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  1. Project Cars (PS4) / American Racing League / ARL
  2. Is there a way to know different setups of time trial leaderboard on PS4
  3. Why are AI racers so faster than the player?
  4. Online Lobbies post patch
  5. This game!
  6. I'm off...
  7. FOV
  8. car loses grip out when breaking really hard
  9. [Still there] BMW M1 Procar gone after 2.0 patch
  10. When the DLC track out?
  12. I give up clean racing online on PS4....
  13. it didn't (set-up saving issue not solved)
  14. CHUNK990X
  15. Stuck in bumper camer ... worst than before??
  16. Lost it last min
  17. Rent A Server Suggestion (Larger Grid Sizes)
  18. AI driving on rims, sparks everywhere
  19. Thrustmaster t80, ok for begginers?
  20. Offline career
  21. AI took over after pit stop
  22. At what point do you consider an over-take of position?
  23. BUG - Car suddenly thrown in the air during Le Mans 24H at Arnage corner
  24. Is it just me? (game stutters/freezes online)
  25. Session limitations for kart tracks?
  26. Thrustmaster T300RS FFB life-like settings
  27. [NEVER] when i can have paint shop and i can make my own liveries on ps4 ?
  28. why so many coming soon in the menu ?
  29. car is randomly veering to the left after patch 2.0
  30. Noticing any tire hud/wear differences after patch 2.0?
  31. Formula A is ruined.
  32. Any Asian players?
  33. Thank you
  34. When you find some people you can trust and race hard with
  35. [YES] Is pit crew still coming?
  36. Content removed since 2.0?
  37. t60 steering wheel
  38. Best racing wheel?
  39. bathurst pits
  40. No penalty on Azure Circuit for cutting chicanes.
  41. [SOLVED] Replays start in slow motion.
  42. [DELIVERED] Track pack DLC coming today?!?
  43. [NOT ENOUGH FUEL] DQ after race is over
  44. Thrustmasters add ons?
  45. Use of the Camera!!!
  46. question wheel setting
  47. Thrustmaster T300 PS4 users
  48. Project Cars PS4 QA ( Quality Assurance ) Testing ? ? ?
  49. 3 Hours Bathrust
  50. engineer and brakes temperature bug?
  51. Something to add and fix for the next update
  52. Wanted: Clean racing for PS4 add me..
  53. Controller Rumble
  54. We'll Meet At the Track...But Which One?
  55. I think my T300 has died
  56. Enduro tonight 9pm EST
  57. Photo mode question
  58. Logitech G29 Wheel and Pedals + pCARS = wonderfully smooth and perfect!
  59. Oil/engine temps
  60. [ANSWERED] Accessing setup within the game
  61. [ANSWERED] Any chance we could get small increments for AI difficulty?
  63. When the Oval Tracks are added will new features be added as well?
  64. Try these fanatec gt3rs v2 ffb settings NOW!!!!
  65. Project is the best game by far I don't gran Turismo was better this tops the cake
  66. [Known] Clk-lm had a problem it's say v10 not v8
  67. Time Trial Questions?
  68. [ANSWERED] Seat position
  69. PSN-IDs of Clean Racers Can Be Found Here!
  70. what can i do if AI crash in Monaco?
  71. Horrible Crash in LMP1
  72. Settings Nordschleife
  73. Best settings ( not ffb ) for the game? Graphics ? Audio? Control?
  74. Silhouette GT
  75. T300rs & sweaty hands
  76. unlocking final drive for gearing
  77. 'Project Build' --Easy Button Box-- PS4
  78. Complete List Of Career Races
  79. losing the will to play this game....
  80. Does this mean full cautions and pace cars?
  81. Any chance of two separate options for flags and penalties online ?
  82. T3PA PRO and Playseat Challenge
  83. Dont know who I am thanking, but thanks
  84. Tires cold on training and qualify
  85. Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen
  86. Driver Ratings (PS4)
  87. Slightly off track and immediate an invalid time.
  88. Clio Cup at Nordschlief (today 20:00 GMT)
  89. Fast growing group wanting more members
  90. Project Cars = great racing
  91. Thrustmaster T300RS brake pedal mod...
  92. Question About Mandatory Pits (Post Update)
  93. Game has more issues
  94. Just read the most hilarious crap
  95. I think you guys should add Le Mans 24 hours no chicane
  96. multiplayer freezing
  97. I'm sick of the dodgem car drivers
  98. SMS please help make it easier to find friends' lobbies
  99. project morpheus
  100. Thou Shalt Not Pass!!! - Bug Report
  101. I think I've just encountered a bug.........
  102. NEW DLC at Twitch!
  103. [RESOLVED] I think I'm blind please help
  104. Excessive controller vibration with the Audi A1
  105. South African Drivers
  106. DRS Indicator in Formula A
  108. [Investigating] Update on flags and penalties?
  109. the DLC is out on PSN in North America guys
  110. Car tuning - Default settings or do you change them?
  111. T500rs - How do I adjust wheel rotation limit?
  112. DLC #2 and still no Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus .... why/when/where??
  113. G29 Discussions, Plus Support and Settings
  114. Like the pack only a downside
  115. Quick question?
  116. Gt3 league starting tonight
  117. Question about the Zero-Hero in career mode.. Glitch?
  118. Why does my gearbox break at 24 hours lemans?
  119. Power loss late in race
  120. Timeline for new patch?
  121. [RESOLVED] DLC still not available for me?
  122. [ANSWERED] How can i upgrade Co-driver? ??
  123. Championship Formula C, Pit Stop...
  124. Steering response STILL way too slow with PS4 controller
  125. Will this keyboard work with PCars/PS4
  126. Car radar, hud option : Suggestion.
  127. Replay Error
  128. Vintage GT 67 Mk IV Challenge
  129. New Website
  130. Is fuel burn off top speed increase coming
  131. [KNOWN] repair headlights on a pitstop?
