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  1. Just noticed that SMS also are making a game called World Of Speed With an open beta
  2. Do I have to update or should it happen automatically?
  3. Try turning Android Cardboard as pCARS VR purpose
  4. Project a joke program?
  5. Thank you SMS the DLC was reasonably priced
  6. Regarding Le Mans 24 Hours Invitational Event
  7. No slip streaming effect ?
  8. My VR experience and suggestions
  9. Am I the only person in the forum throughly enjoying this game?!
  10. Project Car Limited Edition Sold Out in preorder
  11. [KNOWN ISSUE] I am heartbroken, gutted Why has this happened ?
  12. How to refound money
  13. Problem with session time progression.
  14. Official Dash App?
  15. Custom liveries for noobs
  16. DLC's + Longevity
  17. July track expansion pack
  18. Just how hard is it then to make a game like Project Cars
  19. WMD
  20. Blown up but won!
  21. *HELP*Setting up a Le mans Solo race- How to incl LMP, GT and Prototype cars.
  22. Le mans "fps drop" between 1800Z and 1900Z yesterday 09062015
  23. Avon Tyres British GT Championship
  24. Fuel load
  25. McLaren F1 GTR has Openable Restrictor?
  26. [ANSWERED] Please disable "Auto pit"
  27. Project Cars help with HPDE / Track Day Driving?
  28. [Race Engineer] Not sure about this issue?
  29. No transmission option available at some cars
  30. update still waiting on other 3rd parties??
  31. Anyone finding it impossible to drive in a thunderstorm?
  32. Please, give us a road map to fix issues
  33. give this man a job
  34. What would you racing gamers do?
  35. [NO! WMD-style] :) Do I have to purchase the game again?
  36. SLI setup any special thing to do ?
  37. Modified Car Pack
  38. BTCC cars.
  39. Modified Car Pack ???? disappeared in steam !
  40. [AI - CAREER] May just be me but...
  41. Online Lobby Settings
  42. [PITS] Need more info about what's happening
  43. Are these steering wheel parts all compatable with each other?
  44. SMS please partner with a company for a good wheel for Xbox One
  45. Open space free roam location?? To play around and test stuff
  46. Patch 1.4 followed closely by 1.5
  47. Mclaren F1 GTR Long Tail - Thank you
  48. Are these shortcut keys still valid?
  49. Can We PLEASE !! " Have this info In Laymens terms " PLEASE !!
  50. for that attention of Ian bell
  51. alpine a450 sequential or flappy paddle?
  52. Shadow Details messed up with the Oculus Rift
  53. SpaFrancorchamps-Start Grid & Pit Exit
  54. [YES] Are tyre punctures a thing?
  55. PETITION: A well-intentioned petition, please all join in!
  56. Problem with on line events ps4
  57. [ANSWERED] How do I access the DLC ?
  58. Annoying Car set up issue
  59. Logitech G29/G920. Can SMS work a deal with Logitech?
  60. Just want to say thank you, awesome game.
  62. AI Solo Races (Resolved)
  63. Having trouble catching slides
  64. Oval tracks DLC
  65. acting like children
  66. just another pat on the back
  67. Sonoma AI
  68. Is it possible to have cup competions over more than 1 track??
  69. Field of View Help Please?
  70. Any advice on setting up a car for drifting
  71. I bought it because of Mr Bell
  72. FUN Vs scared....
  73. Steam Summer Sale - Project CARS -25% discount
  74. A little Set Help Please
  75. Visual FX - Can someone tell me what these functions do?
  76. Using DLC cars without having bought it
  77. PS4 vs X1 hardware
  78. Assist question
  79. Why did the 003 DLC just increase in price by 50% on Steam?!
  80. 1.4 is LIVE on Steam :)
  81. [NO] Do The AI Turn On Their Headlights in The Rain and Fog in 1.4?
  82. Racing line
  83. You know its gonna be a long night of racing when you bought a pack of batteries
  84. Thinketers claims intro on Youtube
  85. Sunday Driver Achievement not unlocking
  86. Did anyone else notice the slider on the location selection does not work
  87. Engine Blows
  88. Easter Egg Possible
  89. Thanks SMS
  90. CLK-LM listed as V10?
  91. How do I enable helmet... Also, is my audio right?
  92. Tyre pressure compared to Temperature
  93. Additional Main Forum Update Threads Needed?
  94. I guess I don't understand
  95. [ANSWERED] Helmet cam and blurring
  96. Best steering wheel lock?
  97. Sudden Downshifts to 1st When Keying Upshift.
  98. How's the AI with the 1.4 patch?
  99. Car assists and AI
  100. I want to be a 'good' driver... where to start?
  101. Screaming Banshee's
  102. Any chance on a spectator option?
  103. Hard to catch up with already completed races & invitations
  104. Patch 1.4 and issues
  105. Pit after patch 1.4
  106. Ignition???
  107. Enough with the supercars already!
  108. Why doesn't DRS follow the 1 second rule?
  109. New DLC..soon?
  110. Monitor/HUD Loss
  111. Sunset, evening racing and mid race rain.
  112. Cold tires rally quickly GT3
  113. How to do timed races
  114. Livery creator for the PS4/Xbox
  115. Blue Flags and AI
  116. career mode
  117. Bug when in garage and try to adjust some cars
  118. DRS in Mclaren P1 does not work as in the real car
  119. Need some Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S PC impressions before investing in new PC
  120. [ANSWERED] 2 questions...
