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  1. annoying tyre screech, lack of audio options
  2. The right track for the right car
  3. FWD cars
  4. Why there isn't OFFLINE SPLITSCREEN 2-player mode?
  5. Looks like you can drift in this game
  6. Season lenght
  7. Tyre Wear
  8. Some issues I have
  9. Indy Car and Indianapolis DLC
  10. Help some noobs better their cornering knowledge....
  11. Can you call the AI in to the pits ? (PS4)
  12. Not a SIM?
  13. N24 At the Nurburgring this weekend.
  14. Time trial, f****** penalities
  15. Some other cars in offline free practice please
  16. Replays
  17. So why no CUSTOM LIVERIES for the console versions (PS4 / Xbone)?
  18. Multiplayer Information - Car Type?
  19. Limited Edition DLC UK?
  20. Weather in Endurance Races
  21. Carrier SLS AMG GT3 lap times from AI
  22. Is anything being done about Cheaters?
  23. What the bottom car class in the affinity list?
  24. Season Pass release date?
  25. What should i do
  26. Looking for advices about downshifting with sequential gearbox
  27. Hahaha I just got GPL flashbacks in Project Cars
  28. How do i get to Le Mans??
  29. engine blown. what do i do now
  30. Endorsements (Please Answer Ian Bell)
  31. [ANSWERED] Helmet Lean and Gravity
  32. Community competition times not registering.
  33. About some of the control settings
  34. Back markers, faster car approaching?
  35. Difficulty all over the place?
  36. Pit Stop With Rain Coming
  37. Wheel stand options
  38. Tyre wear and fuel.
  39. Opinions on the GT3 Cars
  40. league?
  41. Country not on the list
  42. limited edition upgrade dlc
  43. Career question
  44. Furiously Difficult
  45. For Multiplayer to be successful & fun
  46. List of cars with driver assists?
  47. Pit Crews
  48. Missing tracks?
  49. Tire Questions
  50. Multi Class Races - Ability to pick which classes in race
  51. Color scheme change for tire temp icon? Light Blue/Light Green too similar.
  52. HUD with telemetry + manual guide
  53. Why is there smoke coming from the rear of my superkart at high speed?
  54. What are your setting for logitech DF GT
  55. Why are not all ghosts visible?
  56. Hats off to SMS/WMD team
  57. Hello? Hello? Is anyone actually reading these posts?
  58. BUG - High Track Temp
  59. Simraceway wheel
  60. Do you change tyres every pitstop?
  61. Desperately need tyre wear markers. development please read.
  63. Ginetta G40 Juniors - Career
  64. List of Career Accolades (printable)
  65. [ANSWERED POST 481] free car #2
  66. Nürburgring 24 Hour Live Stream has started!
  67. i like the wind in my face
  68. Nurburgring 24 hour live stream
  69. Forum Request: More Sections
  70. What should I do ? -career contracts
  71. What's your heart rate playing this sim?
  72. community eventsocked?
  73. Ghosts/Times for friends/groups?
  74. Customs Skins?
  75. BMW Driver with Audi Gloves ???
  76. Any news on next months free car/track/liveries?
  77. Wheel Vs Controller......
  78. Batman had the Joker....
  79. Lesson learned?
  80. camera angles
  81. Lap invalidation
  82. Best settings for TV
  83. Wheel stands
  84. Season 3 car problem
  85. Fictional schemes based on real liveries
  86. Save livery
  87. Excel File of all cars + specs?
  88. Please make the UI more keyboard friendly and consistent for gamepad users
  89. Custom liveries visible to all online?
  90. Stability and traction control
  91. DiRT Rally League system - Something for SMS to consider if not done so already?
  92. What's the best wheel to buy for ps4 and where to buy from
  93. Is the SEQUEL, "Project CARS 2" already in the works?
  94. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500
  95. FFB Graph
  96. Night sky not correct
  97. Need help with Logitech DF GT
  98. qualifiying
  99. Help! HUD totally dissappeared?!?
  100. DLC Cars planned
  101. What do reputation comments do?
  102. Problems / suggestions for Project Cars PLEASE READ
  103. Reference for display settings.
  104. do'nt jump the gun in judging car handling
  105. [GUIDE] Career mode
  106. Tires Temp, Engineer Assistance, AI Pilots
  107. Hey All
  108. Are you serious? Only one setup per track and car?
  109. In-depth constructive feedback
  110. career mode number of laps
  111. Failures
  112. Anyone else surprised at how many idiots are playing?
  113. Don't Give me an Invalidated Lap When
  114. Endurance Races/Pitting
  115. What Are Your Race Strengths/Weaknesses?
  116. Rear Wheels
  117. generally speaking, staying positive and constructive criticism
  118. Gear shifting not correct
  119. Wheel Xbox One
  120. Career progression question...
  121. Upgrading from Black Logitech Momo Wheel
  122. dont like the pit strategy...
