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  1. HeadTracking
  2. Reversing for longer than 5s?
  3. Rubber build (groove) on track.
  4. Any plans for dirty windscreens?
  5. Just found the 1.4 patch change log
  6. AI talent files
  7. What Project CARS Need To Do To Improve Their Game!
  8. Windows 10 on July 29th... this will help!
  9. Project Cars audio make me headache with headphone !!!
  10. [ANSWERED] Can someone explain how the Caterham SP/300R works please?
  11. Qualifying - final lap problem
  12. Could Someone Explain To Me Why Wii U Owners Are Dissing Project Cars?
  14. About to buy - standard vs limited? Your opinions appreciated!
  15. Code entered to unlock cars is not valid (PC)
  16. Broken wheel
  17. FFB changes in future patches?
  18. Nordschleife on snow!!! - yes --> ...snow...
  19. Can I change the race date ?
  20. Mixed class racing
  21. Career questions!
  22. [YES!] Does a full fuel tank impact your driving/handling?
  23. Replay cams
  24. Motec with MPH and F*
  25. Michigan where you at
  26. DFGT settings
  27. Leaving pitlane bug
  28. Cheats or Bugs in Community events?
  29. Replays are useless for league racing
  30. Wheel users - feeling brake lockup?
  31. thrustmaster t80 wheel.
  32. G27 $200 good deal?
  33. Using car's driving aids (ABS, TC etc)
  34. Starting grid lights are too easy to jump
  35. Zero To Hero challenge
  36. Project Cars - Pinball Edition
  37. How to control turbo in Lotus 98T
  38. Anyone using Track IR?
  39. Is multiplayer multiplatform?
  40. is this a UK game?
  41. Default pit strategy?
  42. To Fanatec GT3 RS v2 users that want stronger FFB
  43. Problem with a career mode
  44. Career mode racing issue (Answered: AI cars runs qualifying laps with FULL fuel)
  45. Project Cars Grid Girls!
  46. Questions about the current tracks and sms car licensing
  47. [YES] Can someone link me to that racing basics YouTube video?
  48. !! RESULTS PUBLISHED !! Project Cars survey - (unofficial)
  49. career
  50. Merceded 190 evo2 DTM gearbox
  51. Will pit crew be added to the game?
  52. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps- Start / Finish line
  53. lap time invalidated
  54. force feedback
  55. Project Cars Stories
  56. Exiting pits.. One minute after blown engine?!
  57. [LEAVES] As an Aussie, this bothers me at Bathurst.
  58. Damage question
  59. The pCARS v Forza discussion
  60. I never thought i would
  61. Formula B Yrio vs. Fareeti Tire Temps FL
  62. Limited edition dlc
  63. real vs Project cars
  64. Leaderboards
  65. Avatar's?
  66. To all the people that gripe about this game....
  67. Morpheus and 3D
  68. season 7 endurance
  69. 2015 Charity Race
  70. Ford Escort physics
  71. Accolades??
  72. z4 tuning tips and help?
  73. Turn off the main menu video
  74. T3PA vs T3PA-PRO
  75. Restart Session
  76. Lotus 49 Graphics (image included)
  77. Automatic gearbox
  78. This would be a great addition to the game.
  79. Possible future enhancement to the game?
  80. Unable to save wheel settings
  81. why no lykan
  82. question with the engine blown
  83. How to make cars less twitchy?
  84. Question about Project Cars
  85. Pit Stop Animation
  86. Warning for XBOX ONE users
  87. G27 users!
  88. Forum Ranks
  89. Question regarding the Tyrewear and the GT3 class.
  90. Why I hate starting in the back
  91. To wheel or not to wheel
  92. Engine Blow Up
  93. About 5 sec difference compared to AC on silverstone. Curious why?
  94. Some Career Mode thoughts
  95. Rocket Science? Why not make it simple (online penalties)
  96. trouble with career mode please help
  97. Add pc specs to post's?
  98. Affinity Trophy Help
  99. G27 VS. Thrustmaster??? help me decide guys and gals!
  100. Discount Voucher still available?
  101. Arduino Dashboard
  102. Formula Series Advertising/Car Real Life Mockups
  103. FFB and the view you choose.
  104. Can't swap drivers and get serviced...
  105. How does Real Weather work?
  106. Blocky Sun
  107. How is the weather slot system implemented exactly?
  108. Huge potential let down by badly broken multiplayer - PCars
  109. Post notifications.
  110. XB1 - Can't buy the car packs from the Store?
  111. Wheel for paraplegic.
  112. DIY Wheel Stand for Ferrari 458 Spider racing Wheel
  113. The possibilities are endless......
  114. Car appearance
  115. Please, no Dates. Please.
  116. (Solved) Cockpit View No Look To Apex?
  117. Will we ever be able to trust Project Cars?
  118. Is PC Back Fire Simulation Right?
  119. Which wheel would you recommend ?
  120. Braking
  121. monitor heat temps
  122. Sound in this game
  123. Racing Legends car pack?
  124. How do I calculate the affinity?
  125. One of the stupidest things I've seen so far
  126. Is the Buttkicker Gamer 2 worth getting for PCars?
  127. Bentley GT3 DLC
  128. Force Feedback Guide for Project CARS
  129. Bad mod making forum experience bad. (Sharing from the Xbox One ghetto)
  130. Helmet cam freelook?
  131. [NO] Leaked oil on track?
