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  1. Formula A - IA won't change tires
  2. What exactly makes importing liveries on console impossible?
  3. QoS and Hosting/Playing Pcars
  4. Solo mode: Cars lights On when wet or rainy
  5. Career coming soon!!!
  6. My Wet Race Vs AI Wet Race
  7. My project cars profile has been lost, I can't tune my car at tracks
  8. BRAKE PEDAL MOD for LOGITECH G25/G27/G29 plus other mods and replacements.
  9. Career Invitationals
  10. Mandatory pit stops
  11. Burnout, need help
  12. New user help with video for support
  13. Project CARS how to
  14. How do I reset the game to select difficulty?
  15. Pit Crew Commentary
  16. Is my Logitech G920 wheel not set up or working properly?
  17. Why don't LMP cars do sprint races in real life?
  18. How does this simulator compare with rFactor and rFactor2?
  19. Sudden loss of feedback
  20. McLaren F1 GTR vs. Mercedes CLK LM
  21. Syn's Car Comparisons
  22. multiplayer comparison to assetto corsa?
  23. Wheel deal..or not ?
  24. Statues Trend
  25. Getting proper fed up with Project cars
  26. Coming back to PC, cars drive differently
  27. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Problem
  28. Career endurance????
  29. Tele Data
  30. Need help with in-game chat box
  31. Can I use keyboard as controlling this game
  32. Project Cars-like game for older computer with Logitech G27 support
  33. "P" symbol Motec
  34. Congrat's Jussi Karjalainen
  35. Project CARS Steam sale
  36. First lap and spinning
  37. Formula A fuel load simulation
  38. triple screen, what fov?
  39. So what happened to pit crews
  40. [SOLVED] Cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn off racing line in PC
  41. VR on pc with ps vr
  42. Final chicane, Le Mans cheat.
  43. Issues still with saved games?
  44. RS01vsGT3
  45. New way to experience PCars
  46. Track grip doubt
  47. Oriental looking bridge on Sakkito gone ?
  48. Pit stop bug at Le Mans?
  49. Damage
  50. Time Trial Leaderboards - Reset to Default?
  51. Backup files for car setups?
  52. IndyCar Trophy
  53. New to PCars: quick questions
  54. Is auto-clutch locked to ON when manual gearing is selected?
  55. [RESOLVED] Gear shifter questions - need help!!
  56. Problems Hosting Multiplayer when going to race session
  57. Can I force a mandatory pit stop in a 30 lap race vs AI?
  58. Comparaison
  59. BMW M1 SW Coupe
  60. Help = Stutter even 60 FPS ( Cornering Problem )
  61. Quick question about sync to race weather for long races
  62. Formula A Races
  63. What car are you most comfortable and consistent with ?
  64. Perfect settings for xbox one controller
  65. Career Panel, name censored
  66. Custom Livery in Career Mode
  67. Am I the only???...
  68. Starlight glen
  69. Formula Gulf 1000: PCARS vs. RL
  70. Career - Can you look back completed races
  71. Steam down so no online Pcars
  72. Project Cars BBF Repacking Problems
  73. Some questions about the handling
  74. Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedals - what to pair without braking the bank?
  75. Steering Wheel
  76. Drivers view
  77. Saving the Race midsession? need help
  78. struggling in career mode
  79. iRacing fans say Porsche is coming.
  80. PC or PS4
  81. Invalid lap time
  82. NEW PATCH PS4- Why there are still some issues with PC-PS4 not solved? - (ESL Racer)
  83. career mode- is there an 86 cup?
  84. PCars game set the spectators identity
  85. XBOX/PC/PS4 Crossplatform laptimes comparable?
  86. Qualifying bug?
  87. Radical SR3-RS Steering on controller is so right to the rest.
  88. I really like the career mode
  89. Is my room set up ok for wheel and stand?
  90. Open Wheeler "Barrier".
  91. Controller Help
  92. Etiquette Question: Qualifying - Hot Lap vs. Out Lap
  93. Preparing 24h of Le Mans
  94. Some career questions
  95. Commercial version of Project Cars
  96. Project Cars Playseat discount
  97. Career...again
  98. How to unlock GT3 RGT-8 Supercup & GT3 RGT-8 German Cup?
  99. Rouen-Les-Essarts historical track info
  100. [ANSWERED] Laser-scanned tracks?
