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  1. Photo mode on by default
  2. Issues Thrusrmaster Gamepad
  3. Upgrading GPU
  4. Logitech G13 setup
  5. Black Screen on launch
  6. EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION issue, not even starting!! help!
  7. Profile deleted ! Help
  8. Bug at Donnington National Formula Rookie on PC. First to last
  9. Xbox 360 wireless PC - Rumble
  10. Fanatec Clubsport V2 FFB
  11. Camera slow motion and then accelerates
  12. Proof developers never played the game
  13. Online disconnects after a few minutes and Steam cannot reconnect
  14. online total loss of controller input
  15. game crashes and freezes screen
  16. Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel Setup
  17. Exiting game - Project CARS unexpectedly closed
  18. Infinite loading!!!
  19. Can't enable mouse look
  20. Wanted: Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Steering Wheel
  21. FFB vague and 'knocking/kicking' when flatout
  22. Logitec MOMO Wheel Not Turning As Sharply
  23. [SOLVED] Formula C glow sparkling glow glitch
  24. Best IQ settings for screenshots? (alisaing)
  25. Silverstone Stowe cut track penalty
  26. W8.1 to W10 and logitech wheel
  27. Brands Hatch tyre wear
  28. Occasional screen jumping effect
  29. hardware needed to run 5764X1080
  30. [PC]Tire choice is broken during pitstops
  31. Driving Force GT FFB settings. HELP ME!
  32. Logitech Profiler
  33. Cannot launch the game. Running without renderer sandbox
  34. Is there a way to change my in-game name please?
  35. How/where do I get advice from my engineer regarding car setup?
  36. Can't get accelerator to work
  38. [ANSWERED] No online sessions found since 4.0 Patch?
  39. How to disable throttle vibration on CSPv3 connected to the CSWv2?
  40. [STILL AFTER 4.0] Remapping KERS button & bug switching between items in leaderboard
  41. [ANSWERED] Only seeing dedi servers in lobby, and they're all empty
  42. HUD message wrong Patch 4.0
  43. Cockpit camera / TrackIR problems
  44. How do I use DRS and KERS?
  45. [SOLVED] FC + Garage + patch 4.0 = forzen gam
  46. Le Mans Night Mirrors Problem after Patch 4.0
  47. 4.0 - Layering issue
  48. unable to disable assists after 4.0
  49. Once in Lobby unable to join race
  50. Steam Integration F12 stopped working
  51. Cannot use on-demand
  52. 125cc Shifter Kart - Cannot Use Edited Tune In TT At RuaPuna Outer Loop
  53. Huge FPS loss after Version 4
  54. Deadzones after 4.0
  55. Engine overheating - several cars
  56. Unattended bugs in solo mode
  57. [ANSWERED] Error loading pakfiles\jgphasepitstops.bff after 4.0 Patch
  58. Game Freezes/Locks up PC After Patch 4.0
  59. [BUG] G27 FFB Steering hard right after pitstop
  60. Crash when joining a career event
  61. server issues
  62. Project Cars 4.0 Update
  63. Overlooked issue with auto-pit control on Nordschleife track since PCARS release!
  64. Starting grid is not collect position
  65. Damage Repairs not effecting pit time?
  66. Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 lack of power?
  67. Question about triple screen setup connection
  68. Loading Screen issue / Frozescreen
  69. Question on wheel set up without pedals
  70. Configuration du PC correct mais le jeu est injouable
  71. [SOLVED] PC Update 4.0 - Game loading freezing and cause crash
  72. Track temperature bug?
  73. Visual bug, never seen before
  74. W10 v W7 problems, with logi-profiler
  75. Custom wheel not working
  76. Not solved game freezes- Restart game and problem is back.
  77. Why are there so many closed games all of a sudden?
  78. Gtx 960
  79. Perte du mode carrière
  80. Controller mode??
  81. Can we have camera control when choosing livery?
  82. Replay photos
  83. [SMS INVESTIGATING] Online qualifying bug
  84. Mouse pointer not visible
  85. FFB suddenly pushes the wheel on one side
  86. G920 feedback working most of the time, but not all the time. Advise please.
  87. Can I set disable or less strong FFB by tire wear?
  88. Game freezes when crashing into walls
  89. [Possible Bug] Has anyone got "Force Default Setups" to work?
