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  1. Infinite Loading, events won't start
  2. Fanatec CSR - FFB advice
  3. Car setup file manager
  4. Problem with Fanatec V2 pedals
  5. crash loading replay
  6. No force feedback on straight line
  7. Fanatec CSR and H-Shifter manual setup
  8. Triple-monitor HUD pitstop glitch
  9. lost career in bsod
  10. Game is loading ... stops for a short term ... loading again ... stops for ever ...
  11. [ANSWERED] Speedometer always using Kph?
  12. OS reinstall
  13. [ANSWERED] no fuel on pitstops GT3
  14. rolling start manual mode still has wrong timings
  15. Solo Race Loading forever and ever
  16. problem for public display matches
  17. OSW Wheel HID MMOS 0.99 not supported
  18. Graphic bug - screen freezing
  19. FFB LMP cars in career mode problem
  20. Soft Clip question
  21. Thrustmaster TX FFB Corruption
  22. Upload Bandwidth Problems
  23. Logitech G27 Brand New
  24. Installer program for Driving Force GT won't install.
  25. Cockpit Cam now in wrong place - centred for GT car
  26. Steering goes all crazy on me G27
  27. Which Graphics card needed to run triple 40 inch 4k screens
  28. Wheel Help
  29. T300 Steering lock
  30. Fanatec clubsport v1 parts
  31. Game freezing, and crashing when trying to select track in Free Practice
  32. Few little issues with the Japanese car DLC
  33. Settings Save Problems
  34. Blurred mirrors and instruments
  35. Qualifying result is not reflect for starting grid.
  36. Xbox 360 controller
  37. What have I messed up?
  38. [BUG] Favorite Location shows wrong icon
  39. [Bug] Shadow artifacts with Japanese cars
  40. [RESOLVED] the game doesn't start
  41. Thrustmaster RGT FFB Clutch - unhandled exception...
  42. How to force game to set visuals higher than ultra?
  43. Driver hands flickering
  44. Anyone using Driving Force EX on win 10?
  45. Random tracks missing
  46. FPS Drop
  47. Incorrect rear-view mirror and no cockpit view.
  48. matching visual settings with PS4
  49. [FIXED]Toyota 86 (incl.Toyota GT86 and Scion) rims and tyres sink into the tarmac
  50. Mojave Cougar Ridge T1 Waypoint Issue
  51. Project Cars help with install
  52. Display Problem
  53. Patch 5.0: big problem with wheel (Logitech G27)
  54. FPS and GPU temp in game
  55. How well will project cars run with this video card?
  56. Weird Crashing issue?
  57. G27 - Feedback always feels like I'm going to break the motor.
  58. Potentiometer T3pa pro issue
  59. Problens and suggestions
  60. Project cars promblem joining MP
  61. Problem with gameplay ?
  62. [BUG?] Engine "Starts" When Out of Fuel
  63. want up grade my graphics cards
  64. anyone crossfire with 2×R9290 oc
  65. W10 and Logitech Profiler
  66. Locked setups since patch 5.0
  67. World Movement Settings
  68. Driving Force Pro FFB Lag Spike/Glitch Issues
  69. Workaround stretched HUD (triple screen)
  70. Logitech Driving Force GT not working
  71. Gpu or CPU issues
  72. [SOLVED] Hardware Calibration - Need help please!
  73. Game Companion 2.4
  74. Any accuforce wheel users out there
  75. Graphical Glitch - Shadows bugged?
  76. Techy question re- CPU`s
  77. Project Cars - Trinus VR -
  78. Lowering the Detail of trees and Vegetation?
  79. Need help with thread.
  80. Free Practice - default fuel is low / discrepancy
  81. GeForce Experience question.
  82. F430 Wheel Problems
  83. Screen freeze but game is still running in the background (PC)
  84. Strange bug regarding set ups. PLEASE HELP
  85. blank banners?
