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  1. Doesn´t load final gamesession after update
  2. Cars missing in Replays
  3. Strange red artifacts
  4. RWD P30 LMP1 KERS? / Not able to load Ghost
  5. Best steering wheel for use with PC and Xbox One?
  6. Steering ratio changing mid-race - damage was off
  7. AI too fast in pit out lap
  8. [BUG] Online Chat
  9. Menu CPU/GPU use
  10. View setting locked on bumper cam in some MP races
  11. [KNOWN ISSUE] Pitstop occasionally changes view mode and/or fov and seat settings
  12. Everything is black
  13. ai do not refuel in longer races
  14. Project Cars Crashed
  15. First time not starting from steam or disk
  16. Very low performance and Blue Screens at 5760x1080, gtx 970 i5 4690k
  17. Tires will not wear during race
  18. a big thank you for Thrustmaster
  19. Game Stuck in "Simulating Season"
  20. [SOLVED] MadCatz MC2 wheel and pedals setup - How to get them to work on a PC?
  21. cant view replays @ 5760x1080
  22. Fed up with this stuttering !!
  23. Impossible to drive
  24. Car model invisible
  25. Q6600@ 3.4 ghz. 4gb ram gtx580 possible?
  26. Strange soundbug.
  27. please sms fix the ffb issues... PLEASE
  28. [Solved] Weird light reflection problem
  29. CRASH on launching steam game
  30. Patch 2.0 - FFB issues persist, new bugs
  31. this async file object is being destroyed whilst still in use
  32. [Steam = Auto] How to apply patches and check update history
  33. DRIVE still padlocked after patch
  34. [Answered]Oculus DK2 Feedback on patch 2 and new problem for me, which I can't solve.
  35. Problem with new menu system for Oculus 2.0 Patch
  36. [They really don't] AI still drive on rails in the rain it seems!
  37. Time accelerates to 60x when I highlight it with my controller .
  38. [PICTURE INSIDE] How do I see patch level?
  39. G27 shaking like crazy after patch
  40. Race Highlights pre 1.4 patch still crash the game at race start
  41. game wont launch since patch 2.0
  42. Shifting behaviour
  43. Changing brake balance while driving doesn't work (DFGT)
  44. Fatal Crash after Update to v2.0
  45. [SOLVED] Just loaded up and got weird flashing white screen.
  46. BUG - Intro video not running fullscreen on first run
  47. Pit stop do not change tires
  48. Playing on Keyboard Issues!
  49. [INVESTIGATING] mirrors go black
  51. Patch 2.0 auto gears bug
  52. Way to dodge that bullet!
  53. How do change career settings to make the game harder
  54. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Sakitto International Pit Bug
  55. Heel & Toe Issue on Manual Cars
  56. [Answered] Installation Bug? Greenwood/Glencairn not available in track list.
  57. Screen freezes on track
  58. I can't save my wheel preferences.
  59. Disable Formula cars from racing in evening/dusk/night races?
  60. Patch 2.0 Track cut/penalty issues reporting thread
  61. User Interface BUGS
  62. In the end of the day...wich is the best AMD driver to P.C. till. now?
  63. Temporary solution for FFB BUG: Logitech DFGT (possibly G25/G27 too)
  64. No Bonnet/Hood View for Modified Car Pack Car
  65. FFB
  66. Doubt - timetrail - setup
  67. Breathe in, breathe out
  68. Temporary solution for FFB BUG: Thrustmaster TX 458 (may work for T500 / T300)
  69. Gigabyte gtx 970 windforce OC or Asus strix gtx 970 DCII
  70. Fanatec GT2 extreme wheel oscillation
  71. If I change the controller, it instantly resets all controller settings/assignments
  72. [IDENTIFIED] Post patch 2.0 issue - overheated tires after the pit stop
  73. Upgrade old Dell i7?
  74. Logitech G27 and DFGT losing pedal controls mid game , anyone else ?
  75. 980Ti Low FPS and odd nvlddmkm error
  76. Nvidia Shield Portable locked at 30FPS
  77. Logitech G25 combined axis issue throttle/brake issue
  78. Sim Commmander 3 does not work with Project cars :-(
  79. [KNOWN ISSUE] Camera View Changes in Pits
  80. [Bug Patch 2.0] Tire Temp Issues After Pit Stop
  81. Rift DK2 Setup help (after patch 2.0)
  82. hotkey for forced auto-calibration Logitech DFGT
  83. T300rs rotation problem
  84. sound level drop!
