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  1. [Resolved] On Demand Pack code not working on steam
  2. Can't Log in Project cars 2
  3. pcars turn of the wifi access :/
  4. You Tube Video replay
  5. [RESOLVED] Game does not start
  6. [RESOLVED] Steam controller problems
  7. -x86 in launch settings causes the game not to post lap times to leaderboards
  8. Need help choosing game controller for my pc.
  9. Setup Hori Apex help
  10. Need some help with my screens plz
  11. T300 RS stock pedals compatibility.
  12. Career saves wrong
  13. Upgrade GPU or CPU?
  14. Contoller settings not saving
  15. BMW 1-Series StanceWorks Bugged!
  16. Intel HD being prioritized over GPU
  17. New to Gaming Need Hard Drive
  18. Newb from Iracing, can't believe I've spent 2 hours trying to get logitech wheel 2wrk
  19. Which Wheel works properly on PCars and Windows 10? (Please help a new guy)
  20. [RESOLVED] new problem with wheel
  22. Thrustmastr TS-PC Racer
  23. g29 not present in the options
  24. CSR Wheel and Elite Pedals
  25. SC4 - SimVibe chassis mode help!
  26. Performance issues in pcars
  27. PC issue, need help, advice.(fixed)
  28. Dedicated Physx Video Card
  29. Viewing position from Cockpit view
  30. Black Screen Crash Out
  31. gamedata not saveing after new win 10 install onto my PC
  32. Thrustmaster 458 Italia (NOT TX) not showing up in selection
  33. TrackIR Stop working
  34. Problem with shadows
  35. Shift dual button lost
  36. Game freezes computer - requires hard reboot
  37. [RESOLVED] Steering rotation not matching in game cars. g27
  38. Online problem
  39. OSW Direct Drive MMOS/Granity settings
  40. Edit Assignments - Throttle, Brake and Steering Issues on a G29 wheel.
  41. My Thrustmaster TMX will not work with game :c
  42. Dual Monitor Setup
  43. Crashing before race
  44. [RESOLVED] Fanatec V2.5 Base not recognized in Project Cars Control options
  45. NVidia GeForce 1080 Ti benchmarks with project cars
  46. [RESOLVED] Logitech G27 not detected anymore
  47. Momo wheels
  48. Logitech G290 or G29 for Pcars PC racing?
  49. I can't join any of the Online Parts = Cant play MP
  50. Another Black Screen after racing for awhile...
  51. System requirements
  52. Thrustmaster T300 rs gt edition not feeling smooth anymore
  53. T 300 - thoughts from users
  54. Hide FPS counter on screen?
  55. I have too much problem With Logitech Momo. Please gimme advice
  56. Fanatec CSWB 2.5
  57. Used FaceTrackNoIR = Now i ca'nt restart camera position..
  58. On PS4 Pro, looking into PC
  59. Thrustmaster Redefines Normal
  60. Vsync causing massive frame drops...
  61. Thrustmaster Ferarri 458 Italia steering wheel problem
  62. T300RS Pedals
  63. [RESOLVED] Game Crash-What to Delete
  64. where/how to update pCARS bought from 3rd party DL?
  65. New Build results: FPS impact Haswell to Kaby Good !!!
  66. OSW with USB Wheel Hub
  67. Weird Slow Down Feeling But Not At First
  68. Looking for triple monitor sizing advice (27" vs. 32")
  69. Thrustmaster T500RS Windows 7 Problems
  70. Win a EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3
  71. Clubsport Pedals Load Cell
  72. Look to apex function not working
  73. AI Car stutter
  74. AMD R9-290 Crossfire still not working?! How to enable?
  75. multiple inputs detected steering wheel thrustmaster trs 500
  76. Crash during the race, black screen or other color
  77. Help with BSOD mistery
  78. Anyone running a Ryzen Processor?
  79. [ANSWERED] Noob question by a PC user
  80. Random Black screen white running P Cars on Triples
  81. Mouse steering improvement
  82. BDbgFatal error - Pure Virtual Call trapped - crashed out of MP league match
  83. Cant edit assignments - message says "please assign the new configuration"
  84. [RESOLVED] ORANGE SCREEN after playing Pcars on latest Windos10 Ver 1703
  85. Xbox 360 controller not being recognized at all.
  86. [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Racing Wheel not working?
