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  1. I'm quite confused.
  2. Controller button layout.
  3. iracing /sim racing
  4. Dtm c coupe liveries
  5. T80 help please!
  6. why hasnt anyone noticed the handbrake button doesnt work !
  7. TM shifter. H box car list
  8. Lotus 98T Renault Turbo on Monza GP track - RR + RL Bump Stops always 0mm???
  9. [CHANGE TRACK] What do the globe icons indicate in multiplayer lobbies?
  10. Most of the fools online suck?
  11. Mailbox Full requirement?
  12. G27 Pedals?
  13. PS4 weekly time trial challenge (HAS NOW CLOSED)
  14. 100% difficulty
  15. T300 pedal mod
  16. Anyway of knowing what car you're signing up to drive?
  18. No Ai online race
  19. why is there no multiplayer leaderboard?
  20. penalties
  21. Formula A Thunderstorm race (career mode)
  22. Monza GP - qualification - AI stuck at/ in wall for over 30mins LOL
  23. A few thoughts so far
  24. Roller skating On Ice
  25. Correct driving line arrows guide.
  26. [IMPOSSIBLE] 2 player mode
  27. AI posting an impossile lap time in quali?
  28. Pit Stop Menu Time
  29. High Clutch Point
  30. Setting your favorite schemes for every car and not saving?!?!?
  31. Need a Time Trial challenger pls
  32. Fanatec Pedal Throttle Problem
  33. talking from ps4 game pad..
  34. Amateur to Pro
  35. What are the default settings for Camera and Movement
  36. Thrustmaster T100
  37. Is the T300 Usb cable detachable from the base?
  38. Unplayable on controller?
  39. Ian Bell shows His True Clours
  40. BUG/Design Flaw: California Highway 1: The Suns Rises in the West?
  41. Moving from paddle shift to full manual......
  42. Can you smell something trophy?
  43. Mic users overpowering game sound
  44. T300RS with Fanatec Clubsport V2 pedals on PS4?
  45. 1967 Ford mk4
  46. PS4 Screenshots in another area
  47. Thrustmaster T300 GTE + Ferrari F1 Wheel on the way!
  48. Statistics and what I would like to see
  49. [bug] livery car completely red color across all vehicles when picking out race car
  50. Tilt/motion control with dualshock 4
  51. Post your wheel mods
  52. T300 gte ticking sound
  53. GrimeyDog Pcars FFB Tweek PS4 & Xbox1 Works with all Wheels!!!
  54. I need help with two trophies
  55. Future compatable steering wheels?
  56. Post Race Tip
  57. Useless without wheel
  58. Any dashboard apps??
  59. Very minor thing I'd like to see changed/added
  60. Timing issue
  61. It's you. Not the AI.
  62. Thrustmaster T100 IN STOCK
  63. Can't add fuel online? Anyone encounter this?
  64. T300rs wheel isn't working...please help!!!!
  65. Game hesistating when new players join/leave?
  66. In the game of war thunder-you can bind multiple buttons to one button!
  67. Driving gloves?
  68. thrustmaster t100 UK cheap
  69. Further support for T500 Ferrari F1 wheel?
  70. Love this game!!!!
  71. Pit Engineer via headset only?
  72. very,very strange.
  73. A little help regarding qualifying sessions and pit stops.
  74. GrimeyDog PCars FFB Tweek PS4 and XBox 1 works with all wheels!!!
  75. New T300rs today, question?
  76. Reversa Corsa
  77. PS4 Steering Wheels
  78. (Please delete) Closed now in main events board
  79. Bizarre Creations (PGR)
  80. Love PCars, but HELP with contoller settings please.
  81. SMS: Can We Use Our DS4 At The Same Time As Our Wheels Please? - SORTED IN PATCH 2.0
  82. Loading ghosts for SMS-R challenges
  83. Community Events ghosts?
  84. Project cars - driver survey (unofficial)
  85. Gears sticking
  86. [LAP TIMES] - question to devs and involved staff - overview laps on tracks?
  87. Cadê as correções para o Ps4 com o Thrustmaster T500rs?
  88. Assists
  89. 1.4 Update?
  90. Car top speed
  91. Huge Deadzone on my T300rs pedals, any better on the T3PA?
  92. timing ambiguities.
  93. Custom Liveries for PS4
  94. Online reputation and impact on lobbies
  95. Thrustmaster t500rs
  96. Upgraded from t80 to t100...
  97. Penalties don't make sense
  98. [why?] Cadwell GP - track limit/ penalty?
  99. Just checking
  100. Inconsistent penalties
  101. What game mode do you play most?
  102. Tire wear, and units
  103. Is there a patch coming soon on PS4?
  104. Race Line Cutting/Overshooting Pits(COMPLAINT)
  105. Steering "jump"
  106. Bathurst - Mount Panorama - 2x wheels off Turn 20/ 21 and next lap invalidated???
  107. (PS4) My Project CARS issue report
  108. So tired of people who can't drive online.
  109. Weekend at Brno
  110. Engine blown
  111. Meet me in the middle racing.
  112. T300RS FFB weakening
  113. Pit question
  114. Ai slider...
  115. GTLeague Clean & Competitive Online Racing
  116. LeMans 24hr race worth it?
  117. Aligning T300RS wheel in Control Panel
  118. Catching the back markers. (ANSWERED)
  119. Why are not more people posting times to the leader-boards?
  120. Real Assists Stockcar/Onboardview/manualShift
  121. 😈 Very annoyed!!
