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  1. Cockpit change driver position
  2. just got a T300RS, T3PA and TH8A...some questions
  3. [SOLVED] Multimonitor Mouse bug in fullscreen
  4. Tire marks
  5. My CSR FFB guide "feel the grip/slip"
  6. Problem with FFB
  7. New PC for PCars? (Help)
  8. TT Ghosts not uploading
  9. My car started race upside down (Online)
  10. PC triple monitor setup
  11. game crashed and profile gone!! screen shot inside
  12. pCARS API
  13. Hardwareplob when i start Project Cars the first time?
  14. Game Crashes And Bug
  15. Nvidia- Triple Screen Graphics Settings
  16. nVIDIA GeForce 710A
  17. Different kind of AI problem
  18. [Unhandled exeption trapped] NOT related to actual gaming.
  19. Double the pit crew - Silverstone replay
  20. Adjusting brightness with Oculus
  21. GHOSTING EFFECT, hurt my eyes x.x
  22. Invitational Race Bug
  23. can i change drivers perspective
  24. Help with setting up the Dashmeter pro for pCars.
  25. Anyone else getting "Unable to load Oculus DK2 driver" error?
  26. Logitech Profiler Marco for Flashlight?
  27. iMac Retina
  28. Zolder performance issues
  29. Help needed
  30. Game engine freeze and Crash to desktop
  31. Bug Report - Time Trial records assists as being "on" when "Real assists" used & off
  32. Non-Karts Free Practice on Kart Circuit
  33. AMD and the only track I can driver on smoothly.
  34. Audi R8 LMS Ultra Cockpit View bug
  35. These short videos show a few bugs
  36. Manual with Clutch Starting issues
  37. AMD Crossfire not utilizing both GPUs - RadeonPro not compatible with PCars
  38. Stockcar with G27 in manual mode BUG REPORT
  39. Endurance GPU temps
  40. Black border around screen - underscan?
  41. Edit Assignment keys
  42. [SOLVED] How to get BMW M1 Procar
  43. This POS...
  44. micro freeze in multiplayer
  45. HUD has changed lap timings
  46. G27 steering level
  47. Whats with all these locks?
  48. Career Mode - placing 1st but only getting 3rd price?
  49. Lap times bug when quick finishing session
  50. BDbgFatal help please
  51. Request: Export/Import Setups
  52. Crash/Freeze when trying to edit or create new setup for Escort
  53. Anyone having issue with inconsistent FFB and Steering with BMW Procar?
  54. A option to change the pp presets from photomode also in replays?
  55. [RESOLVED] Setting up Logitech DFGT
  56. A option to change the pp presets from photomode also in replays?
  57. Wheel affecting menus after calibration or race.
  58. Jerky backgrounds when turning.
  59. BRNO - can see mountains in background through the trees in the foreground
  60. Free Practise Mode
  61. Is RUF CTR3 a sequential stick shift?
  62. Stock FFB settings in game...
  63. Freezing Up
  64. pc pedal advice.
  65. AMD High CPU usage
  66. Errors, Errors, Errors
  67. [BUG] GT3 Career not saving Car Settings
  68. [Request] Xbox One Trigger FFB Support.
  69. project cars error message access exemption violation
  70. [KNOWN ISSUE] Replay hickups
  71. SRW-S1 for menu navigation
  72. FFB not working when under AI auto drive control
  73. [RESOLVED] Motor dies as soon as car comes to a stop or crashes + cannot shift
  74. DS - when are blacklist and whiltelist files reloaded ?
  75. Bug report: controller vibrates continually
  76. DX9 SLI not working
  77. No crashes
  78. Problem with the Keyboard layout.
  79. Driver Network closed?
  80. Project Cars failure
  81. Night-track reflections
  82. FFB feels different after mandatory pitstop
  83. driving force gt- how to change brake bias and traction ect during race
  84. general guidelines options etc available??