  85. [SOLVED] G27 wheel going crazy after patch?
  86. Fanatec GT3RS V2 no display after patch 2.0
  87. I am slowly getting desperate
  88. Setup FFB
  89. How to use Logitech F310 game pad on Project Cars?
  90. Out of fuel bug
  91. RUF GT3 RGT-8
  92. V-Sync Disabled by Default ?
  93. [UI] Various issues with high aspect ratio in EyeFinity
  94. Patch 2.0 - Found my perfect FFB settings for Logitech G25
  95. G27 FFB I don't get it........the FFB
  96. [ANSWERED] throttle stops working when i have spun.
  97. Lowering framerate
  98. Problem Remaping the KERS Button
  99. PC Audio Output
  100. [ANSWERED] i dont think ive got patch 2
  101. pCARS ignoring Logitech Profiler?!?
  102. Speed sensitivity is not sync
  103. How to stop my wheel interfering with game menu.
  104. Visual ¿Bug? "Tessellation lines"
  105. Issue with loading tracks
  106. [SOLVED] Rift DK2 issue (HUD framebuffer blocks view?)
  107. Frequent graphical freezes
  108. My Easy G27 Fix
  109. DFGT Wheel Rotation Issue
  110. Lighting, shadows and flickering problems
  111. [ANSWERED] where in menu do i turn off wheel view
  112. PC specs for proposed computer
  113. [FFB Bug]: Returning to Pit Bugs FFB
  114. Pit Crew Radio
  115. Damage happening even tho its turned off !!!
  116. Downloading and install the complete game again on STEAM
  117. Terrible 980Ti GPU use in patch 2.0 with DK2, loads of tests and details
  118. [Bug] Game does not remember selected vehicle in free practice
  119. Steering sensitivity randomly changing
  120. [Bug] Pit menu
  121. Serveur deconnected :(
  122. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition Wont work in Project CARS
  123. Force feedback on Logitech pad
  124. [Tire Noise too low] [Engine Volume Slider]
  125. UI doesnt accept user input after editing setup
  126. Photo's not displaying properly
  127. AI Difficulty since Patch 2.0
  128. Car Stopped Randomly On Track
  129. My issues with AMD performance.
  130. [NO LONGER HAPPENING] Gear shifts not happening
  131. Request - Fanatec GT3RS Linear force test results
  132. 29' inch widescreen question
  133. Formula A Thoughts
  134. Lack of participants multiplayer for PC / Request assistance / opinion on
  135. Car is getting ghosted + AI damage
  136. [ANSWERED] Assistance with refund
  137. Best wheel settings for G27 with the latest Pcars update
  138. [ Known Issue] pCARS 2.0: Still Dropping Car Setups in Career
  139. pCARS 2.0: Boss Mustang Handling Woes (real-life Mustang GT driver)
  140. Project Cars (Patch 2.0) PC Audio Volume fluctuating problem...
  141. Does jack spade files work on patch 2.0?
  142. AI issue @Oulton Park with Superkarts
  143. [SOLVED] G27 Shifter Issues - How to always paddle shift?
  144. Systematic crash after 1h30 of race.
  145. FFB on my notebook
  146. Custom Camera Reset (How To)
  147. Pit stop: how to create a pit strategy on PC?
  148. Game freezes after online races
  149. Anyone running GTX770 4GB card on 4K, 2160p resolution?
  150. Force Feedback Setup G27
  151. [Bug report] Snap oversteer Radical @ Watkins
  152. Simulate Remainder of Session Bug
  153. Some Problems we have encounterd
  154. "Fan Chat" displaying incorrectly
  155. VRAM stacking in windows 10
  156. Problems with Panorama 25hr Invitational race.
  157. [Solved] pCars Patch 2.0 - Disk Space Error
  158. Finally nice strong FFB with no clipping (I think) G25 Wheels
  159. Formula A - Cockpit gfx glitch
  160. Blinded in cockpit view for McLauren F1
  161. Yet another G27 FFB template
  162. Reflections at night?
  163. Suggestions for improvments and issues that need to be fixed asap
  164. novice to pro ?