  87. Brake and gas pedal switched functions
  88. T300 RS issues on PC
  89. Video Recording - Audio Issues
  90. Getting edTracker (non-magnetometer) to recentre in-game
  91. [Resolved] G29 not Working!
  92. Unable to reach the options menu,mouse off center
  93. Game crashes randomly 'EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION'
  94. No T80 Option in Controls with CARS End of Year Edition on PC
  95. Logitec G920, Windows 10 and Project Cars
  96. [RESOLVED] Controller settings won't save.
  97. Driver profile reset suddenly
  98. [ANSWERED] Forum Help - How do I create a Signature?
  99. Any help on two people playing in the same house multiplayer
  100. accelerator
  101. Problem with accelerator on Fanatec CS v2 pedals
  102. Logitech G27 Clipping
  103. [RESOLVED] project cars not detecting logitech driving force gt
  104. MMOS settings Direct Drive wheel
  105. hello advise on getting into pc gaming from xbox one.
  106. [ANSWERED] Pdb symbols file (pCars.pdb) question
  107. Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2.5 Setup guide?
  108. SSD: SATA V PCIe drives
  109. [RESOLVED] Can't get into linked multi-player lobby
  110. G29 not working on Windows 10 x64
  111. [RESOLVED] Can't play online -ACCESS VIOLATION-
  112. Is my PC good enough for PCars?
  113. Does Project Cars (or PC2) support stacked triples?
  114. 1080Ti Best Settings
  115. Freezing in Pits in 24hr Race
  116. FPS W/ Tripple Screen and NVidia Surround
  117. Trust GXT 27 steering wheel
  118. Leo Bodnar / SimSteering 2 on pCars
  119. [RESOLVED] Opponent names don't show (any more ?)
  120. I can not get my G25 to work!
  121. accelerator and brake are reversed THRUSTMASTER T150
  122. Two Bugs and a Typo
  123. Wont start with wheel connected
  124. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSW 2.5 Base Status: Not connected issue
  125. Help with PC Build
  126. Saved games
  127. G920 & Logitech profiler?
  128. Framerate "loW" - graphic card and cpu not fully used
  129. Crash while loading track: "async file object is destroyed whilst still in use"
  130. [SOLVED] Min Mirror Screen - Bug?
  131. Logitech G920 issues?
  132. Endurance Event - Technical Advice
  133. Screen will freeze at time when driving
  134. DFGT pedal problem
  135. (PC) Pedal Setup Issues
  136. Ferrari 458: Italia Racing Wheel PC + XBOX 360, wheel not working
  137. Time trial not saved
  138. (PC) Xbox 360 controller stops working
  139. My name on screen is enormous
  140. [Resolved] keyboard mouse and controller all not working.
  141. [RESOLVED] Project cars wont start throw steam
  142. Array out of Range - Carreer Mode
  143. Cant assign throttle to RT (pedal)
  144. Major bug found with session joining
  145. Help with SLI :(
  146. launch with optional parameter
  147. [PC] G920 not returning to the center position in Project Cars
  148. [PC] Can't change a number of laps
  149. BDbgFatal - Line 228
  150. logitech livery pack
  151. What Do Profiles Do?
  152. Wheel shaking when driving worn tyres
  153. [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster T 300 RS is unresponsive in game
