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  1. Feels like my clutch(in-game) is slipping terribly.
  2. My wheel turns on itself !
  3. Fake and sensless FFB behaviour
  4. FPS drop after 5-6 restarts?
  5. P1 to P20 without being overtaken, devs aware?
  6. Pause menu and A button
  7. A really big problem, and a couple minor ones.
  8. New Oculus SDK version beta
  9. Patch 1.3 Released! But yet the "greyed out DRIVE" bug still remains
  10. Lost my motivation after profile lost.
  11. Issue - Edit Tune Problems During Free Practice on Nordschleife Stage 3
  12. HUD @ Night drop in FPS
  13. Thank you
  14. Swap Driver No Longer Working in Free Practice - why ?????
  15. CRASH - Exception Access violation
  16. Where is my game?
  17. Online game error and game crash
  18. Fanatec Users: How I fixed my wheel issues
  19. First view and helmet cameras bug
  20. How I got Project Cars to run @ 30 FPS with double Vsync on a AMD-based GFX card
  21. Ffb ?
  22. help frpm any long term Rift DK2 & Project Cars users please?
  23. How to 24h with LMP1 LMP2 and GT Series?
  24. Discount code, team member and car pack question/help
  25. car engine bugs?
  26. FPS problem with R9 290 Crossfire...
  27. Shift-Tab Steam Overlay near race start causes controlls to stop responding.
  28. PC Wheel Deadzone Problem
  29. No signal to monitor on start
  30. CSW V2 Wheel not detected
  31. G27 Rotation Adjustment
  32. Not impressed with the graphics (GTX970)
  33. DK2 directional tracking resets, but positional does not?
  34. FrameLatency?
  35. Project CARS physical bug
  36. Dual Monitor Setup?
  37. [NO] Engine rumbling for G27?
  38. Decisions Decisions... Delete the game? Walk Away? Check for Patches Every 5 minutes?
  39. BUG? Wheel Trustmaster Tx 458 with F1 Wheel addon [PC]
  40. bad judder with DK2 Rift
  41. D3DOverrider DX11
  42. Bug Report Spa Circuit Track Cutting Penalty
  43. Ran into an invisible object -> car resets its settings @ Spa, Nordschleife
  44. Bug report IA Monza Short/Azure coast
  45. Car crashes on the starting grid BUG
  46. Bug report - Car suddenly changes direction
  47. Cant find tyre force slider in pc version
  48. New to pc gaming
  49. Bug Monza Lotus 49 solo
  50. Game stack or crashed when i finish event or exit from replay
  51. Project Cars on MAC
  52. Design Failure - Very bad handle of the option "mechanical failure" if switched on
  53. A camera question
  54. [bug] career G40.
  56. Is my computer just not good enough?
  57. pc cars / logitech profiler/ profile location
  58. Useful tweaks I've found, mainly for the rift.
  59. Logitech Formula Force EX FFB Problem
  60. Game crashes when starting
  61. Texture noise/patterns at Imola in TV camera
  62. T500 pedals (T3PA PRO) clutch/brake switch
  63. Set ups & Controller bugs
  64. Ghost Car; Incorrect Time In Menus
  65. Floating Skid Mark Decals
  66. Switching Controllers/Wheels/Rim Settings Lost
  67. NVIDIA 9600 2GB error
  68. [BUG] Won Race without Driving !!