  90. Ford Zackspeed missing liveries?!
  91. Black pixels flickering
  92. Time to upgrade
  93. Car Magnet/Glue Effect. Please fix.
  94. Is my G27 Dying ?
  95. 4K looks not right.
  96. [RESOLVED] the game does not start after patch 4
  97. Problem with brake temperature.
  98. Thrustmaster T300 how to calibrate?
  99. [KNOWN ISSUE] Wrong tires after pitstop
  100. Random freezing/stuttering since patch 4.0
  101. Car Controls dont work Online
  102. Online Join and leave issue
  103. Using external monitor causes heavy flickering (no 60hz option available)
  104. cant change video settings anymore help
  105. Project Cars Database V1.4.2 (Updated)
  106. Highlights UI broken on a Widescreen resolution
  107. [KNOWN] Stuck in Pit @ Nürburgring Sprint
  108. Unable to change view
  109. [ Solved ] R18 E-Tron Quattro hybrid sound ?
  110. Fanatec CSR Not Working In Game
  112. RUF RT12R Setup Typo and hits pit wall at Ruapuna
  113. PCARS 4.0 Fanatec GT3 RS V2 FFB Menu Bug
  114. Career - mandatory pit stop, and AI
  115. result glitch and replay glitch
  116. G27, No Clutch
  117. Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter not working with latest update
  118. Mirror - change size?
  119. ForceFeedback and controllersettings - loosing
  120. Telemetry HUD Adjustment
  121. Lights effects are broken with last Patch
  122. Starting career again for third time..help with updates
  123. GPU Usage
  124. CPU
  125. pCars doesn't remember DL- cars
  126. pit crew voice
  127. Car stopped on start-finish line (not at start)
  128. [SOLVED] Steering wheel stands skew since patch 4.0
  129. [SOLVED] Mojave tracks not working with Free Practice
  130. Major bug
  131. Wheel changes my tuning selection when wheel isn't at center
  132. Game Freezes Loading Server List
  133. Understanding AI strategy in QRW Solo
  134. Ruapuna freezes
  135. In Car Dispaly issues
  136. Probably not a bug, but my PC, but what is it?
  137. whats the best graphic settings for my PC please
  138. Accuforce wheel: two bugs in Pcars FFB
  139. Game starts to run slow
  140. Rev meter in external view wrong
  141. Triple Screen bug - colour loss (PC)
  142. Possibility to limit frames in replays?
  143. Game Activation Issue
  144. [ANSWERED] Not able to activate practice and qualifying during race weekend
  145. G27 weel and chatbox problem
  146. Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel Settings please?
  147. Screen Freeze
  148. Remapping wheel buttons to work in control settings
  149. Continuous Pitbox occupied Enduro Career mode
  150. AI In the Rain, and A Few UI Observations
  151. Great Universal FFB Settings All Cars/Wheels
  152. Wheel/pedals randomly stops working, seems connected to playing online?
  153. [SOLVED] Lancer problem after 4.0
  155. Replay screen blacked out permanently
  156. Thrustmaster T60
  157. CPU - GPU to play pCars dx9 and Ultra Settings??
  158. Online games shows only one game with players
  159. GTX 950 - Experiences?
  160. Pretty bad and very random FPS problem after downloading the new DLC pack...
  161. Weird shadows
  162. Has situation with AMD drivers changed?
  163. slow frame rate
  164. Some Tracks still not unlocking
  165. Subjective oriented FFB calibration guide
  166. Watkins Glen Not Loading
  167. Lotus 98T Custom Livery strange graphical behaviour or Bug?
  168. VR shadows are still broken
  169. Thrustmaster Driver Updates available
  170. Dubai Kartodrome FPS(?) issue
  171. Can my PC withstand this game?
  172. game crashing ..
