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  1. AI braking zones too easy
  2. Set up in online racing
  3. Tire wear: slow vs. real
  4. Lap times
  5. M1 Pro Car 80´s Slicks dont warm up?
  6. called to pit for tyres?
  7. Rolling Starts
  8. Headlight colour
  9. Time Trial Setups and assists.
  10. Patch 1.4.
  11. Needed: True Granular Settings in Pit Strategy
  12. Crash when joining an online lobby. XBOX ONE
  13. So about that Wii U version of Project CARS....
  14. Have the devs had any early access to the new Ati cards......?
  15. Reliant Robin
  16. An average online session..
  17. [GT2] BMW M3 GT2 or GT3?
  18. Physics question for SMS team
  19. Where are the AI difficulty settings located?
  20. Tunes keep resetting to default
  21. icon pack dlc career
  22. Custom Championship Spreadsheet
  23. Spoiler alert.....
  24. MP saved replay bug
  25. Getting the Ginetta G55 GT3 off the line at start of race
  26. Racing for time
  27. PCars has saved me money!
  28. Things needed to finish the game (its true it isnt finished right?)
  29. Traction Control Override?
  30. Endurance racing AI driver
  31. Oculus Rift User feedback
  32. A testament to how different each car is.
  33. BMW 320 Turbo: I'm in love
  34. Problem with using the heads up display.
  35. Just wanted to say thank you for the nice DLCs
  36. Feature request -telemetry
  37. [Bug] American Stock Car Pracitce Tire Temps vs. Race Temps
  38. headlights in rain
  39. Have I updated?
  40. More FA practise sessions (career)
  41. Car keeps dying
  42. Struggling With FA Cars
  43. How many more races to I have to win to get the "To Affinity and Beyond" trophy?
  44. The state of FFB and the need for solid presets?
  45. Troubleshoot a big bug in career mode
  46. Just cannot compete in the rain
  47. Road america, very surprised at the surface
  48. Gtx 980 1080 60fps
  49. Tires / Pressure.
  50. Formula Rookie Help
  51. Sneak peek inside SMS office
  52. Sub Group Time Trials
  53. Typical Monza start online
  54. Does Pcars realy need a clean player ranking system ?
  55. Funny thing in replays
  56. Leader board Time Trial organization question
  57. Is This A Bug or Feature?
  58. Speed of Broadband
  59. Project Cars Pc replay mode getting some random freezes!
  60. G-sync experience in Project Cars?
  61. Proposal for a system of intelligently randomised weather simulation:
  62. Inconsistency in replays
  63. Changing weather - AI doesnt slow down in rain!
  64. Should the Bentley Continental GT3 get a increased performance patch?
  66. SMS will not respond to legitimate questions - Hacks
  67. People take this game way too seriously
  68. Use of the different Telemetry programs and Apps ( XBOX User)
  69. A little bug / issue to report (maybe easy to resolve?)
  70. The least you could do is answer my question before closing my thread...
  71. Bugs and issues.
  72. Viewing full logs of tracks and cars used on the PC ?
  73. Laptimes
  74. BMW 1-series M Coupé - Is the sound really like that?
  75. friends filter
  76. First impressions
  77. Steam -40% on steam :o
  78. Damage: visual only.
  79. How many people did not buy DLC and why?
  80. How long do tyres last?
  81. Cheating in stage time trials
  82. Pit crew?
  83. Auto direction correction after a spin.
  84. Storing car setups
  85. Platform jump!
  86. Game keeps freezing online?
  87. "Running Multiple Careers" | Is it true ?
  88. How (to drift)??
  89. Help me pick 27" monitors for triple setup
  90. AI tire wear and terrible flag rules have ruined this game for me
  91. NO Grip Racing
  92. pCARS a few questions
  93. New community event..... What am I doing wrong?
  94. damage physics
  95. Formula AI problems
  96. DLC Cars In Career Mode?
  97. Rookie racing question - Pace off the line
  98. About patches and their release dates
  99. some questions
  100. A thank you to you.
  101. Windscreen dirt
  102. Proposal to let me chose if I want variable weather.
  103. Swapped my XBone for a PS4 and i'm lovin' it!!!
  104. tips for the ring
  105. Opponent Skill / Constructors Question
  106. Separate leadeboard for every individual class?
  107. Who IS this AI guy? That's awesome!
  108. Multiplayer connection problem when join a running game
  109. Formula A in Monza and AI question
  110. Driving like a Boss (302R1)
  111. Starting Young
  112. Eurogamer gives the patch a thumbs up !!!
  113. The Freaking Game
  114. Alternative to ISRTV T300 RS/TX brake mod?
  115. tuning
  116. Random lost wheel.
  117. In game tracker - hours played
  118. [Answered] What is the date?
  119. Alternative Leaderboard for PC Players
  120. Forum, multi-platform option in UserCp
  121. Tire wear updates?
  122. Historic Spa and DLC's
  123. Feedback by someone who has raced with the BMW E30 Gr.A IRL.
  124. Let us see what cars are being used
  125. Increased Fuel consumption for offline single player option would be nice.
  126. Stalled car.
  127. AI DNA - is it possible/worthwhile?
  128. Time Trial
  129. Simulate race...with pitting every lap
  130. About top speed of some cars...
  131. Beating the cheater with a clean lap
  132. Custom championships a question
  133. First race I have been really disappointed with the game... + Impovement ideas
  134. Azure/Monaco Pit Exit
  135. Immersive cockpit sounds?
  136. Ai performance in the rain
  137. what sorcery is this?
