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  1. Career mode pit stops
  2. Ok, great game. But. Anyone bored?
  3. MSAA vs High, which is better?
  4. Cutting tracks needs a fix!!!
  5. AI skips mandatory pit stops
  6. Invalid current and next lap
  7. Deadzone Removal Falloff fixed the FFB for my GT3RSv2 & Fanatec CSR
  8. PCARS Smartphone/Tablet wallpaper
  9. Your PCARS Review, pro's and cons PLEASE READ OP
  10. Why i want this game on my Wii U.
  11. Changing Helmets and racesuit
  12. [Known issue] Tyre wear (indesctructible) or IA strategy ? Something wrong
  13. Create your own online championship
  14. Coding error
  15. Project Cars Wii U version news?
  16. What % AI difficulty do you use?
  17. Multi triger option
  18. Pretty, ehm... Dissappointed about the 24 Heures du Mans event on PS4.
  19. Call Your Bluff
  20. PC Feedback of the game
  21. General game color
  22. Who needs eastenders...this forum is a bit like a soap opera.
  23. FAO Ian Bell and team (not moaning) Livery Licenses
  24. Express Your Project Cars Pet Peeve!
  25. Mouse steering
  26. [NO] Can you save a game mid race?
  27. Overtaking online
  28. [RUMOUR] Racing Icons DLC pack
  29. life cycle
  30. Weather and time progression
  31. I had an idea (forum chat room).....
  32. Megane 265 Physics
  33. Career Mode question (Kart 1 to Clio Cup)
  34. G40 Junior gt5 slick tires?
  35. Braking is not right
  36. Community events not working?
  37. Mesh visuals on Donington and a few other tracks
  38. Do online racers ACTUALLY understand how qualifiying works!
  39. Le mans 24hour invitational. mechanical issues not so random.
  40. Tunes in career not saving
  41. Clio Cup/Ginetta Juniors - Help Needed!!
  42. Pit Stop Questions
  43. Clean...Not clean?
  44. AI, awareness and sensing distance.
  45. Car suggestions for learning the Ring?
  46. Force Feedback on Fanatec CSW v1 vs v2
  47. Anyone Else Disappointed With Tuning Options?
  48. A gaming fable......
  49. 3 screen display only possible with pc?
  50. what's going on with the pit strategy screen?!
  51. So what is to be expected from future updates?
  52. saving setups
  53. [YES] Was it intentional to keep Free Practice data from being recorded or displayed?
  54. Project CARS - 3 Hour Le Mans Stream on Twitch!
  55. upload templates for pcars?
  56. Resources For Beginners? [PC / G27]
  57. Clarification regarding track cutting rules in the SMS-R championship
  58. Develop Your Skills [Safe is Fast]
  59. [ANSWERED] Hey men, why don't you?
  60. 3 Hour Twitch Stream - Le Mans Circuit (SmegLeeds)
  61. External TV cam sound
  62. Where Can I Find T300RS Center Logo Decals/Badges?
  63. ♔♔♔ Multiplayer GT4 and Formula B Championship ♔♔♔
  64. Any good Trackir 5 Profiles?
  65. controller vibration? Force feedback?
  66. Career mode progression
  67. [Patch 1.3] what was the 370mb update just now?
  68. Scripted weather in solo career
  69. How to disable the guiding line assist for everyone on my server ??
  70. Practice & Qualifiying stops as soon as timer reaches zero, can't finish current lap
  71. Recommend me a pvr device
  72. I dreamed about Project Cars last night!
  73. This game sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
  74. [ANSWERED] Formula AI too slow
  75. Practice and qualifying
  76. Ian, could you spill the beans?
  77. Will there be a pCars 2 or just additions?
  78. Does Setting Full Damage Promote Clean On-line Racing?
  79. [POLL] Do you use the Track Assist line?
  80. Any details on 'Mechanical Damage' available
  81. Stop being a child!
  82. 2 & 4 Team Championships
  83. Head Lights Reflection.
  84. I like to play with IA.
  85. Replay fidelity please!!
  86. Interesting
  87. Career Championships
  88. Pit Box Currently Occupied at Le Mans 24 Hours
  89. Question about optimization
  90. Project Cars Rally Edition
  91. Ok, so this happened... (cars stacked on top of each other on starting grid)
  92. [WORK-AROUND] Stuck in Invitational race
  93. LMP instant tire overheat
  94. Thanks for this game
  95. Not able to fix body damage (lights) in Endurance
  96. Help me understand something....
  97. Penalties?
  98. Porsche license/ holy grail of licenses?
  99. Manual with clutch issue
  100. There out at last!!! AMD Catalyst™ 15.5 Beta Driver for Windows
  101. What Does the AI Eat at the Start of Each Race?
  102. Bathurst in the rain
  103. Scenario Mode Wanted !
  104. Track guide line in multiplayer
  105. Regarding the Weather Slots
  106. I'm having trouble setting up controller after update NEED HELP!
  107. french sun ;o)
  108. Help required after patch
  109. Qualifying
  110. Can some of you just get a grip? Please?
  111. What one thing have you always wanted in a racing game?
  112. Sign to a team or build your own?
  113. Well Done
  114. Most fun to drive cars.
  115. online and ai
  116. My garage current setup does not work correct
  117. strange ***** issues with Pistop Strategi
  118. Collsion parts not installed after pitstop
  119. [NOT THIS GAME] Tuning parts
  120. Car uncontrollable from quali to race?
  121. Seasson Pass?
  122. [NOT GP2] Formula B car sounds are way off!