  132. Suggestion (direct video upload)
  133. Setup resets all the time
  134. [INVESTIGATING] Palmer Jaguar - Sway Bar, Bump Stops not working
  135. Logitech G29 Came In Today!! First Impressions
  136. FFB 2.0 = 68; LordDRIFT = 1(that's all I need)
  137. DLC Purchase
  138. Oversteer. (Tank Slapper)
  139. New Website
  140. Awesome First Impressions
  141. T300 FFB setup, state of wheel FFB in general.
  142. Setups reset.
  143. [HELP] Precise values in controller settings
  144. Only Started Playing Yesterday............
  145. [See post 120] Patch 3.0
  146. Spa Free Practice Bug
  147. [KNOWN] Reflections on Audi A1 bonnet are hideous
  148. Krazy_Kripples = My Nemesis!
  149. Question about weather transition in practice mode
  150. Cars reving up under braking?!? WHAT HAPPENED
  151. Problem assigning keys on a PS4 controller
  152. buy G29 or hold out for g25??
  153. Why do some sequential cars not work unless I use the clutch?
  154. Grass clips through car at Ruapuna
  155. what is your FOV for cockpit and helmet view
  156. My PS4 broke the day before Project Cars launch, just got it fixed, what did I miss?
  157. time trials and commu ity events laps not showing?
  158. Is it hard or just tricky?
  159. Time trial lap times
  160. How do you adjust the fuel levels for qualifying and a race?
  161. looking for others to race with possibly leading to creating league races
  162. Strange Omission
  163. 5 hours update for internet to PS4 :(
  164. Proper rotation on the steering wheel...
  165. 24/25 hrs ENDURANCE Race bugs !
  166. Help with Career pitting please
  167. How do you...
  168. AI balancing issue or just bad driving/tuning?
  169. Community Events Trophy
  170. [Investigating] Community ambassador trophy not unlocking
  171. [ANSWERED] Can someone please tell me the future car packs for this year?
  172. Beat this ;)
  173. Deleting saved replays
  174. Who would a thunk
  175. Use the released cars in Career mode?
  176. Is there still an issue with pitsops and tires?
  177. AI Taking each other out of the race
  178. Times ran in Time Trial not showing up on leaderboard???
  179. Replay Lotus98 Turbo
  180. Lap timer has changed.
  181. Perfect budget set up :- Thrustmaster T100 wheelstandracing stand
  182. 24h Le Mans
  183. RGT-8 Azure
  184. AI in rain too fast still?
  185. I see you guys are making a game called red bull air ways you guys are great
  186. Do the replays still stutter in external view
  187. Flags & Penalties (Career)
  188. Help with tyres exessive overheating
  189. So you guys like quick laps?
  190. Patch 3.0 (including 2.5) submitted to Sony 30.07.2015
  191. I don't know about you.....
  192. [RESOLVED] Cars have no power?
  193. Disable the share button?
  194. My Personal Best Ghost
  195. @Ian Great getting to Race with you
  196. ESL Competition
  197. project morpheus
  198. Project cars is the best but we need a bet more excitement
  199. Looking for Clean, Mature Players for Clan
  200. Need people to race with.
  201. Disqualify after AI hits me !
  202. T300 died - ordered a G29
  203. Project cars 2 is red bull raceway? O_o
  204. Th8a shifter problem
  205. Quick Livery question
  206. Where to save setups?
  207. Online Reputation And Exclusions - Here's how easy it could be.
  208. Thrustmaster T300 (GTE Ferrari) vs Logitech G29 Review
  209. What a game! Love the feel on a G29.
  210. Chicanes
  211. Field of View Speed Sensitivity REVERSE
  212. I'm not liking the new rain effects on windscreen (not many agree) (but some do)
  213. When are they going to fix the GUI?
  214. [PS4 FANS] I now its been discussed ...
  215. [KNOWN] Bentley GT3 selection BUG
  216. Can I just say...
  217. What are they talking about?. when they said dlc in career mode
  218. Project Cars Funny Bug that scared me :)
  219. What FFB settings do you have after 3.0?
  220. t300rs
  221. You know what I hate...
  222. Anyone tested tyre wear x7 and pit stops yet?
  223. Patch 3.0 - Pros & Cons
  224. anyone wanna get some races going?
  225. Bentley GT3 after patch 3.0
  226. Track-pictures and info
  227. T300 accelarator pedal drop out
  228. What's the trick to shifting?
  229. Tuning issues
  230. Personal set up question
  231. Penalties for players and no Ai
  232. Bug in the first gt3 UK trophy event (career) with Bentley gt3
  233. PS4 Online - Will there be a possibility for > 16 players?
  234. It'd be nice to be able to name setups in Pcars
  235. Is there a way to change from controller to wheel once in game?
  236. 250cc Karts steering ratio
  237. Mechanical Damages ON or OFF? what does it effect and what NOT? (@Devs/ SMS/WMD)
  238. [FFB] Taking the Micky?
  239. New here - does anyone on here actually race?
  240. T300 rotation setting -
  241. Apex Stalkers Presents: The Cojones Cup - Wed Aug 19th - 20:00 GMT
  242. Rest and Resume still not working after 3.0
  243. it must be just me surely
  244. Glowing Brakes
  245. A happy T500RS user
  246. GT3 Racing League
  247. Changing settings on the fly!
  248. penalty for hitting opponent.
  249. Joined the PS4 community, new setup.
  250. TM Leather 28 GT Wheel or 599XX EVO 30 Wheel??