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  1. Jumped ship to the GREEN team !
  2. [Resolved] Unable to launch Project cars on PC (Steam)
  3. Game crash since last update
  4. Problem with Thrustmaster tx500
  5. Sound problems
  6. Bug [PC] AI is too fast on slicks in heavy rain
  7. Thrustmast TX (XBOX ONE) After 2.0 patch can no longer select DOR 270. 360, 540
  8. V 2.5 FFB, something to consider
  9. [Multiplayer Bug, Video]: Host Stuck in Mid-Air
  10. bug [PC] Bathurst car gets stuck in the pit stall
  11. After Patch 2.5 - Game minimizes and crashes
  12. [ TM300 / 500 ] Setup Thread - v2.5 >
  13. Fanatec CSR, weird FFB/Vibration since 2.5
  14. Career Progress deleted
  15. Bug [PC] Weird light behavior for Audi A1
  16. SLI Mode ?
  17. Adjust graphics for best optics-performance ratio
  18. Car tuning menu I cannot scroll down using the mouse wheel
  19. After 2.5 patch - Graphics Bugs
  20. Thankyou for the FFB
  21. CTD when loading next track.
  22. Can i run PC on my PC?
  23. no sound
  24. [SOLVED] Look to apex sometimes goes wild
  25. Stange Camera since 2.5 Update
  26. Logitech momo FF racing wheel - calibration problem - brake pedal gives no results
  27. Bug report: several bugs
  28. Vsync issue with pc
  29. The "Unhandled Exception Trapped" thread
  30. BUG: Patch 2.5 "Canned FFB" turns on
  31. [ANSWERED] Help with HUD
  32. Few new glitches since 2.5
  33. Oculus HUD issue
  34. CTD aon loading a Racetrack or changing car setup after Patch 2.5
  35. engine sound
  36. after update xbox one controller doesn't work (PC)
  37. No glass in vehicles when looking in rearview mirrors
  38. [Help] Issue with the guiding line
  39. Two ALT+TAB issues
  40. Game Closes when pedal is touched while loading
  41. Audio bug? Ginetta GT3 horribly loud and distorted
  42. G27 stops working in the middle of a race?!
  43. Any performance improvements with Oculus Rift in Windows 10?
  44. Motion sim: PCars stops working after 30 minutes
  45. FFB , Default or classic ?
  46. Modified Car Pack DLC: Buy now at Steam?
  47. How to remove car / being sure it won't be selected by AI?
  48. [ANSWERED] Need help with Modified Car Pack DLC
  49. Tyres not changing to wets in rain when pitting.
  50. cant setup TS 500 with GT wheel (?)
  51. Crash to desktop when exiting to main menu
  52. 250cc kart replay bug
  53. Lap times in hud are messed up
  54. Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition
  55. No tire sounds
  56. Wheel rotation
  57. Lack of FFB on Logitech G27
  58. How to unlock the Modified Car Pack
  59. BUG - Driver Network Profile
  60. The game doesn't start at all.
  61. Controller gamepad Xbox PC, can't drive since the last patch
  62. black screen when starting a race
  63. Wierd Multiplayer BUG
  64. [RESOLVED] Pc help
  65. ABS Vibration stopped working on Fanatec CSV2 wheel after patch 2.5
  66. 2500K Bottleneck at Stock? Let's compare...
  67. Formula A FFB feels loose compared to Formula B
  68. T300 gte degrees of rotation problem
  69. Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel for PC?
  70. If you need help with configuring your XBox controller...
  71. Drive button still locked
  72. Recent graphical glitches.. please help :)
  73. New PC Build Advice/Triple Monitor Question
  74. [ANSWERED] Can't find setup video?
  75. Mclaren F1 cockpit brightness
  76. CLubsport v2 in combination with T500 - unable to calibrate pedals + game restart
  77. Bentley Speed 8
  78. [Bug] Force Feedback for G27 Broken?
  79. edges , loins , ribs
  80. [ANSWERED] Steam patches
  81. Weird mouse allignment issue in Online lobby.
  82. what are the default tyres
  83. LOGITECH G25 FFB Issues
  84. [ANSWERED] How do I find out which version/build I'm running ?