  86. BMW 320 TC error
  87. So i just plugged a new 500RS to the Pc...
  88. Logitech Profiler for W10
  89. [solved]lost Savegame
  90. Invisible (but very solid) cars on grid
  91. PCARS Graphics issue
  92. Graphic problem
  93. G27 rattling on stand still and fast straights
  94. [SOLVED]PCars FFB driver for Thrustmaster T100 Wheel
  96. Menu buttons don't change colour on hover, then black screen when clicked
  97. New PC transfering data setups and game progess
  98. Opciones graficas
  99. [SOLVED] Start - Crash - Start - Crash - Loop
  100. TH8A/TH8RS Shifter As A Handbrake
  101. Lotus 49 race - AI pits without need for pitting
  102. Nice update as always
  103. Different resolution with different shortcuts, it possible?
  104. Any way to change the menu navigation assignments?
  105. Clean Install: Reset FOV Help
  106. Missing helmet on helmet cam
  107. "Optimierung der Bildstabilität"
  108. Why IA is so slow at each start of race ?
  109. Le Mans framerate +/-50fps
  110. fanatec gt3rs wheel calibration
  111. Disable Sector Split Popup Times?
  112. Gallery full
  113. Watkins Glen Pitstop Issue
  114. [SOLVED] G27 wheel rotation problem
  115. Triple monitor setup questions
  116. Logitech Driving Force GT - Pedals (at least throttle) sometimes suddenly do not work
  117. [RESOLVED] Odd Graphics Issues
  118. AI Pitlane Bug @ Cadwell GP
  119. Weird AI Issue - AI Loves the Pitlane
  120. Can not start Project Cars
  121. DFGT ffb too heavy
  122. Steam Controller Issues
  123. FFB Gain glitch
  124. D I R E C T X 12
  125. Hockenheim bad ramerates
  126. T500 gear up paddle not clicking anymore
  127. loading track causes crash
  128. multiplayer server always empty
  129. Fanatec GT3 v2 lot of Problems
  130. Game freeze and crash
  131. Pit Box Occupied - Parked when passing box as if in practice.
  132. FFB wobble left to right while driving in a straight line
  133. 3 numbers above the tire on telemetry hud?
  134. Multiscreen Support and/or tutorial
  135. BUG: Serious car setup issue
  136. Stuck in the pits
  137. game crashes since latest small patch
  138. Flickering display since Creative Soundblaster Z installed
  139. Oulton Park Island Multiplayer - Clios
  140. Spa pit lane, offline race: other cars rush through my car
  141. Thrustmaster T150 problem
  142. force feedback is shaking in the middle [G27]
  143. Is Crossfire Performance fixed ?
  144. Light steering with steer without force feedback
  145. Wierd Light "Speckling"
  146. Weird artifacts at Silverstone
  147. GT3 RS v2 FFB clipping when steering
  148. [KNOWN ISSUE] Project Cars helmetview error?
  149. heusinkveld pedals and pcars on pc?
  150. DD - OSW or LeoBodnar?
  151. G25 randomly stops working in-game
  152. T300 gte. 900º rotation never matches virtual wheel
  153. 2015_FFB_1 file
  154. AMD releases new Crimson Edition Graphics Driver
  155. Import 3D model in game?
  156. Host migration fails - related to timed races?
  157. Game keeps crashing all the time with some cars
  158. Keyboard steering too slow
  159. In Time Trial - selected ghost not showing + "race over" sign @ start
  160. I got car reflections on my speedometer (the digital one) hud
  161. Logitech G27 issue-Wheel lagging ingame
  162. Black Screen on startup
  163. Save Transfer
  164. [Solved] Screen issue after updating to Win10
  165. XB1 Controller Impulse Triggers?
  166. Mouse curser disappeared?
  167. [YES] It is possible to use the Project Cars in 144hz ???
