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  1. Finally you lost me, congratulations (FFB & CSW V2)!
  2. How do I tell what version I have on Steam?
  3. V-sync, solving Nvidia flicker in win 10, and other findings.
  4. Need Rescue !!!
  5. Where to find the screenshot taken with PCARS 3.0?
  6. Error unhandled exception trapped
  7. Photomode: Screenshot taken in wrong resolution?
  8. Wheel is not going back to "zero" Position
  9. Report a the few days playing Pcars
  10. Since 3.0 pCars won't shutdown
  11. [Major bug] People exiting the pits limited to pit lane top speed.
  12. t500 rs and windows 10 issue
  13. [BUG ACKNOWLEDGED] Grid Resets After Viewing Qualifying Replay
  14. G27 Wheel not working post-3.0 without profile wipe
  15. Logitech Momo Racing, Win 10 and Project Cars
  16. [Answered] Graphics Card Glitches
  17. New setup / fov / how to delete car specific viewing
  18. [SOLVED] Patch 3.0 + Win10 = internet disconnected?
  19. 980ti SLI low FPS
  20. GPU Set up
  21. When remapped the Kers button doesn't work. (PC Only)
  22. Caterham Seven Classic tires don't warm up
  23. Game unplayable after patch with G27 wheel
  24. After changing monitor w/ diff resolution PCARS won't Start in 64bit mode full screen
  25. Replay windscreen graphics issue
  26. (SOLVED) OSD no longer showing ?
  27. How good is my pc build?
  28. FFB Gets Weird after Some Time & Wheel Disconnects
  29. graphic bug
  30. [RESOLVED] Am i missing something?
  31. Nurburgring Sprint Short - Penalties.
  32. Microsoft Dual Strike support?
  33. Can someone please explain to me where the ABS vibration for FANATEC's has gone?
  34. Fanatec Newbie
  35. Question on gear shifting options per car
  36. Help ref T3PA pedals please? Throttle unusable.
  37. From that to this!
  38. G29 clutch without shifter ?
  39. Random crash causes a Windows restart, profile reset, no debug file created.
  40. SLI Profile for Directx 9
  41. [DETAILED GRASS] Pls Help green things in front of me - can't see the track
  42. Flickering objects since 3.0
  43. Pits mandatory - how it works ?
  44. Controls menu page goes nuts ...
  45. Night Lighting Road Flickering
  46. Bug: Getting kicked out of game and motion blur suddenly comes and goes.
  47. Game wont start after steam update.
  48. t300 spooky
  49. Thrustmaster 458 xb360 wheel deadzone problem
  50. [Solved] Problem launching a race
  51. Accuforce and OSW wheel setup help thread
  52. Lost connection during time trial
  53. t300rs stuck in position when returning to pits
  54. FFB acting strange
  55. Replay problem, player's car volume.
  56. Various Serious problems - PC
  57. user save corruption problem possible solution (question for devs)
  58. 3d Vision
  59. Pit Stop in Free Practice?
  60. G27 stops working after a session
  61. Program crashing when trying to pick a in garage
  62. BMW 320 Turbo always crash when driving first place!
  63. Fighting to keep the car straight against the FFB
  64. Help with graphic settings and white dots occasionally
  65. TM TX freezing game
  66. All Things Fanatec
  67. Differences between t300 t300rs and TX
  68. [SOLVED] Flickering
  69. Anyone able to Join Game via Steam?
  70. Steering difficulty
  71. Replay crashes if clicking back time
  72. After Patch 3.0 Installed, the game won't start
  73. GTX 960 not better than GTX 770?
  74. Am I missing something (key mapping)?
  75. BUG: Qualifying results not saved when exiting career mode
  76. Time trial times are 00:00:000
  77. I cant run the game on Windows 10
  78. Problems with records on HUD
  79. Strange (Steam) code
  80. Project Cars won't start after preparing to launch!
  81. Windows 10 and Nvidia gpu. Base clock staying up all the time.
  82. Screen Goes Black
  83. Still getting cockpit over-exposer in Mclaren F1
  84. How well does this game run with a hd7850?
  85. Controller issues!
  86. Constant Crashes - PC (unplayable since 3.0)
  87. Cars getting stuck on track in Nordschleife
  88. pit lane bug in free practice mode
  89. Remapping for KERS button & bug switching between items in leaderboard screen
  90. Missing Tracks!!
  91. Gpu utilization 75%, cpu 55%, framerate 49fps at times
  92. Save camview cockpit
  93. NVidia Streaming on Android with a Moga Pro controller
  94. G27 Stops working
  95. [No Issue] Mirror issue
  96. 2 Monitor set up.
  97. BUG: No engine audio in replay after running out of fuel
  98. Clipping
  99. Changing camera position (field of view?)
  101. Logitech Driving Force GT disconnecting since V3.0
  102. Lost Force Feedback (Win10)
  103. G27 wheel not lining up centered. Using Windows 10
  104. AI question
  105. Error after online race
  106. [SOLVED] G27 Problem
  107. [SOLVED] Strange Video issue while racing or on track - no where else
  108. G27 weird FFB during pits
  109. AI problem with the new tyre model - only tested in FA maybe across board
  110. T3PA-Pro problem - unsmooth throttle
  111. Menu Slowdown?
  112. Can't select the DLC cars in some online lobbies?
  113. Controller issues
  114. Speed graphic bug
  115. Online Time Trials Setup not saving from garage setup (video)
  116. Wheel Changing Tuning Values
  117. Deleting profile windows 10
  118. Patch 3.0
  119. Strange wheel behavior + pit bug
  120. Weird glitch all of a sudden. Video included
  121. Need help with 5.1 surround system
  122. Fanatec clubsport wheelbase (CSW V1)
  123. G29 problem
  124. [SOLVED] Brno freezes loading Group A's.
