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  1. Paddle Shifters or Stick Shifter?
  2. AI Qualifying Etiquette
  3. 4 classes any track?
  4. Multi-Channel Audio Discussion
  5. Is TC really off in all cars?
  6. Can't unlock menu items
  7. What is your favorite..
  8. Could We Have Scaleable Career Mode ?
  9. [GBR] Race Club
  10. Changing Views in free practice
  11. Handling? I mean what the..?
  13. Forumula A & B question.
  14. Qualification in formula series
  15. Hi guys tech info needed for junior
  16. project Cars?
  17. 24 Hours of Le Mans (Help)
  18. STILL CAN'T PLAY GAME (over 3hrs now!)
  19. Modified cars pack
  20. Fuel consumption not working in Time Trial
  21. Hello, suggestions, and l love pcars...on ps4
  22. Bugs and questions.
  23. tyre wear and ai
  24. dlc
  25. slow ai
  26. Change the amount of fuel in the car before the race ?
  27. Small difference in AI lap times with slicks on dry tarmac and in very wet conditions
  28. lap times for leaderboards only counted if in time attack mode?
  29. purchase
  30. So how soon for Indycar and Indy 500?
  31. Need some help with recording gameplay
  32. Quick Race Series
  33. We NEED live strategy decissions.
  34. Sakitto Circuit
  35. Le Mans 24 hour(career)
  36. Track Temperature
  37. Mandatory pits
  38. Limited Edition Upgrade for $2.99?
  39. FOV question....
  40. McLaren f1 ......
  41. Replay Camera Controls?
  42. t300rs and settings
  43. Ghost Time Trial Physics Classes
  44. Track build up questions
  45. rain tires better than slick?
  46. Your favorite car to dive in game so far
  47. 2 series at once?
  48. Is there any word about more cars?
  49. Tips for driving with a wheel?
  50. Driver Network races
  51. Pit Stop changing tires
  52. Unlocking (new) cars
  53. Car performance on Multiplayer different from Solo Practice?
  54. How to transform Project Cars in one easy step!
  55. Console Motion blur toggle on / off
  56. My young driver is getting a bit big for his boots......
  57. In Race Data
  58. Free Practice should have NO atmosphere
  59. Friends list in game
  60. DTM Racing
  61. my setup
  62. Where is PCars is headed?
  63. Type of shifter for each car
  64. Can't seem to lock up the front wheels?
  65. Did You Know? (Community Wiki)
  66. Oil and water temp
  67. Seriously ? No Daytona , Indy or Suzuka ?
  68. Team Loyalty (Signing Contracts)
  69. fastest lap, last lap time in offline free practise.
  70. WOW. Fan boy forum here much??
  71. Why can't I turn?
  72. Frame rate not being addressed in the first patch!!
  73. photo sharing question
  74. Damage not working
  75. Polished version?
  76. Karting - No Online Practice/Qualifying/Warmup??
  77. NO LYKAN / add-ons in Asian PSN yet...
  78. Throttle sensitivity and another minor issue
  79. Lap Time Invalidation
  80. Spa-Francorchamps Historic track?
  81. Racing for a LMP-1 team in the endurance championship
  82. PC Amazing job!
  83. Supported wheels in game
  84. Qualification continue lap after time runs out...
  85. Default save location for pictures? [PC]
  86. Weather warning in Career mode
  87. Best way to view track map
  88. Max Speed of the cars
  89. Screen Freeze
  90. Question about Qualifying
  91. AFK drivers at race start...
  92. Cars with manual gearbox and clutch
  93. Could the artificial "gravel brake" effect be reduced a bit?
  94. Adjusting the settings
  95. Free Practice Lap Times Not Recorded – Why?
  96. Please SMS give us a Manual
  97. Where's all the Oval Tracks??
  98. Мебель за руб&
  99. Doesn't the 1M seem a bit... lacking?
  100. Brake temp after pit
  101. invitationals, how do I go back?
  102. In my humble opinion.!!!!!
  103. CLK GTR, F1 GTR, BMW V12 LMR, Bentley Speed 8 & Continental GT3Release?
  104. Online pit message?
  105. How to unlock free camera mode - temporary solution
  106. Tech geeks Re - Tab s
  107. how to get into the pits at Sakitto?
  108. Free Practice Feedback
  109. Ps4 so many bugs
  110. Beginners questions
  111. my opinion about the game - discuss
  112. Issues with Donington, Le Mans and Brno
  113. Having to fast forward 1:50 seconds of replays, every time!
  114. Career Mode - Le Mans Car Selection
  115. SLI settings, physx etc
  116. Is this new or did I just miss it?
  117. Got it today and 2p worth.
  118. Best Racing/Motorsports websites?
  119. difficulty at 100%
  120. In Game Name Change
  121. Thrustmaster Spider Triggers and Bumpers...
  122. Leagues
  123. No African Countries to choose from(in driver the creation section under Nationality)
  124. Ohh, maybe considering a refund chappies.
  125. IA Difficult
  126. The history of this game?
  127. This could potentially be sub-optimal for me.
  128. Pagani Huayra and active aero
  129. Personal best question
  130. Car club
  131. How to skip invitiational events?
  132. How to skip invitational events?
  133. [NOT THIS GAME] Free roam anywhere?
