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  1. 3DVision is broken !
  2. Invisible objects/cars on track.
  3. Ruapuna translation error
  4. Does -pthreads 4 help?
  5. Loosing Speed at the same point on Tracks
  6. FFB settings for T300RS that makes it feel like on PS4
  7. G27 permanently uncentered (only in PCars)
  8. AI going every Lap into the Pit
  9. [RESOLVED] Steam Redemption Code Message
  10. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION only with my wheel
  11. [ANSWERED] No Soft Lock With Spring Off in CP - T500RS
  12. Steam Server Error
  13. Driver Graphics
  14. [INVESTIGATING] Project CARS GOTY cannot be purchased from steam
  15. Bought GOTY but I am missing Pagani Nürburgring Combined Track Expansion
  16. TM TX in-game steering lock
  17. T300rs feels different.
  18. New Bug since last patch
  19. The all new updated PCars Car Database II v2.03 is here for Mac and Windows
  20. Road America crashs
  21. Best Xbox controller settings?
  22. Setups not saving?
  23. Game doesnt start
  24. Game mysteriously dies
  25. Help?? Fanatec pedal v3 throttle rumble
  26. G27 and connecting to multiplayer sessions
  27. LeoBodnar users help please
  28. Known Bug? Button #1
  29. Thrustmaster TMX for XBox One and PC
  30. Game crashing my PC
  31. Classic vs default FFB?
  32. Please developers, fix this bugs!
  33. system freeze racing at Bathurst (was: project cars)
  34. MSI GL72 - Black Screen on Launch
  35. [solved] How to figure out current in-game time?
  36. Thrustmaster T150 No Enter Button in Menu
  37. Game crash in blue screen
  38. [NO] Do you need a DVD drive?
  39. TrackIR freezing sim at startup and not working
  40. [RESOLVED] GOTY - strange installation & cannot use career mode
  41. AI running out of fuel!!!
  42. [FFB and GLOBAL settings?] Fanatec CSW V2 +CSP V2 and CSP V3
  43. [ANSWERED] Miss a Mercedes car in my garage
  44. Thrustmaster F430 is not work very well
  45. T300 RS Not Calibrating?
  46. nVidia 365.19 driver
  47. PCARS freezing during loading
  48. FFB is horrible in this game...
  49. Changing my Forum name
  50. [RESOLVED] the crowd/spectators missing,please help
  51. Merzedes A45 AMG rear lights not' working' on AI-Car?
  52. Flat Tire Problem in Some Cars
  53. pCars FFB settings for OSW IONI user?
  54. Cannot turn down track details since last week - Help
  55. Bugreport / Coordination - Nordschleife combined (PC) - out lap not counted
  56. Logitech G25 Questions
  57. T500RS button stuck, cant invert petals
  58. Micro stuttering and Scenery Judder - Two cures on my system!!!
  59. Using the Numeric Keypad on PC
  60. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CS Pedals v2 with G25 Wheel
  61. DSR 4K or Ingame downsampling?
  62. Career Save Deleted
  63. Searching for Help- OSW Lenze FFB settings...
  64. Saved car setups
  65. Deadzone issue
  66. Matrox Triplehead2go issue
  67. Blue Screen by using Fanatec GT3 RS Wheel & Fanatec Club Sport Pedals on PC
  68. [Solved] New SSD had to reinstall pCARS - "failed to save the data" message
  69. Screen Settings Keep Resetting
  70. Extreme CPU usage in main menu ?
  71. [RESOLVED] Replays not available?
  72. Can't join or create MP games after use of mods. ( even if desactivated )
  73. [RESOLVED] No sound on my headphone
  74. Game Crashes when using R9 290X in crossfire, anything newer than 15.7.1 Drivers
  75. RPM drop --> RESOLVED
  76. skype cut the sound
  77. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ 360 front brakes?
