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  1. GTX760 graphic problems - Please help!
  2. Newbie question: Is my G27 setup correct?
  3. Help-- Sound Cuts Out
  4. SweetFX sweetness :)
  5. Cut track warning on azure coast East.
  6. 125cc Kart Handling Issues
  7. Editing Hud
  8. Замедленное отображение кадров,как испр&
  9. Missing animation and sound: Sauber C9
  10. Clipping engine audio in Pagani Huayra
  11. Disable steering wheel inputs in game menu ?
  12. Extremely low performance on high-end rig (and other issues)
  13. [SOLVED] Automatic Clutch not staying off
  14. [YES BUT] Playing on LAN
  15. No impression of speed
  16. Found the best driver for AMD(enables VSR and Faster)
  17. Is there a way to increase the engine noise for other cars?
  18. Lighting/bloom issue - Purple spots on my screen
  19. Setups Not Saving - please sort out all these flamin bugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. How can I create another driver profile?
  21. Saitek R440 Trans-World Racing is not recognized by Custom Wheels.
  22. Can't skip session - forced to rerun race
  23. [FFB] [T500RS] About that wierd white line ...
  24. Brake lights always on
  25. Stutter jitter when close to other cars and in TV camera view
  26. thrustmaster458 wheel +pedals
  27. Windows 10 free upgrade
  28. Crash Report
  29. Why are driver packages so big?
  30. Q6600 CPU 2.40 GHZ 4 GB of RAM nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS for Project CARS
  31. better fps with only one r9 290x enabled
  32. Project cars on windows 8 64bit Vs windows 10 64bit experience
  33. Time ago
  34. In game drivers hands problem
  35. Results files
  36. Phantom Passenger
  37. disconnected from Steam
  38. pCars API help
  39. [RESOLVED] Fanatec CSP nightmare - bug or crap pedals
  40. Connection Lost issue during time trial
  41. Cannot set practice sessions on some circuits
  42. Ability to save the camera position?
  43. Screen flicker at 1080p 59hz
  44. [ANSWERED] Move Installation to another Drive?
  45. Gears rapport bug?
  46. Audio - opponents volume [PC]
  47. New GPU?
  48. Replay sound issue
  49. Driver network locked on PC
  50. less FPS in career mode than in quick races?....
  51. [KNOWN ISSUE] Doesn't save HUD preferences
  52. Replay options
  53. [ANSWERED] Is tire wear ever gonna be fixed?
  54. Choose car livery to race
  55. Minor annoyance in GUI after race
  56. GUI, FFB, Freezing problems
  57. AI not using saved gear ratios?
  58. Slick tires in rain?
  59. [CLOSED] The Black Screen Bug (game still running)
  60. New to G27
  61. Flashing lights with msaa/high
  62. Visual settings
  63. GT5 historic race crashes
  64. Help - default camera settings
  65. Pedal deazones question
  66. G27 spins quite harshly on pc bootup.
  67. Logitech Driving Force shut off partialy several time while playing
  68. [KNOWN ISSUE] 3 wheels as good as 4
  69. Bugs Bugs Bugs
  70. [SOLVED AMD CPU] FPS deceleration and acceleration while playing
  71. [SOLVED] Steering lock changes during game!!
  72. fuel consumption, tyre wear, pit setup and ai pitstops?
  73. Camera mod is functional??
  74. tri monitor scaling field of view help!
  75. BUG: Potential lap times don't add up correctly
  76. Silent Pit Engineer , confirmed bug ? known workaround ?
  77. Trying to understand force feedback settings
  78. Game Save Not Working!
  79. Wheel turns all the way to the right
  80. G-sync Monitor
  81. Virtual Mirror only?
  82. Logitech Drive Force GT Wheel
  83. [ANSWERED] Graphics card driver? MSI or Nvidia?
  84. Chance to buy the Limited Car in Steam because i only bought the normal version...
  85. [ANSWERED] stopped working
  86. [ANSWERED] Losing Keyboard assigned keys when switching back to Gamepad.
