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  1. Not getting good FPS? Try 768 instead of 1080... seriously
  2. Logitech Driving Force GT- I can't save setup!
  3. No fuel load in Career pitstop ?
  4. Possible wet race bug after a restart and off Formula A behaviour.
  5. Game Crushe every time in the end of the race
  6. Custom Liveries
  7. Ferrari Italia 458 wheel PC/XBOX 360 Deadzone issue.
  8. Helmet View - possible to bind joystick axis to view ?
  9. not enough cars qualifying
  10. I have no HUD help!
  11. Tree texture resolution?
  12. Fanatec Clubsport V1 Pedals not working
  13. Misleading PC System Requirements
  14. Penalties on ps4
  15. [PC] When braking game slows down - Then speeds up when coming off the brakes
  16. Steam Langague selection reset itself
  17. Thrustmaster TX Wheel help
  18. Where do I enter DLC code?
  19. SOLVED - Practice, Quali, Warmup locked for quick race weekend
  20. Option to remove the jittering wheel?
  21. Unsafe pit release ?
  22. Wheel rebound/centering on/off between sessions
  23. Stall at Developer Splash
  24. Who on earth tested this Game
  25. Auto-Optimize your graphic settings with Geforce-Experience
  26. Possible to reset introductions?
  27. NVIDIA 352.63 Driver leading to Black Screen
  28. A few bugs...
  29. Setting weather in Free Practice?
  30. Steam Digital Edition missing Modified Car Pack
  32. Explanations for Fz Fy Fx Mz Scale Smoothing etc
  33. Thrustmaster T100 detected as Thrustmaster F430
  34. shuts down after every race
  35. Can't use my G25 H-Shifter with Ginetta GT5
  36. Mid/High End nVidia Card Performance ISSUE
  37. Crash many times
  38. What's up with the difficulty?
  39. Lights turn off when entering the box
  40. a problem with the gears between sessions
  41. Auto steer will not turn off
  42. Help Photo mode
  43. Thinking ahead to an upgrade...i7 and single GTX980 or SLI 970's
  44. Game stuck @ developer spalsh screen.
  45. Why can't i get any penalties?
  46. PC Limited Edition - Modified Car Pack Code
  47. ThrustMaster T80 support? Throttle and Break buttons not axis.
  49. Will it work on a 2013 Mac Pro under windows?
  50. How Are The Car's Set up?
  51. PC Crash during Online Game
  52. Thrustmaster TX Ghost and Double Shifting
  53. reset camera
  54. Unhandled Exception Trapped 4 times, deleted save game 3 of those times
  55. Hockenheim cheating bug - skipping laps
  56. Impossibel to set my Frex wheel and my hydro pedals....
  57. Anyone usine Windows 10 ?
  58. How do I install disc 2 from the limited edition on PC?
  59. Logitech Formula Force EX
  60. FPS? Is there an in game FPS counter?
  61. steady dashboard
  62. Some Findings ...
  63. [Online][PC] Won Race, but came second?
  64. Wrong Profile data and NO profile folderon PC
  65. Steam - version number
  66. Auto Clutch and Gear Selection problems
  67. Strange sort of artifacting / texture stretching when raining.
  68. [Resolved] G27 NOT working on PC
  69. Edit HUD
  70. Force Feedback Problem
  71. Anti Aliasing - Jaggie removals
  72. Assigning keys
  73. Auto throttle
  74. Fuel level
  75. Do the settings in Visual FX affect performance?
  76. Shift + Tab STEAM
  77. DTM cars and DRS
  78. Were replay camera options removed?
  79. "Artificial deadzone" and profilename?
  80. [PC] Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Support
  81. Logitech driving force pro GT
  82. Where to find my best lap times in each car / track ? (Career mode)
  83. Beat way to run @30 FPS and with V-Sync enabled?
  84. from 60FPS to 33FPS with HUD
  85. Game Force closing after races and headed back to the career main page
  86. low gpu and cpu usage = low fps
  87. Stuttering when driving out of tracks.
  88. Resolution not supported on first time startup
  89. Keeping a record individually
  90. Disk Write Problem Fix
  91. Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 FFB. Force FeedBack not work
  92. Mclaren F1 Cockpit Exposure
  93. Sick of being treated like dirt by WMD! - How to delete my WMD profile please?
  94. Weird smoke+dust behaviour
  95. No vibration when car is in slip [Xbox One]
  96. Menu controls assignments for PC?
  97. Trustmaster TX Wheel Settings Help
  98. Game crashes during race
  99. What setting improves the visual quality of Cockpit Mirrors?
  100. Specific graphic question abotu shades/rendering
  101. Launch options that still help or that aren't needed anymore?
  102. Thrustmaster wheel not working
  103. Manual shifter and clutch not working well with G27
  104. Multiple bugs and issues
  105. You can't change steering ratio IN session, you have to exit and restart the session
  106. Sudden lags when gliding to much.
  107. Steering Issues.
  108. Winning race even when not finishing it...
  109. Impulse trigger(XB1 Controller's function) support on PC?
  110. Thrustmaster TX Question
  111. Steering wheel question
  112. Some Bugs / Physiks / FFB things that need to be sort out
  113. Maps before track select ?
  114. Dedicated server browser is down
  115. Manual clutch bug? [Solved]
  116. PCars systems
  117. Head Tracking On Project Cars
  118. 8 GB or 16 GB of Ram
  119. PC Patch 1.3 published - Notes inside
  120. manual control
  121. XBox 360 Controller
  122. Sound and lightning Bug
  124. Xbox One/Xbox 360 Controller Deadzone
  125. Pcars crash when try to assign steer left to my pad
  126. [Resolved] How to reset all settings in CARS?
