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  1. Water Temperature?
  2. For sale section
  3. Lets give em even more LOVE :love_heart:
  4. Photo Mode users - Can't move camera at all sometimes?
  5. My brainwave of a sim,
  6. Potenially Interesting Tire Glitch
  7. A strange race with mid race rain...
  8. Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience wheel on Project Cars for PC
  9. Any new about a Championship creator?
  10. Look inside to see
  11. Assistance on for cars that actually have the tech in real life.
  12. online races
  13. Camera tilting is annoying and needs to be fixed
  14. Can you be competitive with Automatic transmission?
  15. Playseat
  16. What is your favorite track?
  17. Why has this happened 2 me twice in one race....
  18. 2 video's of Le Mans covering the Audi team in 2008 and 2011
  19. Garage etc
  20. Guessing tyre wear.
  21. A quick oversteer/ understeer question...
  22. Qualification in the rain is soul destroying
  23. Over-worn Tires Explode/Deflate?
  24. Some wheel use questions from a non-driver...
  25. Help with selecting rig
  26. Things that need improving and Things that are broken
  27. PS4 technical error - "You have been disconnected from playstation network..."
  28. I wish good luck to the team
  29. Updates any time soon ?
  30. I found an online retailer with the T100 if anyone is looking.
  31. Why doesnt this penalty appear in multiplayer
  32. Career confusion
  33. Is it possible that...
  34. I cant pick between soft/medium/ rain tires. Carrer
  35. Achievment: To Affinity & Beyond
  36. How to Fly Like an Eagle !
  37. Shifting speed of manual gear box
  38. [AZURE CIRCUIT] Where is Monaco?
  39. what do you drve with?
  40. Please help I'm going bonkers. Why is my driving plagued by this issue?
  41. Le Mans invitational - 1% = 2 hours???
  42. Restoring default setups?
  43. The next Project Cars Add-on Track? Japan's Nurburgring
  44. accepte a invertation
  45. Season pass
  46. Question about the simulation AI
  47. No wipers in replay
  48. Donington Park Start/Finish Line Wrong
  49. Are the stock cars supposed to be NASCAR?
  50. This is so silly you guys have to see it...
  51. Wow what a great game
  52. Awesome Racing Game
  53. Looking for someone with a 4K setup and good photography skills
  54. [DLC] DW12 cars where are they? Also what about oval tracks and fixed races?
  55. Car tune reset bug in career
  56. Driving UNDER the Map !!
  57. How to use a PS4 Controller with the [PC version] of Project Cars
  58. Nurburgring Nordshleife - Heavy Rain - Wow! [video]
  59. [ANSWERED] Does this game have random mechanical failur?
  60. Where are the Pit Stop mechanics in the game?
  61. Setups and saving - are they saved, are they not?
  62. small remote corrections
  63. Zolder LOTUS 98T
  64. Bug in HUD display in career mode
  65. AMD Drivers
  66. I'm really angry
  67. Possible bug?
  68. T500 pedal brake mod tip
  69. (SOLVED) T3PA or T3PA PRO owners please read
  70. Slow Career Cars?
  71. What is your least favourite track?
  72. What pitstop strategies do you preset to cover most scenarios?
  73. Which game got you hooked into racing cars games?
  74. Wheel users - steering settings
  75. My parents brought me a steering wheel setup for Christmas...
  76. FFB....How do you know when it's perfect?
  77. AI opponants
  78. [TYRE SOUND] Pcars vs Assetto Corsa Handling
  79. Rolling Starts
  80. car control
  81. 5 second speed reduction?
  82. Twitchy
  83. Played Forza 5 after a week with Project Cars. Jesus...
  84. G27 H Shifter and per car steering degrees
  85. Which gaming wheel?
  86. Tuning Lotus 98T from 900hp to 1200hp
  87. Best overtake ever in Project Cars?
  88. "Project CARS Season Pass 2015" listed on official german PlayStation blog for 29.90
  89. When is the new DLC coming?
  90. Replay save and slow-motion.
  91. Why is FFB brilliant in some cars and a disaster in others?
  92. Driving Model
  93. Please help me :) - Helmet Cam strange request!
  94. Three lap races trackday events
  95. Explanation of Settings
  96. Videos won't post correctly
  97. [KNOWN]Pit Stop Crew Not Repairing Damaged Body Work (PC)
  98. Californian coast Rd
  99. GT and lmp not mixed @ le mans
  100. [LMP1] R18/Marek/RWD Unbalanced
  101. [NOW CORRECTED] Formula rookie wet tires.
  102. Multiplayer replay Saves?
  103. So, the AI discussion thread is closed, I assume all problems are solved?
  104. time trial times
  105. Could someone please clarify the tire wear and pitting for me?
  106. Gameplay manual
  107. PC Settings (Exiting Game to Apply)
  108. CLK GTR, F1 GTR, BMW V12 LMR, Bentley Speed 8 & Continental GT3 in one DLC gratuit?
  109. A few things that will make this game better then it already is...
  110. [ANSWERED] Fuel setup?
  111. what happened to this game?
  112. Season Pass on Consoles Question
  113. question about novice/amateur /pro choice
  114. Project CARS and LAG? (question)
  115. New Logitech G29 Wheel for PS4
  116. Possible Bug Start Of Race?
  117. Post Processing filters
  118. Does anyone have any better knowledge for this...
  119. My times in Time Trial and Community Events don't seem to be registering.
  120. Hall Of Fame Trophy
  121. Time Trial
  122. Introduction video and 21:9 aspect ratio HUD problems
  123. sms-r formula a azure gp
  124. [RESOLVED] Forum Avatar's
  125. All tracks as 25 pages PDF available
  126. Signature pics not showing
  127. [Question] How many people are working on this game actually?