  69. Low GPU/CPU usage after upgrading GPU.
  70. I would like understand the different about some graphics options
  71. Games Crashes In Race, Weird stuff.
  72. Crash and lost of career progress
  73. Only few tracks playable, others will crash
  74. Game crashes to Desktop.
  75. GTX 970 very poor performance
  76. PC - Why does the calibration not work?
  77. ProjectCars A tweaking guide for best gameplay - a work in progress
  78. Force feedback on logitech G25 disappears after crashing
  79. Z1 Dashboard and Alt-Tab
  80. Community events not working?
  81. Pagani Huayra Turbo Spoiling Sound Bug
  82. Went out and bought a Hori Xbox one steering wheel for PC, Mistake?
  83. DQ for running out of fuel after race finishes?
  84. So next week AMD GETS NEW DRIVERS!!!
  85. Hyperthreading Intel i7 (utilisation?)
  86. Sudden exit from the game
  87. Rotation degrees problems - Driving Force GT
  88. I cant install
  89. Starting lights BUG Multiplayer
  90. PC : What sort of FPS should I be getting?
  91. multiplayer bugs
  92. [PC] [G27] Problème rotation du volant
  93. Historic tc2 invitational
  94. FFB questions (sorry, very new to wheels)
  95. BUG REPORT: Crash when returning from a race to the Race Central in career mode
  96. Logitech GT Force PRO (problem) calibrating not saving by pcars ...
  97. Fuel info and delta info
  98. Please Get rid of Nvidia Gameworks for the sequel
  99. Poor connection at SLI bridge
  100. CPU Bottlenecking - What settings to use?
  101. lack of speed/desync online
  102. Can't use manual clutch with Driving Force PRO
  103. Lacking Pit2Crew audio commentary in game
  104. Game will not enter Full screen
  105. [SOLUTION] Logitech G27 Force feed Back BASE tuning
  106. New bug since 1.3
  107. Menu items are locked or greyed out?
  108. Replay+Game Crash = No More Saved Game
  109. Guide Line doesn't work ?
  110. Standing Start Bug??
  111. new patch still hasnt fixed the crashing to desktop.
  112. Fanatec CSW pedals not recognised
  113. Telemetry data in pit-monitor
  114. [ANSWERED] G25 - look behind. Assign a BUTTON ?
  115. Stuck in pits online
  116. Bug report - damn crashes ruining game!
  117. started using profiler, engineer is pretty useless.
  118. Error Time-Trial
  119. Information on 2 tv connected to pc
  120. TH8 shifter problems.
  121. Need more Wheel Weight
  122. Game reports Full or No Longer Available after an invite
  123. Bug Report - Crash on trying to view replay
  124. BDbgFatal - Stuck in Career
  125. Anyone using sweet fx?
  126. Dash Meter Pro question.
  127. Crazy FFB on Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans
  128. [ANOTHER BUG] Floating Man at Nürburgring!
  129. Multiplayer/Wheel Questions
  130. SteelSeries SRW-S1 Steering Wheel
  131. PC: Screen freeze during race, car still going in background
  132. Pedals Not detected
  133. Bug: no repair in pit stop
  134. Tripple Monitor Setup and FPS
  135. Logitech G27 issue
  136. 2nd Monitor for telementary.
  137. Bad spawn
  138. In-car view brightness bug
  139. DFGT - Steering gets hyper sensitive
  140. BDbg Fatal crash Line: 1108
  141. HUD out of screen
  142. 'Live Stats' suddenly only showing a driver network time?
  143. Lifted Rear bug - anyone else?
  144. New nvidia drivers - 352.86
  145. Needed for DK2 Users
  146. Xbox 360 controller pc config for Lotus 98T and Formula A
  147. How to save Camera Position?
  148. 3 Gameplay Bugs
  149. PC Requirement for 4K (2160p) @60FPS
  150. Crash to Desktop when exiting Free Practice
  151. [help] can't go straight with Karts
  152. Project Car Pc Isues
  153. Cann't switch Rear View Camera
  154. [PC, Wheel] Suddenly I have to steer to drive straight
  155. [Resolve] Trouble with caméra
  156. Why is the steering wheel pulling to left in garage?
  157. 3-way SLI support?
  158. Driving Force Pro settings for grip loss feedback (Mz)
  159. Change username?
  160. How can I tell what camera mode I am in (Triple monitor setup)
  161. G27 decalibrated automatically
  162. Bug report completely reproducable, BDGFATAL
  163. No forum issues/suggestions thread, so I will request [spoiler] bbcode here
  164. Blue Screen and Crash to Desktop
  165. [BUG] Starting Grid not Aligned !!
