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  1. G27 wheel + Clubsport V2 pedals
  2. AMD Crosfire not online with 2 HD 7970
  3. What anti-aliasing do you use?
  4. [RESOLVED] Cant find the wheel and ffb settings folder
  5. Anyone have deal on simvibe buy?
  6. G920 wheel problem
  7. Use Shared Memory ON = no internet connection
  8. The Game crashes when i try to run it with the T100 plugged in
  9. Fasten your set belts - titan XP results
  10. [ANSWERED] Project Cars Cloud Save game Steam
  11. Normal when Raining?
  12. [RESOLVED] GamePad + Keyboard broken?
  13. T150 thrustmaster FFB
  14. How to get wide view with mirrors and everything?
  15. G29 wheel on PC...steering is very heavy
  16. T-80 Thrustmaster on PC
  17. 3 monitors question.
  18. Still havent fix this?
  19. Simvibe Tuning.. Gt3 tips advice to tune to real thing
  20. [ANSWERED] Iignition @ Start Question
  21. Logitech G29 wheel has suddenly stopped working.
  22. Pcars crashes network.
  23. [ANSWERED] Logitech driver, profiler, gaming software - All the same?
  24. Crashing into invisible barriers all the time, Project Cars is unplayable for me...
  25. Stutters steering L or R.
  26. Road/curb (kerb) feel.
  27. [RESOLVED] Formula A Blown Engine
  28. [RESOLVED] Crashing my PC when selecting an option to EXIT
  29. Visual Settings (PC)
  30. T300rs no red light and not recognized after 6 months
  31. Graphic Settings Explained (PC)
  32. GPU Usage ?
  33. [fixed] Crashing going onto multiplayer
  34. What video driver do you use for pCars ?
  35. Speedlink Drift O.Z. Racing wheel control mapping
  36. Stutter when using clubsport v1 base wheel, and clubsport v1 pedals
  37. [Solved]Career Mode Locked
  38. multiple controllers
  39. steam streaming Thrustmaster T300RS
  40. I lose vehicle and control settings with updates
  41. Upgraded from EVGA GTX 970 to 1070 my results
  42. [RESOLVED] Strange Crash Bug
  43. What to adjust for flickering?
  44. Computer crashes when selecting EXIT
  45. I need your suggestions for my upgrade path
  46. OSw users - settings/ help setup for pCARS?
  47. [RESOLVED] complete slowdown after exiting the pits
  48. Thrust Master t150 wheel calibration on PC?
  49. G920 - Pedals switched
  50. Need help with G29
  51. Windows 10 startup issue
  52. [resolved]saitek r220
  53. Save game
  54. Logitech Driving Force GT - Problem when using multiple Windows accounts
  55. Questions about qualifing
  56. [BUG] Cannot move camera in photo mode on the Mohave test track ring
  57. Will this run Project Cars
  58. I'm at the end of my rope - Understeer wheel feedback
  59. Fanatec V3 Pedals
  60. Logitech DF GT not recognized on Win 10
  61. Old Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Digital
  62. GTX 1070 underclocking.
  63. Steam is Baad
  64. Project Cars blocks online
  65. What is the fps-limiting Factor?
  66. [help] suddenly i got a wrong cockpit view
  67. Settings will not save
  68. Is that true ?
  69. The Big Monitor Question
  70. Won't launch with latest Windows 10 update.
  71. [RESOLVED] fanatec pedals not working in Rift VR on PC
  72. PC upgrade help needed
  73. G920 Keys keep resetting
  74. OSW Letzer Support
  75. [RESOLVED] PCars starting only without T300RS plugged in
  76. Gamepad Eschatology and the Cult of Ptolemy
  77. PCars graphics freeze whilst game runs in background
  78. Nvidia surround triple monitor help
  79. Picture quality on plasma TV
  80. Lotus 49 Cosworth and FFB vibration
  81. GTX1070 or GTX1060 for use with i5 6600 (non K) base 3.3 GHz, turbo 3.9 GHz ???? HELP
  82. Laptop w/ 2 External Monitors
  83. X360 Pad + Server Browser = Bug
  84. Can't Adjust cockpit position back and forth
