Or Drive?
  12. Qualifying Final Lap.
  13. Can't choose slicks!
  14. Game development/UX work
  15. gt6 layout?
  16. Bentley GT3
  17. HUD Telemetry
  18. AI skipping Pit Stop?
  19. In Game Screenshots
  20. TX wheel RIP
  21. Bannochbrae has got......
  22. Stanceworks....I cant quit you
  23. On the balance of the GT3 class (in-game)
  24. Personal opinion
  25. Lack of handbrake option in some cars
  26. Drifting in Project Cars
  27. The impossible Combo with a controller : lotus 98 T / Spa Rain
  28. Why do AI drivers pit every lap?
  29. Who is at fault here?
  30. Engine question about the CLK LM
  31. T3PA Adapter
  32. Project Cars Posters
  33. Vibrate to heavy (or to low when turned down)
  34. OMG the free Feb car, Aston GT12 ,better be good......
  35. The last career slot
  36. Car Sounds
  37. Time Trial Grey Marked lap times
  38. Changing steering wheel location
  39. LMP1 .. really ???
  40. Bannochbrae question
  41. No A.I. DNF
  42. Group 5
  43. [RESOLVED] Helmet Cam Weird Physics
  44. The most serious Kart race ever.
  45. V8SC sound bug
  46. Where is the vehicles folder in Pcars
  47. Info displays on the Formula B Wheel
  48. Project Cars sound mix & tinnitus.
  49. Ford Falcon V8 VERY strange reflections! Please someone report this to the Devs.
  50. night - I can't see
  51. [Solved] Cockpit Camera not aligned properly-center of car and not over the wheel
  52. 345 hours in and just starting career !
  53. GT3 RGT-8 Supercup invitation
  54. Le Mans 24hr invitational : PS4 crashed with 5 hrs to go ( sigh)
  55. Invitations
  56. This happens very often on this track
  57. help why am i losing so much time and places by pitting?
  58. Suggestion to the Moderators in here.
  59. How to select Renault 3.5
  60. Any official information about GNU/Linux version of project cars?
  61. how many watts t300 ferrari alcantara edition have ??
  62. Question about the Oreca 03 Nissan and the Alpine A450, who can help?
  63. [Solved] Can't change tyres when pit box
  64. Career mode buggy after 9 patches
  65. DTM Driver Assists
  66. Some career race calender questions..
  67. Driver network Profile - how to clean it up?
  68. Wheel degree limitation
  69. glove color queston
  70. pCars Triple screen support?
  71. Lap times
  72. Tire sounds - Help :)
  73. Is Bumper Cam Cheating?
  74. Concerning solo mode players
  75. How to combat the changes made for people using gamepads?
  76. How exactly does brake mapping setting effect project cars gameplay.
  77. Brightness Calibration Screen
  78. Traction Control options
  79. Dtm car - lights at top of windscreen
  80. Alternative replay control functions ??
  81. Where are the Pit Stop mechanics ,and enginners in the game?
  82. Control off every 15 minutes when using flywheel
  83. g27 brake mod.
  84. Cockpit exposure fix
  85. 1988 McClaren MP4/4 or similar mods?
  86. 250cc superkart smoking?! - BUG
  87. Bathurst LMP1 tire bug ?
  88. Another day of Disconnects
  89. Help Newbie
  90. Issues with game reading laps correctly
  91. Gears. Manual Gears. how does that work?
  92. Traction Symbol
  93. Hey Devs
  94. for pc2 please dont promise anything you cant deliver
  95. What do you love about the game ?
  96. Do AI use KERS and DRS
  97. NASCAR Gen 6 DLC?
  98. Im Outraged
  99. Razer Chroma Lighting Integration
  100. After about six months away from PCars, I came back and found...
  101. Global invitations list
  102. The cool rain effects..
  103. Formula Renault significant tyre wear post-patch 9.0
  104. Season pass for Pcars2 just a thought
  105. T150 Wheel and Playseat Challenge
  106. Match tire pressure is better than equalize the temperatures (hot)?
  107. Strange livery on BMW 320 Gr5
  108. No rear view mirror in MP4-12C GT3
  109. Possibility of a Road America surface update?
  110. IF we are not getting IMS why is this in the VehicleHRLiveries.bff file?
  111. 1999 Renault Laguna BTCC - When , i need this car
  112. Torque Thrustmaster T500 versus T300
  113. Did they change the exhaust flames? They look different (in a good way).
  114. What if SMS added a real life location street track?
  115. Spa start/finish
  116. Question regarding the fixed series races.
  117. I hope someone can help me..
  118. Multiple car noises when driving KTM Bow
  119. The best DLC ever..
  120. metric or Imperial?
  121. Its finally clicked (Yes clicked, not clucked! )
  122. Any chances for better gamepad controller/support?
  123. Indy Car Career Mode
  124. Game Options UDP?
  125. Could this be the future of race sims?
  126. Replay length
  127. Multiclass AI problem
  128. Historic euro tga trophy help please
  129. US Race Car DLC - Cant save setups
  130. watkins glen short billboard issues
  131. Career Mode Unlock Question
  132. Watkins Glen replay issue?
  133. No Indycar in Career mode tree :(
  134. (Revived) Why does every car in the game feel overly tail happy?