  168. Will the replay TV broadcast cam stutter ever be fixed?
  169. Lotus Type 51 Missing driver animation
  170. [Career] Qualifying results not saved
  171. Logitech G27 problem
  172. Zero to hero goal bug
  173. LOGITECH Driving Force G920 Question ( anyone with one would be appreciated. )
  174. Rouen Les Essars graphical bug
  175. [Bug] Photo mode camera does not move sometimes
  176. Random bluescreens/pc freezing/driver crashing
  177. [SOLVED] Issue getting Lotus DLC
  178. White dots on the edges of objects
  179. BUG REPORT Downshifting in manual shifted cars (H-Shift)
  180. [HELP] Fanetec Clubsport v3 pedals not working on PC
  181. [Solved] No access to any MP-Session
  182. setting up g25 newbie
  183. Accelerator and Brake not working together (Logitech G27)
  184. wheel slamming to one side
  185. Steam Project CARS no work
  186. Thrustmaster 458 Italia Wheel: does it work with this game?
  187. UDP settings - easy explanation? - what for? - which one to choose?
  188. best graphics card?
  189. no wheel control when starting with mouse/keyboard
  190. PC HELP
  191. Missing part from helmet cam
  192. Project Cars Pictures and Vids
  193. Thrustmaster T3PA vs T3PA-PRO Pedals?
  194. In game chat full of bug
  195. White FFB, Multiplayer combo listing
  196. Strange car rendering
  197. T500 FFB - Spring and damper to 0?
  198. Trustmaster 16000 M Joystick Setup Help
  200. Road America not charging
  201. [Solved] Weird issue. (360 controller not working with x64 pCARS)
  202. All car settings lost
  203. Using the PC-version offline without updates?
  204. [KNOWN ISSUE] Garage car not remembered
  205. BUG - UI is broken when downscaling (Nvidia DSR)
  206. Hitting Invisible Wall Bug - Replicatable
  207. Lagging at menus
  208. My last name is too rude for the profanity filter
  209. Issues at practice/qualifying: Wheel yanks hard left at start of race
  210. Weird steering glitch in Mercedes SLS [Bug]
  211. TX Racing Wheel and ClubSport v3 Pedals
  212. T150 Strange bug?
  213. monitor choices / input lag / 120 or 144
  214. [SOLVED] Only the audio without video at start
  215. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSP v3 not recognised
  216. [Help] Issue with braking using Fanatec clubsport V3
  217. Game Crash - Player Leaving Server - BDbgFatal, Unhandled Exception
  218. G27, questions,,
  219. correct angle for triples and over all width
  220. [RESOLVED] Xbox 360 controller with today's patch
  221. a new patch for ffb ?
  222. Game Stutters and Freezes After Patch 7
  223. TrackIR stopped working after Patch 7.0 [SOLUTION]
  224. My Brake pedal of my T300 is scratching(dry) when i push on it, please help
  225. [Fixed] AMD AA Performance Issue
  226. Tyres unrealistically slippery since last update
  227. G25 with a burnt motor
  228. pedal movement advice..
  229. Career Mode - 90% of races have rain
  230. Freeze short career with AMD Tri R9 290 x Oc
  231. G29 help with patch 7.0
  232. Freeze short career with AMD Tri R9 290 x Oc
  233. No blue flags for AI?
  234. [RESOLVED] Since 7.0 update, gear jumps to 3rd gear at race start
  235. No accept button in the email?
  236. IS it worth getting the accuforce wheel over CSWv2 ?
  237. Can't look left or right
  238. Went from AMD to Nvidia. ....
  239. The STIG loosing it ?
  240. Thinking of new GPU
  241. Disconnections now even in Timetrial
  242. [SOLVED] Non linear pedals
  243. After patch 7.0 muilti player handling issuses
  244. Cinematic walkthrough of vehicles before race deactivated??
  245. New user, T500 Random issue
  246. Project cars drops fps Occasionally
  247. Less rain-spray THUNDERSTORM
  248. AI blatantly and shamelessly cheating on strategy
  249. 0xc000007b
  250. Lost career again..what a bore