  127. Cadwell Park - Trackside Object Popup
  128. Project CARS Steam Group
  129. i5 and 7850
  130. Logitech MOMO RACING question
  131. Unlock the Game in Steam again?
  132. Pedals not working in free practice mode
  133. Playing from a external hard drive
  134. blank screen at startup with message -screen resolution not supported by this monitor
  135. Borderless/windowed fullscreen
  136. Menu screens loading slowly
  137. Bumper cam save
  138. G27 FFB acting a little strange
  139. Time trial ghosts sometimes not recorded
  140. Blue Screen of death!!
  141. Game closes and exits to Windows beetween race & race
  142. Steam Says Purchase?
  143. Game still crashes even after patch
  144. My Graphic Setting for constant 60fps
  145. How do I redeem the Pre Order bonus cars ?
  146. [YES PER TRACK] The maximum number of cars vary?
  147. [Solved] Twitch in game and intro video with a good configuration
  148. Logitech GT Force (LPRC-10000)
  149. Graphics Settings Not Saving
  150. Crash during loading - cannot start the game
  151. Project Cars Compendium (Outdated but still relevant)
  152. [Solved] new Stability issue with Pcars
  153. Lost Career Progression / freezing when trying to "continue career"
  154. Getting strange FFB behaviour
  155. CANT CLICK drive????
  156. Timing setup?
  157. crashing every other race
  158. No multiplayer sessions found to join
  159. Oculus Rift DK1 not duplicate images
  160. Death and resurrection of an engine
  161. FFB vibrator ISSUES (havent seen this issue on forums yet)
  162. [ANOTHER BUG] Upside-Down Multiplayer Cars !
  163. No 3D display when Oculus Rift DK2 connected
  164. Good news, black screen is gone!
  165. Headlights are way to weak
  166. Mouse Issues - Can't Assign Mouse Clicks
  167. Graphic settings won't save, they keep going to default
  168. Weather does not change in single race (offline race)
  169. Game throws me back to the desktop...
  170. Pit lane red light not occluded by car body
  171. Racing Engineer MIA
  172. Bug - formula B
  173. strange times
  174. Crash: BDbgFatal
  175. Which OS
  176. PhysX in pCARS locked in CPU mod
  177. 30 FPS without tearing?
  178. Reinstalled PC and now it won't start???
  179. Weird setup bug encountering
  180. Specs good enough to run Project CARS?
  181. problem FFB with my T100
  182. Can I use the Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel via "Custom Wheel" set-up?
  183. Game menu massive slow down after black screen.
  185. Wheel Settings totally messed up
  186. freeze
  187. [Gameplay][Bug] Pitting at Bathurst
  188. Patches and VR menus and AMD - getting a but unreasonable now.
  189. No Training, Warm-up or Qualifiying on Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile
  190. All offline and online data lost after PC crashed.
  191. Views changed during pitstop
  192. Game doesn´t save anymore
  193. GTX970 sli, horizontal bands in picture
  194. bManic's latest FFB experiments (updated 30.10.2016)
  195. crashing after latest update
  196. Finally got 60-70fps on a Radeon 7970/Core i7 2700k
  197. Installing on new computer - keeping configs, history
  198. Horrible Performance.. ;/
  199. request for Gamma option
  200. AI takes mandatory pitstop on final lap and wins race
  201. blue flag in fast lap qualifying? bug?
  202. Force Feedback HUD graph question
  203. Crashes in Career Mode + Start Grid Bug + Back Mirror (ATH)
  204. Project cars - start up issue
  205. trouble instaling the game
  206. CRACH
  207. Help me pls i cant play
  208. 970 Sli not working correctly?!
  209. [RESOLVED] Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback wheel
  210. bdbg fatal crash
  211. no mouse pointer in full screen mode
  212. bug report bdbgfatal on long tracks
  213. Bug Unhandled exception
  214. Where do I find the patches that have been announced? No link...
  215. Deleted saved profile++NEEDS TO BE STICKY++
  217. Unable to get Fanatec 911 GT3RS V2 and CSR Elite Pedals to work on PC
  218. steering wheel, peddle system doesn’t seem to be compatible.
  219. Game crashes when coming out of race and stitching to something else...
  220. Local Multiplayer?
  221. I can't play, the angle of the camera move to the up!
  222. Tire Sound - Not there or extremely low?
  223. Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia wheel connectivity
  224. loss of FFB over time
  225. 1.3 patch crashes me
  226. G27 Setup help
  227. 180 degree wheel support
  228. 'Skip to end of session' wins the race
  229. Losing Wheel Calibration Setup
  230. [Bug report] Logitech Driving Force GT - Settings suddenly reset
  231. Inverted sequential shifting with shifter
  232. Where is the career progress saved to?
  233. 2.4 hour Le Mans race issue
  234. Missing pre-order dlc?
  235. Le Mans Low Framerate Problem...
  236. Does enybody have a solution for CSR center FFB deadzone? WMD:s maybe?
  237. Steering speed issue when playing online - Logitech Momo Racing
  238. No lobbies online
  239. Xbox one controler on PC
  241. Crashes every time
  242. Gearing Change
  243. DS2M Rainbow Effect
  244. Camera view angles from behind car too high - modifiable?
  245. Track Detail ?
  246. AI Lap Time BUG figured out! - DEV's PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE
  247. Strange error.
  248. Steam API to search online geos for MP sessions
  249. oBS issue with GEMFX