  123. Zolder Formula C Wet Main race shenanigans
  124. A day with Ian and the Developers
  125. Not gonna touch this thing again till F***ING MENUS / RANDOM LIVERIES ARE FIXED.
  126. Damage sensitivity
  127. Details
  128. Rain effect
  129. WTB: T3PA and TH8A
  130. A very sincere thank you
  131. Time Trial Questions
  132. How does Real Weather work?
  133. 99% of the PS4's CPU
  134. Apology
  135. [WE'RE AWARE] Community Events = Corner cutting competition?
  136. AMD 15.5 beta driver now available
  137. The Historic Touring Car Championship
  138. Oh for 5 %
  139. Never owned a wheel before
  140. [OMG] Michigan stroke patient needs assistance
  141. Ignition 2x issue
  142. Does resolution really matter???
  143. Liveries are amazing.
  144. Project CARS with 6DOF motion platform!
  145. QUestion on PC patch 1.4
  146. Its a joke
  147. Guerilla Advertising
  148. I SHOULD SUE!
  149. Few things
  150. MOTEC software
  151. Race Courses
  152. Game pad controller, am I the only one?
  153. Telemetry hotkey?
  154. AI behavior issues
  155. The origins
  156. Cost effective game seat..
  157. E3 2015
  158. Guys you have so got to get these on sale. These are the nuts.
  159. Hats off to the Project Cars team !!!
  160. Physics, I don't know who the guy is but.
  161. New crowdfunding?
  162. Post count in relation to forum title?
  163. Overpowered AI?
  164. Formula B tires
  165. Small DLC request from a fat man...
  166. Let's compare
  167. No "I" In Team Trophy/Achievement
  168. what happens when you crash into the cars drivin by any of the devs team anyone?
  169. Backseat Driver...
  170. PS4 1.4 patch ATH
  171. Complete newbie question .....
  172. Telemetry HUD units
  173. Tested with Morpheus or Oculus
  174. Oculus Rift
  175. Photo filter / hdmi box
  176. Choosing a career path.
  177. Drops in the side-windows: does it need tuning down?
  178. You know you're playing too much Project Cars when..........
  179. [Confirmed Post #44] AI mechanical failures and DNFs
  180. Do AI slipstream?
  181. Confused about Race Position scoring?!
  182. How many seasons in each race discipline before you can move on to a new one?
  183. List of Achievements?
  184. Career LMP1 & Azure Circuit...
  185. Having trouble with Lift-off oversteer
  186. Contract confusion
  187. Achievement - Lap Time Wizard (50 Tracks?)
  188. O MY WORD! Just watched the NEW Renault Trophy Series Opener! (R.S. 01)
  189. AI issue in azure circuit
  190. Need help finding a good budget FFB Wheel for PC
  191. Individual FFB settings for each car, bad idea?
  192. Fanatec gt3rs shifter working loose
  194. pCars is for pro drivers
  195. Missing cars?
  196. Touring cars, classic / DTM / TC2 whatever
  197. Time & Weather Progression
  198. California Highway and Azure coast ?
  199. The Game is been ruined by some! People need to be banned!!
  200. The 'Reset car' Discussion
  201. Which is it.. Clean or Dirty!? PS4/T300RS
  202. Dilemma
  203. Racing Icons Car Pack? My guesses for coming cars
  204. Some people
  205. What happens if you 'abandon season'? Multiple game crashes.....
  206. Downforce and drag reduction when following other cars... is this working?
  207. Brake wear?
  208. Career mode,or favourite cars and tracks,
  209. Custiom Championships?
  210. FoV calculation figure and helmet can with helmet shown.
  211. Why is rain so demanding on the GPU and can (will) it be optimized?
  212. line off for multipayer
  213. Dear Slightly Mad Studios.....
  214. Mechanical damage dont affect AI
  216. [CONFIRMED] LMP tire bug?
  217. Oval excitement!
  218. setting up custom endurance?
  219. Eastbound & Down Trophy on PS4
  220. Some questions...
  221. New tuning feature IDEA
  222. What's the soundtrack for Project Cars?
  223. Upgrade brushless motor T300
  224. Idea for mapping limitations on consoles
  225. Punctured tire
  226. FA or LMP2?
  227. Grand Chelem
  228. Some New Player Questions
  229. Did SMS/WMD do any test drives with/on real cars/tracks featured in this game?
  230. 24hr Le Mans Ragequit...
  231. pretty angry at the game right now. (venting)
  232. How I can change the KI driver names and make my own saison?
  233. Better turbo sounds? Thoughts?
  234. question on Clutch, shifter
  235. Bentley?
  236. Project Cars Academy
  237. Limited edition upgrade.
  238. Is there a reason for no ETA on patches?
  239. New to racing sims , some thoughts after a weekend.
  240. Incorrect interval & wrong ordering on timing/qualifying...
  241. Setup help.
  242. DLC (Probable Spoiler Alert!)
  243. New Nvidia 353.06 drivers
  244. buy deluxe edition DLC in xbox store?
  245. Headlights in my mirrors during night: not enough range.
  246. AI 2 Quick
  247. How to check the water/oil temperatures in cockpitview bmw group 5?
  248. Featured at Computex 2015
  249. Ford Escort world records, impossible to beat?
  250. Playseat.com