  85. button assignment
  86. Video Card Upgrade
  87. [BUG] Graphic settings games advice unnecessary.
  88. What is "Jitter Tweak" in graphic options?
  89. Formula Gulf 1000 - Gear Selection Problems Return
  90. Wheel suddenly stops working
  91. g-27 rotation setting
  92. Graphic Bug since the last update
  93. [SOLVED] Accelerator input drops to zero for a few seconds / Fanatec CSR
  94. Wheel doesn't work
  95. Any happy Fanatec CSR users out there?
  96. Several screen setups
  97. In time trial, problem
  98. Speed Sensitivity setting for gamepad
  99. Triple screen PLP problem
  100. Question binding please help
  101. Steering lock not resetting after Karts
  102. driving force gt problem
  103. Breaking causing momentary freezing with Fanatec GT3RS V2
  104. Early Backer - Game won't update in Steam any more
  105. [SOLVED] Motionjoy PS3 Control Stuttering and Twitching
  106. [SOLVED] No Steam Overlay (No FRAPs)
  107. Oculus Rift DK2 Trouble
  108. Audio Bugs Audi 90 GTO
  109. Display flickering in Menu and minor stuttering in game but not consistent
  110. Minor Bug - Azure Coast race end
  111. Texture filtering big difference in FPS
  112. Steering Lock?
  113. Problem with FA soft slicks in the wet
  114. The lights aren't displayed on the rearview mirrors
  115. Bug: Engine blows on McLaren P1 when it reaches about 245 kph
  116. Dxtory incompatible with Project CARS
  117. PC Version Has Begun Freezing / Locking Up If I Try To Alter Lotus 49 Default Setup
  118. FRAPS - White balance problem
  119. Fanatec Clubsport Shifter-SQ: Not recognizing H-Pattern
  120. HUD Layout
  121. [SOLVED] Logitech G25 - Unable To Calibrate Correctly
  122. Pit Speed Limiter got stuck
  123. Problem with G27 in Windows 10 only with Project Cars
  124. pcars wont work with windows 10
  125. Gas pedal not working at start of the race?
  126. Mouse not optimised on PC
  127. Bug Report - minor - rendering on Monza
  128. Glitching grass on 2.5 PC patch
  129. Some trouble trying to instal pCARS with the disks of the LE
  130. Display not available when loading Project Cars
  131. [PC] Fanatec support/discussion thread
  132. DX 12 / Windows 10
  133. [RESOLVED] Can't Edit Signature
  134. pit crash bug in ruapuna gp circuit
  135. [RESOLVED] Shift up automatically when leaving pit or on startgrid
  136. Gone from Steam
  137. Win10 - G27 Turning In-Game Car Wheel About 270 Degrees, Calibrated at 900 Degrees
  138. PCars file in my docs
  139. [Known Issue] Black shapes in rearview mirror
  140. Zotac GTX 980 Ti 6GB GDDR5
  141. Console to PC
  142. Savegame
  143. Windows 10
  144. FFB Bug
  145. [SOLVED] LMP1 Cars and possibly others KERS not working
  146. [KNOWN] HUD Disappear
  147. Vehicle drive by audio in replay is weird
  148. AMD Catalyst drivers 15.7 and 15.7.1 problems
  149. Download and Install patch update
  150. Game Crashes every second Game.
  151. How to import Thrustmaster T80 driver into PC
  152. Performance of the with AMD graphics cards over time
  153. G25 Auto Correction
  154. hertz sync issue
  155. Steam disount coupon expired?
  156. Game minimises when clicking settings. Can't bring it back.
  157. Overly sensitive G27
  158. Driving Force GT centring problem
  159. Tires before and after pit stop still not the same.
  160. Game crash in online race
  161. TH8RS and Windows 10
  162. Help please! Weird problem making RPMs max out(like the clutch is slipping)!
  163. Project Cars crashing shortly after startup on Athlon, runs fine on Intel
  164. Wheel Pulls Violently Side to Side - Windows 10
  165. Hockenheim cut track penalty bug.
  166. game crashes when create new setup for Bentley Speed 8
  167. Thrustmaster f430 No FFB
  168. Need opinion from Fanatec users
  169. I want to build a PC
  171. bug or artifacts?
