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  1. GT3 cars at Brno - lap times?
  2. Ready for some serious racing now
  3. Is this a Known online bug?
  4. Button Box
  5. Tips for racing AI?
  6. Graphical Problem - Sun always present
  7. Steering lock on the T300
  8. Map question..
  9. Gear ratios adjustment
  10. DutchGameRacers Tim Trial World chamionship and Dutch championship organizer.
  11. Car stuck on bottom of Eau Rouge, Spa.
  12. Buttkicker Gamer 2 on PS4
  13. [Problem] with forced default car setups
  14. Car Shaders are too bright
  15. Scrolling leaderboard in pause menu on PS4
  16. Stuck in Superkarts
  17. Question about set ups?
  18. Do you need training? Or tuning help.
  19. [ANSWERED] New To Game, Simple Question
  20. T500 Shaking violently
  21. Here’s where I am with Project Cars
  22. Career and Weather is a total mess
  23. Default ffb setting
  24. Problem in GT3 after mandetory pit stop.
  25. Road America problem, or is this normal?
  26. Random weather without fog?
  27. Newbie. And VERY frustrated!!
  28. Career mode forumla rookie p1 to p16 at start line
  29. Bought all the DLC for Project Cars :)
  30. Using the search function
  31. BMW 320 Touring Challenge Difficulties
  32. Just curious.
  33. Man what a mess!!
  34. Wondering if tire wear is causing problems...
  35. AI Cars, it appears the AI cars use the force (and other assists)
  36. T100 force feedback advice please....
  37. Will this game ever be fixed?
  38. Had a weird thing happen today!
  39. Something I would like to see changed.
  40. Ps4 dlc
  41. Stuttering and pop-in in replays.
  42. [Answered] GT3 mandatory pit
  43. Audi GT3 @ Brands Hatch
  44. What is this "DLC available for all platforms"?
  45. Just a quick inquiry about Career Mode
  46. How is everyone enjoying the latest cars?
  47. 📢 Project Cars Database V1.7.0
  48. Tire inquiry
  49. Spoiled By GT3
  50. Question about Career Mode
  52. Odd sound by the Rocket Bunny
  53. DS4 settings that finally work
  54. please Vote for Toca Touring Car Class 1992.
  55. Improvements
  56. Has anyone completed an endurance season on PS4??
  57. Tyre pressures
  58. My new V2 DIY ButtonBox with Arduino "Project"
  59. [Solved] I need help!
  60. Th8a compatible?
  61. I need your advices : coming back to the game with idea of acquiring G29 wheel
  62. Tires
  63. A bit of help/advice regarding lag/disconnections from someone in the know please?
  64. Force feedback and handling
  65. Is there a way to acess your past data in the game?
  66. Did the AI in this game get dumber?
  67. Rain tire problem.
  68. Saving setups
  69. Sad and stupid!
  70. Left front tyre totally destroyed in 10 laps - Renault Clio Cup
  71. Snetterton last turn is difficult to figure out.
  72. Having a few issues
  73. Career invitationals locked
  74. Career Mode- Renault Clio Cup - Oulton Park Fosters - Tyre temperatures
  75. Formula A problems and gripes.
  76. Real race Time in Ath during races
  77. T300 Rubber Band Ball Brake Mod
  78. End of session time tweak?
  79. Planning to purchase a G29 Wheel - Quick question
  80. Patch 6.0
  81. Fanatec CSW V2 Issue after Patch 6.0
  82. Project Cars U.S. hosted, international welcome, GT3 league
  83. End of race timer (>6.0)
  84. Lost all my data after 6.0 - Is there any recovery options?
  85. Game crashes after 6.0 update
  86. how to create Private lobby for community
  87. Why aren't rain tire issues fixed?
  88. Weather progression - Sync to race still not working in patch 6.0
  89. My name and profile listed twice
  90. Tyre issues after latest patch
  91. Patch 6.0, overheating and wear of the tires
  92. [ANSWERED] How can i kick as host somebody out of the lobby?
  93. Formula Rookie Time trials - Quick question
  94. Can we talk steering ratios?
  95. contact shadows missing
  96. Incredible!!!
  97. Oval Racing?
  98. Changing cars in a lobby?
  99. motion blur strength ?