  138. [SOLVED] Time trial and community is locked to me??
  139. Awesome Game + a few small requests for SMS
  140. Crash physics question
  141. Does anybody have a code for the Modified Car pack?
  142. What would you like to see added in Project cars ?
  143. Rally?
  144. Will the multiplayer server browser be getting a tweak anytime soon?
  145. jump starts
  146. Online league tools a question for Mr Bell
  147. Why is there an oval track in this video?
  148. Skill & Behavior Based Matchmaking
  149. Printable (pdf) maps of all tracks available
  150. mandatory pit stop ai > next bug
  151. a force feedback wheel for a starting/casual sim-racer
  152. Help - for novice driver
  153. Race/Pit Engineer comms
  154. What a fantastic evening.....
  155. [NO, THAT'S HOW GAME DEVELOPMENT WORKS] So... Project CARS was cancelled?
  157. Tyres all burst after a mandatory pit change....
  158. sms, shame on you.
  159. Class Re-Balancing?
  160. A genuine user experience and my disappointment with Project Cars
  161. Feeling from a causal player and some feature requests
  162. AI not pitting when receiving severe damage
  163. Profanity Filter Would Be Nice
  164. Unable to finish a Full Race
  165. How to learn modeling?
  166. Few questions regarding project cars 2
  167. Stability Control Question - Engine Braking
  168. Suggestion for Project CARS 2 price model
  169. 1.5 patch
  170. Time progression and the consequences on your tires
  171. PROJECT CARS 2 ANNOUNCED? Its a Joke?
  172. ? Fgulf1000
  173. Mandatory Pit Stops, a question for Mr Bell
  174. License expired?
  175. Project Cars 2 - Question for Devs (Answered)
  176. More details on PCARS2 (tiers etc)?
  177. New tracks ?
  178. selecting manual gears
  179. project cars 2 , seriously?
  180. Why was I given an infraction for disscussing issues?
  181. I love this game .
  182. Cant wait for PCARS 2!!!!
  183. Ai driver(after swap) has different gears?
  184. Difference between the various tires...
  185. Can you give me WMD account pleeeeeaaase =)
  186. Is it posible to view the MPG of a car
  187. Dirt tracks?
  188. Bug car turn left
  189. Want to rant and complain about Project Cars? Read this first
  190. (FAQ) PCars2 "For Dummies"
  191. Racing as it starts raining during Career mode?
  192. 1.6 Patch inbound?
  193. Is fuel measured in liter?
  195. How much time does 1 liter of fuel save?
  196. Combine GT3 & LMPT1/2
  197. Okay let's get serious ;)
  198. Invitational Events Classification
  199. Struggling in the classics
  200. Project CARS - Worth A Buy?
  201. Losing Control
  202. Are your tyres still glowing red?
  203. Name and shame demolition derby drivers
  204. Dirt ovals for PCars2
  205. Lotus 98T Renualt Turbo
  206. The mighty 1989 Audi 90 GTO
  207. You Know There's A Problem When...
  208. Melina Here
  209. Missing wheel.
  210. How Hard Is It To Get a License For a Car?
  211. Game jamming
  212. showdown between PCars and Dirt on Twitter
  213. Project cars platform
  214. Love the Game, but this Video is great:
  215. [Answered - YES] question to Ian Bell
  216. Hello
  217. Optimal car conditions
  218. helmet view
  219. Monetisation of videos?
  220. About the nVidia banners
  221. Forced cockpit view in "Pro" rooms discussion (from Patch 2.0 notes discussion)
  222. AA do we really need it?
  223. BUG/Design Flaw: California Highway 1: The Suns Rises in the West?
  224. Advice Needed Xbox One Poject Cars
  225. Better documentation request
  226. 2 buttons for the same command,
  227. Some issues, need help
  228. Possible to use headphones/headset when using T300 RS wheel
  229. Random breakdown.
  230. head of studio looks easy
  231. Ian Bell appreciation thread
  232. Logitech G29 review/first impressions by Inside Sim Racing
  233. Update 2.0 looks absolutely great, but these three bugs are killing the game for many
  234. [RADIO] Pit crews arent very smart are they?
  235. [ANSWERED] 3 simple questions
  236. Are values inverted? (Steering sensitivity 100 = least sensitivity)?
  237. Bathurst, Mt Panorama accuracy.
  238. Overtaking is too risky in racing games
  239. Throttle setting less than 100
  240. Voiceover. Any chance it can be changed?
  241. Another Leader Board Question :)
  242. Pcars2 funding.
  243. Raindrops On Circuits in Dry Weather - Thunderstorms in Monza Q
  244. Cockpit View - Neuro Science Challenge to All Developers
  245. Window Wiper Speed
  246. How to be quick off the line?
  247. Le Mans 24 Hour Questions & Regulations for other Championships
  248. Wisconsin Retrospective event - prize questions
  249. [ANSWERD] Project Cars 2 Question
  250. DDOS attack?