  123. Swap Driver (AI) not affect by car tuning.
  124. Anyone else think racings easier with all aids OFF?
  125. Ghost lap slower than the time posted could it be FPS issue?
  126. REQUEST: A way to retire from a single series in career mode
  127. LMP1
  128. Is there really BIG GRAPHICS DIFFERENCE between PS4 and PC versions...
  129. AI with DRS
  130. leader boards
  131. Slightly Mad Studious Could You Please Put Your Soundtrack Up For Download.
  132. Different console unplayable game?
  133. IFCAracing.com review
  134. Is there a racing line ?
  135. completely lost with only some of the cars
  136. Some Invitations are not working in Career Mode
  137. Can I remove front number plate?
  138. Does the A.I. think it's playing Burnout Takedown?
  139. steam game update
  140. Career Questions and Gt4's
  141. AI are dare devils!
  142. Can You Edit Your Name And Nickname In Project CARS?
  143. Why not just let us CHOOSE LIVERIES from car selection slide and NOT GARAGE?
  145. Blown AI tires
  146. Modified car pack
  147. Event already done in career
  148. Tire question Clio Cup
  149. Can someone explain "Pit Stops" to me?
  150. HUD customisation
  151. Ford GT40 Tuning
  152. Tyre wear?
  153. Headlights AI
  154. Just a start in a nightrace with AI's
  155. Another AI question
  156. I am the 5 percent trophy
  157. Automatic Transmission Top Speed Problems
  158. Auto trans vs Manual
  159. Any Plans for Project Cars merchandise?
  160. Flag Rules are to Lame / Loose
  161. Blows my mind
  162. This game can be really cruel.
  163. time trials and setups
  164. Please fix the race starting system.
  165. This may haelp noobs
  166. [ANSWERED] HELP Fuel Issue !!
  167. Wet Race vs Wet Practice
  168. This game gives you the best feeling a game can ever give you
  169. [REAL] Homosexual advertising at Road America
  170. Cutting Track Penalty After Pit Stop?
  171. Max Speed....
  172. previous racing game
  173. No Bonding with cars teams drivers, bit of a shallow experience.
  174. Clothing,helmet design and race number.
  175. Clan Tag.
  176. How do you "accumulate" cars in game ?
  177. PCARS super close 3 way battle for the lead (aarava's open lobby)
  178. After initial problems and frustration never going to play anything else again!
  179. Online is shambolic
  180. I need some beginner advice again people :)
  181. Enough is enough SMS, we need answers.
  182. Have wheels become more expensive,
  183. [EDIT PROFILE] How does this forum know i'm a crappy pc player?
  184. [NO] Warm tires all the time in test drive and in race???d
  185. PENALTY for being pushed out of the track by the other car, ridiculous!
  186. Playing with desired car livery is almost mission impossible...
  187. Updates/Patches
  188. IN game server browser needs extensive filter options and saveable.
  189. [Patch Notes] Please Add To Forum & Sticky
  190. Lmp1 endurance
  191. Physx on video card?
  192. The bigger the track, the less you can see on the map.
  193. Thrustmaster T300RS Back ordered in the USA?
  194. WMD Forum question
  195. Project Cars 2: The Three Ingredients for the Perfect Race Sim
  196. The ability to save multiple car setups per track would be great.
  197. Telemetry during replay
  198. [NO] No opponents in Free Practice mode?
  199. Such a difficult game!
  200. Best lap times etc...
  201. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel or Xbox Controller
  202. Dear Testers "Great Job Testing the Game"
  203. [Ping Ratings] What are the colours at side of screen in online menu?
  204. AI doesn't pit for Tyres when rain comes in?
  205. Multi-class racing is incredible
  206. Paul Walker?
  207. GT3 Class - Car Rankings? Close to Equal?
  208. This Game Is TERRIBLE
  209. Project Censure !
  211. Game development Documentary - Must see for all the negative posters
  212. demands
  213. Race number.
  214. This millennium's hottest racing games! 9/10. Gamer.no Norway
  215. Complete Noob!
  216. Iphone-Ipad SimRaceDash for PCARS
  217. More Drag Community Please!!!!
  218. Time Trial times not saved?
  219. Peripheral Vision (PS4)
  220. Career invitational events
  221. List of active SMS developers on this forum
  222. Will there be a player database/server of player stats?
  223. Thrustmaster 458 wheel
  224. The AI is unaffected by...
  225. [ANSWERED] How do you become a WMD member?
  226. Pit Stop change
  227. "Invalidated lap" - solution proposal
  228. For whole SMS team and WMD members
  229. [ANSWERS INSIDE] another GBM newbie question
  230. Will tools be released to create custom circuits?
  231. "Away from Keyboard" drivers...
  232. Forum reunited ;-)
  233. Lap Timing etc
  234. Well that's a new one!
  235. PC version Custom Liveries.
  236. Project Cars is the best racing sim ever because.......
  237. One Nvidia gtx970 and three monitors?
  238. [ANSWERED] How do i get Patch 1.3
  239. Remote Play
  240. CHASE CAM
  241. Dash / monitoring for dual monitors?
  242. No LE Content as DLC for PC ever?
  244. How to handle sun & fog?
  245. Can anyone recommend a Racing Wheel?
  246. AI awareness?
  247. Game is unplayable...controls are terrible.
  248. Revv's up on heavy accel??
  249. Leader board - game settings
  250. Tire Names