  135. Indycar kers
  136. Entire career crushing 100% AI until...
  137. Newbie Question
  138. One thing that annoys me
  139. FFB White Line
  140. US Car Pack - Question
  141. FFB why both Fy and Mz scale ?
  142. USA DLC - Excessive brightness in cockpit mode.
  143. Watkins Glen Update
  144. [RESOLVED] Starting in 4th gear.
  145. ROWE Racing Team
  146. Massive understeer with the DW12
  147. Something fun to try ....
  148. Thank You Ian and Project Cars Crew
  149. Thrustmaster T150 PS4 Force Feedback settings
  150. Bathurst Pit Exit
  151. Lack of Formula Rookie Online Sessions?
  152. I've hit a ceiling..suggestions?
  153. Can't select Aston Martin Vantage GT12
  154. Desert Island (Project) Cars
  155. This game keeps on surprising me!
  156. [ANSWERED] Mods
  157. GOTY Edition - With EXCLUSIVE content? (NOT EXLCUSIVE)
  158. Formula A tyre degradation issue
  159. The Physics of US Race Car Pack
  160. slo mo recording of a replay revealed...
  161. What's the Fastest open cockpit road car in game?
  162. [ANSWERED] Game of the year edition.
  163. hard to use wheel day after workout?
  164. what tracks are not included in career mode?
  165. PCARS- Physics Collection/Information to car releases by Casey
  166. We Need Visible Driver Names
  167. Will there be more laser scanned tracks in Project Cars 2?
  168. Fuel usage x2/x3/x4?
  169. Thrustmaster Customer Service
  170. Controller VS. wheel
  171. Not sure where to look but no ovals dlc, is this true ?
  172. wheel stand pro and g27 reverse mounting
  173. Can anyone recommend a good chair to use for playing this and other racing games?
  174. Haven't Seen The Bentley Show Up In a GT3 Race Since The latest DLC
  175. What has been available these past 4 months
  176. Real weather and pit strategy
  177. Camera shaking and fov sensivity
  178. Road Car grip issues
  179. constant cold tires at night gt3
  180. Ride Height issue ?
  181. little request for KB+Mouse fix
  182. How do we know what compounds the AI are running?
  183. Rolling Start
  184. Dubai Club Track Limits
  185. wheel spin lights and brake lock up lights not working on corvette display.
  186. It just keeps getting better!
  187. My experience in Forza 6 after months of only playing Project Cars
  188. Have replays gotten worse?
  189. Car setup question
  190. Any tips on how to be consistent
  191. So Porsche signed with Forza - where does that leave the rest of us?
  192. Indycar
  193. my road map to PC sim racing
  194. Actual IndyCar Liveries
  195. Keyboard Stickers Templates designed for Project CARS
  196. suddenly pulling to the right
  197. Penalty for contact?
  198. Controller being smooth
  199. Controller Tyre Wear Issue
  200. new career path
  201. Kart Racing
  202. anyone got thier head around how the red tires and hard tires play out with the AI?
  203. Mechanical Failures ON/OFF
  204. csr to g29?
  205. Ford fusion suspension failure. bug?
  206. BAC Mono missing livery?
  207. Engine getting too hot?
  208. A big problem I cant seem to work out a solution for.
  209. McLaren F1 - Why not in Road A?
  210. Making screenshots
  211. G29 Left paddle issue
  212. Tyre cooling - Difference between PC / PS4
  213. CamAm Vehicles
  214. Massive cut track on Sakitto GP Time Trial
  215. I'm actually starting to like this game...
  216. Problem starting race
  217. hi guys i need help with mapping the controls for using TRINUS (vr streaming
  218. Does anyone use MECHANICAL_FAILURES all the time when playing Pcars??
  219. What happened to the track dlc?
  220. 2 24hour le mans races in career mode?...
  221. The opinion of a champion driver on PCARS
  222. Where do I find the leader boeards
  223. Is a racingsim really a simulation?
  224. Nascar Ford Fusion, ect
  225. Why doesn't the Radbul show up in Solo Races?
  226. Game of the Year Edition and pitstops
  227. MIcrosoft Opening to cross Play with PC/PS4
  228. Has Project Cars Improved ?
  229. Affordable motion ?
  230. refuelling ....
  231. Isn't is about time for patch 10 ?
  232. Adding more badges!
  233. Logitech G920 Xbox One
  234. Mazda MX5 radbul FFB and Racetrack ?
  235. Inverted grid in Pcars? Yes, itīs possible!!!
  236. Project Cars 2 Release Date Guessing Game.
  237. FXAA vs SMAA
  238. Nurburgring GP track cutting.
  239. Wheelstand Pro - New Shifter Support Upgrade
  240. A4 DTM and an Oval ?
  241. Cars on the Kart tracks?
  242. 24H race
  243. why ai of some classes seems to be so bad?
  244. I got problems in Bathurst and Ruapuna...and other little bug in other tracks
  245. Gearshifts are faster for certain gearboxes with Automatic Clutch turned off.
  246. Racing Wheel/In Game Wheel Steering Ratio
  247. Really odd race
  248. Ai difficulty ....
  249. Race Engineer - not at all up to the rest of the game - Please improve!
  250. How do you drive the BMW 320 TC?