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  1. [ANSWERED] New version PC for PS4
  2. Project CARS Drifting?!
  3. Is there a worse circuit-car combination than...
  4. best drift setup for pjc
  5. Is "Digital Edition" still worth buying?
  6. Wireless gaming mouse
  7. [ANSWERED] How to get the trophy "Fully Loaded"?
  8. PS4 Pro - Possible update for pCARS?
  9. Renault sport pack installed but cant see cars
  10. Fuel load during practice sessions
  11. Frame stuttering since PS4 Firmware v4.0 update
  12. New Touring Cars on CARS
  13. Car audio issue while Monitoring on MP
  14. Delta times as well as in car adjustments no longer showing up.
  15. [ANSWERED] Steering ratio
  16. G29 issue
  17. [ANSWERED] Aerodynamics doubt
  18. Final T300 Settings on PS4?
  19. Need your help guys - PS4 no Force Feedback at times
  20. Dualshock 4 sensitivity issues
  21. [answered]OVAL ????
  22. Trouble setting up Corvette C7.R at Road America
  23. Forming a Ps4 open league Online Racing Network ORN
  24. Reinitializing entry level
  25. Quesiton about tuning/noob
  26. Multiplayer Question
  27. Oversteering trouble (PS4)
  28. Please unban my account?
  29. Assetto Corsa puts Porsche into the ring - what does Project CARS?
  30. Hockenheim Classic Bug?
  31. Online Qualifying Results.
  32. 55 & older on ps4....???
  33. Will I ever get my Platinum Trophy?
  34. hkraft300 getting credit!
  35. venom pace wheel
  36. Thrustmaster F1 add on issues.
  37. Beginner HELP!
  38. G29 PS4, new to racing with wheel... any tips?
  39. Stalling
  40. Novice racing
  41. Senior Seeking Assistance
  42. First ever 1.39 on spa (PS4 + controller settings) World Record across all platforms
  43. Question about the Lobby List...
  44. Best possible controller settings, that have helped me achieve multiple world recor
  45. Quick questions from a newbie at PS4 Pcars/Wheels (T300 RS)
  46. N00b setup question
  47. Tire wear during race?
  48. Fanatec and PCars
  49. PS4 + T150 + Project Cars = AWESOME!
  50. Custom Cars
  51. New to Project Cars and G29/wheel stand pro setup
  52. Project Cars - Assetto Corsa comparison.
  53. Elite Racing League Lap Time Leaderboard FC/IndyCar
  54. GAVRA Racing Search commentators
  55. Project Cars Complete Edition - missing cars
  56. WHY THEY ARE SOOO FAST with Standard Setup? GT3
  57. Driving Aids
  58. Game crash
  59. Question on the false start penalty?
  60. [RESOLVED] VR oN PS4
  61. Getting back in Project Cars after a year off
  62. Assigning paddles with a Logitech G29
  63. Default setup competitive?
  64. Question about pcars
  65. My First Racing Simulator With a Wheel... And I'm Confused
  66. GT3 question
  67. Bluetooth Numberpad on PS4 = Simple Button Box?
  68. Dubai GP GT3 world record (1:52.709) using pad
  69. Happy early birthday
  70. G29 need urgent help!!
  71. Assists or no?
  72. Dlc tracks still dont work
  73. Digital Download + On Demand Pack = GOTY Edition?
  74. Just Wanted to Say thanks SMS/WMD
  75. T80 steering wheel malfunction
  76. Who wants to join a great classic car only league? Let me know who you are! (4/2017)
  77. PC1 on PS4 PRO
  78. Throttle stuttering/cut out since version 10 update
  79. Fanatecs return to the PS4 officially
  80. Big Problem with driving Please help
  81. G29 racing wheel problem - car won't drive off
  82. Problem with my Save... Lost it all
  83. Loading time
  84. What wheel to buy?
  85. Times are not saving
  86. PS4 SPECIFIC SETTINGS - Thrustmaster T150
  87. Lap Times PS4 Version vs PC Version
  88. PS4 Aston Martin Pack???
  89. PS4 VR MODE
  90. Will project cars 2 get a 1080p mode on ps4 pro to maximise performance/framerate ?
  91. Please help before son throws PS4 out the window!! Wheel wont sync!
  92. A big thank you to SMS and WMD members
  93. PS4 specific settings for T300rs - no high speed wobbly
  94. For PS4 T300 Frustrated Users - Solution?
  95. Visual choppy on PS4 slim
  96. Is there away to see all drivers tyre choice before a race?
  97. FFB cuts out mid race.
  98. RallyCross Broken (PS4)
  99. setting pj2 & t300 alcantara edition
  100. Sauber low speed oversteer issue
  101. 11.2 Patch?
  102. Saving more than one setup
  103. Community ambassador trophy stll realistic?
  104. Brook converter controller settings
  105. Wheel shake when braking
  106. Japanese car pack not showing up
  107. PS4 Dynamic Racing League IndyCar League
  108. Southern California racers
  109. list of oustanding issues/bugs?
  110. World Series Renault
  111. Update on PCars2 PS4
  112. How do I enable VR mode for Project Cars on PS4?
  113. Indy 500 during Indycar season
  114. AGAIN STILL BUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Pit Lane Parley Elite IndyCar Series
  116. No new community events?
  117. Car Tuning Locked (Create Online Event)
  118. NEWBIE Questions
  119. Leaderboard for PS4
  120. Getting started with Project CARS on PS4... got stuck
  121. Tyre wear
  122. Community Ambassador Trophy still achievable?
  123. No more patch?
  124. no more than 4/5 online public lobbies?
  125. [RESOLVED] Problem with Playseat Challenge
  126. Can I use USB hub to charge multiple devices at same time?
  127. Project Car Goty Edition Game is not finished
  128. No boxcrewe to see at repetition
  129. Project Cars 1 & DLC Removed from PS Store