  85. Thrustmaster VG T300RS settings pc
  86. Is this a graphic's card issue?
  87. Mercedes SLK-LM right hand mirror reflection is the left hand mirror mirrored!
  88. AccuForce wheel not recognised at all ... please help!
  89. G25 ffb classic settings vs standard
  90. Fanatec full lock, menu crazy after Win10 "anniversary" update
  91. Motion seats and telemetry
  92. Occasional few second freeze
  93. Flipper
  94. Thrustmaster F1 addon menu buttons.
  95. My gamepad settings
  96. new PC for pCARS (SimRacing)
  97. Which antialiasing solution is the most effective in terms of image quality and fps?
  98. couldn't create vertex buffer
  99. [RESOLVED] 100% throttle loss of acceleration FC and McLaren 12C GT3 on G29
  100. [SOLVED] Triple Screen Issues
  101. PC switching off when loading an event
  102. [ANSWERED] Graphicsconfigdx11 missing
  103. [PC Crashes] not responding immediately after launching
  104. Game crash
  105. [ANSWERED] Is it possible to complete reset the in-game HUD? PC/Win 10x64
  106. 1080GTX 6700K 16GB RAM low fps...
  107. Anyone using "Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming" or "Zotac Amp" graphics card ?
  108. New Realfeel FFB by Bbspadon, a new type of ffb never seen on pCars
  109. Slow Down Speed up and steers on its own
  110. Fuel light not showing in HUD
  111. Engine volume goes down when pit engineer talks
  112. Fanatec csr elite or tm300
  113. Recommend some Bass shakers for my DIY F1 rig.
  114. CPU limited ?
  115. Driver outfit graphic error.
  116. Cockpit Overexposure
  117. Fanatec Pedals Calibration wont work
  118. Customizing track advertisements
  119. g920 wheel 85% accelerator pedal
  120. 2 Million in Sales - Need Help!
  121. Fanatec CSL Elite Help/Support
  122. [ANSWERED] G29 and Logitech game software?
  123. Edit Assignments Hangs When Configuring T500RS Gear Shift
  124. PCars Pagani and PCars change custom windows background image on start Windows10
  125. [resolved]pCARS changing color them to orange in Win 10
  126. Fanatec CSL Elite
  127. I can't tune anything.
  128. Adding a motion seat for more immersion
  129. [RESOLVED] The Quest for 60FPS @ 4K
  130. Commercial business license opportunities?
  131. [Resolved] Problem with Pagani edition
  132. Some questions...
  133. Powerline networking
  134. Online race result times: not showing all drivers
  135. Simraceway SRW-01 steeringwheel rotary dials
  136. Silverstone GP Circuit - Intermitent Pauses
  137. Fanatec CSW V2 rumbling/shaking sometimes with Video
  138. [SOLVED] Having problems getting game to run correctly
  139. [SOLVED] Messed up my Triple Screen setup..
  140. Nordschleife crash BDbgFatal Error Line 228
  141. Unhandled Exception Trapped Exception Acces Violation Game Not Start
  142. [RESOLVED] No Force Feedback on Logitech Driving Force Pro
  143. [RESOLVED] Odd lag Problems after 11.1
  144. Online servers
  145. [RESOLVED] Nothing works after a crash?
  146. Any way to turn off the moving trees?
  147. What's AA is better for more FPS? DS2X+FXAA or HIGH. Plus other questions.
  148. Compatibility with new Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel?
  149. Steam Controller not working
  150. Thurstmaster T80
  151. Real Weather Multiplayer Issue
  152. Dynamic Time Delta in Hotlapping
  153. [Resolved] PCars Two SW Glitches on my system.
  154. [RESOLVED] Crash to desktop when I load time trial mode?
  155. [SOLVED] Black screen, causing PC to crash. Have to hard restart PC
  156. Fanatec CSW V2 issue multiplayer
  157. [SOLVED] Missing Cars and Graphic Bugs
  158. [SOLVED] Fanatec CSL Elite wheel issues - bad FFB, No telemetry FFB graph, etc..