  87. Think I found some bugs
  88. BDbgFatal- EXCEPTIOn_BREAKPOINT at 0x40ee3c62. _cReplaySampleMetabuffer.cpp
  89. Time for a CPU upgrade?
  90. SPA Jump Start and Speed Limit Penalty
  91. [RANT] Terrible to play with a controller !
  92. Stutters during AI pits
  93. steering ratio problem !
  94. [ANSWERED] I need the Specs on PC Requirement ...Game play is in slow motion....HELP!
  95. logitech g27 gas pedal issue
  96. So I've lost my career data haven't I? [PC]
  97. New PC gamer downloading Project cars now!!!
  98. [ANSWERED] Is there any way to assign 2 actions to the steering wheel?
  99. Where are all the saved files stored?
  100. Shadows in cockpit - issues or local problem?
  101. Mouse Occasionally Loses Focus - Minor Bug/Irritation
  102. error game, will not start.
  103. Black screen - return to desktop on startup
  104. card upgrade from gtx 580
  105. Thrustmaster F1 Wheel On a TX
  106. stuck on simulating session
  107. [ANSWERED] saving control settings
  108. Force switched to different Endurance Series?
  109. Is it possible to disable the reverse gear on the brake pedal?
  110. Reset FFB or Wheelssettings in Game
  111. Why i still cant get good FFB
  112. Can't change to custom Livery
  113. [ANSWERED] choosing a car skin
  114. Fanatec Clubsport Wheel base (CSW) - unable to calibrate
  115. Fanatec CSW V1 Formula - Calibration/Angle of Rotation
  116. Steering Wheel/keyboard randomly not working on start
  117. Looking for help on Camera view
  118. FOV/POV settings
  119. Alienware Alpha console box
  120. problem history karts
  121. Ferrari 458 Italia deadzone
  122. [SOLVED] Home cinema setup - no picture
  123. BUG? Lap Counter not working?
  124. Any links for pc benchmarks of cpu/ram/gpu
  125. Losing FFB in Multiplayer
  126. [SOLVED] Game Not Displaying Full Screen
  127. Fanatec GT2 driver/config issue?
  128. [SOLVED] How to set up tripple screen
  129. Exiting the game with a controller
  130. SEVERE Stuttering upon launching game
  131. [BUG?] Carrer GT4 Aston
  132. Low cars damage
  133. If we could get just one DK2 fix...
  134. Logitech G27 H Shifter Bug
  135. Project Cars restarts PC! Cant play for more than 10 minutes :(
  136. Unplayable game.
  137. [ANSWERED] PSI rather than Bar
  138. [ANSWERED] Le Mans session times incorrect
  139. [ANSWERED] tyre temp Inconsistent in Huds
  140. Savegame, and complete profile wanished.
  141. Driving Force GT Problems
  142. Unplayable.
  143. Unhandled Exception - Only Restart fixes it until next time!
  144. Thrustmaster F458 Italia wheel with too much deadzone
  145. Brno-lost tyre due touching stack of wheels slightly,missing tyre not shown in replay
  146. Ai driver refuses to pit
  147. Bug: Qualifying session results not saved contrary to what pop up says.
  148. Need Steering Wheel/ pedals Under 100.00
  149. PC pitbox is occupied during GT3 race on SPA
  150. Bentley Continental GT3 - Does not go to box in Free Mode (Monza)
  151. All input ignored in an online event
  152. In car sound not loud enough
  153. [MSAA] BMW V12 graphical issue
  154. Anti aliasing problem
  155. The small graphical glitches thread, please report.
  156. [KNOWN DOWNSHIFT ISSUE] Fanatec GT3 RS V2 issues
  157. Solution to 'Access Violation Error'
  158. [Known Issue] Strange lines in track graphics
  159. g27 throttle all of a sudden stopped working
  160. Driving Force GT centering problem.
  161. Carrer Mode Freezes - BDbgfatal Line 56
  162. Minimap hard to see against bright background
  163. Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience problem.