  78. Force feedback twitching at high speeds?
  79. Game Data Intermittently Disappearing
  80. Problem with logitech g25
  81. G29 Progressive Spring in G27
  82. Wheel Problem (no pCars, just need help in general)
  83. [RESOLVED] Never touch a running system. desperate because of Problems with G27
  84. Shadows problem!
  85. T300 sensor housing broken
  86. [RESOLVED] track noIR
  87. g290 pedals wrong way round
  88. [RESOLVED] Game does not save graphic settings
  89. [RESOLVED] Shadow Anti Aliasing Distance
  90. [SELF SOLVED] Car is invisible now after editing hud. Can't bring it back.
  91. Can I use old "Guillemot Force Feedback Racing Wheel" ?
  92. TRACK IR 5 not working
  93. Crashing when trying to go online
  94. Weather Transistion Does Not Work
  95. Help to Calibrate G27 Nixim Brake Mod
  96. Bug: Formula A - Azure Circuit
  97. New to gaming, new install on PC from disc
  98. DFGT Steering Angle Problem
  99. Saving setups
  100. [RESOLVED with patch 11.1] 100% CPU-load on all cores
  101. [G920] Logitech G920 disconnects and reconnects randomly
  102. [RESOLVED] Bug Quick Selection Track in Free Run menu
  103. Corner cut penalty on exit pitlane ( Azure circuit )
  104. Really need help with this - [No help needed!]
  105. ADJUST HUD when using DSR?
  106. Huge deadzone on brake
  107. T500 - Clamp going to break
  108. 3440x1440 Ultra-wide 980ti performance (as I'm thinking of grabbing a 1070)
  109. Save game gone.
  110. [RESOLVED] No picture
  111. PC vs console
  112. GTX 1080 with triple monitors and simultaneous multi projection question.
  113. 5.1 not working with latest builds
  114. Logitech G29 wheel weird issue
  115. Is AI Tire Wear Scripted in Career Mode?
  116. Freeze when online racing
  117. impossible to launch game
  118. CPU usage climbing, failures showing, what dies this mean!
  119. Incorrect Race Length "Tri-Nations 1000 LMP Endurance"
  120. t300 power up! quick one.
  121. Help with racing wheel/pedals from Hama
  122. Glitches in online league.
  123. Thrustmaster t80 Windows 10
  124. Fanatec firmware 756 win10
  125. Monitor/graphics card question.
  126. Logitech G920? Settings? Keep Spinning out?
  127. How to fix severe fps decrease in Project Cars following virus removal
  128. [SOLVED] Trackir wont work
  129. Telemetry assignment
  130. [ANSWERED] Can't get into first when fully stopped
  131. Game freezes when using a wheel.
  132. F430 Thrustmaster wheel not working.
  133. 21:9 monitor and HUD menus with DSR
  134. Racing Wheel and Virtual Wheel Synchronization
  135. [ANSWERED] 3 Devices support??
  136. Game crash when using -dx11mt
  137. No UDP connection over LAN
  138. [RESOLVED] Tuning not being saved.
  139. Nvidia GeForce G210
  140. TrackIR and launching thru Oculus
  141. Looking for input for analysis of cpu limiting
  142. Replay's are not consistent
  143. Pit stop confirmed but box is occupied
  144. Cant Select Tracks in Solo Weekend.
  145. Game hangs at the splash screen
  146. [RESOLVED] game crashing when going into online lobby list
  147. impossible to play normally
  148. Can you adjust external camera view position
  149. SOLVED: Problem calibrating Leo Bodnar cable
  150. [SOLVED] No throttle when driving California highway FULL
  151. Timed race bug (and current/date bug)
  152. what cpu can handle AI in Pcars?
  153. DIY Seat/Frame alternatives for motion and/or symvibe and immersion value?
  154. Game freezes momentarily (<1s) when I crash/hit a wall or run off road?
  155. GemFX settings?
  156. career is suddenly closed
  157. unhandled exeption trapped only on multiplayer
  158. 47+ cars with Ruf rg8 gt3 causing game freeze on load screen!!
  159. Screen freezing(PC)
  160. tuning settings wont save
  161. T300rs settings for pc Help please!
  162. Logitech G29
  163. amount of ai in Lemans?