  132. What changes would you like to see in Project CARS?
  133. Tired of AI
  134. Search not working?
  135. Quick question about trans-am and group 5 gt?
  136. When will we see more historic cars added?
  137. [YES] Improved VR Support
  138. One month Anniversary
  139. Old Habits Die Hard
  140. Thank you Slightly Mad Studios!
  141. formula gulf - no top speed
  142. [ANSWERED] time missing for invalid laps - why?
  143. More customobility in the cockpit
  144. A fix for cutting?
  145. help needed with limited edition DLC
  146. [SOLVED] Fuel problem in GT4 main race
  147. American V8's! + 1 GT3
  148. 1 million
  149. I've found the formula a AI developers previous job before sms
  150. News on DLC and "Coming Soon"
  151. [ANSWERED] Stock Car Races GT3 Series
  152. Race Engineer
  153. Interview with Allan McNish
  154. Map visibility options?
  155. Saving mid game on PS4
  156. chase camera view
  157. [SOLVED] For the love of god! Why doesn't the throttle fully engage!!??
  158. fog light effects?
  159. Bouncing FFB - Bad for the Wheel
  160. Adding Launch Control
  161. Lykan Hypersport Police :)
  162. McLaren MP4 12C GT3 @Nordschleife - 6:33???
  163. Question and Annoyance with Retirements
  164. Noticed to watch and race against the developers.
  165. Invitation Events
  166. Difficulty
  167. BTCC from Oulton Park, live on ITV4 today
  168. Multiplayer lobby records
  169. [ANSWERED] Question about tyre choice.
  170. Pit stops and temperatures
  171. View Fastest Lap Per Car Per Track
  172. Pit Stop: When is Damage Repaired?
  173. Rain in career mode...
  174. Losing races in pits
  175. I can't watch racing anymore!
  176. Multiplayer experience
  177. career locked??? Can't continue my carrer!!!! WHAT THE HELL???
  178. Le Mans Discussion
  179. Wheel Controller Support & Recommendations
  180. Project CARS causes wheel sales to soar
  181. Did Ben Collins try this game with a controller?
  182. v8 supercars
  183. Solo Practice Question
  184. Leaderboards Online Question
  185. Stuck in Formula A
  186. Catching up AI opponent in Watkins Glen short
  187. Engineer subtitles (not enough time to read them)
  188. Project CARS vs rFactor 2
  189. leaderboards
  190. Nebula Racing League.
  191. Make it RAIN Baby!
  192. Please fix the BASICS, new features are 2nd at this moment
  193. What is the right way to do standing start?
  194. Does the AI Experience Tire Wear?
  195. Need help with AI difficulty
  196. [Available NOW] Racing Icons Pack
  197. How is the AI this quick?
  198. Defending or Blocking?
  199. how to change driver view & restart game
  200. [KNOWN ISSUE] Camera view changes after pitting
  201. [answered-you cant over heat the car in TT]is the radiator opening unajustable in TT?
  202. Engine smoke "bubbles"
  203. DLC schedule??
  204. Full 24hrs?
  205. DLC vs. Bugfixing Discussion (from Patch 1.4 release notes)
  206. Driver Network Championship - 7 days long events?
  207. Strange solo race
  208. FFB stopped working correctly
  209. Tires: Automatic by weather GT3
  211. DLC cars in career mode
  212. How does favorite location 'work' ?
  213. Limited Edition DLC - complaint
  214. Any plans for DLC code giveaways on the forums?
  215. [YES] does Pcars support simexperience ?
  216. Level of detail, still discovering new things.
  217. Corvettes
  218. On Demand
  219. Ford MkIV Spare tire and attention to detaiiiiiiiiiils with all the points on the i's
  220. Button mapping on console (second controller?)
  221. The Physics of Racing Icons
  222. Umm... there was another car in the Racing Icons Pack trailer
  223. Is there gonna be an championship/season creator?
  224. PS4 controller fix for next update?
  225. Add new race modes?
  226. quarter mile drag racing track
  227. Limited edition upgrade & Racing icons Pack
  228. Race pit stop planning.
  229. Saving between sessions.
  230. Mini map blob colours.
  231. Free Car DLC overlap?
  232. Been away for a couple of days, WHAT HAPPENED?????
  233. Catastrophic Formula Rookie Crash at Donington - Hilarious
  234. "Missing" rain realism...
  235. This new DLC is AMAZING!!!
  236. BAC Mono tyres
  237. Sound issue - can anyone help
  238. Who wants to see what an IRacing license format for online
  239. quick question about the bentleys
  240. Thinking of making a league all drivers pre-screened anyone in? Weekend Tournaments
  241. LMP1
  242. Is there a TRUE 24h-Lemans option yet for multiplayer
  243. Ambitious but rubbish
  244. Future DLC.....
  245. Project CARS/Damage T300RS
  246. Still waiting for the dw12 and the indy track but not PROMISED on when?
  247. From great comapnies come great products and happy customers
  248. Motion Simulator
  249. Slightly Mad Studios are the last good guys in gaming
  250. VRroom site for xbox one users?