  85. PCars.exe.
  86. Stuck in pit - Practice Session
  87. [RESOLVED] driving force gt issues
  88. BDbgFatal Async File Object is being destroyed
  89. Project cars pdf set up guide
  90. Missing Modified Car Pack
  91. Server Rule Force Cockpit Camera not working after reconnect and some other problems
  92. [RESOLVED] BUG - Help, MB GT3 handles like a falty muscle car
  93. Crashes every one or two minutes
  94. [RESOLVED] Bug, glitch or Whath???
  95. Spec Guys: Will My MacBook Pro Be Able to Run PCars?
  96. Bug report: pit lane helmet cam
  97. Bug Report: Invalid time for contact. PC steam version.
  98. BDbgFatal error
  99. Laptime wont stick
  100. mandatory pit stop ignored?
  101. Bug report: Layer issue with lights
  102. Bug report: White and black spots at the horizon
  103. Fanatec CSW V.1 configuration wont stick.
  104. Project Cars AI
  105. Change my in-game profile Name impossible ???
  106. [ANSWERED] Avoiding the Stream Application
  107. [PC] Multiplayer Bug Reports (NO CHAT!)
  108. Questions regarding Antialiasing and hosting game
  110. Minor graphical glitch, with Helmet Cam & Gokarts
  111. Any plans to change the rolling starts?
  112. [No, working as intended] Critical Bug
  113. Refund Assistance
  114. Bug: Archievment lost in my profile
  115. Lagging - Career & Multiplayer
  116. [RESOLVED] Won't calibrate my brake pedal properly
  117. my single player career was deleted
  118. Ford Escort RS1600 - Not Saving Tyre Pressures in Garage
  119. WHY Do I ALWAYS have to RE-calibrate my wheel whenever I play Project Cars?
  120. [SOLVED] PCars Won't Load After Changing Settings
  121. Game crashes whenever I return to Career Dashboard after an event
  122. In Game Inbox for Past Races?
  123. Ps4 controller
  124. Player profile backup ?
  125. Did anyone test this game before release?
  126. Question for devs/Clubsport pedal users re game support
  127. Sensitivity changing mid race - G27
  128. Orientation matrix of the car
  129. [BUG] Controller and Keyboard input non responsive after joining online game
  130. [KNOWN ISSUE] Helmet Cam --> pitbox --> Cockpit Cam
  131. Console Wheel Support
  132. Nvidia 680 SLI vs 970 GTX
  133. Pit Strategy - Tire Pressures and compounds
  134. [Few Answers] A few issues
  135. Logitech G27 Driving me insane !
  136. [SOLVED] Refund - is it even possible for me?
  137. Everything is flickering in FullScreen mode
  138. PC Patch, suggestions...
  139. No more online racing after crash
  140. opinions between fanatec gt2 and thrustmaster tx.
  142. Game close's in exit of race
  143. Failed to JOIN or CREATE session
  144. Multiplayer collision system?
  145. [Minor Bug Report] BMW 1-Series M Coupe Speedometer Inaccurate
  146. Logitech Driving Force Pro brake pedal and wheel issue
  147. [PC][BUG] Razer Synapse 2.0/Razer Virtual Surround.
