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  1. Project Cars has stopped working after few minutes of work!
  2. TH8A Shifter Sequential mode parallel to paddles
  3. Every car reading as 900 degree??
  4. Advise on CPU or GPU upgrade
  5. Logitech G920 racing wheel spasses
  6. New Bug with 9.0 - game crashing- time trial
  7. force feedback to reverse this?
  8. Project Cars in 4K Mouse Issue
  9. Error after update, please help!
  10. California Highway Full road problems
  11. Game crashes right after start - BDbgFatal line 125 menutextures.bff
  12. Project Cars closed, but keeps running in steam library
  13. Will pCARS support this high resolution?
  14. Singleplayer driving aids have an influence to Multiplayer games
  15. Shadows bug
  16. Thrustmaster Steering Wheel Input Deadzone
  17. Pc advice please
  18. No Splash Screen Steam verson
  19. The game does not save my car setups
  20. [SOLVED] Fanatec CSW V2 "NUMB" after new install
  21. GTX 980ti SLI Tripple Screen 1440P
  22. Telemetry Hud vs Fps
  23. Continual Disconnects During Time Trial Mode
  24. [NO CHAT] PC online disconnects (MP, TT) - report here
  25. FFB Bug - Weird Telemetry
  26. [Resolved] i5-6600k vs i7-6700k for pCars
  27. Flicker vs Flicker trade off solution?
  28. Game screen size
  29. Edit Assignments
  30. [SOLVED] Game stuck at intro screen (showing 'made in creative uk',)
  31. [RESOLVED] PC Menu Glitch
  32. Different sensitivity on same car but different track [GT3 RUF]
  33. Not saving setup.
  34. [SOLVED] Bug since newest update
  35. Monza pop-up
  36. Nvidia MFAA - does it work with PC
  37. Will online chat be fixed in next patch
  38. My Online\ Create Game options are locked?? Help Please.
  39. How to get rid of this
  40. [SOLVED] Game crashes when render is called.
  41. [RESOLVED] Game not launching correctly (PC)
  42. Lag when playing on TV
  43. Cockpit view RUF RGT8 GT3 & A M GTE problem
  44. [Answered] Ferris Wheel on Sakitto MIA
  45. Connecting race rooms and data sharing
  46. 3x 24" G-Sync Surround Setup on one GTX 980 TI
  47. increasing the pressure in the tires
  48. Can't look around?
  49. Thrustmaster T80 on PC
  50. Brightness bug & bumpercam bug (Sakitto GP & Renault RS 01)
  51. Screen Tearing, VSync, fps capped
  52. Can one of the Devs please fix this LOD problem....
  53. Buggy first-person reflections
  54. Bug - Ford Capri Zakspeed
  55. Thrustmadter ferrari GT doesnt have FFB?
  56. [RESOLVED] White blocks at rouen circuit
  57. Thrustmaster T500 RS T3PA Pro pedal accelerator pedal issue
  58. Car upshifts to 6th after leaving AI control
  59. Can I delete the PDB files?
  60. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSR Wheel Base V2 + CSR V3 Pedals unresponsive
  61. Career and Settings Disappeared?
  62. My G25 is haunted
  63. Project Cars + Steam Controller
  64. [RESOLVED] Can't select anything because the selection box constantly pulls downward
  65. Audio clipping
  66. My pad won't work in Pcars?
  67. Name is censored?
  68. Weird graphics with Cadillac
  69. Thrustmaster TX wheel FFB help please?
  70. Problems with Steering Wheel/Driver's Hands in Cockpit View?
  71. Xbox Controller Disconnects?!
  72. T500RS Endless Calibration (and something broken?)
  73. Fanatec V3 pedals and Logitech G25 Wheel
  74. G27 linearity ( noob question)
  75. Very annoying experience.
  76. Game is very slow to close (5+ minutes)
  77. Heading over to PC, upgrade wheel question.
  78. My feeling on SoP
  79. Headtracking and movement inside the car
  80. Configuring Logitech G27 wheel again :/
  81. Logitech DF GT pedals not working
  82. No more cockpit vieuws indycar and Corvette C7.
  83. Steam and Project Cars
  84. No save of setup all car DLC US
  85. no steam ?