  166. Bathurst Pit Bug
  167. Shadows again....
  168. DSR vs AA?
  169. Controller can't access certain options in menu
  170. Is it worth trying to play PCars with a gamepad?
  171. DVD vs Digital Download
  172. [KNOWN] drive button locked
  173. [RENAME EXE] Logitech Profiler - Game auto launches? Can this be stopped?
  174. Cockpit view is too dark when decreasing FOV
  175. BUG? Free Practice and Qualifying counting as Race entered.
  177. crash multiplayer
  178. Online sessions: stuck in bumper cam view
  179. ***Major Bug Report and workaround/pointer to a fix***
  180. bumper cam in multiplayer
  181. Free Practice Pit BUG
  182. [RESOLVED] HELP: Monitor Out of Range
  183. URGENT: MAJOR Pit Lane bug!
  184. Every time someone joins a online session, the counter time resets
  185. Playing with pad and wheel - Pcars does not save settings...
  186. Bug monitor refresh rate is automatically set to incompatible setting
  187. how to activate the modifier car pack?
  188. My T500RS PC Configuration
  189. Steam overlay does not pause game
  190. Bug Report: Strange behaviour while braking before corners.
  191. Thrustmaster 458 + Windows 7 help
  192. Bug report : Multiplayer issues on long race
  193. Possible PC build, few questions.
  194. Possible Insight into Tire Sound Volume
  195. Thrustmaster Wireless Gamepad Settings
  196. Gamma Setting
  197. LF Wheel buying advice
  198. Game crashed - everything is gone
  199. Game crashes with no error message
  200. no new Amd drivers, any feedback to wmd staff?
  201. BUG: online replays not showing all cars
  202. Missing the Turbosounds of the RWD P30 LMP1
  204. game crashes all the time, and it crash pc as well...
  205. Where is the AMD new drivers ??
  206. AI tire blow up bug?
  207. controler setup
  208. [Solved] Pad works in menus but not the game
  209. Possible to extend the seat position?
  210. Racing engineer only says anything in Dubai
  211. Pit lane BUG! (not already in common issues)
  212. Game Crashing Randomly
  213. [SOLVED] Cockpit camera movement on track elevation changes
  214. G27 problems
  215. Fanatec CSP Pedals V2 not working ingame but in Windows
  216. [INVESTIGATING] Multiplayer Chat scrolling.
  217. Need support for Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 wheel (NON-FFB version)
  218. 21:9 (2560x1080) FOV
  219. [DS9X!] After 2 weeks of flawless use game crashes at initial load
  220. Replay Arms glitch. (Pc)
  221. Oulton park does not work. (pc)
  222. [BUG-Report] inadvertently shifting twice gets to gear one
  223. Windscreen&raindrops bug
  224. Major Lag when running off track
  225. Bug report, only a graphical mistake though
  226. Sound of TURBOS are OFF on replays on all cars
  227. Will work on my PC, Project Cars with my following Hardware?
  228. Possible SSD problems?
  230. g27 wheel is way under sensitive
  231. Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals - weird clutch/gas pedal interaction?
  232. How do I know if my game is patched?
  233. Monaco AI speed
  234. Can I run Project Cars?
  235. Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals - Brake Pedal not recognized
  236. Bad visual distortion -- tracks are all wrong
  237. Issue with gear skipping?
  238. T300 PC Control Panel settings
  239. [SOLVED 3DVISION] Non stop crashes Can't Even play the game
  240. Random buffering when racing?
  241. Game hang
  242. Control configurations help
  243. [YES] AI - Is SMS working on it?
  244. DFGT - pedals being lost intermittantly?
  245. [PC Crashing during race] Brands Hatch and the Clios
  246. Adjusting DOR softlock possible?
  247. Slow down speedup issue relating to Force Feedback - when fixed?
  248. Somebody knows OBS very well?
  249. Head Tracking with facetracknoir?
  250. Black screen when the game starts