  164. Opinion on my amd gpu rig please to see if looking at it correctly.
  165. What is the colored indicator next to each player in online player list?
  166. Any chances that the game menu will improve?
  167. Game Crashing after a few minutes...
  168. custom triple screen set up
  169. Problem with the Modfied Car Pack
  170. Statistics... 2 races entered 3 resutls Online. :)
  171. HW Setup_Triples/Ultra HD_anno 2015
  172. AI Pit Strategy - Do they have any?
  173. I came 1st but I didn't...
  174. tx 458 gt 28 rim
  175. Game loads to black screen then goes back to desktop
  176. number of players in on line lobbys
  177. NO THROTTLE G27
  178. Anyone running crossfire with windows 10?
  179. I need some info on SimVibe.
  180. [SEE POST 453] Patch 1.4 FFB reports
  181. PC Replay files location
  182. Complet controlls ingame stop working randomly
  183. Pcars Now Crashing After New 1.4 Patch
  184. Stuttering online...
  185. Stuck on loading screen
  186. tx 458 profiler gone cant play. (win 10)
  187. Formula B Tire Temps After Pit Stop - Patch 1.4
  188. 1.4 stability
  189. Crashes on Replay at same point
  190. Career Profile Corrupted After Patch 1.4
  191. Blooming when Looking Back
  192. Bug Report: Career - Ginetta Jr - Crew removes tires, does not replace...
  193. [BUG]Controller Disconnects. (Xbox One)
  194. Fanatec CSR Elite pedals not recognized by Project cars
  195. [ANSWERED] BMW 12 LMR ?
  196. PC crash on car setup
  197. Confused - Supposed to be in Super Karts
  198. C++ Error while starting the program
  199. [Answered - MSAA] white glow artifact with amd gpu ?
  200. [Answered] How to verify what PC version I have?!
  201. PC version wont update on steam!!!
  202. Pit repair issue since 1.4 update
  203. Patch 1.4: Infinite track loading issue
  204. Patch 1.4 - Track cutting (from bad to worse?)
  205. Patch 1.4 or DLC bug, unsure which
  206. tyres not changing during mandatory pistops in single player career
  207. Patch 1.4: "Simulating Session" endless stopwatch
  208. Quick G27 Steering question.
  209. Triple Screen PLP support
  210. AI in changing weather conditions
  211. AI behaviour once again
  212. Big problem with new T500 - terrible vibration on straight line
  213. Stuttering
  214. Visual problem help
  215. cockpit view
  216. GTX980m and i7 4710HQ
  217. PC Career - Set Up Still Not Saving
  218. Tree Shadows Flicker
  219. Serious issues still
  220. Visual Setting Issue - Possible BUG?
  221. Physics Problems....
  222. Small problem, otherwise great! (220+ hrs in)
  223. XBOX 360 Wireless Speed Wheel - Settings
  224. [WORK-AROUND] Very Hot tyres after pit stop
  225. AMD/CrossFireX Settings 117 FPS Max, 79 FPS Min. Might help some. Works great here!
  226. G27 -- Not Working When Racing
  227. How can i use bigger fonts in laptime table or use black bacgruond?
  228. new bug with manual tramission post patch 1.4
  229. Patch 1.4 silly question
  230. Stuck on loading screen
  231. Apex Particles locked
  232. Problem with lights, G25 sequential mode question and crashing..
  233. Online Issue
  234. Telemetry on triple screens
  235. Patch 1.4. Still got replay qualifying issue.
  236. Weather - sync to race not working
  237. Options not availables during sessions?
  238. G27 deadzone question
  239. [ANSWERED] Info about next patch 1.5 ???
  240. Lap Time Invalidated Message
  241. Why is pCars so sensitive to OC?
  242. Car from Racing Icons don't get saved in free practice and single race after you exit
  243. Thrustmaster TX Wheel users, please help! (FFB problem after 1.4)
  244. online: idles at loading screen
  245. Oculus rift updates?
  246. Some strange lighting
  247. Never Ending Loading Loop-Offline
  248. SLI New Patch Issues and issues closing application
  249. On Startup Black Screen, Not Responding, Eyefinity Issue Possibly
  250. In-car camera problem