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  1. I've just had a telling off from my wife.....
  2. Bodywork damage not getting fixed in pit stop
  3. So which wheel to get for ps4?
  4. Max Number of Opponents For Each Track List (PS4)
  5. Lmp1
  6. List of trolls?
  7. Absoloutley loving the game...but Pitstops! arghh!
  8. Driver Photo
  9. Karting Sprint races not registering laps
  10. Multi screen / multi PS4 support planned for the future?
  11. Second screen support for PS4 planned?
  12. Blind spot warning planned?
  13. Tyre wear
  14. SMS Employee List for Credit Where Credits Due Trophy
  15. 125 kart - Can't get force any feedback
  16. Need a tune for my Lancer
  17. Helmet Cam Settings Definition
  18. Controller
  19. Season Pass
  20. Best tuning setup for Lotus 98T Renault Turbo (post cars you want me to tune)
  21. Severed head cam (Helmet cam bug)
  22. T300RS messed up after rest mode
  23. [KNOWN BUG] What is this madness !!!
  24. WRC - Western Racing Community
  25. Is this possible on the PS4 version? (From XB1 owner)
  26. How much better is the T300 compared to the T100?
  27. Azure Circuit (Monaco) - always mass traffic and ZERO "0" movement/ stuck
  28. Tyre Pressure Question
  29. Any leagues for PS4 ?
  30. Are they going to fix the Controller Settings?
  31. Let's Talk Headsets....
  32. Suspend/Resume
  33. Blown Away! Car guys Dream game
  34. Tyre degradation
  35. I feel cheated....
  36. Inconsistent feedback from track
  37. [ANSWERED] Where is tyre wear indicator?
  38. Reproducable Crash on PS4 with GT2 Wheel
  39. graphics
  40. SeeTheAir.com Racing League (over 4 yrs of organized racing)
  41. Logitech G27 works with PS4 without adapter in War Thunder
  42. [ANSWERED] I am frustrated, CRAP game!!
  43. PS4 Patch ? or is only xbone getting it ?
  44. Fix multiplayer which is full of morons.
  45. Fanatec CSR How to recognize ?
  46. Tire question....
  47. Selecting Which Skin on my Car??
  48. 24 Hour Race Set Up
  49. PS4 Version Is Great!
  50. Im slower in the straights than other cars.
  51. Smoothest possible controller settings, your welcome.
  52. BUG Visual Wheel Filtering and Opposite Lock Help reset to Off
  53. Logitech G29
  54. Pitstops need to be simplified!
  55. LM and GT Cars mix?
  56. I lose sound at race start at times
  57. What about transparency
  59. New Logitech G29 Wheel for PS4
  60. [ANSWERED] Supported wheels of Project Cars?
  61. Gaming Without Destination
  62. Filters for Time Trials - PLEASE!
  63. Another unseen from anyone BUG - Unreal wheel rotation during replays
  64. Fanatec GT2 Setup Help (not deadzone issue)
  65. Surely not? This can't be happening
  66. Thanks SMS and WMD
  67. Pit in notification
  68. Ian Bell
  69. Fuel Question
  70. Real drivers wanted....
  71. nobody has the T100 in stock NOBODY
  72. Online races
  73. Bug report: Solo mode race settings
  74. Issue: No descriptions on "Options > Controls.. > Configuration" screen
  75. disqualified. hit opponent?
  76. Community Event Azure FA: So much cheating possible!
  77. Monza - speed test - ??? not more than 280kph??
  78. Career Mode, cars hit you
  79. Tyres On Formula B Cars
  80. Time trials
  81. Looking for clean races? Join us!
  82. How was this missed?!?!
  83. Real time lap delta?
  84. Anyone else?!
  85. Mini-Endurnance Road America
  86. Why does cutting corners invalidate the NEXT lap?
  87. Show PSI in setups and not Bar?
  88. My first endurance race...wtf.
  89. Any fanatec gt3rs v2 users ?
  90. No echo in tunnels?
  91. Helmet should move when you look around..
  92. Setup BMW M3
  93. [WE HAVE IT] Rubber wear on tracks
  94. The Reviews
  95. Tyre temperature colours too similar
  96. Skids Elevens' Donuts
  97. When you break down, you can still hear the engine running in the chase cam.
  98. 24 hours
  99. PS3 Sabotage
  100. Anyone else running into this?
  101. Engine noise sounds odd at times
  102. Exclusive cars/content working with manufacturers
  103. Clean Racers.....
  104. Not all required controls are assigned!
  105. Not saving my tunes in practice when i go back to pit
  106. Bug and Solution: cannot reset car
  107. New Funny Bug
  108. Dedicated ps4 servers? (2 weeks and no answer?)
  109. View cam won't keep still, any settings?
  110. Bug Monaco track limits.
  111. Triple Crown trophy not unlocking
  112. [No] Ps4 Patch update?
  113. PC World Project Cars Review
  114. the 5% Trophy with a catch...