  125. Bentley Continental GT3 steering wheel not centered
  126. New DLC downloading...
  127. Will this Run Project cars
  128. PC Leaderboards appear odd for Spa
  129. Logitech G27 feeling / issues
  130. DLC content is missing on Steam page of Project CARS
  131. New DLC car pit exit crash
  132. New vs Old DLC Bugs
  133. Slow motion Stuttering feeling when cornering
  134. Virtual Steering Wheel Position.
  135. Problem, my G27 rotates fully on the right with the cars of Old Vs New Car Pack
  136. Windows 10 audio bug with usb headphones
  137. Logitec G25 setup
  138. Problem with cockpit view
  139. Faulty Tyre Model/Physics?
  140. How to find friends only online race?
  141. Control Configuration Setting description
  142. Need Help w G25 setup
  143. Problem with DLC Cars
  144. PC - Interface Issues
  145. Had to wait 10 secs for track cut penalty to start
  146. Automatic clutch broken
  147. Pagani Huayra Flaps Bug For AI Cars
  148. Triple screen cockpit FOV - how to get 180 degrees?
  149. Rendering problem in cockpit view - lines on car wings and mirror (MSAA+SMAA)
  150. Still no dirt on wind shield in cockpit view
  151. G25 Shifter issues HELP!!
  152. Time Trial times not showing on leaderboard.
  153. No audio in race
  154. Wheel settings change randomly while playing
  155. Flickering / choppy graphics
  156. Logitech G27
  157. G27 Brake & Clutch pedal plate
  158. Yet another 'is my pc good enough thread'
  159. Time Trial issue
  160. [SOLVED] Game getting blank screen and stuck on track loading
  161. Are Thrustmaster pedals constantly calibrating themselves?
  162. Bug Report - Rain graphical glitch
  163. [SOLVED] False start not possible
  164. Windows 10, G27 wheel not working?
  165. Windows 10 nVidia 355.82 driver gives 20 FPS increase
  166. [nervermind] New improved G27 setup
  167. Logitech G920: No Force Feedback
  168. Visual wheel and pilot arms glitch - PC
  169. Screen setup help
  170. will not shift into high gear with Auto gears on
  171. Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel Adjustments
  172. Issue after crashing
  173. Disabled Driver
  174. gray screen crash win 10
  175. Wheel turned while in pit lane
  176. Pitstop Monitor option reports incorrect data
  177. Grpahics card for ultra settings
  178. I need help with determining the cause of deteriorating performance
  179. Project Cars crashes alot!!
  180. Mouse delay - Steering much too slow!
  181. Multiplayer Crashing
  182. Replays
  183. Shifter Issues
  184. monitor flashes white at the start of windows sometimes - is my gpu done?
  185. [RESOLVED] Grafik Crash
  186. [RESOLVED] my "show helmet" is locked.
  187. Logitech Drive FX wheel settings help!
  188. Fanatec CSR Pedals EU donīt work properly
  189. Wanted to share my G27 Settings
  190. cant find G25 win 7 driver Profile Launcher
  191. I pick Bently GT3 online and I get the Aston Martin GT3
  192. Engine dies - after spin and from standstill start
  193. Weird graphics glitch (with video)
  194. 3 monitor setup HELP
  195. New screen,
  196. Pit Stop Bug
  197. [SOLVED] BDbgFatal Error Line 393
  198. Pcars better performance to run extern HHD??
  199. Severe pit stop screen bug, controls locked out.
  200. latest AMD driver update fps drop and few other issues
  201. Thrustmaster Th8A not working on Windows 10
  202. Logitech Momo throttle
  203. [SOLVED] BAC Mono speed issue at Zolder
  204. Free Practice Pit Drive thru
  205. Logitech G920 help please
  206. 4GB with GTX980 for 1600p gaming?
  207. G27 looses power when starting a game
  208. Formula A FFB bug /!\
  209. [Known Issue] BMW 320 TC top speed
  210. [BUG] Gear shift animation
  211. Multiplayer / Online page freezing
  212. Nordschleife Box Bug...help
  213. Weird G27 issue
  214. Logitech G920 config notes
  215. Spanning across multiple screens without surround?
  216. Telemetry using triple monitors
  217. Bugged invitations
  218. Car don't break , don't accelerate nicely
  219. BMW 320 TC Incorrect Specs
  220. Event starting time
  221. Project Cars on Windows, on Mac
  222. Loss of grip and other FFB sensations
  223. Game will not save Resolution
  224. cockpit view
  225. California Road Full Car won't start
  226. Can replays be renamed?
  227. Something is messed up with my g27 pedals after reinstalling profiler
  228. Cars on kart tracks
  229. Virtual wheel animation
  230. [ANSWERED] pCars Online Stuttering?
  232. PC: Force Feedback Trouble
  233. DFGT ForceFeedBack settins
  234. The car I'm racing with stalls
  235. Open Wheel Tire Textures
  236. Project Cars does not boot after download - STEAM
  237. Multiplayer: Servers Can't Control or Limit Class
  238. Thrustmaster TX 458 Wheel Steering Issues
  239. [ANSWERED] Maximum Texture settings - High?
  240. 27" pc screen fullHD or QHD?
  241. Disappearing game saves !
  242. helmet view issue
  243. Project Cars keeps on freezing
  244. G25 Shifter issue
  245. See the PC leaderboards have gone to crap again
  246. need assistance with wheel settings please and ty
  247. PLEASE help me in my seemingly endless 1440p woes... anything counts.
  248. Logitech G27 and Steering wheel buttons
  249. Logitech G29 set up
  250. Bought in Beta, porting to steam?