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  1. Hud has suddenly stopped being displayed
  2. Quits to Desktop after any event (PC)
  3. Turning off intro movie...
  4. [RESOLVED] Issues starting PCARS after i close it
  5. pCARS(64)Gld_buildbot
  6. How to increase road feel while making the wheel lighter?
  7. How to get to the FFB page using wheel controls?
  8. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya national crashing game
  9. [ANNOYED] Why are the sequential shifter and H shifter enabled at the same time?
  10. [FFB] Strange FFB
  11. Logitech Driving force GT
  12. My personal choice of equipment
  13. Wheel changing settings
  14. Windows 10 DFGT problems
  15. Driving Force GT ForceFeedback Settings
  16. even after update 1.4 my game still crashes every race im tired of this fix it plzz
  17. Spring center or something else?
  18. [ANSWERED] Some of the tuning options are locked.
  19. AI post 1.4 patch - feedback/comment
  20. What happened to my game??
  21. tyres and forces
  22. Bought the game yesterday and career mode unplayable- Please Help!!!
  23. FANATEC Settings (clutch & wheel sensitivity)...
  24. Tx control panel on windows 8
  25. Paddle shifters stopped working? (Anyone use h-pattern and paddles at the same time?)
  26. DFGT shakes like crazy at higher speeds
  27. Cannot toggle HUD!
  28. Any Thrustmaster TX users get good FFB feel from road/tyres?
  29. [SOLVED] Pagani Zonda Cinque & Zonda R incorrect power
  30. AI Pits Bathurst
  31. cars with tyre warmers dont work when you stay in pots.
  32. Drive through penalty
  33. Car having "acceleration lags" (can I say "choking acceleration"?) during game
  34. Bug report - Cant change camera after Alt+tab
  35. Game won't even launch
  36. High Frame rate but totally unplayable/jerky
  37. game crashes before and after races in career mode
  38. Please create FFB threads for each wheel brand/make
  39. G27 - Pedals suddenly not working
  40. WoW this game is a buggy mess. Refund????
  41. After 1.4...Bug again
  42. Full screen in 4:3 or Square Aspect Ratio? Asks for Android Cardboard VR experience.
  43. [Low Prio] Issue with "Eastbound & Down"
  44. Pitstop tyres have lower tyre pressure
  45. [KNOWN ISSUE] BMW Z4 GT3 bug after pit stand
  46. Probleme avec le volant g27
  47. Bug: Disintegrated AI car
  48. Telemetry explained?
  49. Strange random things happening with steering.
  50. Mclaren F1 GTR LongTail keeps hitting the wall at the end of pit road at Le mans
  51. [SOLVED] Game Sounds different on ps4/pc?? [Bug]?
  52. External Telemetry?
  53. [Solved] Possible McLaren MP4-12C "bug" (v1.4)