  115. Limited Edition DLC - Why can UK users NOT get this?
  116. Fantastic racing
  117. T100 and taking photo's
  118. PS4 - Ghosting - My Fix
  119. More career problems
  120. Second Screen
  121. Just served up some street justice...
  122. Switch Rain Off
  123. Ariel Atom V8 suspension
  124. online lobbies
  125. Ian bell and everyone at SMS and wmd
  126. Normal Controller seems impossible!
  127. AI driving question? (do they learn?/ adapt?)
  128. Help with tires
  129. Project CARS on PS Vita
  130. Ps4 patch update thread closed!
  131. Thrustmaster T100
  132. Pristine Paintwork trophy
  133. Draw distance
  134. [Answered fix coming in patch 1.5] Gear shift problems using controller
  135. T300 Happy Users?
  136. replay bug
  137. RUF GT3 disadvantage?
  138. PS4 overheating with Pcars !
  139. [CONFIRMED] Project CARS will not support Logitech G27 on PS4
  140. Can Anyone Help on Controller settings
  141. Great Game with Annoying Issues
  142. BOOST a the starting line!?
  143. Does the thrustmaster T100 wheel work well with PCARS ?
  144. t80
  145. 900p Option for PS4
  146. Ps4 online
  147. PS4 eye
  148. Game not giveing me penalty for cutting track multiple times.
  149. on a 20 lap race, are my AI opponents pitting?
  150. Pit Strategy, Tire Pressure/Temp, and Missing Info
  151. Playseat Challenge and Thrustmaster T300RS Question
  152. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On
  153. Time trial leaderboards show one car per class
  154. Why am I always slower on the straighaways???
  155. This is driveclub all over again !!! AHHHHHGGG Take a Breath
  156. Accelerator pedal sensitivity T100
  157. Every car feels like a bad Forza tune
  158. I don't get how pit strategy works
  159. High Tire Temperature
  160. It's real hard to go back to Driveclub...
  161. All Four Tyres Puncture/Glitch After A Pitstop
  162. All Four Tyres Puncture/Glitch After A Pitstop
  163. Non contact racing, wil it ever be an option?
  164. [Known Issue] All Four Tyres Puncture/Glitch After A Pitstop
  165. Can you help me get my T300 & T3PAs set up nicely please (not FFB)
  166. 100+ Active Members and Growing
  167. T300 seems to be sold out everywhere. Where to buy
  168. Career mode qualifying
  169. Contract choice for trophies
  170. Hit and turn others cars without visible touch
  171. time difference/ sectors and understanding it???
  172. Controller Settings and Menu Settings
  173. Raining in Tunnel
  174. Ai qualli times change when viewing replay
  175. T300 RS FFB LOCK-UP
  176. An Explanation...
  177. PS4 meets Atari 2600
  178. Rear view mirror - Shazzam!
  179. telemetry
  180. Reverse previous grid results, A must must must for online lobby!
  181. The best wheels
  182. Ginetta G55 GT3
  183. Lyken Hypersport
  184. Please put the LE dlc on the Australian ps store.
  185. Mulitplayer Private Lobby
  186. 3 Hour Twitch Stream - Le Mans Circuit (SmegLeeds)
  187. Missing cars
  188. Clan searching for clean racers
  189. blown engine and temperatures..??? (actual play and replays, sound)
  190. Purchase of T300RS Rim only!
  191. Skid marks
  192. Next PS4 patch - When????
  193. 3 hours into a 4 hour race....PS4 crashes
  194. Any chance I could get an answer on this?
  195. My Fanatec CSR wheel can not play on ps4 Project cars
  196. le dlc delayed patches
  197. PS4 lifetime shortened while using Pcars
  198. I have the modified car pack, but would like the limited car pack
  199. Community Events.
  200. Online today now
  201. is there a patch for the force feedback?
  202. SERIOUS system boot bug when suspended
  203. Simulate remainder of session?
  204. Time trial weather and time settings
  205. Replay without opponents!BUG?
  206. Time trail touring cars
  207. HUD and parts of track flashing in long races
  208. I love this game, but I should have known better than to ASSuME. =]
  209. green light for wheel purchase
  210. New guy looking for a few pointersafter turning assists off!
  211. Wheels and controllers and brake vibration
  212. Clio Setup Silverstone
  213. [KNOWN ISSUE] MP race "DRIVE" locked
  214. Monza GP - AI 70% - GT3 Aston Martin (AI) - driving F1 times...???? (error)
  215. ***** T300 / T500 Centre Spring HELP IS HERE please read and try *****
  216. Twitch Stream N_Predators2014
  217. [POST 96] Update for PS4 ???
  218. Which Cam do you use
  219. Game crashed during 24 hour le man's race
  220. monaco/azure tunnel lighting
  221. Thrustmaster Shifter Question
  222. Nürburgring with BMW GT3, I AM IN lOVE!!
  223. What is the default exposure setting?
  224. Tips on how to get better at racing?
  225. Fix the shifting animation?
  226. Control & Configuration Setup Sheet for PS4
  227. Can anyone Reccomend a decent powered USB Hub
  228. Controller setting to catch oversteer?
  229. Final gear locked
  230. Career Mode Questions
  231. Silly question
  232. Can I race my Friend's ghost if it is not in the top 30?
  233. choosing number of cars in race
  234. time gaps/ deltas calculation does not add up
  235. Dual Shock 4 question
  236. Steering issue with dual shock 4
  237. How do you review Telemetry?
  238. Audi Lemans Camera Problem
  239. Why aren't personal best lap times recorded?
  240. Is there going to be a fix for invalid laptime?
  241. T300rs loose USB cable
  242. What is happening???
  243. Speed Racer PS4 Trophy
  244. T100 squeaky pedal!!!
  245. FFB (T300rs) shuts off after pausing
  246. Driver Network times still not registering
  248. FoV and moving seat
  249. Pit stop
  250. how to see friends times/progress/ghostcar