  86. track records
  87. Steering ratio issue ?
  88. Dallara Indycar Issue
  89. [ANSWERED] project cars pc patch 9.0 problem
  90. Did anyone use logitech G29 to play Project Cars?
  91. Question for you PC Gamers.
  92. What setting disables the effect that makes the car to sway?
  93. Off track and braking crazy lag (ffb is already at 0)
  94. [RESOLVED] looking around in cockpit view doesnt work
  95. Black screen for non host upon transition from practice to race
  96. Steering wheel shaking and too sensitive
  97. anyone know how to map the mouse control
  98. G27 ratio change mid game
  99. hi guys i need help with mapping the controls for using TRINUS (vr streaming
  100. Looking for T300 settings for PC please.
  101. Unable to play Career
  102. Meaning of Arm Angle (SpindleArm)?
  103. Probleme avec le code steam
  104. whats up with random controls not react now?
  105. Direct X 12
  106. Controls not working (Multiplayer)
  107. PCars will not start
  108. wmd_symbol_cache ??
  109. How can i get a new steam code?
  110. Anyone else having the Monza Glitch?
  111. Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM
  112. My surname is censored in career mode.
  113. [FIX IN PATCH 10.2] Views with Headtracking broken?
  114. Corrupted view until camera cycled through
  115. New on PC gaming with wheel. TM Control panel?
  116. Persistent microstuttering - have tried EVERYTHING!
  117. Display errors causing Project Cars to crash
  118. Logitech G920 Wheel + TH8RS Thrusmaster Shifter : does it work fine in Project Cars ?
  119. Low fps garage
  120. suggestions?
  121. Replay bug
  122. [RESOLVED] HUGE FFB problem, wheel locks when stopped, every car
  123. Wheel over sensitive in online races
  124. [RESOLVED] Project Cars kills internet.
  125. Lotus 49c - Can't save setups
  126. Freeze on Panorama Madness Event 25hr
  127. CD Key for PC during a reinstall is not working
  128. ProjectCARS and a joypad? Is it a possible combination in any sense?
  129. Mouse not right on racing lobby
  130. Lap Info Window
  131. [RESOLVED] Patch 10 - Graphics Corruption
  132. Good Settings for using Xbox 360 Controller?
  133. AA and patch 10
  134. pCARS not loading
  135. G27 Help Please
  136. Steam offline when start project cars... only pCars others games no problem
  137. Stuck on the Grid
  138. triple screen setup
  139. Stuck on Track Loading Screen, Single or Multiplayer [RESOLVED]
  140. [PC] Can't chat in online lobby after starting race
  141. G29 with TH8RS
  142. reversed / inverted FFB on Iris dynamics
  143. [KNOWN ISSUE] TrackIR issues
  144. Spa Francorchamps Track Bug Around Courbe Paul Frere
  145. Just spent last 3 hrs figuring out optical output
  146. Driving force GT help
  147. Random weather in several slots
  148. Mouse issues
  149. Game won't start
  150. Thrustmaster TX leather edition problem
  151. Random Steering Wheel Shaking
  152. No life in Project Cars
  153. Need help with VAC
  154. [RESOLVED] PC wont boot up when wheel is plugged in USB.
  155. Juddering at 60 fps
  156. T500 massive clipping even with low FFB?
  157. Any idea how to limit pedal output?
  158. Simvibe, Butt Kicker, Pcars and Oculus.
  159. [ESC] Where is the exit game button now?
