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  1. Le Mans 24hr race problem after 1.4
  2. You have no entry recorded on this leaderboard.
  3. Profiler for PS4?????
  4. Affinity bug after patch
  5. You have no entry recorded on this leaderboard.
  6. Fanatec or Thrustmaster
  7. Pit engineer
  8. [ANSWERED] Turn off rain?
  9. No control after pitstop glitch.
  10. [ANSWERED] Green helpline on and off
  11. Strange sounds Caterham
  12. FFB Settings Android App
  13. thrusmaster T80 PS4
  14. Question about potential in TT
  15. Devs Would it be possible ?
  16. What is everyone's favorite car in each class?!
  17. Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
  18. Driver Network standings
  19. Marker boards at Le Mans
  20. Sound problems in chase cam view
  21. Brakes and DRS
  22. Career Mode Bug - Invisible or alien object in track
  23. Fanatec GT3RS v2 - is this a good choice for a G25 owner?
  24. Possible to "Retire to Pits" during online race?
  25. Car Pack 1
  26. GTR2 on a console at last
  27. AI Driver unexpected Pitstops
  28. [KNOWN] Brake light reflections for all cars?
  29. Join my YouTube channel!! Have well over 115+ online PCARS races!!
  30. Dismantle PS4 controller
  31. ON DEMAND Release?
  32. Mandatory Pit Stop
  33. We do need some things but by the way its real good
  34. Lobby 24 players?
  35. T500RS Developed New Problem After Patch 1.04 (PS4)
  36. [sms] A couple of issues - car selection and rear view/s - ps4
  37. Insane lap times by one AI in practice session in career (w/o simulating)
  38. project cars LAN multiplayer ps4?
  39. Any Project Cars/Project Morpheus at E3?
  40. AI takes over during multiplayer race.
  41. [Known issue] Car set ups won't save after new patch
  42. create or edit your tuning setup and troubleshoot issues by ASKING YOUR ENGINEER!!!!
  43. [FIX INCOMING] Online Pitstop still not fixed!
  44. Steering Wheel stand
  45. Setup settings
  46. Livery question
  47. PS4 steering wheel suggestions
  48. T500rs ffb settings
  49. [ANSWERED] A few things I've noticed
  50. Switching drivers
  51. [KNOWN] Car instantly shifts to first gear
  52. Loss of ffb
  53. t300rs for sale
  54. Cold front tires in Supercarts.
  55. best way to tune?
  56. Online Time Trials or Community Questions
  57. Replays not reflecting weather as per race
  58. Online practice lobby.
  59. Career Team
  60. Cant have close races with a Pad? Think again!
  61. How to save a raceweekend???
  62. For SMS, Oculus and VR helmets?
  63. My first night race.
  64. Incar exposure
  65. :) Driving standards A MUST SEE! - How it should be done :)
  66. Controller Configuration Help?!
  67. North American League - Clean Online races
  68. Quick Question: Bentley
  69. Mexican nationality missing on career mode
  70. Wrong gear shown at the start of a race
  71. How to host ONLINE endurance race (1,2 up to 24 hours)
  72. [SEE PATCH 2.0] Playstation 4 button box
  73. Cheating with a lag switch?
  74. Gearing/gear ratio setup method
  75. Iconic car pack question.
  76. Second screen & buttons?
  77. Formula A pit stop
  78. blue flags
  79. Ready to pounce trophy
  80. T300 GTE PS4 button decals
  82. What really needs to happen in next patch!!!
  83. Difficulty settings using pad
  84. Stunt Driving (Bug)
  85. Can someone tell me if this wheel is compatible with this game please!
  86. New PS4 controller tilt motion steering with default settings and AI set at 80% :
  87. Can't use career mode.
  88. AI at 100% cars are programed to set certain track times no matter what
  89. Le Mans world record
  90. [ANSWERED] Career karts question
  91. [ANSWERED] Why have asterisks instead of my name?
  92. Wheel opinions
  93. Tire Wear question
  94. Can KERS be used automatically?
  95. Please don't tell me this is glitched- 'Hall of fame trophy'?
  96. [ANSWERED] Helmet cam blur
  97. Discrepancy between HUD and Telemetry
  98. Tyre Temp Tuning Question
  99. Tyres brands and types, want does they mean ?
  100. PS4 - Fanatec GT3 RS v2 Settings (No Clipping)
  101. M1 Procar championship
  102. Project Cars Digital Foundry fps tests (patch v1.04)
  103. uploading replays
  104. Steering wheel movement alignment
  105. GTLeague Presents Edurance Multi Class Online Racing League
  106. Tips & Tricks for beginners
  107. Can you save in the middle of the race?
  108. Plans to realease the "Modified car pack" in psn EU ??
  109. Modified car pack going to be avaible in the psn EU ??
  110. thrustmaster addons and t80 wheel?
