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  1. Timeline for updates and packs?
  2. GT3 US cup bug at Watkins Glen. PS4
  3. Opinions on the tracks and cars
  4. How do you turn your headlights on?
  5. Recorded time removed from leaderboard
  6. Force Feedback Setup for PS4 One Racing Wheels
  7. SLS GT3 Night race
  8. Class system
  9. Rolling starts
  10. Crash PS4 Project Cars: Error (CE-34878-0)
  11. Multiplayer host race problems
  12. Race Suits & Helmets?
  13. so my t80 is broke...
  14. Bug Report in Career mode!
  15. Saving set-up
  16. An explaination please - Real Assists compare to assists off
  17. Controller Configurerations
  18. [FOR SALE] Thurstmaster T100
  19. Default controller settings overly sensitive!!! Help Slightly Mad Studios
  20. [YES] Windshield wipers ?
  21. What "setting" controls this?
  22. Crashes
  23. Basic FFB tips for you all :)
  24. FOR SALE--Thrustmaster T500 wheel only, brand new
  25. "its not you...its me"
  26. Looking for fellow Drifters
  27. How to change class of cars to race online?!?
  28. Help a noobie out- T300 vs. T500
  29. A bugged corner, Abu Dhabi
  30. [EXISTS] No Drafting ??
  31. Career - Skip or Decline Invitations
  32. E190 Evo2, E30 M3 DTM tuning settings for Nurburgring?
  33. Chicanes. Too easy.
  34. playing online...
  35. [OPERATIONAL] Active Aero not working?
  36. Nagging design Issues
  37. Photo mode using wheel on PS4?
  38. Steering not re-centering - not just settings, i don't think....
  39. Settings for FOV
  40. install
  41. Graphics rival driveclub!
  42. T500rs PS4
  43. Where the real racers at online? Road class racers?
  44. Online: cannot drive in running session
  45. Chase Camera Settings
  46. pro handling
  47. Finally! The game I thought it was reveals itself.
  48. Will there be a Season Pass?
  49. T80 vs Controller
  50. [ANSWERED] What is Field of View Speed Sensitivity
  51. From a Forza, DIRT, and Gran Turismo Fan...here's my opinion...
  52. Community ffb settings
  53. @Developers Please add spotter. Thank you :)
  54. AI Driver didn't PIT
  55. Strange crash/damage physic's
  56. steering sensitivity...
  57. Nobody joins a multiplayer session lobby
  58. Career bug : being offered events that have already gone.
  59. Where is my HUD?!?!
  60. PS4 Bugs and Glitches
  61. Please look at these bugs
  62. Drift Setups
  63. Struggling with T300RS
  64. Sound Bug?
  65. Trouble getting liveries to stay
  66. career mode question
  67. Pleins de problèmes à résoudre sur PS4
  68. Is it my driving? Car stops/stalls on track.
  69. UK Clean drivers on full damage only please
  70. Blown engines - return to pits?
  71. project CARS dynamic PS4 theme and ShareFactory theme perhaps
  72. Hi Everyone, new here, Important Question!
  73. Weird stuff in PC on PS4 (and some bugs)
  74. AI suffer mechanical failures?
  75. Driver Wheel Off setting
  76. Race numbers on cars
  77. "Community Ambassador" Trophy Question
  78. [Issue] when creating a Lobby
  79. blue flags and positions? any
  80. I found the perfect driving stand! (at Home Depot!)
  81. Not being able to adjust car settings!?
  82. Contract
  83. Controller + No Assists: Is it Possible?
  84. best ds4 settings after much chopping and changing
  85. Skip Invitationals?
  86. Please Add Me PSN ID adrianbtu
  87. PS VITA Controls (remote play)
  88. Limited Edition Upgrade in Europe
  89. How to see detailed laps time after race?
  90. Multi class races?
  91. Replays with shifter kart show unreal wheel rotation!
  93. Career mode doesn't show which version of the circuit you are going to race.
  94. [NEVER?] when is the g27 coming to project cars or should i get a trustmaster?
  95. Hot Lap at Nurburgring GP with dualshock controller - ABS on, TCS off
  96. Wreckers online that think this is Mario Kart and what to do?!?
  97. PS TV Compatibility?
  98. Help on two topics! Quick Reverse and RPM Gauge
  99. [KNOWN ISSUE] MK1 Escort....undriveable!
  100. Whoa! Mapping/Assigning buttons is a nightmare!!!
  101. Making change for car setup - my suggestion for improvement
  102. OMG can't believe there allowed to sell this game ;-)
  103. Go-karts won't turn??
  104. what's up with the leaderboards?
  105. Controller Too Twitchy
  106. game feels completely different from last night??? am i crazy
  107. Best setting for ThrustMaster T-80 ??
  108. Free practice mode locked?
  109. Selecting reverse. Discovery/tip
  111. Ford Escort
  112. Awesome!
  113. 24h Le Mans crashes near the end
  114. zero to hero no trophy???
  115. what id like to see.