  173. What is the best way to see FPS?
  174. [FFB] At last a bit of progress with the wheel ffb settings....
  175. Bad shadows (jaggies) in banner Aston LMP1 (cockpit/helmet cam).
  176. Logitech G920 FFB on P.C ***PLEASE HELP***
  177. Cars jumping and going away
  178. Windows 10 glitch in Pcars steam
  179. Caterham 7 Classic "lights" issue
  180. Best AMD chip for pcars?
  181. Low FPS when hosting a Race
  182. New Graphics card
  183. Personal best time
  184. Sound FX volume control makes no difference.
  185. Medium car detail graphical oddities
  186. Logic3 TopDrive GT racing wheel not detected (Wifi dongle)
  187. [ANSWERED] Our Free Cars?
  188. Help...run out of space
  189. BDbgFatal error every time i press start since updating to update 4.0 - HELP
  190. T500RS - Pedal Configuration Not Working
  191. Using the clutch breaks the clutch
  192. What was happened to graphic quality after patch 5.0?
  193. Pcars does not load after menu
  194. Sessions hangs when host retires from race first
  195. After using steam overlay controls (G27) sometimes no longer works
  196. Sometimes when I exit the pit during qualification the timer starts
  197. Cant disable assists when using realistic driving aid
  198. Problem with Nvidia Shadowplay.
  199. Help with AMD CPU!!!!!
  200. graphical problem
  201. Rolling starts + manual transmission oddness.
  202. XBOX360 Wireless racing wheel not working in game.
  203. £64,000 question
  204. Pagani Huayra - Flaps not working in replay
  205. Radiator and G27 issue
  206. Pagini Hayura flaps not realisitc - they both move at same time but not in reallife
  207. Huge problems after Windows 10 update
  208. Stationary grid appearing 2-3 laps after race start
  209. Caterham SP300 Monza GP issue
  210. General setup help please
  211. Compiling new system especially for Pcars
  213. Settings persistent across multiple user accounts
  214. BUG - Brake glow only from external cameras
  215. BUG - Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM
  216. Arm Angle? Can't find it. Need to loosen up my steering wheel.
  217. [BUG]? Pit on last lap
  218. Problems with Bodnar Wheel, anyone help ?
  219. [PC Bug] Random FPS drop on crash/jumping (apex or otherwise) on v5.0
  220. bug after patch5 on pc
  221. Steering Ratio problem
  222. pCars freezing after Overclock
  223. First track-load will result in rigid steering (low steering ratio)
  224. Caper Stock Car AI wet times at The Glen
  225. G27 stopped working during online race
  226. Confusing. (CPU and GPU usage)
  227. Game crashes while trying to continue career
  228. Should I go triple screens for PCars?
  229. "Unhandeled Exceptions" when trying to start the game since last update?
  230. G27 wheel - on it way out or need servicing?
  231. Help to get Nvidia Shadowplay to work
  232. Graphic issue?
  233. Game Crash
  234. Steering lock
  235. DFGT Wheel Settings - request for comments
  236. TH8A w/ TM wheel on PC -- USB only?
  237. Lost all my content! HELP?!
  238. Cars drive slow even at full throttle. But why?
  239. some minor things
  240. Leaderboard Database Error - Brands Hatch GP + Ginetta G40 Junior
  241. Logitech G920: Randomly gears & buttons stop working after patch 5
  242. No Throttle In Career Mode In Standing Start
  243. AI does not drive to pit after race
  244. Race stops to early
  245. AI overtaking after race finished effects positions
  246. Player gets intermediates when pitting in rainy weather
  247. Triple-monitor Issues?
  248. support mad catz force feedback for pc
  249. [SOLVED] No smooth picture -> 10-12FPS
  250. When displaying the "session time" version of lap times, delta often doesn't work