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  1. [ "BUG" REPORT ] Watkins Glen + DW12
  2. Well done, SMS
  3. Wheel Settings Not Saving
  4. What is your favorite track to just jump in and go, or maybe test a new car on?
  5. Project Cars drivers suit glitch/bug!
  6. Help with Helmet View
  7. Radbull Steering
  8. How to use oculus version of project cars on vive
  9. I would like to have my account deleted
  10. [ANSWERED] how to have pcars in english?
  11. How to move camera up, down
  12. Simple printable PDF to record your FFB settings on
  13. Career Mode DLC Question
  14. Please, answer some questions before i buy it...
  15. How has Sim Racing Helped You
  16. How to turn on the Canned FFB?
  17. Best Settings For Project CARS?
  18. Is multiplayer broken in this patch ?
  19. Nurburgring Combined Pit bug (PS4)
  20. Endurance races are still boring.
  21. Are you faster with assists off in Gt3
  22. Indy 500
  23. Have you been spoiled by Project Cars?
  24. Question - horsepower in VR and mirrors
  25. Pitstop Formula A
  26. Is there optional tires for Mustang Cobra Trans/Am
  27. Changes needed to project cars *please fix*
  28. How does the passage of time work in between sessions?
  29. What´s wrong with this game´s netcode?
  30. Reset FFB per car ?
  31. A question and a wish
  32. [ANSWERED] Tyre wear question.
  33. Is there a detailed manual that goes over ALL the settings in the game?
  34. Watkins Glen Tire Wear
  35. Assisted braking problem
  36. Flickering tree shadows - caused by the "wind"?
  37. NASCAR Digital dash.
  38. How do you play?
  39. Sliding off on final laps at Hockenheim GP
  40. About free cars
  41. Wheel for Xbox or PS4
  42. Project 1470 Charity Stream!
  43. Not fun at all...
  44. Problems with Formula A brakes. It takes a while for car to slow down.
  45. So when is SMS gonna release a bundle pack with all DLC content?
  46. How can this be ?
  47. Support for on/off switches?
  48. When the next update ?
  49. 4x weather slots in timed races
  50. Xbox & Windows 10 - Play Anywhere
  51. G27 pedal upgrade
  52. So I joined a kart public lobby recently
  53. PCARS and multiplayer, what could have been
  54. Bannonchbrae?
  55. Where are my Track stats and lap times?
  56. LIVE stream: 24-hour pcars Le Mans (real-time)
  57. Thinking of buying this sim
  58. Steam launch window
  59. Lotus 78 Invite Trophy
  60. Daniel Abt tries out pCARS
  61. save game during a race?
  62. Best gamepad controller for this game?
  63. Steering while braking, when and when not.
  64. So I need a new racing seat...
  65. Front page needs an update!
  66. Gt3 time trial at imola
  67. Audi LMP900 career mode.
  68. XBox controller impulse triggers
  69. Porsche partners with Assetto Corsa. PCars? What do you say?
  70. Racing/ gaming chairs/ rigs for tall people?
  71. Project Cars AMD Performance with latest Crimson driver ok?
  72. [Poll] How do you play? Input, Assists, etc.
  73. Wheel for PC?
  74. Will Pcars 2 improve graphics?
  75. A basic set up
  76. Project Cars Setups EU Updated!
  77. Indy Car
  79. Why I love pCARS
  80. Quick question regarding DLC & multiplayer - considering purchasing.
  81. Project Cars collision physics
  82. Fao Silraed
  83. Real championships database
  84. What's the "Damper Saturation" slider for?
  85. Dual Shock controller full throttle issue
  86. Fast steering ratio Formula a
  87. Brake Bias Question
  88. Sim Rigs, Screen setups.
  89. Sim Community support for project cars?
  90. Can FA with no aids, racing on REAL reach 1:50 lap times in SPA
  91. What do You think about new DLC??
  92. Bought Carpacks on STEAM but does not reflect in game
  93. Onboard cockpit driver & helmet view problem
  94. Just bought P car and have question about car pack!
  95. edit existing career profile??
  96. www.GTArena.com Looking For Contributors/Staff
  97. Career Mode Difficulty Help
  98. [answered]Lotus DLC pack, can you use all cars on new tracks?
  99. PS4 NEO
  100. Center steering wheels
  101. Do I just suck?
  102. New car and cost
  103. Do you use the rear passenger camera?
  104. Real-Time Delta That Updates Continuously?
  105. Support / Development
  106. RWD LMP1 30 timetrial bug at le mans?
  107. Problem steering Formula A
  108. Congrats to Yorkie newest SMS team member!
  109. Sakitto has a new logo?
  110. Mirror & Look Back
  111. Can someone help me with a 'VR Lifehack' ?
  112. I feel dumb for asking (deadzone)!
  113. Cockpit Formula C
  114. Pcars on DVD
  115. Couch co-op Suggestions Please!
  116. CTRL+k - Camera Edit Mode - Try these AutoHotkey Macros
  117. Cone or spring? (T3PA PRO PEDAL SET)
  118. Changing thrustmaster add on wheels on pc
  119. Steering ratio and steering sensitivity not working.
  120. SO NO MORE THEN ?
  121. Can see through driver's gloves/arm in Zonda Revolucion
  122. Place Position Bug
  123. Looking to buy a new setup and I need some opinions
  124. pc build help
  125. Career: Minimum position in the cups in order to advance to the championships?
  126. Formule C British series
  127. Career mode
  128. Wheel and Chase view?
  129. Updates/Addons
  130. [RESOLVED] random driver suit,car livery not working on mclaren gt3
  131. Exhaust bug
  132. Monitor refresh rates
  133. How to see results and points of invitational champs?
  134. Project Cars ???? I dont think so anymore
  135. AI still knows what the weather will do
  136. Why do you still get engine damage when damage is turned off?
  137. driver61 well worth your time.
