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  1. FPS problems
  2. Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro Brake sensitivity
  3. Fps problem
  4. Debug error when starting the game | Debug error beim Spielstart
  5. Only Helmet and Behind Car cam show the track and car
  6. Going from AMD to Nvidia.....cross my fingers
  7. Gear change animation with manual transmissions and H shifter glitchy
  8. [KNOWN ISSUE] Bug: grey screen when pitting superkart at Donington, Oulton Park
  9. Speeding Replays Issue, on the PC
  10. Car clips the pit wall at Hockenheim
  11. is there an issue with shadows?
  12. installaion problem
  13. Opposite lock difficult to wind off, que ensuing tank slap...please help
  14. First time on FFB (TM T300RS) - feels not smoother
  15. [solved] - strange texture issue? (bloom = bad for me)
  16. game doesn't reconize wheel anymore
  17. Few things/bugs (Dip/flip and event AIDS)
  18. Various Track Bugs
  19. Crimson Beta: Huge Performance Gain?
  20. Liveries in replays
  21. Renault RS01 Hood Cam Bug
  22. 1511 - Fed up with Win10
  23. Open Letter to SMS (MP disconnect issue)
  24. Renault Alpine loss of control
  25. A different kind of lag - cpu related?
  26. Anyone else is having problems with their throttle? (t500rs)
  27. Aniso problem !?
  28. How could I play PCars with my AMD setup?
  29. problem with driving force gt
  30. [SOLVED] No FFB when car stopped
  31. Any proper PC Graphics Settings guide ?
  32. Trees shaking
  33. Best profile settings for AMD Crimson Software(aka old CCC) for the game?
  34. [ffb] lack of distinction between shifting weight to front axel, loss of traction and
  35. Realistic color mod
  36. Does PCars work with fanatec pedals v3?
  37. driving force gt wheel
  38. Porblème T100
  39. unhandeld exception makes it unable to play
  40. Maybe a Problem Maybe not...
  42. 2 Monitor Setup
  43. [RESOLVED] 60FPS
  44. Does Windows 10 still gives a GPS boost on Radeons?
  45. Monitor upgrade, now game not playing in resolution specified
  46. Spiel stürzt beim Start ab.
  47. Xbox One wireless controller not working
  48. Nvidia driver downgrade graphics in pCars!
  49. Lost Saved Games (Steam Version)
  50. [RESOLVED] Technical assistance please: All working, except for throttle
  51. Odd Flashing Barriers
  52. In game FXAA vs Nvidia CP FXAA which is better?
  53. Thrustmaster Spider
  54. driving force gt pedals
  55. Will a single gtx970 push 1080+ 120hz or better?
  56. Incorrect default controller setup after reinstall
  57. Driving Force GT
  58. Thrustmaster TH8A PC
  59. Is Logitech Driving Force GT Working?
  60. Point of View changes
  61. No Brake glow
  62. [RESOLVED] Can't join and other glitches
  63. TX 458 connection issues
  64. Screen frooze
  65. Race position changes during race without any obvious reason
  66. Project cars issue
  67. Game lose contact with wheel all the time
  68. Project CARS resets the desktop background
  69. [KNOWN ISSUE] Qualifying Postition BUG
  70. [SOLVED] Game Process Loop (Opens, then closes, then opens, repeat)
  71. [ffb] can someone confirm what pcars sets g27 profiler strength to?
  72. [ANSWERED] How to display frame rate
  73. Logitech G920 Issues?
  74. [SOLVED] DS9X problem antialiasing on AMD 290 tri- x
  75. T500 FFB Settings please
  76. Game crashed on multiplayer
  77. Project CARS will not load tracks
  78. Windows Sounds resetting
  79. [SOLVED] Crash when I try to play with custom car skin
  80. For DFGT Wheel Users (PC)
  81. Thrustmaster 458 Spider Wheel for Xbox One on PC
  82. Low FPS
  83. 34" 21:9 or larger 16:9 1080/4K
  84. G920 Wheel calibration and reverse gear.
  85. PC Camera Controls
  86. how do i keep same car for each race series
  87. [ANSWERED] Saved replays.
