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  1. Burnouts and tire wear
  2. Database and pictures of Project Cars
  3. How to get money back? Game breaking glitches and false advertising.
  4. Screen tear seems worse after patch 3.0
  5. [fixed] Please add some weather progression options between x2 and x10
  6. Race starts single seaters.
  7. G29 Help!
  8. Where are the hardcore sim racers?
  9. PS4 T300 (RS) FFB Tuning - Discussion and Settings
  10. How's the Buttkicker Gamer 2 with Pcars on PS4??
  11. Support this. (Ps4 lead developer)
  12. Question Re: $400 Racing Wheels
  13. 'PROJECT BUILD' 2 of 3 -- Button Box 2 (keyboard hack)
  14. Thinking of buying a wheel and pedal setup
  15. Project C.A.R.S. Car Database v1.3 incl. Jack Spade Tweaker Files V2.2 (UPDATED)
  16. Stability Control with a DS4 Pad Issue
  17. Help! Saved data not loading after HD upgrade.
  18. Racing on LAN?
  19. New 3.0 Rain on PS4
  20. so when will we be updated on the DLC
  21. New DLC showing on playstation update blog/not showing in store
  22. the DLC is OUT
  23. My Home On Demand question.
  24. Not buying DLC until...
  25. Wanting new racing series cars
  26. 3 formula A records (catalunya/sakitto/zhuhai) using controller
  27. Set up increments
  28. To all simracing communities/websites... PLEASE READ!
  29. Couple of things I noticed with the fastback mustang in the DLC
  30. Endurance Career LMP 2 AI not pitting?
  32. Glitch?
  33. I'm the only one this has happened to?
  34. Can't beat the AI's?, checkout what son my did about it
  35. Is this already shared? Project Cars vs. Reality
  36. key assignments... problem solved
  37. All settings back to default?
  38. T300 GTE or T300RS : Self-Calibration Issue at startup solved
  39. Defense help please
  40. Sound dilemma in cockpit
  41. Wheel FF presets please
  42. Free cam in new Ruf Ctr?
  43. DLC cars
  44. Why am I looking forward to Oval Racing when it will not be a simulation?
  45. Free booze and women!!
  46. How does that work? what'd I miss?
  47. Still twitchy steering on the PS4 even with patch 3
  48. LAN Play?
  49. Audi 90 Quattro
  50. What really grinds my gears.
  51. Wow - Project Cars in 3D!
  52. FOV- how do you find the sweet spot?
  53. Thrustmaster t300 gte for sale
  54. Lmp2 monza set up?
  55. Retire to pits feature
  56. Lap time recording?
  57. SMS....Thanks for yellowbird by the way...........
  58. Thoughts on the new free car?
  59. [YES] Can you blow a tyre?
  60. Wincing and praise about the new DLC (New for OLD)
  61. 24 hours at Le Man
  62. RUF RT12R.............attention please SMS.......
  63. Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2 on PS4
  64. FFB settings for RUF yellowbird?......
  65. Where is the Free DLC car every month? is it really "FREE"?
  66. Didn't ge tto race today...
  67. I am getting DLC for project cars Friday.
  68. New To Racing
  69. Are you having trouble driving the cars
  70. please SMS make a searches and a trade setup system in game please
  71. Car Database Updated to V1.3.1
  72. I can't find Free car #3
  73. Game crashed & lost all saved data
  74. Multiplayer game : Disconnected
  75. Call me crazy but I kinda miss the grind
  76. Pentapodia Trophy not unlocking
  77. Thrustmaster T80 RS.
  78. PS4 time trial vote
  79. Time Trial board re-set.
  80. Win a 90 Day PS+ Subscription
  81. Thrustmaster 150 Wheel
  82. Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel for Ģ169,99
  83. TIRES COLOR CODE - Grey tires?
  84. Weather 4 slots set up
  85. Unable to Drive Karts and Superkarts
  86. Weather Progression on fixed setting
  87. Time progression
  88. is there any detailed manual somewhere?
  89. Thrustmaster T300RS grinding noise
  90. Community event time not recording.
  91. A very strange one earlier
  92. Am I the Only Player in California or PST?
  93. PS4: FANATEC CSW v1 kicking on straights since latest PCars Update and Setting Reset
  94. Quick question about recent DLC
  95. Monza Online Race
  96. LMP2 @ 24h Le Mans: different power after pit stops
  97. Replay bug which needs addressing
  98. GT3 Drivers Wanted (Pro-Am Racing)
  99. Sorry (honestly). A Monday evening rant.
  100. Engine sounds
  101. intermediate tyres
  102. Back Seat View - Mirror issue
  103. Kers and DRS - How to activate?
  104. MUST FIX (double downshift)
  105. Pcars FFB made simple Video
  106. invitational events doubt
  107. What DLC stands for?
  108. How can I tell the team that I am going to pit?
  109. game crashed on 24 hr LeMans
  110. Finally got one
  111. Logitech G29 settings on PC
  112. Feature requests dev improvement
  113. question about the invitationals
  115. Another Landmine Issue. Silverstone
  116. Race @ 430pm CST today!!
  117. You want a piece of me? (Circuit Racing)
  118. Racing wheel
  119. Need help setting up Fanatec Gt3 rs wheel
  120. PS4 motion controls?
  121. [Answered] How can I set thenumber of laps in race during career mode?
