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  1. Pagani Huayra Diff Settings!
  2. Tire compound
  3. Touring cars
  4. Ruf RGT-8 GT3 Losing tyre temp Le Man
  5. Help needed - improved base BMW Z4 GT3 setup
  6. Tyre force and Master scale
  7. LMP 2 Over Heating Front Left, need help
  8. BMW M3 GT3 - Assists "real" - no ABS?
  9. is possible request a set-up ?
  10. Renault Megane Setup
  11. Car Setup Sheet Template
  12. walken glen inner loop is killing me
  13. Renault Mégane RS 265 Setup needed
  14. Same issues
  15. Braking issue with RUF GT3
  16. For the Drift Tards
  17. Caper Monterey Stock Car setups
  18. Saving setup keep resseting
  19. pc v console tuning
  20. [Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3]
  21. Dry vs Wet Tire pressures?
  22. improveing laptimes.
  23. Running in general help
  24. HUD explanation
  25. Vantage V12 GT3 tuning tweak for Spa
  26. Mercedes 190E
  27. Saving Setups?
  28. Good general setup for Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3
  29. Setup for Spa
  30. Does this game save tunes?
  31. Multiple car set ups
  32. Looking for drivers to test the few tunes I've put together :)
  33. Good setup for the BMW M3 E30 Group A
  34. Need set up tips for RUF RGT 8 Oulton Park Island
  35. Tires overheating
  36. Set up changes not saving
  37. Stock Bentley Continental GT3
  38. Tuning sliders
  39. Accurate Formula seat height
  40. Tuning help
  41. controller settings after update
  42. mclaren gt3 tune/setup
  43. [Solved] Still cant get it done??
  44. Fwd settings please
  45. McLaren F1 GTR Longtail
  46. BMW Z4 GT3 at Le Mans
  47. Rookie Tune
  48. Ariel Atom 500 V8
  49. I need help
  50. Can anyone help me tune Mclaren for Road America??
  51. Brake balance on the fly
  52. BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 setup?
  53. Construction BDD Project CARS settings page
  54. RWD P30 LPM 1 Le mans Tunes
  55. Overheating one tyre
  56. SMS -- Any chance you could post the optimal tyre temp ranges?
  57. Any setup for Formula Rookie - Oulton Park International?
  58. Need tuning advice on tyre temp (Experienced sim drivers, race wheels only please)
  59. Karts and Default Tire Pressures - Just me?
  60. Lotus 98T - Losing power in 5th gear
  61. Setups for the Formula B. Must have setups!
  62. [Answered] Tires overheating in a straight line?
  63. Merc SLS AMG GT3 - Gearbox
  64. Ruf RGT-8 GT3 - Le Mans 24H, Too much Engine RPM on straight part!
  65. Formula Rookie - Suggested Gear Ratios - UK Tracks
  66. Community event audi R18 le mans 24 setup.
  67. JP-LM Sonoma Raceway help!
  68. Formula Gulf gear ratios?
  69. Bug when in garage and try to adjust some cars
  70. Trade/download setups?
  71. Unofficial pCars Setups Website
  72. Car Setup confusion
  73. Does anyone have a setup for the Mercedes Benz Sauber C9 for Le Mans
  74. wet weather with a controller help
  75. Group 5 Shifting
  76. SLS AMG GT3 Brands Hatch
  77. Escort Mk1 @ Donington GP
  78. OEM setups (all cars)
  79. [SEARCH] SETUP GT4 - [RECHERCHE] Reglage en GT4
  80. Bac Mono
  81. Aston Martin V12 Vantage at Le Mans
  82. Set up online racing
  83. Sakitto Rookie
  84. Tuning Setups
  85. Marek LMP1/ Audi LMP1 Custom tunes
  86. BMW 1M Set-up
  87. Win a Thrustmaster T300RS.
  88. right rear tire stays cool (blue)