  101. Where have my lap times gone?
  102. Wheel spin at start and other physics questions?
  103. Tire squeal on Production cars?
  104. Bad statistics page
  105. Camera control during replays?
  106. 2017 on Project CARS
  107. Some things baffle me
  108. Apps question
  109. Raupuna Track Bugged
  110. Update Info Question
  111. Purple/Magenta Selection Bar?
  112. Career Question
  113. Project Cars coming to Justrace
  114. Thanks for this awesome sim!
  115. Off-road racing in PC2...Why?
  116. Thunder and Lightning
  117. Le Mans vintage car
  118. Thank you Project Cars - you just saved my car
  119. Can I hide the championships/trophys I already got in career mode?
  120. Going through my old equipment and found my old bu0710! It works!
  121. About swap driver
  122. Little experiment for car owners
  123. What software do you use for Screen Capture on PC?
  124. Wish me well, I may be gone some time !
  125. Bandai Namco Bundle
  126. Annoying Player Kick Out
  127. Is SLI supported with PCars?
  128. Project Cares Pagini full throttle out of the gate at start up with delayed control
  129. Upgrading G27
  130. Urgent easy question please answer
  131. Any way to see what tyres are on the car you are driving?
  132. What cars track combos make the best racing?
  133. Shifter for G27 that supports both H-Pattern and Sequential?
  134. Could the developer answer this please about set ups
  135. Lotus 49 FFB
  136. number of box available each track
  137. Hi , Is there profit-sharing in the available pCARS 2 packs ?
  138. 2 x 1080 Graphics Card Question
  139. Does anybody play pCARS with the Steam Controller's gyro controls?
  140. Zero to Hero FAIL Tell me yours ?
  141. [Resolved]Where,s the setup for controllers on here,
  142. Race replay question
  143. Time Trial mode
  144. pCars 1 garage tutorial video
  145. Best Controller setup personally
  146. Stock Cars at Watkins Glen
  147. New to the game, a few questions
  148. Where can I find the Sauber Mercedes C9 car?
  149. Track types you struggle at
  150. Looking for A Broadcast team
  151. New wheel or pedals
  152. Linking XBOX & PC versions of the game
  153. It's Not Crazy, It's Video Game Racing
  154. Currently in season 2, questions about achievements...
  155. Handed over control to another driver...
  156. Can you delete a race result once it's been saved?
  157. Homemade Buttkicker.
  158. In Game Picture Taking
  159. GT Endurance Series
  160. Picture for Signature Not Working
  161. 24H Races... Is this a real thing
  162. DEFAULT Quick reply PPPPPlease
  163. Help me plan a proper solo/offline race (settings)
  164. The perfect Sequentiel Downshift
  165. Things that annoy me and hopefully gets fixed for pcars 2
  166. Gauges & Display options
  167. Asterisk name
  168. Thrustmaster TS PC Racer support?
  169. Formula A Withdrawal Symptoms
  170. McLaren GT3 Paint Schemes?
  171. Ruapuna GP and Pathetic Driver
  172. mommy I'm scared
  173. G29 iPad mount
  174. A little rusty but back at it
  175. Fairmont Hairpin (Azure/Monaco) in Formula B
  176. Game not Running - Help
  177. Software button box for Pcars?
  178. Steam CMD lines
  179. Career mode question
  180. What is the toughest class for you to drive?
  181. Career Mode Query
  182. Link To Project Cars Forums
  183. Lost my stats when i moved house and downloased from the cloud b4 i moved
  184. Why can't a slide be caught smoothly ?
  185. Trouble with Front left Tyre wear
  186. Difficulty getting the handling dialed in
  187. Project cars on demand
  188. Question about if I won LMP 1 in Le Mans 24H by season 2 invitation.
  189. Question regarding names in offline races
  190. Defending Champ
  191. How to get off set-up screens?
  192. How Do You Play Project Cars?
  193. Hybrid LMP1 cars
  194. Found out about the camber problem with pCars... haven't played since
  195. Pro's and con's... console versus pc
  196. In defense of the Ai
  197. My way of making a career AI pecking order.
  198. Button Box's
  199. Music or Silence when Racing Single player
  200. madcatz pro steering wheel on pc
  201. Corvette
  202. What the .... just happened? (career race messed up)
  203. Worth Returning??
  204. Off topic
  205. finally did it :)
  206. Fake Wheel SHAKE
  207. AMD Ryzen finally let me play on Ultra. Glorious!
  208. Most demanding track/weather for Fps? Most amount of drivers encountered durin career
  209. Lap times in Career mode vs Test session
  210. Game slows you to almost stop end of first lap
  211. Contemplating getting driving wheel.
  212. What is your favorite Track to run on
  213. First Chicane On Silverstone Stowe
  214. Alternative view on FOV calculation.
  215. Full Race Length Challenge
  216. Can't seem to get the Nordschleife 12 HR GT Endurance on career?
  217. nVidia conference tags pCars 2 .
  218. Thank You Fanatec
  219. in game music when i drive a car
  220. Car with best FFB
  221. Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia - Both paddles
  222. Wow just discovered 4 banger tourers
  223. Starting a new career
  224. Fanatec ClubSport 2.5 / ProjectCars XBox One
  225. cars seem slower
  226. 6 speed shifter.
  227. Fanatec owners : Software v289 is now official.
  228. Driver arms/steering wheel?
  229. Camera and HUD questions
  230. Project Cars upgrade problems
  231. [RESOLVED] Wheel snapping left to right at low speeds
  232. Racing in Project CARS Discussion
  233. Gameplay settings to get the AI to pit correctly?
  234. Worth buying june 2017
  235. NASCAR in Career mode?
  236. Lotus Type 98T Renault Turbo
  237. Best Races
  238. Knowing the track / course ahead of time?
  239. [ANSWERED] What is policy about front number plate in game?
  240. (visual) moments to like in Project Cars
  241. Charity Race Weekend
  242. Missing Special Effects
  243. Analysing my own efforts
  244. Ultimate Career Mode
  245. Do a good deed - help a rookie! [Guide]
  246. Can you do a Rally sim next, the way you have Project Cars?
  247. Possible To Switch Engineer Audio From PS4 Controller To Headset?
  248. Quick question on Career Mode and DLC
  249. Community Ambassador Trophy/Achievement
  250. Hackers Online Doubt