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  1. Where Do I Get AI's Magic Tires?
  2. old verses new dlc ruf cockpit queston
  3. Timing completely off online
  4. I just want one thing from pCARS1
  5. BMW 335i
  6. No keyboard shortcuts
  7. What's new?
  8. Interesting screenshots?
  9. I'm sorry for being a pain...
  10. Fastest laps on totally worn tires - Whiski, Tango, Foxtrot?!
  11. First time on PCar on PC: Question regarding Thrustmaster GT Leather Button Mapping
  12. Audi GT3 do 1.44 in Monza race?
  13. Date of time trial
  14. Why not have sticky threads only at the beginning of every sub forum?
  15. Multi class solo races....
  16. Completely positive thread
  17. Mario Brandt in GT3 career
  18. Setup vs Driver Error
  19. [ANSWERED] Bannochbrae?
  20. spinning out when someone else spins out--- 'sympathy spin'---
  21. Fixes Suggestion...
  22. project cars desctuction physics
  23. boost gauge
  24. [Investigating] Fuel Bug in TT
  25. What's wrong with the gearboxes of some cars?
  26. customized opponents
  27. Realistic enough?
  28. DK DIY RIG.
  29. Blowing a chicane...
  30. Fuel/weight question
  31. [ANSWERED] pit menu sliders?
  32. questions for the endurance series vets
  33. Asymmetrical VS Symmetrical pit stops
  34. Problem on Monza short
  35. Can explain to me what is this?
  36. Pit Stop tire selection bug?
  37. GOTY edition and DLC buying strategy...
  38. Stuck on Please wait screen in headset
  39. Car info of gear shifting
  40. The Viljoen's don't like each other
  41. using voice attack and head tracking,
  42. Cancelled: Project CARS 2
  43. put thé renault RS.01 in thé gt3 category
  44. Wheel rumble after crash
  45. The Lost Track (not April Fools Joke)
  46. Some thoughts about the top single seaters in the game and copyright...
  47. Full screen
  48. The competition just confirmed DIRT.
  49. Bug , Rampuna Park outer loop stuck in pit lane
  50. Has the top speed of cars changed?
  51. [NO] Bought Pcars on Oculus Store, do I get steam key too?
  52. Purchased all DLC for pcars as instructed - how do I get my oculus home key?
  53. Advice on AI difficulty
  54. Track IR5
  55. Help with a Triple screen PC Build
  56. [ANSWERED] Community Ambassador trophy question
  57. Which are the Most Balanced Classes?
  58. On Demand?
  59. how many of us have modded our g27? and what are the mods?
  60. draw distance (PC)
  61. Lost FFB update
  62. Patch 10.1 and patch breaking cycle
  63. GPU help
  64. BMW Z4 GT3 Setup won't load
  65. Buying Pcars for PC
  66. About track evolution
  67. Replay quality and controls
  68. Stock T100/150/300 Pedals vs. T3PA (not Pro)
  69. Car keeps moving from standstill after fuel runs out. BUG? Or Realistic?
  70. Question on how to tune Buttkicker
  71. can a 970 max this game
  72. YOU get to pick one DLC to add to this game
  73. What happened?
  74. why am i gettin only a 2 or 3 degrees air temperture difference no matter what month
  75. PC and PS4 AI difference
  76. [ANSWERED] Project Cars perfect edition
  77. New Player Some Advice Please
  78. still looking for help on issue on certian tracks.
  79. HE pedals nor detected in game
  80. Low Cost Android for 3rd party apps
  81. After latest patch, graphics are blocky, anyone else notice this?
  82. complete red ginetta G55 GT4 !!
  83. We they ever going to fix the Monza Glitch?
  84. PC Mods Licensed?
  85. G29 break problem
  86. Screen setting help
  87. Ki too slowly
  88. Any way to use Simvibe with a ButtKicker on Xbox one?
  89. formula B pit stop problem
  90. [NO] GOTY edition will have exclusive dlc?
  91. Why so long?
  92. Please fix the names.
  93. Physically and mentally knackered,
  94. [RESOLVED] Lack of HP of my cars
  95. Playseat Challenge or Evolution?
  96. Fov for toddler?
  97. Endurance gt career mode
  98. Gibt es eine Liste in der alle Schalt Typen für Projekt Cars darin stehen ???
  99. This game and its wow moments.
  100. pit strategy
  101. My surname is censored (also @WDM account)
  102. Default Button
  103. Isle of Man - 3D Scan - Kickstarter @ 5%
  104. What AI setting gives approx real times for tracks?
  105. The all new updated PCars Car Database II v2.03 is here for Mac and Windows
  106. Regarding LMP1 contracts in career
  107. Can we get the cheat times deleted?
  108. FFB lacking road feel (was: Physic upgrade?)
  109. PC-patch 10.2
  110. Bug (?) Euro Track Day on Zolder with Scion rocket bunny
  111. Car classes and lack of cars....
  112. At LAN party trying to set up Rift DK2 on pcars. Need help fast
  113. Let's make pcars great again!
  114. Azure Coast Qualy (Lack Of)
  115. This game needs real licences and a rethink for PC2
  116. Steering wheel rotation angles
  117. Formula A clutch still broken
  118. [ANSWERED] 24hours Le Mans, multiclass not correct cars
  119. [RESOLVED] Formula A - loss of power to the wheels during tight turns
  120. cockpit view queston
  121. Replays (once again)
  122. your choice of classes of car?