  165. [SOLVED] G27 - Frozen wheel glitch
  166. Directx 12 patch ETA?
  167. Inconsistent performance Formula Rookie at Nordschleife
  168. Bad performance
  169. Desktop theme keeps changing
  170. Dunno if this is a bug or a setup issue.
  171. Minor UI issue: Adjustment arrows missing in Tire Force (there just invisible)
  172. RAM and Pagefile
  173. Formula B Yiro Slick tyres.
  174. [KNOWN] Gear Inficator Bug at the Starting Line
  175. [ANSWERED] No GT4 BMW Contract offer.
  176. [FFB + UI] TightenCenterRange not working when used in FFBTweakers.xml?
  177. [SOLVED] White blotches on screen
  178. pit stop bug/ presettings
  179. [SOLVED] Name is info
  180. MSI GTX 970 ?
  181. Wrong setup loaded after changing car
  182. Windows 10 good or bad
  183. Racing Icons Car Pack DLC
  184. I have just had the most retarded convo with EVGA support about Project Cars
  185. Change of internal view engine sound.
  186. Cockpit view Zooming in and out?
  187. TX & FFB setup after a spider. WHere to start for calibration?
  188. Rain causes Cars to lose all traction and must limp back to pits under 50mph
  189. [SOLVED] Pedals do not work
  190. [PC] Restarting a race causes FFB to clip
  191. [PC] Career: AI: crash into the wall @ Nurburgring Sprint BMW 1-series M coupe race
  192. Thrustmaster TR300S
  193. Madcatz Mc2 - Unable to reduce deadzone below 40 degrees
  194. Important note and solution to DK2 users having performance issues since patch 2.0
  195. g27 ffb
  196. Input Not Support(ed)
  197. Car setting bug with launcher options
  198. All screenshots are black
  199. game crashes verytime you exit race lobby
  200. nVidia Drivers - Game Crashes
  201. Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3
  202. game freeze in practice or qualifs
  203. Game keeps changing my car to the P30 LMP!!!
  204. Oculus DK1
  205. Optimum graphics setting for oculus rift?
  206. [KNOWN ISSUE] Unable to drive in 90% of multiplayer games
  207. What's wrong with replays?
  208. Can't activate on Steam?
  209. Oculus Rift and 290x - best to wait for driver update?
  210. New Player - Logitech Driving Force GT - experienced racer NOT HAPPY
  211. Wheel hard to move when car doesn't move
  212. Problem since patch 2.0 (I can't play)
  213. Rotary Encoder problems
  214. Black piece of scrren
  215. Mouse not working in game
  216. Can't start PCars
  217. next race - next bug / trapped in pits way too long
  218. [KNOWN ISSUE] Le man track pitstop tires
  219. Can Someone please help me? I have not been able to play since installing GTX 980.
  220. How To Troubleshoot Return (NOT Crash) to Desktop Issue
  221. Logitech G29
  222. [SOLVED] Anyone knows this graphic bug?
  223. DFGT - Overheat or broken?
  224. [ANSWERED] transferring to new pc (will i keep my car setups?)
  225. BMW 1-series M coupé dashboard km/h not the same as that of the HUD
  226. Restoring game progress
  227. lag playing game
  228. Disconnected from online lobbies
  229. Gtx 750ti & Intel q6600
  230. Career - No Qualifysessions ?
  231. wheel cutting out
  232. Windows 10
  233. What are the ai doing?
  234. Driving Force GT on PC - Wheel Rotation changes suddenly
  235. Go automatically to menu during Race - also auto Pit-Stop & Wiper
  236. [WIN10] PC , Xbox one, PS4 is it Possible
  237. PC - When using pad game slows down and speeds up
  238. What speed cpu throttles game? intel upgrae Q
  239. Time Warping Issues Possible fix
  240. Problem with achievement One More For The Road
  241. Project Cars (PC) CTD 07/16/2015
  242. McLaren 12C GT3 crashes in pit @Nordschleife Full
  243. Oculus Rift - break lights of other cars invisible
  244. Graphic Glitches Suddenly
  245. Why can't I see wheter ABS, Traction control or Stability control is enabled?
  246. The SMS-R Driver Network Championship LOCKED
  247. PS4 Pcars ***CSW V2*** FFB Settings
  248. Baseline Wheel FFB Values - Google Sheet & FCM. Universal
  249. [Answered] [Petition] Modified Car pack - 002
  250. [BUG REPORT] OverSaving Car Setup