  111. Why DQ when i win the Race?
  112. HORI steering wheel controller 4 setup PS4
  113. Use keyboard for more controls
  114. Settings descriptions
  115. Thrustmaster T100
  116. Steering Angle
  117. PS4 and XBOX ONE Dedicated Servers, P2P architecture and track playlist
  118. 5 min qualifying
  119. Where is the penalties for people online that thinks this is Destruction Derby????
  120. Traction control and stability control
  121. Using accelerated tire wear bug.
  122. Will a COOP career be added to pcars?
  123. T300 FFB Knocking
  124. Crash: Turning Fanatec CSR wheel off/on in race or race menu
  125. Will Project Morpheus be utilized in Project Cars 2 as well?
  126. Where have all the "Ovals Gone?"
  127. Why haven't we got a Pitstop crew yet
  128. T80 Issues
  129. Bodywork replacement in Pitstops
  130. Logitech G29?
  132. Home Field Advantage Help
  133. T100 queries....
  134. To Red Light, or Not to Red Light.....
  135. Pit Stop on Lap 2 - how do you change this?
  136. Track Expansion Dlc price?
  137. Possible new features
  138. Game freezing/crashing
  139. Support for USB keyboards to be used for in-game controls coming soon
  140. Do all wheels vibrate and make weird noises via their motors during FFB clipping?
  141. Patch 2.0 Motion Sensor control profile?
  142. Formula A Full Length Race Completion?
  143. Career Race Season - Invitational Events
  144. Can you change your avatar
  145. PS4 Keyboards ref: patch 2.0 notes
  146. Which Cars Are Most Suited To Which Track?
  147. Clean private lobby join now
  148. FFB Starts Jittering Sometimes?
  149. Is the T300 (dead unit risk) as high as people make it sound
  150. Please devs put in patch 2.0 the ability for the host to kick players
  151. Solo Race Livery settings - How do you apply and set a livery for a vehicle?
  152. Simulated race session and Pitting bug under rain
  153. Finding a MP game is a nightmare. (A discussion about the GUI, not idiot drivers)
  154. too much bounce
  155. Finding friends in multiplayer lobbies
  156. Button Box on PS4
  157. GT3 Best Cars and the Rest
  158. Easiest Tracks So Far
  159. PC does not resume from Rest Mode post 1.04
  160. Second Screen and Playstation Camera
  161. Cloning a usb signal
  162. Temporal level
  163. Theme for sharing videos
  164. formula a,b,c
  165. Mandatory Pitstop
  166. Tyres question?
  167. Lap times when racing?
  168. Waiting for races to start...
  169. Pathetic!
  170. Open Wheel Ovals
  171. racing, racing, racing, lobby, racing, racing
  172. throatle shutting down
  173. It's raining again
  174. More Stats Would Be Great
  175. Exposure Compensation
  176. Universal FFB Settings for PS4/XB1 WebApp
  177. Modified car packnot availble on Australian ps store?
  178. Anyone near York with TX Wheel?
  179. Maybe they'll get bored soon
  180. Please cleanup the tracks! (Marbles)
  181. Thrustmaster update June15
  182. [ANSWERED] Is "real weather" missing on PS4?
  183. Graphical problem? Random lines ahead...
  184. resolved clarification was needed!
  185. pCARS is $47.99 on the US PSN Store (Offer Ends 7/6) for PS+ members
  186. Exorcist Trophy question
  187. [NO] Is update 2.0 out on ps4 today?
  188. The Different Race Teams in Career Mode
  189. Pit Stop Strategy Ps4
  190. Carrer Events
  191. What I learnt/learned so far
  192. Question about mandatory pit-stops
  193. Auto clutch question / TT question
  194. default force feedback calibration settings?
  195. Upcoming patch "Lobby Filter" issues.
  196. Damage off=Horrible races Damage on=Clean races
  197. Turning locked settings off
  198. 25hr bathurst track cars issues
  199. How do I turn on false starts?
  200. [Solved] Cant use DLC Content when Offline
  201. If DQed, can you spectate?
  202. Career Mode Reset Issue
  203. Project Cars VR
  204. [PATCH2.0] RUF GT3 RGT-8
  205. Improvement of Replay mode in futures updates?
  206. Ps4 gamepad (dualshock 4) settings
  207. Formula A feedback settings
  208. I really wanted to like the game, but...
  209. SMS you need to fix this kind of issues ASAP!!!
  210. Time Trial Question
  211. telemetry app for ps4
  212. Rear wheel comes off, car rolls 3 times, parts fly everywhere!
  213. bug @Road America - Pit Stop Window blocks
  214. [Bug] Car won't turn after pit stop
  215. [NOW AVAILABLE!] Where is the Ps4 2.0 Patch ?
  216. No tirewear
  217. AI car becomes ridiculously fast after Qualifying?
  218. Open microphones
  219. PC Style Leaderboards on PS4?
  220. Nordschleife - Regular clean lobby
  221. Pit-strategy and tuning resets
  222. Update 2.0 is here
  223. [ANSWERED/RESOLVED] I'm new here and wanted to ask a quick question?
  224. [ANSWERED] How I watch the replays I have saved?
  225. 2.0 patch motion settings...
  226. Tire Calculation Question
  227. Path 2.0 did not solve the worst problems!
  228. pCARS Dash or similiar support?
  229. How to assign keyboard controls?
  230. The 2.0 Patch
  231. Was DL 2.0 patch?
  232. Headset Companion App settings
  233. My best moment yet on project cars......
  234. [NO] Has 2.0 fixed the bumper cam bug?
  235. Unable to leave garage le Mans
  236. [ANSWERED] AI Weather Forecasting (tyre selection)
  237. ps4 guys who want ipad /android support for telemetry
  238. Path 2.0 bug reset setup continue.
  239. Massive Crash Car Flown backwards and wrecked after hitting invisible object
  240. AI when going off
  241. Replays not showing accurate driving
  242. Feel the road and tires ... how?
  243. This game is irreparably broken
  244. Ian Bell you're a paranoid wreck
  245. A few post 2.0 patch requests
  246. Darth Vader Hates Me!
  247. Increase/Decrease - Settings Adjust
  248. Thrustmaster T100 - Post Patch 2.0 Settings
  249. List of mappable options
  250. [INVESTIGATING] Levitating Cars Post Patch 2.0 PS4