  122. Field Of View on CONSOLE
  123. New G29 owner questions.
  124. Thrustmaster t150 review by sim racing
  125. Update 4.0 is out
  126. Meaning of Time progression OFF
  127. Car Database Updated to v1.4.2
  128. Tyres not changing during pit stops
  129. Does the Ps4 support keyboards?
  130. [Answered] Question regarding fuel levels
  131. Ruf CTR3-GT Velocity 1H event
  132. Tire squealing & skidding noise
  133. Why are there no multiplayer lobbies?
  134. Nurburgring GP Community Event
  135. Need help with lmp1 tune at nords. First post.
  136. Race Results Screen Defaults to Restart
  137. Struggling with braking.
  138. cheater buton, and end race time limit
  139. T300 steering grip
  140. Help to buy new wheel
  141. 4.0 now dl usa
  142. Tyre noise needs boosting or a separate volume control
  143. Rename player Screen name
  144. PS4 with Controller Time Trial record (BMW M3 E30, Nordschleife)
  145. USB Joystick support?
  146. Slider increments
  147. Career Mode 4.0 Verdict (looking for feedback)
  148. Free Car
  149. Community Events
  150. The New Braking Line
  151. The fun side of PCars
  152. not too happy about the TH8 RS
  153. Game freezes
  154. Career weather.
  155. Computer AI lag on starts since update 4.0
  156. Project Cars Resources
  157. Solo Race weekend Simulate to end of session causes the next session to not activate
  158. Ford Mustang 2+2 fastback problem
  159. Isnīt there an engineer on Career Mode?
  160. Project Morpheous Good news by the looks Pcars in games List
  161. California Highway = California Highway 1?
  162. Fanatec Club Sport Wheel question on PS4
  163. Any chance of SMS giving us old school cars
  164. Wheel Hesitation
  165. searching for Belgian drivers
  166. Bug PIT STOP
  167. [complete] The Complete Career Track/Session List
  168. Saving & sharing ghost laps suggestion
  169. Headtracking & 3d with morpheous/Playstation VR
  170. Car Packs in the Future and reverse last results grid starts
  171. Can't reset 💣💥💦💭💱🌀⁉⏳👎💔🔫🔪😢
  172. Create a lobby - BIG PROBLEM! Car random function is broken!
  173. Quick race and pitstops
  174. What!? Has control + K been on ps4 the whole time with keyboard plugged in?
  175. New DLC out
  176. Mojave Test Track have some issues...
  177. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.4.4 (Updated)
  178. Why did they gave us this mojave track update?? or is it just me?
  179. Mastering manual gear shifting with DS4 control.
  180. Stock Cars + Monza Short = Carnage!
  181. Fanatec CSWV2 Gritty Feeling in Center
  182. One step closer to racing!
  183. Can someone help me understand what's going on here?
  184. What features the the ne ps4 firmware update add?
  185. Add-on packs
  186. Unacceptable Frequency of Crashes since 4.0
  187. [YES] rev limiter in some cars?
  188. Problem with KERS
  189. Buggy car class selection when choosing track?
  191. Join our Friday night Gt3 league
  192. another MP game/freeze/crash at Le Mans
  193. Aren't we all here for the same reason?
  194. Ghost car not showing time trial lederboard
  195. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.5.0 now with gear overview
  196. NFS beta code
  197. Tyre wear
  198. Finally went to play online yesterday
  199. Problem with 1 red tire: What to do? (GT3) Bentley
  200. Playstation or PC
  201. Career driving vintage cars?
  202. [ANSWERED] How to record your race video on PS4?
  203. Online lobbies on Project CARS 2
  204. Is this game crashing a lot for other people here too after that last update?
  205. Best way to start a race with manual gear shifting.
  206. Way too complicated (setting up cars)
  207. Pedal calibration after brake mod
  208. Strange race start in online mode - BUG!
  209. 4 seconds? How come?
  210. Track Limits - California Highway
  211. AI fuel consumption.
  212. Anyone up for weekend races?
  213. Third historic goal question
  214. Thrustmaster 300 desintegrating - advice please
  215. Into battle you go!!
  216. Good FFB settings for Thrustmaster T100
  217. Is it supposed to be like that? (Traction Control On / Off)
  218. Car Models - PS4 version
  219. Anybody want to join a casual, clean, weekend league?
  220. Career - GT3 - stuck at pits
  221. Cars default set up question
  222. Mailbox Full Trophy
  223. Please join today!!!!! Click the link for more info!!!!!
  224. Bug Swap Driver
  225. The lack of a drying line!
  226. [ANSWERED] Online ISSUE Patch 5.0 (Can't access to the car setup)
  227. Various cockpit views brightness
  228. Pitstops Post Patch 5.0 - Wow!
  229. Free Car of October
  230. Logitech Livery Pack - Free on PSN
  231. Why is this a thing that still happens?
  232. Gt3 race. Single player Bugs
  233. [Answered] Number of laps in LMP races
  234. Anyone else finding some tracks at low light diificult to see after the 5.0 update?
  235. Advice
  236. PS4 On Demand & DLC's Content cant be accessed!
  237. Cloud Banding (glowing clouds) Issues at night fixed after 5.0?
  238. If money wasn't an object what wheel would you race with?
  239. Set race time instead of number of laps
  240. Stuck throttle happen to anyone else?
  241. Old Logitech wheels [with FFB] are now playable on PS4 via homebrew PC app
  242. Patch 5.0 ps4
  243. Project CARS PS4 League: Super Unlimited Series
  244. Question about the trophies
  245. Best wheel?
  246. Patch 5.0 and still replays are still "worst Ever”
  247. Patch 5.0 Landmine
  248. How to stop accelerated time?
  249. Hud info
  250. Just wondering