  88. Triple Screen and GTX970 4GB, is GPU-Z correct for VRAM values?
  89. [SOLVED]: pCars doesn't start anymore
  90. BenQ monitor and GT Omega Cockpit.
  91. BMW V12 LMR Graphics Problem
  92. Trouble on multiplayer
  93. Questions setting up PC
  94. Thrustmaster clutch pedal problems
  95. Can't access career mode: Array index out of range error
  96. Multiplayer bug for Silverstone classic.
  97. Looking to buy new Steering Wheel - Advice
  98. [RESOLVED] t500rs accelarator pedal not being recognised ingame
  99. The game blocking when are loading Circuit
  100. Do we know the exact PS4 GFX settings?
  101. Car collides with wall when exiting the pit at Zolder, control given back too late
  102. Personal settings are gone
  103. G920 pedals Insantly 100%
  104. [SOLVED] Fanatec CSR can't look left or right
  105. Problem with project Cars not recognising my pedals properly
  106. Possible Solutions for Crash/hang/stutter/exception errors
  107. Pcars Bad performance during rainy weather
  108. [KNOWN ISSUE] bug report, track ir5 drifts with Pcars under win10
  109. Any way to switch on 3D mode with out VR device?
  110. T300RS Buttons in the Menus? on PC
  111. Nvidia Shadow Striping???
  112. Trackhat / TrackIR
  113. Two issues... help please (Wheel/Pedals and starting minimized)
  114. Lobby chat not working in server?
  115. Graphics options DSR
  116. Logitech G25 Not Working in Multiplayer !
  117. I can drive in online mode (internet) - but not in single player mode
  118. G29
  119. Soft clip ?
  120. Unhandled Exception
  121. Kaspersky Antivirus interruption during play
  122. need advice about asus z 97 - a purchase
  123. What happened to the windscreen banner of the 300SEL?
  124. Thrustmaster T100 Calibration Issues on PC
  125. g29
  126. Unable to turn off penalties
  127. All cars rev immediately to redline after 2nd gear
  128. FXAA low/med/high
  129. 2 Questions. Not complaints
  130. [Solution] Few secs black screen while ingame
  131. Acme Monza wheel
  132. Rumble triggers on PC
  133. Strange issues after a fresh install
  134. FFB understeer effect - which setting??
  135. To v-sync or not to v-sync? That is the topic.
  136. Career inbox messages not completely shown
  137. Graphic Settings *Can i go lower?*
  138. Proper Triple Screen Support
  139. Leaderboard Issue
  140. Rear ARB assignments bug
  141. [SOLVED] Soft-lock & Auto Centre Broken for T300
  142. Project cars and trinus vr
  143. Lost Connection to the Multiplayer Session
  144. [BUG] Photo mode does not pause playback during in-game replay
  145. Cars somewhat uncontrollable using a logitech f310 controller
  146. how to reduce video size ?
  147. Driving normally in pit with engine failure
  148. Race Result Screwed Up
  149. Wheel lag
  150. Thrustmaster T80 | Pedals used as buttons, not axes?! FIX? PC
  151. Freezes during gameplay(offline on pc)
  152. G27 - rotation degrees
  153. [RESOLVED] Unplayable (crashes and glitches)
  154. Thrustmaster T100 Force feedback - finally got feedback working under Windows 10
  155. G27 Wheel not working. Calibrating question.
  156. Twoofspades's G27 settings
  157. Full lock G29
  158. Typical day of Project Bugs
  159. Need help with The specifications of G27 power supply
  160. Can any of the PC guys give me advice on buying a PC
  161. New Player -- Couple question for PC
  162. What is the difference between Standard FFB and Classic FFB ?
  163. Disable arms/wheel doesn't work as expected
  164. G27 brake pedal issue
  165. Windows 10 & Nvidia Triple Screen Issue
  166. internal visual more brightness than external...