  154. Thrustmaster TX not working in-game
  155. Thrustmaster T150 like driving through molasses
  156. Freezes. Used to work great with Nvidia now got at 480 and stutters.
  157. Pure Virtual Call trapped - BDbgFatal
  158. Game Data not loading
  159. G29 not working [PC]
  160. I can't calibrate the wheel
  161. Game crash - Exception Access Violation
  162. [RESOLVED] OSW wheel not working with Project Cars
  163. Game re-setting to default install
  164. Thrustmaster RGT (cant assign new Buttons)
  165. Complete FFB settings for T500RS on PC
  166. How to setup Defender Forsage Drift GT
  167. G29, Can't get 1:1 Steering in light cars
  168. PC using gamepads - both Xbox one and PS4 controllers - throttle input problem
  169. OSW Driving me INSANE!!
  170. TM TS-PC @ Pcars, answer this ? ? and your my new best frien and guru !!!
  171. Drivers for Thrustmaster Universal Challenge 5-in-1 on Windows 7 32bit
  172. [RESOLVED] Crashes to Desktop all the time! STEAM PC 1
  173. T300RS overheating massively in PCars
  174. Can't set up brake pedal - T500 wheel
  175. T300RS Fan replacement (PC)
  176. Unable to save cars setups!
  177. [RESOLVED] Wheel going crazy in the cockpit
  178. T500RS View not correct
  179. Problème langue + volant g920
  180. when playing online throttle not responsive or car starts braking
  181. Camera issue
  182. Connection to dedicated Server with Indycars
  183. Steam cloudsave list view shows false information
  184. problem cofiguring my thrustmaster t500
  185. DL requirements for Pcars?
  186. [RESOLVED] T300RS Issues
  187. graphics settings won't save
  188. Moving pCars(1) from SSD to HD
  189. how to disable "steam update" at computer boot?
  190. [RESOLVED] My games won't recognize Logitech G29 wheel, pedals or shifter
  191. XB1 control on PC/Rift completely non responsive though works on every other game.
  192. Free Cam + Replay Editor
  193. [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster T150, car all over the place
  194. T500rs or T300 + Alcantara + T3PA Pro
  195. New build...what can I expect?
  196. Where is the bottleneck?
  197. TS-PC Racer...
  198. Extreme lag in multiplayer
  199. Steering Wheel Issues
  200. DFGT force feedback resistance issues
  201. How can I save seat position with Project cars 2 ?
  202. Problem with Thrustmaster T80
  203. Entire System shut down during game randomly
  204. [BUG REPORT] can not restart the car
  205. PC XB1 controller issue
  206. FFB set-up for Logitech G29 on Project Cars (PC) - Help required, please.
  207. Sudden drop in VR performance
  208. FFB clunky at center point - CSR Elite
  209. PS4 Controller not functional
  211. black flashes,glitch?
  212. Pit strategy manual
  213. Help. Pcars won't start. "Project Cars has stopped working"
  214. G25 Pedals not being treated as linear
  215. Logitech G920 pedal problem
  216. How To Personnalize skins in Project Cars in French Tutorial
  217. Thrustmaster-TMX setup questions
  218. HUD Split Lap Missing
  219. Logitech G29 Steering not 1:1 in certain cars
  220. [RESOLVED] Game won't launch after Windows reinstall
  221. PC - CSL Elite and Clubsport V2 pedals - work but not in PC2
  222. [PC] A doubt about an used Thurstmaster TX
  223. Logitech Driving force pro worked for about 2 hours then i messed it up somehow.Help!
  224. Arm-angle setting does what?
  225. Is this control FFB "fix" possible?
  226. THRUSTMASTER T150 PRO settings for PC
  227. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia non support
  228. no trackir online
  229. Xbox usb controller not working cant figure set up no response when in game
  230. V1.0 install?
  231. Pedals not recognized and unable to assign them
  232. PC Cars - wont launch - sits at title screen
  233. Settings background and mouse change at every start op Project CARS
  234. Buttkicker Gamer 2 Operation questions
  235. Dreaded lost career
  236. [RESOLVED] Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel 458 Italia Edition - Not recognized in Sim
  237. Z1 Dashboard Server not working
  238. Modifying VR Mirror FOV Angle
  239. g27 not working anymore on pj and pj2 with windows 10
  240. Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition Calibration
  241. Power cuts
  242. Crash to desktop when trying to continue my career !!
  243. pCars64.exe error
  244. G29 doesn't work on Project Cars
  245. Formula Force GP Force Feedback Issues
  246. Re-install guidance
  247. Please help someone, I can't even run the game!
  248. problem
  249. Xbox 360 controller not working
  250. Logitech momo force problem