  148. build version
  149. Cars not going straight, veering to the left with no controller input!
  150. Detailed explanations for graphical options?
  151. Which set of wheel & pedals is the best for PC?
  152. Keyboard touchpad sensitivity
  153. Crash when using calendar on Steam
  154. [PC] Tuning Setup Bug
  155. Nvidia and HDMI Washed out colours
  156. Steam broadcast minimizing Project Cars when it goes live
  157. Qualifying and Race AI Lap Times
  158. graphical quality
  159. [PC] Xbox 360 controller no telemetry
  160. FFB problem with microsoft sidewinder
  161. Steering wheel compatablility request
  162. Car keeps turning alone, Bug or i'm missing something?
  163. [ANSWERED] Bug report telemtry data
  164. [SOLVED] No wheel input after alt-tabbing out of the game
  165. [CONFIRMED ISSUE] Formula Gulf : No personnal livery in the garage
  166. Settings Help
  167. Game won't start
  168. GeForce iCafe 352.94 Driver WHQL
  169. The only game to overheat my PC to the point of auto-shutdown
  170. AMD Driver 15.5 in game menu issue.
  171. Amd VaporX R9290 (non x ) question
  172. momo racing wheel
  173. A more directive steering with a fanatec csw v2 ?
  174. AMD Catalyst 15.5 beta released
  175. Anyone locked Project Cars at 30fps ?
  176. Sound Cuts Out
  177. No dirt
  178. [PC] Game crashes at launch
  179. Unhandled Exception
  180. Thurstmaster 485 Italia dont work Pc :( Please Help
  181. Your DK2/RIFT experience so far and which setting you use?
  182. Fuel gets reset to 100L
  183. [SOLVED] The game not work
  184. [Solved - Shared Memory] Geko system GS 105 dynamic seat
  185. [ANSWERED] How do I close the game ?
  186. Bought the game... can't activate it
  187. Optimum Setting for R9 290 ?
  188. Audi R8 ! strange bug ?
  189. Community Time Trial Issue
  190. Who here is running 4k and what are your settings? I'm bummed!
  192. Pedals not working Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel
  193. Beautiful game impossible to run for now.
  194. [Solved] Impossible to start the game
  195. No 1080i option in my settings ?
  196. New Computer - Windows 8.1 - Fanatec CSR Wheel Uncontrollable
  197. Oculus Rift tracking problem
  198. [SOLVED] Need to invert throttle? CSW V1
  199. Asus GTX Strix 970 OC
  200. [KNOWN ISSUE] Tire Visually off from the suspension, but Workable
  201. [KNOWN ISSUE] HUD layout
  202. [SOLVED] How to install
  203. A few problems...
  204. How I can import downloaded car skins?
  205. Something is seriously wrong with time keeping... (+Video)
  206. game crashes after 2 races
  207. [SOLVED] Can't change camera anymore? (PC)
  208. Car dead at starting grid
  209. Glitch at Nurburgring
  210. Bug or addition needed for Rift, not sure which
  211. [SOLVED] Dfgt - stick and paddles working toghter
  212. Terrible perfomance - Gforce 970gtx
  213. ForceFeedback problem (DrivingForce EX)
  214. Lost green, yellow and red marking on track
  215. [KNOWN ISSUE] Visual damage
  216. Imola bug - miracle of levitation
  217. No setups, definitions, career, etc
  218. [KNOWN ISSUE] Car settings lost between sessions
  219. Steering issues
  220. paning in external view
  221. Spiel bricht immer ab
  222. Game Will Not start - Debug File Attached
  223. New Amd drivers post install.
  224. Cheating in pCars
  225. [SOLVED] HPP Throttle & Brakes won't work...
  226. [SOLVED] Thrustmaster TX racing wheel problems after recent update
  227. [KNOWN ISSUE] problem with replay
  228. losing FFB after pitting (fanatec wheel)
  229. [ANSWERED] Helmet cam view
  230. Win10 - DFGT problems & which files to copy over from 7 ?
  231. gear bug
  232. A couple of things i have noticed
  233. Really Upset, lost all my game saves for no apparent reason!
  234. Loss of FFB after playing with keyboard
  235. [SOLVED] Bug Report: Manual Clutch Not Working
  236. Community Benchmarking
  237. Lap times not saving?
  238. AI behavior
  239. about cars set-up
  240. [ANSWERED] In game Contrast settings
  241. Prevent twitchy controls at high speeds on straights?
  242. bug report: timing at HH:MM:SS
  243. Road America freeze
  244. Lost green arrows on track
  246. [Minor Glitch] Online performance stats
  247. Can get into lobby, but not onto track or garage
  248. Starting Races by flying through the air.
  250. important thought for devs on patch 1.4