  54. Strange steering when not selecting a car in multiplayer session
  55. More issues
  56. Reoccurring Controller and Setting issue - need a hand getting frustrated
  57. [ANSWERED] To qualify
  58. input lag / 35 ms
  59. Help me get rid of frame rate losses..!
  60. Game still running after quitting?
  61. [ADDED TO KNOWN LIST] Dubai bug, penalty during pre-race sequence
  62. Game crashes after a period of Time
  63. T500 control panel settings
  64. Driving Force GT question
  65. [KNOWN ISSUE] BRNO Circuit 8 lap race with Maclaren NO TIRES after Pit stop
  66. Is anyone else having serious problem with steering lock ratio?
  67. Endurance GT grids scrambled after qualifying
  68. Will my Thomas Superwheel work in Project Cars?
  69. Game doesn't even start up, (Black Screen)
  70. Setup Bug after Pitstop
  71. Bug: Pit Stop Tune-Up: Stock Cars
  72. WheelCheck program shows different SteeringFFBoffset ( DFGT )
  73. Why can I only feel some kerbs?
  74. Attn T500 users !!
  75. Requesting Blog post manual on setup and explanation of Force Feedback
  76. Pit Crew voices - was fine now gone
  77. Stuttering with GeForce GTX 960
  78. [Known Issue] Pit stops
  79. Tire type selection during pit stop and performance after pit.
  80. I have saved for an update
  81. Online: Race to complete...ZzzZZZzzzZZZzz....
  82. G27 centering issue
  83. Dirt buildup consistency
  84. [KNOWN ISSUE] Strange Car Reflections - Le Mans with BMW V12 LMR
  85. Strange problem g27 steering wheel
  86. Invalid lap warning a little excessive after 1.4!
  87. [BUG] Car Parts and Debris did not get cleared after Cars crashed
  88. [possible bug] DS4X with adaptive v-sync doubles FPS sync
  89. Game freezes and crashes while playing Le Mans 24H event
  90. Another wheel setup thread...
  91. bgl file for bug report
  92. FFB Issue with Ford MKIV
  93. T300rs issue
  94. Race doesn't load
  95. Bottom White Line in FFB telemetry
  96. Vague idea of when to expect incoming patch?
  97. [KNOWN ISSUE] Steering issues after tire change pit stop
  98. MacBook Pro non retina with boot camp is playable
  99. Crazy Shaking with G27 since Yesterday Please HELP
  100. Freeze after 10 minutes of play.
  101. Re-Fueling Issue / Pit Stop Strategy Selection Issue.
  102. AA (SMAA) problem or something else?
  103. How do I know what PC verison Pcars I'm running?
  104. Radical SR3-RS Bug
  105. What FPS are you getting?
  106. Accolade Not Popping...
  107. Lap timer not working
  108. Infinite loading before the race
  109. Splash-screen freezing and a V-sync peculiarity...
  110. Anyone using the GTX 760 GPU?
  111. Can A DEV please explain Weather settings. P L E A S E
  112. Graphicsconfig: <prop name="MirrorEnabled" mirrorenabled="1" /> use?
  113. Opinions on 970 sli from exosting users please?
  114. Small update?
  115. What files should I backup?
  116. Pit stops are spectacularly bugged almost to the point of being totally broken.
  117. game breaker for me please help (erratic controller input/response)
  118. Cadwell club no pitbox
  119. Game Sounds different on the RWD P30 LM1 ?? [Bug]
  120. Is the Race Start Time and/or Time Progression bugged?
  121. in game take a photo
  122. Never ending pitstop...
  123. Mercedes A45 AMG cockpit and helmet cameras problem
  124. Settings not saving.
  125. [PC] Loss of control after pit box
  126. Problem with invitational events being locked after requirements achieved
  127. Momo Racing Force Feedback wheel
  128. Logitech G27 Issue With Pedals
  129. Oculus Rift DK2 Help needed!
  130. race replys not working for me
  131. Game goes to black screen on launch
  132. nvsurround triple monitor setup help!
  133. [DUE TO NVIDIA 3D-VISION] - Lost HUD - helmet view not showing helmet anymore
  134. Couple of Cadwell Park issues.
  135. Retaining Key Bindings after control switch?
  136. Trying to understand peoples ffb issues with 1.4
  137. Wheel oscillating madly at centre.
  138. X-BOX controller on PC; buttons do not work
  139. Game crashes to black screen (moved from New Forum Function - Staff Posts)
  140. Online filter - private rooms & not working properly
  141. Black screen arfter 2-3 min
  142. Artefacts and Ghosting BMW V12 LMR
  143. Patch 1.4 - but where?
  144. SLI GTX 980 x2 1440p - I think I have FINALLY found the best settings...
  145. No effects in Rear mirror
  146. AI don't pit
  147. Triple screens - telemetry HUD stretched...
  148. Black Screen.
  149. Can't drive after joining ongoing qual
  150. Problem with W7 32 bit
  151. [ANSWERED] Steam won't download patch 1.04.
  152. Fanatec Handbrake
  153. TS3 Overlay fix?
  154. Problem! The game doesn't charge
  155. cst pedals are not working
  156. Infnite load screen after update 1.4
  157. Controller Problem
  158. Complete Noob! Game will not start...
  159. Car is driving snaky lines by itself
  160. Car-/Track details - Differences?
  161. [PS4] Pit Engineer problem
  162. [KNOWN ISSUE] Tyres go red as soon as I come out of Pits.