  89. Ford Sierra cosworth tune? (wheels only)
  90. LMP1 why do they either lock up when braking or spin out on kerbs?
  91. MAX BHP
  92. Common denominator
  93. OEM setups for Mclaren F1, P1
  94. Help With Keeping Tire Temps Up - FORMULA A
  95. Formula A engine temp PS4
  96. Deleting tune setups?
  97. Increasing negative values
  98. need some tuning help with BMW M3 GT
  99. Constant vibration under breaking
  100. Mercedes c coupe DTM
  101. Blown Engine Help
  102. What do the suspension numbers on Telemetry mean?
  103. BMW Z4 GT3 Le Mans setup
  104. Audi R8 LMS Nurburgring GP set up need improvement.
  105. Accessing Tuning Menu
  106. Wet/Dry tire pressures
  107. Anyone Have a Good Top Speed McLaren GT3 Tune?
  108. All tyres overheating
  109. A few Cars which I need help with.
  110. Need a setup for the RWD P30,circuit le mans
  111. Need help setting pit strategies, in particular tyre pressures!
  112. Road America GT3 (SLS AMG)
  113. New to tuning
  114. Formula A some help
  115. Struggling with the Audi R8 V10?
  116. Complete SETUP for BAC MONO...please...
  117. controller and wheel menu
  118. Car pulling to the left?
  119. Help with tune Caterham Seven Classic
  120. Lotus 78 seems to slow at topspeed
  121. arrêt au stand
  122. Setup help in a gt3 Aston at zolder
  123. Converting a dry setup to a wet setup
  124. Need Some Endurance Help
  125. Request: Tuning setup for McLaren 12C GT3 on Imola.
  126. Any good setup for the BMW Z4 GT3?
  127. A new home for all your setups
  128. Sudden Understeer when I get in gas
  129. Car setup learning: Best car-track combo
  130. Can't tune
  131. SLS AMG Question....
  132. Mclaren GT3: My Nordschleife Tune
  133. Anyone had any luck with the radical sr8 ?
  134. I could do with some help round Brno in the Mercedes SLS GT3
  135. Need a few tips on my setup, Please
  136. Setup Formula C
  137. Blank Setup Sheets
  138. Imola z4 gt3 setup help?
  139. I cannot get the hang of it??
  140. Is viscous lock affected by slip preload?
  141. Zhuhai F-A setup help
  142. Which Way to Adjust Tire Pressure?
  143. Le Mans Audi R18
  144. Help an lost soul :D:D
  145. Front tyres overheating - tips for pad players
  146. Engine keeps overheating
  147. First things to change in a setup?
  148. A45 AMG stability
  149. What do the tuning defaults represent?
  150. Trackbars - where have they come from?
  151. Ride Height or Rake
  152. Tuning Question: Mid-corner understeer
  153. Mclaren GT3 Zolder: My Tune (1:33.8)
  154. Why I'm starting to think sharing tunes is kind of pointless..
  155. [ANSWERED] about saved set ups
  156. Help with Brno set up
  157. A few GT3 tunes i have done. BMW Z4, Bentley and Aston V12 Vantage...
  158. BMW M3 GT2 does anyone have any setups / tunes for any track for this vehicle?
  159. Telemetry Analysis: How to..
  160. Spinouts on Le Mans track
  161. Different handling from Free Practice to Time Trial
  162. engineer ?
  163. Project Cars Tune Manager
  164. AI Drivers spins in every corner : Is this gonna be fixed in the new patch?
  165. Help Needed - LMP2 (Oreca 03 Nissan) Chicane Stability
  166. Sierra Tune
  167. Learning Setups & Pit Strategy for Project CARS
  168. Stable formula a tune
  169. Gaining more speed at Monza...
  170. Escort Mk1 pulls right
  171. Tips for the ford escort
  172. Formula B (stability/unpredictability problems)
  173. Anyone have a set up sheet?
  174. Looking for support in tuning - Bathurst
  175. Steering lock question
  176. No slip stream with GT3 Aston?
  177. Why won't this game still not save setups?
  178. How do you maintain tire temperatures during evening races?
  179. Formula C @ Catalunya GP
  180. Saving Liveries?
  181. BMW M3 GT3 - Watkins Glen... help!!
  182. Stabilising the formula A around fast corners.
  183. Tuning tip.
  184. download and load setups as files
  185. Nurburgring Mullenbach - Formula Rookie advice pls
  186. Nordschleif - Need Help
  187. Zakspeed and 320 Turbo Group 5 Setup talk
  188. car bottom out: ride height or bump stop?
  189. suspension travel = 0 during cornering
  190. Tyres and wet races
  191. Doug says...
  192. Bumpy Track - Losing rear through technical sections
  193. Wastegate pressure?
  194. RUF GT3 @ Monza GP: What I did so far.... (PART 3 NEW PB)
  195. Alignment
  196. Tyre temps....what to comprimise?
  197. Online "fun" races
  198. Fast BMW Z4 GT3 Setup
  199. RUF GT3 set up Spa!
  200. Formula A post 2.5
  201. formula A Le mans tune setup
  202. Wet weather testing/setup
  203. Clio cup help ...
  204. BMW M3GT Setup Gesucht
  205. 10 days to go - does anyone want to try and tune this car?
  206. Audi R8 road car
  207. How I can reach the true top speed of these cars at LeMans?
  208. Audi R8 LMS ultra setup for le mans(circuit de la sarthe)
  209. Setup for Formula Gulf / Dubai International
  210. LMP looses grip at SPA
  211. Soft tyres in time trial mode
  212. Please help me make the Audi R8 LMS Ultra a nice race car.
  213. Gt3 race spa mclaren mc. Setup help
  214. Tire Selection in Practice
  215. Setup Bug
  216. Add speed in TT, avoid drift over hills and exit oversteer? help my technique
  217. Recover from grass in rain?
  218. Audi R18 TDI continues to break my heart...
  219. formula b Silverstone GP need some help
  220. TT Engine Problems
  221. PC version vs Xboxone
  222. Steering ratio
  223. Sneterton 300 Ford Capri problem
  224. Engine-Problem with RGT-8 GT3
  225. Lotus 98t at Dubai GP
  226. McLaren P1 and DRS
  227. Advanced Track Guide - BATHURST (EvoM3)
  228. ruf gt3
  229. Asking engineer?
  230. Tuning tweaker files akin to Jack's FFB tweaker files? possible?
  231. Naming Setups.
  232. Mercedes 300 SEL setup - Now i´m having fun!!!
  233. Mustang Cobra (Trans Am Series)
  234. Bentley Continental GT3 - What a monster - Setup Help
  235. M1 Wet setup
  236. Formula Gulf - Silverstone GP World Record Setup+Video
  237. HL vs Race times. Setup and race length help?
  238. P1 Setup?
  239. How much more does manual add to times?
  240. Car setup for GINETTA G40 junior in SPA-Francorchamps help me
  241. Aston Martin GT3 is King for me!
  242. Audi R18 E-tron-Multiplayer performance way different
  243. Car goes wide as race progresses without obvious damage or tire wear?
  244. Qualifying setup help
  245. Renault Clio Cup Snetterton (SMS-R Championship)
  246. BMW Z4 GT3
  247. setup help for Ginetta G55 Donington
  248. Bottoming Out
  249. formula A Donington GP record (Tokk96)
  250. Mclaren f1 hardest car in game?