  138. How many posts required to be able to post image links in screenshots?
  139. Would You change anything here for pCars at 1440p ultra ?
  140. Project CARS on discord
  141. Road TD vs TB?
  142. Is the AI cheating on us?
  143. Other players are faster
  144. anyone know what it says on the back of the 19 bmw gt3 car?
  145. Is it wheely worth it?
  146. Group A amazing race! Hectic last lap!
  147. Bug or Feature? - Tire starts to bounce when totaly worn
  148. Tires - Automatic by Weather
  149. [answered]Car unlock
  150. [Seeking Advice] Looking for arcade racer like setups for a noob to try
  151. Question about Photo & Video Modus
  152. F1 question for Ian Bell
  153. Hand Made Tracks Question
  154. [RESOLVED] Constantly getting disconnected, sent to "race central"
  156. Force Feedback - Curb Jolt?
  157. x2 weather progression
  158. Wrong tyres after pitstop
  159. Set up vid
  160. Sauber C9 - Rear Tire Pressures After Pit Stop Different From Pit Strategy
  161. Career Team names and corresponding cars
  162. The Default Setup question.
  163. Some vehicles too shiny effect
  164. How do you access the FFB SoP settings? (PC)
  165. Where are the rest of P cars tracks?
  166. Which driving assists are "ok"/realistic?
  167. Pcars 9 months later
  168. On Demand
  169. Project CARS Review - My opinion about the game!
  170. Laptimes
  171. FB medium tyres too bumpy now
  172. Question about Pcars on PC
  173. Save Settings in Pcars
  174. Reflection on windscreen
  175. Road racing needs to go
  176. H shifter curiosity..
  177. Cars sound great in the game
  178. Sony and the Fanatec issue
  179. Land mine or a failure? What's the difference.
  180. A compromise for ovals
  181. Quick question ( of sorts ) for Development team
  182. Where is that forum post with links to all SMS car info threads?
  183. track records
  184. AI glitch
  185. "On Demand Pack" for Steam?
  186. [ANSWERED] Damage options in MP
  187. How do AI pits work. Possible exploit?
  188. MP Question
  189. See My Pedal Positions (Telemetry) on Replay?
  190. HEUSINKVELD PRO pedals, your thoughts ?
  191. THRUSTMASTER T150 Racing Wheel ?
  192. What TV for Project Cars?
  193. W7 be better than W10
  194. How to change view
  195. Zhuhai Temp issues - Tires and Brakes?
  196. Stats @WMD Portal
  197. I love Project cars and i love my racing ....but
  198. PC - Steam - Bundle DLC GOTY Only at low price
  199. When is Porsche Coming to PCars?
  200. TX Racing Wheel Servo Base what add on wheel?
  201. Lotus 98T difficult to drive
  202. What would you spend for a multiplayer service?
  203. RUF CTR Cockpit view
  204. Who else is loving watching AOR GT3 PC Elite League?
  205. To posticipate a race!
  206. Help with proper heel and toe and downshift before corners
  207. I will buy Project Cars 2
  208. No penalty for jump start
  209. I don't even know how to pit
  210. AI dificulty
  211. no matter what i drive,
  212. Rubber=Rubber? That is the question!
  213. Career mode. How do you progress?
  214. Question about the Sauber C9
  215. Aston GT12 does not auto blip throttle with auto clutch off
  216. Still not quite clear on tire temp telemetry
  217. Trying to get my old profile to work after re-insall
  218. Sim rig building & mounting, portable solutions.
  219. Carrer Trophy animations
  220. How do you prefer to learn a new track?
  221. Held in the pits for a long time?
  222. can't accelerate
  223. Project CARS Steam sale
  224. Endurance Racing
  225. Stymied career
  226. That one turn you can never get right
  227. pit strategy - formula a @ catalunya
  228. Pit Strategies
  229. How can you avoid the VR data install?
  230. Porsche,Ferrari or Lamborgini
  231. Help with how to notice wheel lock and apply right brake pressure
  232. A bit Shift 2 flashback when loosing tracktion
  233. Survey PC2 - tracks/cars/modes - what does modes mean?
  234. What DLC pack should I get?
  235. New Global Project cars club – Looking for Admins
  236. [Sort of Rant] Why do some people absolutely hate this game?
  237. PCARS 2 Always-online?
  238. Last lap of session cut off?
  239. I want to get better, but don't know how (also constructive rants about the game)
  240. What would you like patched next?
  241. New PC build
  242. Assists All/Real/off - what does Real mean?
  243. Project CARS powers to 2 million units sold
  244. Need a quick decision: Thrustmaster T100 or Logitech Driving Force GT
  245. Project CARS - Pagani Edition
  246. T150 power supply cable
  247. Does Project Cars support the Thrustmaster TMX forcefeedback on xbox one?
  248. Most fun!
  249. T150 wheel at 900 dor, too slow and not matching visual wheel
  250. Pcars2 teaser