  163. AI Car getting repaired by passing start finish line
  164. Steering Wheel Support.
  165. Low Resolution LCD Display.
  166. PITstops
  167. Unable to Launch - Unhandled Exception
  168. Track IR5 Head Shake Issue
  169. Game crashes
  170. 5760x1080p Project Cars PC Build Help (FURY X)
  171. Triple screen nVidia card users - how's your performance?
  172. FIA Regulations
  173. Nvidia GeForce 353.30 WHQL
  174. 1 tip, 1 bug
  175. Another question about physics for SMS team - pls answer
  176. simple question about the documents/project cars folder
  178. My Thrustmaster TX settings for maximum road feel.
  179. Project CARS - PC Advice - budget, main and high end examples
  180. PS4 and XBOX ONE Dedicated Servers, P2P architecture and track playlist
  181. what version am I on ?? and where IS this 1.4 patch
  182. DFGT Steering wheel goes mental!
  183. [Confirmed UI bug] Escort Mk.i RS1600 rear camber settings bug?
  184. Mid race pedal malfuction..
  185. Fanatec CSR - wheel too heavy, FFB too light
  186. PC patch v1.5
  187. Again: Please create a FFB section!
  188. Formula Gulf 1000 - Keep getting wrong gear
  189. Tech help for PC noob!!
  190. [Bug Report] Online - laggy chat
  191. BUG Instant PC Shutdown on 'Back to Race Central'
  192. Can not look around in the helmet cam
  193. [KNOWN ISSUE] [BUG] Car dragging after pit stop
  194. [Bug]: Exiting Replay pCARS Stops Responding
  195. Timing not saved after a lap
  196. Control Settings won't recognize my pedals
  197. Triple Screen Setup??????
  198. Crashes back to steam/desktop after 1 race
  199. Not enough opposite Steering lock with wired xbox 360 Controller
  200. Would more Ram help?
  201. Stutters after a while-Please help
  202. Oculus, shadow problems.
  203. FFB: The Empirical Method
  204. PC manuel transmission shift down problem!
  205. I think I fired my wheel
  206. Multiple Inputs Detected - G27
  207. Logitech MOMO Racing - can't configure pedals (Multiply buttons pressed, ...)
  208. Resolution Scaling issue
  209. Stretched UI elements in 16:10 resolutions? Is it 16:10 a streched 16:9?
  210. Madness engine resolution refresh rate
  211. Mouse steering center lock - please remove!
  212. i cannot start the game
  213. Own engine sound to low, or others are roaring too loud!?
  214. controller help please
  215. Windows 10 and Project CARS impressions?
  216. [BUG] All input lost when joining MP/Session
  217. [BUG] Wheel rotates to left when returning to pits
  218. Cars drastically steer left when game changes to manual control
  219. What are the canned FFB effects doing to your wheel?
  220. [Bug Report] No response (wheel or keyboard) after using steam overlay
  221. error EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION at 0xf6262296
  222. Steering super sensitive - XBox 360 Wireless PC
  223. [SOLVED] AMD CPU Problem, Acceleration FPS?
  224. Crossfire r9 290 or a single GTX 980? Best solution needed for triple screen setup.
  225. Always stuck on startup screen (SMS/WMD)
  226. Selection problems
  227. Triple monitor issues?
  228. Shut Down
  229. Ford Escort not pitting
  230. Crash and Freeze issues
  231. [FFB] Ready to give up.
  232. nVidia 3D profile - Ambient Occlusion (off, performance, quality)
  233. Cars not properly piting
  234. FOVE VR
  235. Triple Screens - Advice Needed
  236. Qualifying bug in career mode?
  237. Lost save game
  238. FFB issue, white ffb graph?
  239. QRW, 0 opponents, race engineer says to go a little faster to build up a gap to 2nd?
  240. [SOLVED] Selection
  241. Wheel Weight Setting ?????
  242. "Drive" greyed out, stuck in the lobby, camera view stuck etc..
  243. Tire Problems.
  244. We desperately need all racers to show up on Final Results...
  245. Head/Camera movement with helmetview
  246. G27 and Fanatec Club Sport Shifter SQ
  247. ping PB
  248. Game Crash when trying to access the controls tab in options
  249. pCars on DX12 Windows 10 - nVidia users
  250. about to build a new pc - some questions -> PC builded : some feedback