  164. Xbox one to PC - Do I need to rebuy?
  165. G27 Losing gas/throttle pedals
  166. steering ratio: reality versus ingame seting
  167. Is there anyway to get rid of this in PC Screenshot mode?, 'cus its really annoying.
  168. I can't launch the game, dmp file
  169. Overclock CPU?
  170. Building a computer.
  171. triple screen for sim racing (pcars)?
  172. Windows 10 bar (?) on top of game screen.
  173. [RESOLVED] Won't load, tried everything, please help
  174. [Resolved] Logitech G29 in-game issue
  175. Steam installed game removes own files at runtime.
  176. Xbox One Afterglow Controller not working
  177. Triple monitor gpu
  178. [RESOLVED] Can't set steering sensitivity high enough on Thrustmaster T300
  179. Upgrade GTX 660 to GTX 980ti or 1070?
  180. Pc steering wheel on Xbox one. Please help
  181. Mouse click (Unable) - Switches PCARS to Desktop view
  182. [RESOLVED] i cannot install project cars on PC retail version.
  183. Triple monitors not working
  184. Game won't launch correctly, minimised in background. Need some help.
  185. RR DC1 – Driving Controller wired setup
  186. Dual Shock controller full throttle issue
  187. [RESOLVED] PCars keeps loosing my wheel settings (PC Driving Force GT)
  188. Textures mostly missing, very few flickering
  189. AMD RX 480 vs. Pcars
  190. Steam Controller Problem
  191. Logitech G920 pedals issues
  192. Any Tips on using a wheel?
  193. AMD GPU Improvement?
  194. Steering wheel turning when sitting still
  195. GTEYE Brake Spring
  196. [RESOLVED] Error message on startup
  197. Audi R18 e-tron quattro Suspension Issues
  198. Help needed with full screen
  199. PC Sound Quality vs PS4
  200. Fanatec CSR Wheel - pedals not working properly
  201. Bought Pcars from Steam and did not receive the Limited DLC, anyone have this issue?
  202. Just updated - PC freezes in PC ( and only in PC ) now - every time I start it
  203. FOV, wheel rotation, FFB settings wildly different between 5760x1080 and 1920x1080
  204. Thrustmaster TH8A shifter
  205. Can't Connect my DS4 controller
  206. VR/TrackIR Vent
  207. how my first gen. Titan beats a 980ti
  208. Cockpit Custom Camera = CTRL+K
  209. LAN Multiplayer?
  210. G29 Steam related issues
  211. VR + Triple Screen
  212. [RESOLVED] Game crashes on some tracks
  213. Huge deadzone in the center of my wheel
  214. Savegame lost
  215. [RESOLVED] Sonoma Raceway GP with Ford MK IV
  216. support for Logitech Driving Force Wireless for Windows10 and SteamLink+VirtualHere
  217. [ANSWERED] port forward PC
  218. How to save controller configuration
  219. Does not load up
  220. crazy wavy lines
  221. GTX 1080 slows entire game down
  222. Stuttering issue (new lap, collision)
  223. Change wheel and lose all data?
  224. Wheel turns past locked maximum degrees?
  225. Career Mode AI not pitting
  226. Car not moving
  227. External view on extra monitor?
  228. user profile won't load
  229. NVidia GTX 1060
  230. Replay limited to 180min?
  231. Spectate ongoing race whitout retire?
  232. T300 Base with TM Ferrari F1 Rim
  233. [RESOLVED] Logitech G29 in car Camera look controls?
  234. VR vs triple screen opinions
  235. What graphic setting?
  236. What is the "better" motion simulation system?
  237. I found this FFB setup and it's great...but I have a question
  238. Help With picking a Good sim wheel and pedals
  239. Steam controller and settings menu problem
  240. I want to feel the cabin movement on replays and not its possible, help me please !!
  241. Rift delivery times
  242. DIY Sim Rig Build
  243. Intermitted Freezing video (sound continues). Can anyone help please?
  244. Rear view/cockpit issue
  245. [SOLVED] Black screen with "Not optimum mode" message
  246. [solved] My tire temp, wear, and brake temp indicators aren't working
  247. [SOLVED] DLC missing in game
  248. G29 Wheel - Game Pause when turning
  249. Suggestions for increased frame rate
  250. Driving part of the game is so slow it is just not playable