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  1. how to get out of First Person on Xbox one
  2. Didn't recieve a refund
  3. Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel not working
  4. G25 with CSP v2 pedals???
  5. car crashes when in the pit! [BUG]
  6. Oculus Rift DK1
  7. AMD graphics - bad drivers - drivers updated!
  8. My Game Crashes after I want to back to main menu can someone help me!!
  9. Problem installing from disc 2 (PC)
  10. First BSOD , now minimises & just hangs on forever STEAM VERSION
  11. Triples - bezel
  12. Crash: Project Cars has stopped working
  13. Deadzone in Ferrari 458 Italia Xbox 360 Wheel
  14. Keys and Wheel
  15. [Clarified] Formula A DRS/KERS misunderstanding?
  16. 360 Controller working in menus but not in-game
  17. GTX 980 G1 GAMING 4G
  18. Wow, FPS goes down with rain o
  19. Game crashes in multiplayer !! pls help
  20. 1920x1080 resolution
  21. Game crashes during loading
  22. Clock Interrupt blue screen of death
  23. Nvidia gtx 970 owners
  24. Logitech Driving Force GT wheel setup?
  25. no vibration on bumps tx wheel
  26. Extreme rubber banding
  27. Can anyone tell me what the default configuration
  28. tx wheel settings for Mercedes 190e dtm
  29. Settings for my T500RS with Kurb Effects
  30. No handbrake?
  31. Nvidia GeForce 9800
  32. Is there a bug with pits and time trial?
  33. Trying to use a 2014 iMac Retina with Bootcamp
  34. Nvidia Inspector not working?
  35. Game is crashing once leaving a race
  36. Input lag/jitter/stuttering - 750TI
  37. Best settings for XBOX 360 controller for EASY drive?
  38. Game forgets Controller Edits after Restart
  39. [Woked Around- Jack Spade's way] Force Feedback appears to be glitched
  40. One I start turning I don't STOP turning.
  41. 290x and DK2 problems
  42. XB1 cotroller
  43. Not starting
  44. Jack Spade - FFB Tweaker Files
  45. Graphical settings not sticking
  46. [Miscellaneous]Grester's Bug List
  47. [See Post #69] Weird speeding up during race
  48. Fanatec CSR Wheel & GT3 RS V2 settings with Jack Spade
  49. G27 troubleshotting
  50. help with car colors
  51. Wheel is blocked when car is not moving.
  52. HELPFUL POSTS [Check here for Enhancing/Troubleshooting Game Experience]
  53. Please Fix Gamepad Support On PC Version
  54. Will not load anymore
  55. All Lobbies reporting Full or nolonger available
  56. PCARS pitlane GLITCH
  57. PC Xbox 360 windows controller stops working
  58. Rolling start Glencairn crashes into wall
  59. Any word from the devs on the unhandled exception trapped issues?
  60. [PC] So I hit a sign...
  61. 2 questions, please...
  62. [KNOWN ISSUE] [PC] Multiplayer Replay: Cars missing
  63. No crash FFB?
  64. Bug Qualifs to Race (online) PC
  65. Where are the dlc cars ??
  66. Game minimises on launch - cannot open
  67. AI tyres warm up too quick.
  68. Bugs Fixes ??
  69. (PC) Thrustmaster TX Not Recognized
  70. Getting Stuck At Intro Screen??
  71. No picture, just sound
  72. Is "Career" window locked at start?
  73. Controller Issues
  74. [-skipcrowds] Turn off the Crowd?