  134. Boost creep on the 98T?
  135. Racing Icons Car Pack. Available 5th June?
  136. Brassed of with the UI
  137. Limited Edition PC DVD Version in USA
  138. DIY Racing Rig Made Out Of PVC?
  139. How to get PC version looking and performing like PS4 version?
  140. Wipers?
  141. Is there a fundemental issue with tyre heating?
  142. Need better rain effects...
  143. Loving the karts!
  144. random results
  145. game difficulty
  146. There Needs To Be An Option To Turn "Quick Reset" Of Your Car OFF.. For Online Racing
  147. Basics
  148. No Contracts on career
  149. Is there a list of the devs names from the credits anywhere?
  150. Noob question
  151. Car speed limits
  152. Enigine Stall (PC Gameplay)
  153. Update to come?
  154. Lap Times Stats
  155. Where can i get the screenshots?
  156. ne peut pas lancé le jeux en plein écran ALT+ENT impossible
  157. BUG Report - Wheel visually missing after leaving pits
  158. Hidden Features & Functions You Only Found Out By Accident !!! - Post Yours here !
  159. [KNOWN] AI Headlights during dark weather.
  160. Online versus offline question...
  161. Mexico is not in the selection of countries.
  162. Zonda R as GT class
  163. Dirt
  164. Excellent Job Guys!!!
  165. AI difficulty scale
  166. Loose cars
  167. Is this a bug or how it's supposed to be???
  168. How to write apps for Project CARS
  169. Nighttime to bright compared to reality ?
  170. Best and worst car sound?
  171. No Collisions Mode???
  172. Why Are Car Settings Only in Metric???
  173. FOV thread?
  174. [ANSWERED] How to erase Pitstop-Settings?
  175. A few suggestions to fix issues
  176. Things That Are MIA
  177. Best Racing Sim I've Played...Until
  178. Rain, AI and 10 minute races
  179. Weird AI glitch in quick race weekend!
  180. What's the point of being on Pole? (Rolling Start woes)
  181. pit and tyre setting
  182. career qualifying
  183. Pre-order/Digital Edition/Modifed Car Pack clarification
  184. Azure Circuit/Monaco and Sakitto
  185. F1/FA, No break ligths?
  186. AI question
  187. Replay Audio Worst...
  188. AI is downright broken.
  189. Change in-car displays
  190. How to setup 24h Le Mans ?
  191. what's upcoming ? dlc ? tracks ?
  192. TT Nordschleife
  193. My Mirrors
  194. where did Rouen and the Touring Cars go?
  195. Lobby list
  196. Info about DLC and future updates
  197. Info about DLC and future updates
  198. Can't Contact Developer
  199. Manual Driving Gamepad Control Can Improve its Mechanisms for Realism
  200. My Review of Project cars, 97 hours in.
  201. Is there going to be a seasons pass
  202. One week into - Impressions and suggestions so far
  203. Suggestion: More Detailed Stats!
  204. Car Number in Career???
  205. FOR SALE--Thrustmaster T500 wheel only, brand new
  206. Pre-order on time problem
  207. Judge my driving.
  208. Abandoning Session In Career Question
  209. Steering Assistance.
  210. HUD Persistence (Not Working)
  211. PC, NVIDIA surround (triple monitor issues)
  212. Tyre pressure help
  213. [HELMET DOF] Blurred dash display?
  214. Personal suits on consoles?
  215. Anyone Else Moss the "Braking Line Only" Option?
  216. Sounds of Le Mans video!
  217. grass?
  218. How to reset car settings (tire pressure/ride height/etc)??
  219. When do I get to do something other than kart racing?
  220. Anyone know what is "Coming Soon"??
  221. Online Season and Customization
  222. What is Engineering all about?
  223. What's up with starting in last place?
  224. Wrecked by track wreckage
  225. Manual Shifter useless ? Add an option to have cars with manual shifters
  226. cart driver tittle
  227. Realistic sim with Auto pitstops? ...
  228. Race length career
  229. Tyre model explanations
  230. Rammer FAIL!
  231. Wii U release?
  232. multiple car setup saves and garage in TT ????
  233. Best Platform for the game
  234. How to take part in a competition.
  235. Gonna Make No Friends
  236. Beta backer now my steam key has vanished
  237. Assists: Real or Off?
  238. [ For Sale] Logitech G27 (shipment only to GER)
  239. Clio Cup
  240. Forum Rules - Please read.
  241. game developers
  242. Same on all platforms ? After checking car info, reverts back to middle of carlist
  243. Real Life Project Cars ! [VIDEO]
  244. Question for Logitech Driving Force GT users
  245. Racing Series that is on the 22nd.
  246. I found the perfect DRIVER STAND (at Home Depot!)
  247. Track Layouts
  248. Do you have to win the championship
  249. Drive thru Pit lane and car wont stop
  250. Selecting a specific livery in Free Practice question