  160. [KNOWN] Names & Positions on-line not appearing since patch
  161. [Fixed] Broken TIR support
  162. Locked in windowed mode :(
  163. Possible solution on stuck on loading race issue (Win 10 64 bit)
  164. Project Cars always crash with Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch
  166. Question Regarding Graphic settings
  167. Will Saitek Farming Simulator steering Wheel work in project cars
  168. [ANSWERED] Saving tunes help
  169. GPU Usage is 40%-60% w/ Vsync Off
  170. Uninstalled Oculus, graphics stuck in red/cyan "3d" mode
  171. Graphics settings reset and all tunes back to default with VR patch
  172. Black screens after playing for a while
  173. [RESOLVED] Time attack timer not starting 9 times out of 10
  174. Force Feedback Setup Sheet
  175. car wont move after stopping on track PC steam
  176. Timer since last Patch for PC totally broken
  177. Thrustmaster TX FFB on PC
  178. Losing my edited button settings.
  179. New to Triple Screens: does running SLI disable Physx from running on the GFX?
  180. [SOLVED] pCARS changes Windows theme color on launch
  181. Unable to Save Data
  182. Texture flicker, nvidia GTX960
  183. Multiplayer and Wheel problem
  184. Freeze after race
  185. Full rev on all gears bu almost no acceleration, anyone?
  186. Red and yellow flicker on car chassis
  187. Incorrect Fuel Strategy
  188. Zuhai + Toyota TS040 --> gear shifting issue
  189. Windows timer resolution
  190. G27 steering wheel HELP!!!
  191. Clubsport V3 Pedals Rumble
  192. changing back to 'in car' view on the Rift
  193. Visual settings - sweet spot with GTX970
  194. G920 - constantly fighting.
  195. Quickly access profile
  196. Sakitto GP crashing the desk top
  197. Can't look around the car with right analog
  198. Steam is having trouble connecting to Steam servers
  199. 2 issues with T500RS, can anyone help?
  200. black screen
  201. G27 USB add on shifter not working properly only in PCars
  202. [SOLVED] Q:0000065450 - Application load error
  203. Nvidia VRworks support?
  204. Bug: No engine sound in replay if fuel tank is empty
  205. So you fixed the X button, but somehow missed the bigger problem
  206. [RESOLVED] udp problem:(
  207. Clubsport V3 Pedal Brake Jerkiness
  208. Thrustmaster Control Panel settings
  209. [UDP] PCarsTT
  210. Open Project cras on secundary screen
  211. [RESOLVED] Stuck in Windows mode
  212. Default position of seat.
  213. [RESOLVED] mouse pointer missing (fullscreen mode) v10.1 upwards
  214. problem with text chat in mp
  215. Problem in Main Screen
  216. Problems with all the cars
  217. Cant launch project cars.
  218. Thrustmaster T300 help needed
  219. Need some advice on a new Build
  220. [ANSWERED] Patch 10.1 Release Notes - World shadows
  221. Problem with the Corvette
  222. G920 Help needed! Wheel shaking while stationary (PC)
  223. Graphics performance drop after patch 10.2
  224. [RESOLVED] Full screen mode
  225. Can't calibrate g-27
  226. fanatec shifter on the pc
  227. Project CARS starts minimized
  228. Experience with Gigabyte GTX980G1, 4GB in 2-way SLI configuration?
  229. Clutch too sensitive
  230. Project cars weird blurry image effect after I changed graphics options. Please HELP
  231. Experiencing minor graphical glitches now - worked okay last night
  232. Will my Joystick Logitech G940+Pedals, work as controler here as it does in I-Racing?
  233. i5 vs. i7 - Is it Worth a Change?
  234. No tracks in Quick Race Weekend *Fixed it*
  235. My G27 seems crazy, how to fix the rebound around the center?
  236. [No] Possible to downgrade game version?
  237. The game doesn't open on all screen
  238. Game crashing when someone leaves multiplayer lobby.
  239. R440 problem
  240. [SOLVED]Fanatec throttle stops working after 1.5min, restart session lets it go again
  241. Driver issues with Nvidia Vulkan runtime
  242. Does anyone use a dual core CPU? And/or a 4890?
  243. Driving Force Pro - Settings (General & FFB)
  244. First race good, second race stuttering, third race unplayable
  245. [ANSWERED] Car wont go after stopping for any reason
  246. Soundstuttering Multiplayer PC
  247. How would a AMD Radeon R9 390 8mb do?
  248. Clubsport V3 Pedal No Brake Vibration
  249. Predefined deadzone makes steering with controller impossible
  250. Controller setup location / folder?