  75. Game does not launch past first title screen (Fatal Error)
  76. [SOLVED] problems: thrustmaster t500rs and th8a on ps4
  77. Running Project Cars on NVIDIA 650m
  78. Command Line / Launch Options
  79. Force Feedback strength and feel (lacking)?
  80. Low Performance despite high-ish FPSs
  81. Side View, How to turn with more Degrees?? Help pls.
  82. [BUG] Chatbox scrolls up when you use "Look back" while chat window is "active"
  83. How to change ur OnlineNickName?
  84. Selected wrong career invitation, how to reverse?
  85. [Need Support] trustmaster F430 upshift missfire
  86. I will try my luck here
  87. No laptimes in free pactice and no laptimes or ghosts in time trials.
  88. Why isnt my pit crew talking to me like i see on youtube
  89. Add option to invert x-axis camera using controller during chase mode?
  90. PCARS pre-order bonus code 'invalid'
  91. FFB problems (SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel)
  92. List of bugs after 5 hours of gameplay
  93. Spectator mode - Hide interface bug
  94. Nothing happened "change filter" in take a photo...
  95. FFB Tuning (my thoughts..)
  96. Games crashes when leaving track (PC)
  97. Sauber C9 - speed of gear shifting
  98. Crash in Career Mode
  99. Ingame Controls Not Responding
  100. Extra Car Packs
  101. Cant setup pedals to work using Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience
  102. T500RS FFB Not working (ps4)
  103. How do you skip a race in career?
  104. Crash: BDbgFatal - Couldnt create vertex buffer
  105. How to enable SweetFX in 64-bit Project Cars
  106. Session Timer interrupts Fast Lap
  107. Crash PC Exeption_access_violation / unhandled exeption
  108. Best Control Pad Settings - All Formats
  109. Logitech G25 accel and brake pedals stop working middle game
  110. I pre-ordered the Limited edition (Europe), but I did not get the Modified car pack
  111. Suggestion for online filters/sorting/saving
  112. Multiplayer netcode / teleporting problem
  113. Start of race/practice in bumper camera renders car invisible
  114. Photo Mode Bug? Camera Stuck
  115. Online massive stutters...
  116. Project cars wont launch through steam
  117. G27 problem......
  118. Lost all progress and stats
  119. Disappointed with PC triple screen support
  120. Double shifting on G27 Paddles
  121. FaceTrackNoIR configuration
  122. Camera movement vs World movement.
  123. [RESOLVED] Problem with Logitech G25 in Project Cars only
  124. (PC) Sky an environment HDR flickering - SLI only?
  125. reverse camera movement orbit?
  126. [FIXED; REBOOT] Problem low FPS
  127. AMD Catalyst 15.4.1 Beta Driver for HD 5000 and above
  128. Triple monitor, different resolution issues
  129. Logitech G27 issue
  130. Lost progress after 1st Kart Season
  131. strange lines across track
  132. How to setup TH8A shifter?
  133. Ingame Controls Not Responding (Neither G27 Nor Keyboard)
  134. How do I limit FPS?
  135. Problem: G27 isn't the same as in the game
  136. clock_watchdog_timeout error
  137. bumber cam realistic height
  138. GPU memory
  139. settings problem
  140. Enabling SGSSAA in Project Cars through Nvidia Inspector
  141. Throttle and Brake Graphic HUD
  142. Throttle pedal issue (video inside) FIXED!!!!!!!!
  143. (RESOLVED) Formula A drs
  144. How do i adjust wheel weight please
  145. Steam cloud sync doesn't appear to work
  146. General Feedback (UI, ease of use) and some bug report
  147. SRW-S1 Supported ??
  148. [RESOLVED] Saitek R440 Force Wheel: if I turn left, the game crashes (hahaha)
  149. unable to use tsw2 wheel/pedals
  150. Fanatec CSR PC Deadzone issue PC (and FFB)
  151. Ready to start a career, but....
  152. Sick of this BUGS !
  153. [Known Issue] Wheel Missing after Pitstop
  154. Issue with selected driving model and how to change it
  155. Request for all Players
  156. Crash during multiplayer sessions
  157. [Right in fron of you] :) Where is the windscreen? !!