  121. Tire Wear
  122. Terrific Project CARS video "Louder than Words"
  123. Worst car of the game
  124. Real Names + Other Generally Incomplete Items
  125. circuit de la sarthe/le mans -- break point on last 'straight'
  126. PC Steam 2.8MB Patch Just Downloaded?
  127. Croft
  128. Turing visuals down on the xbox one increases lap times?
  129. Triple monitor "Telemetry View" request / fix
  130. This forum...now a pleasure
  131. ...
  132. Virtual Rear View does not stay visible between sessions
  133. 1.4 patch notes
  134. Community Events Le Mans 24h - lap times far to fast
  135. Career mode AI tires/weather issues post patch
  136. Career Mode Progression
  137. Argos won't give me a refund
  138. Timetrial/New times posted keep vanishing...
  139. Lotus 98T boost gauge not working in replays
  140. Engine Failure
  141. ginetta junior career ai
  142. Quick question about career mode
  143. [ANSWERED] How to turn on the high beams?
  144. Project Cars is messing me up!
  145. Positions when racing
  146. any french (or not) fair PC drivers here ?
  147. Question about new cars in future
  148. Automatic Tire Choice - How do I know what was chosen?
  149. Funnest car to drive??
  150. Community event idea
  151. Thrustmaster FFB not smooth
  152. The original pCARS when pCARS 2 launches
  153. Massive oversight on le mans cars.
  155. Lotus more easy to drive after patch
  156. Will we ever get GM/CHEVY in this game?
  157. Possibly stupid question about community events and time trails times
  158. Question on steering wheel impact on cars
  159. [ANSWERED] How do I delete my saves?
  160. What do you think of implemented DS4 tilt feature?
  161. Project Cars FONTS and Results Table Template
  162. Road America - Carousel
  163. mid race saves?
  164. Settings saved between PC and Xbox one
  165. Skip to end of session
  166. [CORRECT] Formula A no soft an hard Tires
  167. 190E DTM-New Liveries?
  168. DLC Cars in Career Mode
  169. Tyres and which to choose
  170. What camera view do you prefer?
  171. Corner cutting
  172. [FIXED PATCH 2.0] Coming out of pit stops and tyres automaticly going red?
  173. Call me crazy but...
  174. sms do you plan to do any monthly blogs?
  175. Replays - Finishing Line
  176. Oh my word it's mended! Well almost...
  177. Braking distance versus AI
  178. Thank you WMD/SMS!
  179. Car setups running on any car?
  180. PIT Stop ?!!
  181. The Chase position
  182. Tweakit - Unable to connect
  183. Car MCLaren F1 Road not fixed on Lemans qualf.
  184. Crowdfunding licenses
  185. BMW V12 LMR....wow, what a car
  186. why do non of the cars use intermediates?
  187. will the cars start using the pit exits properly?
  188. [KNOWN ISSUE] Formula A - lose a wheel? No problem!
  189. Cold tires
  190. I love road cars
  191. GT3 soft tires temp
  192. FAO DEVS - A STOCK car ate my BMW Z4 GT3
  193. What is FFB Clipping?
  194. Question about car sounds in Project Cars
  195. Going From a g27 will the 458 wheel for xbox one really disappoint me
  196. DLC
  197. Help racing friends ghosts.
  198. Which Current Track Would You Like to See Included? VOTE NOW!
  199. Which Historic Track Would You Like to See Included? VOTE NOW!
  200. Career Rules & Flags Questions
  201. PCARS. the new sim "bimbo"
  202. PIT BOX
  203. Management question for Devs / PM
  204. Full Le Mans 24hrs Livestream!
  205. Boring AI , wheres the crashes, spins,damage,etc??
  206. Post update issues
  207. A quick blast round Brands before breakfast..
  208. [ANSWERED] Tires and engine temperature
  209. Le Mans 24hr race, engine keeps blowing.
  210. WEC light colours
  211. Tyre heat
  212. Chase view angle
  213. [ANSWERED] Add the option for "reverse" tracks
  214. [ANSWERED] Licensed cars that never appeared in game
  215. How does or is the Sync-to-Race weather option work?
  216. [No] Azure Circuit Track Limits Bug?
  217. very impressive (pCARS's netcode}
  218. pCARS 2???
  219. Tyres go red within a few seconds (even standing still)
  220. Race types?
  221. Can any link me to this chart!!??
  222. Ian, why do you hate the EVO?
  223. If you don't have a wheel your missing out
  224. Credit when credit is due
  225. Pagani cinque no longer available?
  226. I think we deserve free content !!!! I'm not talking 1 car
  227. online racing rip off
  228. Can you get a red flag in this game?
  229. Penalise the wreck you then quitters in Online Racing.
  230. Please explain different cars
  231. Showing fastest lap times after race
  232. SMS you need a penalty system of some kind or rating placement rooms.
  233. Rolling starts, starting location incorrect
  234. Help (increased tyre wear and fuel consumption)
  235. How to arrange a lemans race out of career mode?(choose exactly the opponents)
  236. Improving the game modes with future DLC
  237. Night time only lasts a couple of hours
  238. Track App?
  239. My second driver The AI is slower than me???
  240. AI gear ratios
  241. Nordschleife
  242. Le Mans "World Record"
  243. Tire Temp - Overheating no matter what
  244. Question about possible new career branches
  245. Solo Mode - Coming Soon
  246. Solo Custom Championship
  247. Game save
  248. Pro online with assists....?
  249. PCARS is self destructing
  250. Car Handling, Like Driving on Ice