  128. Community event by Ian Bell etc........
  129. where ingame does it tell you?
  130. Until AI is fixed, I'm off...
  131. Multiplayer driver swap function not to come?
  132. Honda Civic Type R 2015 - WANTED
  133. IS next RIFT update insight?
  134. Lotus 98T. Max wastegate. Give it a run!
  135. What a troll...
  136. Getting a Cutting Track Warning when going into the Pit (Hockenheim)
  138. DOF depth of field, can we turn this off?
  139. Best low cost FF wheel for PC
  140. What makes a "clean racer"?
  141. Corner Cutting Thread
  142. PC Version no online players??
  143. Online: Winning vs. Racing
  144. Like almost everything about Project Cars (PS4)
  145. Forum Chat Box
  146. Warming up your tires
  147. AI Endurance Strategy Minor Issue
  148. Need Setup Advice - Wheel + Seat
  149. setup
  150. Bathurst Track question: Turn 12 (The eases)
  151. Change language: English for Portuguese
  152. Yes we know there is rain ingame
  153. Two Weeks Since Release, Still Can't See Friends Progress
  154. Warming Tyres - Does Zig-Zag, Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration work?
  155. Why is testing done on a separate forum?
  156. Neck detached after car flipped ARGH, OMG! All that blood!
  157. Cold Brakes vs Hot Brakes....effect?
  158. What does Formula ''A,B,C'' means?
  159. This game is broken. Why am I paying good money for a half finished game?
  160. project cars strikes Again, FIX IT NOW
  161. To build a PC or not?
  162. Warm Up, Practice & Practice
  163. Launching from the starting line
  164. Silverstone - Tips
  165. Real weather, fuel usage, tires
  166. Car veers to the side after hitting something
  167. DS4 sixaxis
  168. (SOLD) a brand new Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-On
  169. What does the '0' in the top right corner stand for?
  170. Lap time display
  171. Predicting the weather
  172. a technical FOV question
  173. Retiring ALWAYS puts you in last place...... bug?
  174. Turning off Assists on the fly; Indicators
  175. While we are looking at bugs in the game......
  176. Suggestions for a noob
  177. AI not affected by changing weather conditions
  178. I thought i donated enough to get it for free? its $49 on steam for me....
  179. Watkins Glen GP
  180. What career tier/class are the Nordschleife/Rising Sun/Starlight Glen events in?
  181. Mclaren P1, worst car in the game...hard to control
  182. Possible Z4 GT3 Easter Egg?
  183. Current and next lap times invalidated issue
  184. Okay I want him sacked
  185. Do Assists Have Any Sort Of Handicap?
  186. [NOT BUG] Bug in replay mode, motec LCD not working.
  187. Formula A strange physics incident
  188. Create your own tournament plea!
  189. Pit in use, really? you could of told me.
  190. Mode: Quick Race Weekend AI no pit stops over the entire race! PC version
  191. Anyone else loving the BMW M1 Procar?
  192. Team Concept?
  193. spectator view bug
  194. Any plans to put the Modified Car Pack on sale in the future?
  195. Project cars is like
  196. The Big QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Thread
  197. Gaming seat...
  198. Can the Wii U run PCARS?
  199. Wet to dry track
  200. I'm still really having trouble understanding the "tires" in this game
  201. Fix to solve corner cutting?
  202. Online Race Complete Time Shorter ??
  203. Question regarding automatic tire selection.
  204. Xbox 1 tire pressure question?
  205. DashMeterPro app and pCARS
  206. Mini-Map Colors
  207. Why Am I Such A Bad Driver?
  208. What exactly does the skill level filter do?
  209. Please stop moaning
  210. size of cars in the mirrors not right?
  211. Car Damage Indication
  212. Would like to try cars on Kart tracks in free practice.......
  213. Tires width
  214. lap timing
  215. Ford Escort only has 4 gears?
  216. Uh oh! Once you lose a tire...
  217. Ive had an Epiphany: This Game is Magical
  218. could headlights & a windshield wiper be added to the stock car?
  219. What's the point of "My Garage"/Choosing a Career #/Choosing a Livery?
  220. No Glowing Brake Rotors?
  221. My Profile; Preferred Realism "Amateur"?
  222. Latest Dev posts link?
  223. Controller > wheel
  224. A little prayer to Ian Bell and his team
  225. Brazilian PCars PC drivers, are here to news, tips, suggestions, share experiences.
  226. calling all arduino nuts
  227. Replay editor
  228. PC vs Need for Speed Shift 2
  229. Information on Nintendo versions of pCARS (some wailing).
  230. Racestart - extremly slow
  231. Brake temps and distances
  232. Project CARS Wii U version coming?
  233. slow or fast cars? What's more fun to drive?
  234. Real Tracks to Visit?
  235. Rain and AI
  236. Other player Volume
  237. What is your favorite car on PCars?
  238. What am I missing? Traction control / WOT at speed?
  239. Worst handling cars?? (prefernces not bugs!)
  240. Missing cars dlc pack for steam store?
  241. Switching drivers back from AI
  242. Silverstone Community event
  243. Has anybody made a 'Glossary' of terms for the FFB calibration settings?
  244. Just lost my first championship...
  245. Impostor reflections for rear lights on consoles
  246. Videos of Fastest Lap Times
  247. Option to adjust A.I difficulty
  248. What tracks should I be racing?
  249. Glue on cars?
  250. Look left/right