  158. Setting options/controller setup reset
  159. Some more questions and problems
  160. Guide to graphics settings?
  161. Set up options for FFB
  162. Kart speed handling out of control!
  163. Ai too fats in Rain?
  164. Bug report - Custom camera view reset
  165. No MP servers? And can't creat a new one?
  166. Logitech Driving Force GT Controller Issues
  167. Fanatec CSW: Wheel shaking badly
  168. Black Screen
  169. we need Type Sound louder!!
  170. Issues with the in game screenshot feature.
  171. My career jump ??
  172. Deadzone in Wheel [PC]
  173. [SOLVED; FFB] Bug driving offroad
  174. Deadzone CSR Elite, Kart wandering a bit
  175. Early access backer - steam key no longer owned????
  176. Is Logitech PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel Supported on PC?
  177. Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch Wheel is crashing the game
  178. steering wheel dont working :-( speedlink
  179. Multiplayer not working
  180. Logitech Momo Racing Pedal Problem
  181. Export screen shot?
  182. {{FIXED}}Games does not start unless in windowed mode
  183. Driving Force GT FFB settings?
  184. 3 different USB controllers
  185. how to save bumper cam view
  186. Pre-order question
  187. Can leaderboards tell us our rank in world?
  188. how on earth do i open .med screenshots
  189. Bug Chat (Moved from the Known Issue Thread)
  190. Solid 60fps but seeing cars judder on track.
  191. Time warping nothing works
  192. Buffering In Game Issue
  193. The case of the Magically Reappearing Engine Hood
  194. Patch 1.2?
  195. On screen wheel problem??
  196. Replay and Wheel movement
  197. ABS on Formula A always on
  198. Lose game input methods Steam Overlay
  199. game crashes on launch, steam version, unhandeled exception error
  200. Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals
  201. Will The Artificial intelligence Improve In Career Mode?
  202. Many bugs with screenshots Project CARS PC..
  203. Developing an App/plugin for DK2 using the API
  204. Custom wheel settings resetting? ( PC Version)
  205. How to activate the free cam in replay mode?
  206. Various Bugs
  207. How to change "Preferred realism" ?
  208. CSR Elite pedals, only 50% on brake & throttle
  209. Renault clio cup car - handbrake not working
  210. Which files need backing up for config and progression
  211. Logitech G19 APP pCARS LogiLCD
  212. Bug online qualification
  213. Button Box's are they compatible??
  214. Logitech G25 button assignments
  215. Best Wheel for Around 100
  216. Logitech G27: problems with calibration of the pedals
  217. Revlights/ LED not working on California Highway
  218. rearview mirror you do not see HELP!
  219. in game photos
  220. Replay and general Audio Issues - Please help
  221. Graphic Solutions and Nvidia DSR
  222. Question for Fanatec CSR/Clubsport pedals and Project Cars
  223. Extremely unrealistic AI lap times
  224. AI on different weather conditions
  225. [RESOLVED] Game takes 30 minutes to start
  226. Xbox 360 Controller Stops Working Before Race Starts
  227. [KNOWN] Bug: AI no light at bad weather
  228. [PC] No (B) button to exit, with XboxOne Gamepad Controller
  230. A Question of Motion Blur (Oculus/VR)
  231. T500Rs paddle shifter problem
  232. Thomas Super Wheel TSW2
  233. Replay File Location
  234. Issue with assigning buttons [PC] [PS4-Controller]
  235. Crashing on Start up
  236. Odd cube geometry on track surface?
  237. Motion not working ..
  238. Unable to assign brake pedal (PC)
  239. Pas de FFB avec mon thrustmaster T100
  240. FFB - Road Bumps, Brake Skids, Traction Loss
  241. black screen
  242. 3rd view camera moving up/down changing angle of view while racing (fix pls)
  243. Where to find PCars exe. file for G27 profiler?
  244. Frame limiter
  245. Yellow Flags working ok?
  246. Invitation event disappeared from career calendar
  247. Image blurring - PS4
  248. PC - Joystick control
  249. Let us limit the number of Ai opponents and allow us to set weather in a career race
  250. Let us save our control configurations.