  172. AMD 390 latest performance tests someone?
  173. "Random Weather" function does not work properly.
  174. Windows 10 Issue with PCars
  175. P Zero "Trofeo" Soft Tire problem
  176. Bad SLI usage when it's raining
  177. STEAM: Discount Code/ How to redeem Project cars?
  178. problems with gear at starting grid
  179. Lotus 49 1974 slick gone?
  180. steering ratio problem ! PLEASE HELP
  181. Motion software and windows 10
  182. Mclaren 12c GT3 inside/middle/outside temperature possible error
  183. Wrong race results by bonus points
  184. Gears Problem
  185. Issues since 2.5
  186. [ANSWERED] How to type a message while online racing
  187. Help setting up an old Logitech Formula Force EX please?
  188. New GPU and Monitor.
  189. Pedal buy: TM T3PA-PRO vs. CSR Elite
  190. Leaderboards broken?
  191. Project Cars loses my user settings
  192. Alpine A450 reflections wrong.
  193. Wont start after Windows 10 update
  194. Telemetry FFB white line vibration
  195. RUF GT3 Sound
  196. Why is my car slowing down / braking on it's own when under full throttle?
  197. Posible solution, bad performance under windows 10
  198. [Answered] Strange colored flares
  199. Graphics/visual settings revert to default values
  200. Downshift issue + degree of rotation bug
  201. Saving FFB setup
  202. Is your Fanatec CSR Elite being detected as a standard CSR wheel in game?
  203. Problem with G25 and LMP1 cars
  204. Pit stop not applying
  205. Wouldn't achieve a pit stop
  206. [ANSWERED] 2.5 or not
  207. Mouse not visible
  208. green and red shadows on the display
  209. Switching controllers G29 to Gamepad and back
  210. bgl files windows 10
  211. [SOLVED] Can not calibrate Ferrari Wireless GT
  212. Question about sli
  213. info for updates ??
  214. Steering wheel help for G27 Logitech
  215. Freeze/ crashing issue after gpu upgrade
  216. Graphics card or processor?
  217. Time trials wrong times
  218. All my screenshots turn out Blank
  219. Calibration setting bar skips numbers
  220. Mclaren F1 visual bug.
  221. Limited Edition Car Pack advertized for FREE but never included (PC online store)
  222. Sods law says patch tomorrow now pedals are dead.
  223. Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 Issues...... PC
  224. PC triple-screen UI bugs
  225. Potential bug with BMW 320 T
  226. NEW..GeForce 355.60 WHQL driver
  227. setting up a project cars the right way
  228. What to do?
  229. Thrustmaster TX racing wheel for PC
  230. Invisible pitstopping cars
  231. CSW v2 with G27 pedals
  232. Visual Bug unplayable
  233. What are some decent cheap ffb wheel options?
  234. Invisible wall bug | Audi r8 on Nordschleife
  235. Career Mode crash since patch 3.0: Array Index out of range! 14367 (max: 14366)
  236. After Patch 3.0 Wheel and Pedals not recogniced by the Game anymore
  237. [Solved] Interior mirrors are grey / black
  238. [FIXED] 3rd to 4th gear issues - BMW Z4 GT3
  239. PCARS and OSW Wheel now completely stop working
  240. New bugs after patch 3.0
  241. Strange Graphics Glitch
  242. Livery problem...need advice...screenshots inside
  243. Can't get Caterham Super 7 over 70 mph
  244. Leaderboards reset after patch 3.0
  245. [Known Issue] Bentley GT3 defaults to Vantage online
  246. Fanatec csp question for Remco
  247. Snetterton career mode, Unhandled exception
  248. The game closes without reason during loads (have this issue for months...)
  249. Not been on for a while, Fanatec ABS motor suddenly weak, game settings?
  250. Lost Focus with G25 (Win7 x64)