  116. Clio straight line speed?
  117. Edit HUD
  118. Please do something about multiplayer!
  119. limited edition upgrade dlc install problems
  120. Where to buy limited edition car pack?
  122. ps4 ghosting/blur
  123. PS4 Second Screen Option
  124. Mutliplayer needs massive improvements
  125. Problem licensed digital version
  126. PCARS AMAZING online race HD
  127. Where is the "Greatest Spectical In Racing", Indianapolis Motor Speedway?!?!?
  128. digital licence
  129. What days does The Stig work?
  130. Any way to change "pit to car volume" on headphones only?
  131. Gaysquad attack psn again
  132. Confused Limited Edition Digital Cars.
  133. Draw Distance
  134. Removing camera views ?
  135. Qualifying w/ AI on track - Is this correct?
  137. Monza Short Layout IA Bug on the chicane
  138. pit stops
  139. How do I save the car liveries in garage?
  140. OultonPark Invitational - CATERHAM qualifying (just a question/ or bug report)
  141. PS4 Graphics
  142. lol, cod generation of racing sims.
  143. game won't run? wtf
  144. experience pCARS Multiplayer monologue by Dvc ©2015
  145. Wow Fast and furious content
  146. Formula C Grid start Problems.....
  147. Why did my Clio not pit?
  148. [QUESTION] Rubber build-up
  149. Can I save car set ups?
  150. Spa pit exit with formula rookie bug
  151. DTM @Zolder 20 lap race.
  152. NEED HELP
  153. Push to talk button.
  154. Only 30 car grid for 24 Hours of Le Mans race?
  155. So I just finished a 2hr long le Mans race and....
  156. why are certain cars jerking up and down?
  157. Pit question
  158. Joining session in progress changes default camera view
  159. Great fun
  160. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel
  161. Why is it always raining?
  162. some questions about multiplayer...
  163. Fanatec support patch?
  164. Is this the buggiest game ever!
  165. No full lock steering yet PC version does?
  166. UK/EU PS4 Clean Racers - Please read First Post!
  167. [Answered] 2 Q's.. HUD/on-screen dash & where are these cars?
  168. maybe a dump question but still gonna ask
  169. UK Ps4 formula A
  170. Don Gaming clean racing lobby
  171. Grid penalty please sort!!!!!
  172. Wheel Question.
  173. Controller Input Mode?
  174. Quick question
  175. Online mini endurance races
  176. What a shame
  177. [SOLVED; WM 100] wtf camera settings!
  178. Random Weather issue
  179. (PETITION) Make Free Practice a join-able lobby
  180. MoTeC display brake bias is reversed
  181. Indy 500 dlc?!?
  182. Still no PS4 support for G25/G27
  183. Hints n tips
  184. Graphical issues Le Mans 24Hr
  185. I need more FFB while counter steering/opposite lock
  186. Help engine blow ups using auto box.
  187. Rules & Flags
  188. Swap driver pit stop
  189. PS4 Graphics bug on gear display in car
  190. 'Zero to Hero' Trophy and general Playstation Trophy thread
  191. Controller Stuck in Manual?
  192. What gameplay options do you use for career mode?
  193. The game has changed suddenly?
  194. Drift Tutorial & Setup in Project CARS
  196. After 11 days testing and testing...
  197. 24h Le Mans - invitational in career mode (driving Audi R8 LMS Ultra with 7% race)
  198. When you're feeling down about life, just read some of these threads
  199. Invisible and missing cars from online replay
  200. Cheat glitch.
  201. what id like to see p2
  202. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the happiest tree in the world?
  203. controller problems? (ps4)
  204. Clan tag?
  205. is session save?
  206. Track Day
  207. Controller and Laps
  208. Opposite Lock Hell
  209. Loving the game so far, here are some more features I'd love to see added...
  210. Any way to see 0-60/100 times after and before gear ratio changes?
  211. Gamepad Setup For a Stick Tapping Forza Vet?
  212. Physical copy
  214. Need some serious pointers!
  215. Do NOT attempt any endurance races
  216. Where can I change AI difficulty in career?
  217. Week #1 Impressions (PS4)
  218. This game needs more stats!!!
  219. Umer Ahmad 's wielding a ban hammer
  220. Anyone on ps4 wanna drift?
  221. Question regarding Career Mode
  222. How does the DRIVER NETWORK COMMUNITY EVENT work?
  223. Proper Usage of Deadzones
  224. mandatory pit stop
  225. How do i progress beyond Superkarts?
  226. Surely there can’t be so many 1st gear corners in the real world?
  227. The 5 Car pack DLC
  228. Community events locked, no times posted for time trials etc
  229. Impressions and observations...
  230. Trophy: I am the 5% (details?)
  231. choice of solo categories.
  232. Helmet cam with no helmet - that's blinking perfect!
  233. No pit crew :( no lmp 1 lmp2 gt1 gt2 in one race
  234. Lmp1 endurance contract???
  235. Multiplayer Option for Online rooms. needed
  236. Car jumping gears and crashing on its own
  237. [Yes]Bonnet view easier to drive?
  238. pedal setup for t300rs
  239. BUG - Exiting the pit lane during race, resets brake temperatures to 20°
  240. Odd oonline experience at start of race
  241. Cold Tires + GT2 Wheel = Impossible to drive?
  242. Pit Crew not taking orders??
  243. FFB discussion / favorite FFB setups
  244. rain?? how to drive?? or is it a bug?
  245. Thrustmaster T100 help.
  246. PS$ TGORL League
  247. Limited edition DLC
  248. Hard copy refund?
  249. This here two cents
  250. RUF RGT8 @ Watkins Glen