  123. Pcars 2 - When?
  124. A question related to the Controller Rumble effect/FFB
  125. We should get Bandai Namco IP Liveries
  126. How well supported is rumble feedback for XBox One Controller on PC in Project Cars?
  127. odd results
  128. Update received today
  129. Is Leaderboard Function from Single Player OR Time Trials as Well ?
  130. Tire pressure issues after pit stop
  131. Whats the fastest you have been in pcars
  132. Annoyed - Lost profile data
  133. [ANSWERED] Weather, Sync to race issue?
  134. Questions important to me
  135. Looking for advice on first racing wheel + stand
  136. How to unlock WEC ?
  137. Steering degrees problem
  138. Difficulty levels
  139. launching off the grid
  140. Bentley VS Cadillac
  141. AI Pitstops
  142. How much do you need to play to...
  143. What happens to the members wishes?
  144. Dash camera
  145. Project Cars, my personal view after almost an year
  146. Career Mode Help (+LeMans 24h)
  147. Controller: manual of automatic?
  148. How to race only Indycar races in career?
  149. Indy Car SP virtually unplayable on some tracks
  150. Downforce Question
  151. Anymore DLC coming out?
  152. Has PCARS included these features yet, or will it be ready for PCARS2?
  153. [SOLVED] Back to Project Cars and my first idiot question
  154. qualifying
  155. Entrance to all career championships.
  156. I understand why we can't have Ferrari,s or Lamborghini,s BUT....
  157. What happned to these guys? ( Pic in text)
  158. One of the great parts about Project CARS?
  159. FFB Tweaks
  160. Le Mans pit issue!
  161. Difference Pedals Thrustmaster
  162. G27 Steering Wheel
  163. Gamecontroller and Deadzone - why is deadzone 0 not deadzone 0?
  164. [ANSWERED] DLC cars in career contracts?
  165. Using your ghost time
  166. HTC Steam Vive setting
  167. tinted windshields on alot of cars
  168. Which is better? VR/Triple Screens
  169. [Answered] Question about career races...
  170. [ANSWERED] Ferrari f458 ?
  171. Mandatory Pitstop offline
  172. Game of the year ?
  173. Playseat Tablet Mount
  174. GOTY Edition or Project Cars 2
  175. Upgraded to a GTX 980 Ti OC STRIX ...WOW.
  176. Turning back the clock & GTR2
  177. Formula A MOTEC display
  178. The cars of Project CARS
  179. Karts- Honda Cadet Class
  180. Steam reviews
  181. Pcars at the London motor show 2016
  182. Any new GP tracks added?
  183. [G27] ricmotech vs ap electrix? (loadcell) which ones better?
  184. Why does Default setup effect FFB?
  185. Pagani Huayra BC
  186. Slow motion problem
  187. Player driven car too loud in replay?
  188. Why is Pcars so fast?
  189. Why I do enjoy P.CARS
  190. Replay bug
  191. Is Formula Gulf to good to be true.
  192. wheel configuration
  193. Will Project Cars (2) feature NVIDIAs "Ansel" in the future?
  194. Pagani Huayra BC & Revoluction.
  195. Where did the RWD P30 LMP1 come from?
  196. [RESOLVED] Confused
  197. New User and Not real Happy - Struggling with Wheel Settings
  198. [ANSWERED] Visual steering wheel vibration
  199. A plea for Barcelona skidmarks
  200. And people complain about SMS's length of game support!
  201. Teamspeak 3 and P/C
  202. Formula Gulf or something similar?
  203. Accolades for IndyCar, StockCar and Latest Nurburgring trophy
  204. The SW-SR1 and the Razor Wildcat
  205. I Don't Understand The Career Calendar
  206. [ANSWERED] Buying Expansion Packs
  207. Question about tire wear and fuel usage
  208. Best track to stesstest computer fps (including weather and time of day)
  209. The all new updated PCars Car Database II v2.03 is updated
  210. Time progression
  211. ford V8 supercars - gear
  212. Does the GOTY means the end of all future DLCs?
  213. 60 htz vs 144 htz Monitors
  214. Porsche deal with EA after 15 years ends at end of 2016
  215. Circuit de Catalunya GP GT3 class best lap ?
  216. Turbo spooling noise missing in MP(ANSWERED)
  217. Drop the VR stuff and FIX YOUR DAMNED GAME.
  218. Patch 11 release for Console's
  219. pCARS Nordschleife too "bumped"
  220. Smoother roads please....
  221. Thank You
  222. I'm new here,currently 36th in time trial on the leaderboard ps4 or 5th if Iwas on pc
  223. Project Cars - Look around in any direction (car interior)
  224. Moving up to Formula C, what Route?
  225. All g... well things must come to an end
  226. Nvidia GTX 1080: Project Cars benchmarks at 1440p and 4K
  227. Racing Rapuna
  228. Le Mans invitiational can you "win" the accolade in a GT car?
  229. Anyway to view other people's driver network profile?
  230. The game graphics is good, but the night lighting needs to be improved.
  231. LODS update please!
  232. Road B group - BAC mono superior to all the rest
  233. [ANSWERED] How to get the new Ford GT 40
  234. Crazy idea
  235. [ANSWERED] 458
  236. QUICK QUESTION - Real F1 driver names?
  237. TrackIR 5 on patch 11.0
  238. All good things come to an end....part2
  239. Uprade to Project Cars GOTY
  240. TT fairness
  241. controller force feedback/ vibration setting queston
  242. Typo
  243. Nürburgring Combined Cut Track Penalty in TT
  244. Tire wear X7 AI DONT PIT???
  245. I can see the steering wheel through a gap in drivers gloves in Project Cars on pc
  246. [RESOLVED] Probably beating a dead horse with this question
  247. Not driving out of garage bug (ps4)
  248. How to Le Mans with LMP1
  249. Renault Sport R.S. 01
  250. Pit Issue