  167. cant join multiplayer Project cars
  168. [Solved] Project Cars won't launch after update
  169. PCars forgetting my controller settings
  170. Mass disconnects still very much happening.
  171. Patch 8.0 multiplayer server list issue
  172. Need help with Nvidia 3D manager settings
  173. Swapping interior for exterior engine sounds Is it possible?
  174. Steering problems...
  175. Project Cars Pet Hates
  176. Post Patch 8.0 Mouse Problem
  177. G29 wheel buttons mapping?
  178. Project Cars Clutch- G27
  179. Post patch 8 - obligatory pitstop bug
  180. Is there a way to copy my FFB setting to ALL my cars in one go?
  181. Project Cars crashing on launch
  182. Starts and runs but cannot open window. Crashes/restarts
  183. Unable to get G27 wheel working post-format...
  184. Game crashes with blackscreen
  185. Problem g920 pc
  186. Game will not save my wheel and pedal configurations, any help appreciated
  187. Career mode: Wrong Car Number
  188. PS4 settings to PC
  189. Multiplayer "practice" save replay question?
  190. Driver Swap, with Other Drivers
  191. [SOLVED] Game crashes when loading track in career-mode
  192. Game Crashes when loading the race, works fine in the menus.
  193. No ffb OSW since last release patch8
  194. The mighty endless loading circle...
  195. FFB Settings With Wheelcheck (German)
  196. Advice required which PC would you choose (if any)?
  197. How do you stream a Server event?
  198. g29 feels notchy
  199. (980TI + I76700K) VS (980TI + I52500K)
  200. Get setting config files
  201. PC gamepad input freezes
  202. [RESOLVED] I'm lost
  203. Stance works dlc ?
  204. Game enters and becomes stuck in startup loop - Win7 x64, Steam
  205. Logitech G29 not showing up
  206. Stuck on Developer Splash screen
  207. Fanatec CSP v3 Vibrations through USB with a G25 wheel
  208. Problem with rotation angle in multiplayer
  209. New TV Question...for PC
  210. What happened to the CTRL+F "Free cam"?
  211. Stancework DLC: can not save setup
  212. Replay graphics detail different than race?
  213. Issue: T300 wheel tears to one side
  214. Right rear tyre bug (multiplatform)
  215. Anyone with Leo Bodnar?
  216. 8.1 patch?
  217. Simvibe Sim Commander 4 settings for Project Cars
  218. Is this odd bug known already ?
  219. Stanceworks 2002 BMW and G27 shifting problem
  220. Game not launching. I think I've tried everything!
  221. Strange noise on start up.
  222. Server ID codes?
  223. Logitech G29 doesn't works, HELP!!
  224. Moved Steam to new drive, lost my replays
  225. Wheel Properties Resetting
  226. Is there a way to increase font size of the driver names?
  227. Engine hesitation when accelerating...
  228. Side collision bug report!
  229. Thrustmaster Problem
  230. Sensation of speed
  231. G25 ffb settings
  232. Audi R8 problem in Nordschleife
  233. Fanatec H Shifter
  234. Sim racing hardware discussion
  235. [RESOLVED] Something like... lags
  236. It looks like my gpu just died
  237. Unhandled Exception when Joining server/clicking the server browser
  238. I get always stutter and Tearing at stable 60FPS, vsync setting ignored
  239. Lost All DLC Srtups & Can't Save New Setups
  240. Wheel Button Config File? For basic in game movement...
  241. Paid Server services saying they do not have an update.
  242. Return to Desktop and crash on some tracks
  243. I've gone and purchased a 4K TV
  244. BMW 2002 SW driver hand model issue
  245. Can't save car set ups (Fixed)
  246. Time Warp effect in quick solo race....*SKILL TESTING*
  247. Linux Support
  248. Stuck on loading screen
  249. Bug in MP Spectator?
  250. G27 issues, just cannot figure this out!