  159. How do FFB presets work?
  160. Wheel compatibility
  161. White force feedback line- Canned effects get turned on
  162. [SOLVED] Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedals - Cannot get them to work
  163. Game launch issues via steam windows 10
  164. [SOLVED] BDbgDatal Line: 583 Error allocating system memory
  165. assign command siege
  166. [SOLVED] Pedal clubsport V3 not recognized
  167. project cars unhandled exception ERROR
  168. Stuck in intro video, can't press any keys...
  169. Game skips/judder in game and in menu
  170. GTX1080 SLI benefits - worth it?
  171. Would anyone reccomend a Logitech wheel?
  172. Thrustmaster Ferrari Italia 458 calibration problem
  173. 4K / GTX 1080 Visual Settings
  174. [Resolved] stop running
  176. Is there a way to set dynamic FFB steering resistance? as opposed to constant static?
  177. Error while playing. Suddenly black screen.
  178. Disturbing name in the chase view.
  179. FFB bug while standing still
  180. Mouse Pointer offset
  181. New T.V. new problem.
  182. [Gameplay] Career mode position always 20/20
  183. Game fails to start with new wheel or no wheel but will start ok with old wheel
  184. No raindrop on chase view during rain (storm, heavy rain, light rain)
  185. Visual anomaly - moire on track
  186. Custom weather conditions bug?
  187. G29 Wheel Error
  188. Thustmaster T300 Alcantara + TH8 Certain Uses Bring Up All Weird Menus/Options (PS4)
  189. Saving Camera Position and Field of View
  190. Need help with specs please
  191. G29 not recognized during race
  192. No handbrake
  193. New Fanatec Drivers out !! v261
  194. Logitech Driving Force GT can't calibrate brake pedal
  195. Constant crashes
  196. Fanatec csw v2 help
  197. [RESOLVED] Not able to create new career
  198. [RESOLVED] Help 15 FPS MAX?
  199. [RESOLVED] Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo
  200. Problem with wheel base fanatec. Could you help me?
  201. Logitech Wingman & Project Cars
  202. [RESOLVED] Game Speeds-Up all of a sudden!
  203. [RESOLVED] nvidia driver issue
  204. Performance problem
  205. Gaming PC advice?
  206. Unhandled exception trapped on launch
  208. Question about TrackIR
  209. Project cars multiplayer not working
  210. Modding a DFGT
  211. G920 not working with project cars
  212. Microsoft Wheel + Thrustmaster pedals
  213. Fanatec CSR Wheel/pedals and flappy paddles
  214. black screen on Windows® 10 HDMI
  215. [Resolved] Career Mode Locked!
  216. Game wont start
  217. Steering Ratio change suddenly while driving.
  218. would a gtx 1080 run 3 monitor set up in 1080p
  219. How to get the cleanest FFB?
  220. MadBul MX5 Bug or is it unique to me?
  221. Online mode crash
  222. How to Play Ps4 wheel on PC
  223. [RESOLVED] Steering Degrees And Wheel Animation
  224. Lost carrer mode after game crash :mad:
  225. Logitech G29 stopped working
  226. Saving Wheel Settings
  227. Logitech g29 ffb
  228. Windows 10 Insider Preview | Black screen after click
  229. Black screen when accessing internet from PCars
  230. FFB - Splitting hairs
  231. Brokem Multiplayer ? Or something more ?
  232. Logitech G29 steering wheel
  233. constant scroll issue in menus with G27
  234. PC newcomer
  235. G29 Wheel settings not loading (resetting) every time I start the game.
  236. PS4 Joystick doesn't work on PC
  237. Race loads with car in 3rd gear on grid
  238. Is Logitech Driving Force Shifter compatible with G27 wheel?
  239. Savegame got randomly deleted
  240. USB Issues
  241. Logitech G27 - Steering ratio bug
  242. Clubsport V2 Flashing "CAL" after firmware update
  243. Logitech G920 Force Feedback Issue
  244. thrustmaster pc racer
  245. Ghost cars
  246. [RESOLVED] why Pcars do not recognize my fanatec pedals .
  247. Problem in multiplayer shifting gears
  248. You have been disconnected: return to race central
  249. Fanatec clubsport V2 wheel not strong
  250. Thrustmaster t150 pedals not working