  122. Map visibility options?
  123. [Answered] PS4 Password Lobbies or friends able to join private?
  124. Empty spot on main screen?
  125. Replay Sounds!!!
  126. Limited ed. cars as dlc when?
  127. Free Practice issues/car flips over in pit lane
  128. Pit garage not open
  129. TROPHY GUIDE - half racer, half demon easiest way
  130. Lotus 72D Cosworth
  131. Issue in historic car races
  134. Question about contract signing in career mode
  135. Hauppauge Rocket & Turtle Beach P12
  136. Why is this game #1 in the UK?
  137. Video Calibration?
  138. Time trial fix?
  139. See you in 6-12 months
  140. Pros and Cons
  141. [VR] PS4 Morpheus?
  142. question about choosing tyres
  143. Track Configuration in Career Mode
  144. [ANSWERED] How Fast Does Weather Cycle?
  145. AI too fast in rain...?
  146. Made with players for the players haha
  147. Ideas for a good t100 wheel stand
  148. Race set up question
  149. Full time spotter
  150. pCars getting some love on IGN!
  151. Door / Wing mirrors
  152. Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. DLC
  153. Can you see th distance/time to the car in front?
  154. New Logitech g29 for ps4 leaked
  155. WTF it's GRID Demolition Derby
  156. Bizzare McLaren F1 Zolder Invitational Disaster
  157. Downloaded car packs not showing up
  158. AI gets trophy's for you
  159. Sharefactory Theme?
  160. Two Crashes since DLC.
  161. DLC cars in career mode
  162. Can't find dlc in PS store
  163. I have just about had it with pCARS... (AI not yielding under blue flag)
  164. dlc is great! freezing is not!
  165. Community Ambassador Trophy / Pls remove it trophy
  166. Data on PS4.
  168. T300RS calibration when PS4 starts
  169. [ANSWERED] Game intro trailer
  170. Porject cars - Race Pro
  171. DLC but no patch 1.4 yet
  172. Stop closing my threads
  173. You moderators are week
  174. New car packs
  175. Controller racing settings anyone have good smooth setup?!? Please share!!
  176. Thinking of getting T80 wheel for this game for the price. Good or bad?!?
  177. loved this game at first but now getting bored
  178. Updates???
  179. personal bests for each track
  180. Prophet216 epic use of words
  181. Pre Alpha user 25 € reduction for Steam but on PS 4 too ??
  182. telemetry
  183. In game Data Tracking
  184. Question for dev's...about Logitech.
  185. favourite cars/tracks.
  186. Le Mans Porsche curves and invalid laps.
  187. [ANSWERED] Moving Back Down The Tiers
  188. Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2
  189. Icon DLC trailer
  190. UI Font size
  191. Yet Another Cheap Wheel Stand
  192. Driver network and time trial locked in US?
  193. Thrustmaster facebook fanpage. To share passions, experiences and tips.
  194. Waiting for the PS4 1.4 patch is like !
  195. No Assists - How to counter act the lack of them
  196. Thrustmaster T300RS or T500RS ... which is better??
  197. Wheel Advice - Choosing between T300 and G29
  198. Anyone got any pics of the new AA / AF?
  199. ps4 patch downloading now
  200. Yirotires SLS GT3?
  201. new patch.
  202. Best audio setup
  203. downloaded 1.4, still cant use gt2 wheel?
  204. Initial thoughts on the PS4 patch 1.4
  205. [No] Did 1.4 fix the Headlights Issue?
  206. Are wheel issues fixed with 1.4 patch
  207. DS4 after 1.4.
  208. Has anybody actually tried the g27 since the patch?
  209. Visual settings help/questions
  210. Quick tip for people having issues with Karts!
  211. Trophy Community Ambassador
  212. Fanatec wheel shake?
  213. Noob questions for first time wheel user
  214. T300RS Share button binding
  215. New Patch doesn't let us change where the engineer audio comes from
  216. "A day in the life" trophy
  218. Patch notes
  219. PS4 Motion Controls Are A Godsend!
  220. Rather Pleased!
  221. Blue flags
  222. New patch question...
  223. Paddle shifter backwards after patch?
  224. Really sketchy kart pitting
  225. Assign any button anywhere . No mandatory settings
  226. Pit crew putting on flat tires!
  227. [Known issue] Very hot tires and lost off FFB after exiting mandatory pit stop
  228. Issue since patch
  229. [Solved] I turned off lens flare
  230. [solved in patch 1.5] Oulton park fps drop around turn 5ish
  231. Gt3 pedal issues
  232. Too much traction/grip
  233. Safety Car?
  234. Surprised/Disappointed that the menus are still a mess post 1.4
  235. What is "Brake F" in wheel display (RWD LMP1)??
  236. Le Mans 24hr qualfying
  237. T100 FFB Post Patch 1.4
  238. Formula B @ Catalunya GP
  239. 1.4 FFB T300 Ps4
  240. This is why you should not buy the "new" Logitech G29
  241. Friends Times On Leaderboards
  242. What was the solution for "settings to hold a better straight line?"
  243. I have PCars for XBOX1.. Should I..
  244. OK now I have lost all the FFB??
  245. Project CARS 1.4 - The Phantom Thumb
  246. known bugs
  247. DS4 Tilt control +angles
  248. Default settings per wheel? T100/300/500 etc??
  249. A Fan-Driven Review Of The Thrustmaster T300 GTE Ferrari
  250. Where to find oil and water temp i Audi R18 ??