  100. Free Practice needs times Top 10 times Please SMS
  101. Just bought some DLCs for nothing!!!
  102. Odometer question
  103. G29 buttons configuration
  104. Still disappointed in the damn rain tires!!
  105. Well isn't that special!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. Something I would like to see.....
  107. Upgrade thrustmaster T100 to T150 or T300?
  108. Invisible wall/land mine fix progress update PLEASE
  109. More weirdness going on!
  110. Multi-class race glitch in single player.
  111. Post 6.0 Patch LOD distance ?
  112. Why no flagman in the flagstands?
  113. Pit box ALWAYS occupied bug
  114. Wheel Speed - Lock to lock
  115. cut track penalties are crazy...
  116. New DLC Available!
  117. Online Bug - Stuck with the same car and track when changing lobbies
  118. Nice DLC but still a little buggy
  119. My experience with a busted T300RS
  120. Insanely quick lap times in Driver Network Community Events - How is it possible?
  121. Game crash after online qualify
  122. Question for PS4/Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedal Owners
  123. Race end timer since patch 6.0
  124. GT3RS settings or a good starting point.
  125. Greener on the other side?
  126. lotus 38 mojave won't start
  127. Nordschliefe - Bridge to Gantry timing?
  128. F1 cars for Project cars.
  129. Sony might be looking to unlock 7th cpu core in ps4 for devs
  130. One setup for one track?
  131. Too many Mario Cart Pros
  132. What am I looking for in a t.v. to get the best from........
  133. G29 Calibrating
  134. Are the default FFB settings playable in any track with any car?
  135. Question about number of cars on track .?
  136. The lotus expansion
  137. Bad race?
  138. Party chat issues
  140. what g29 ffb settings do you use on ps4 ?
  141. tuning and set up menu
  142. Career Mode question.
  143. Driver Swap question
  144. Ps4 from XboxOne
  145. Button box......
  146. Swedish Racing Elite
  147. Question about those emails you get..
  148. Fanatec Clubsport V2 on PS4
  149. Sick of the Derby fest
  150. Anyone ever notice?
  151. What is your preferred view while playing?
  152. Can't save setups to Classic Tracks
  153. Pit road glitch?
  154. There any news on ovals yet?
  155. Pit stop question
  156. T150 on PS4; cannot connect to Project CARS
  157. Multiple USB question.......intermittent sound through headset
  158. Use hybrid on TS040?
  159. bug tires with forced default settings
  160. Gitch or New Way of Ruining a Race
  161. PS VR Support?
  162. PS4 patch is live.
  163. Fanatec CSR Settings
  164. PCars dash or Crew Chief? Or both!
  165. Just ran a Trans Am series in the rain!!!
  166. Still no lobby improvements?
  167. How to avoid update 7.0?
  168. Patch 7.0. - corrupt data lost everything
  169. I need to say sorry.
  170. Something weather wise I think would be cool to implement in PCars
  171. Can't join track?
  172. Well we got [COMPLETE] Companion app UDP streaming why not USB Joystick Support
  173. DIY ButtonBoxV2 How-To and Sketch for the Community FOR FREE
  174. How to import data from wifi into arduino?
  175. Happy Christmas to all involved in Project cars, great game
  176. [CLARIFIED] Cant deactivate Countersteering assistent on steering wheel?
  177. played for the first time in a while and...
  178. New tyre smoke art?
  179. Noob question
  180. Adjustments to reduce freezing, bluescreen, Report Problem etc on single player
  181. Game has stopped being fun
  182. Might be a dumb question but...
  183. Wich app to use?!
  184. Who is ready!!!!!!!!
  185. Quick trophy question please
  186. How to redirect the engineer's voice?
  187. Anyone wanna come race or even just mess around?
  188. New Championships added with Car Packs?
  189. Logitech G29 Currys UK price
  190. Unable to participate in community events
  191. 24 hr races in career mode
  192. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!
  193. Weather question?
  194. Any clubs looking for drivers?
  195. Why that few real car liveries?
  196. Cheap wheel?
  197. ps4 photomode question
  198. Having Huge problems
  199. Screenshots
  200. Does single player suck that bad??
  201. Is there a ShareFactory Project Cars Theme available?
  202. What exactly is "Fill with AI Opponents"?
  203. Final gearing question
  204. Did some online racing tonight
  205. assists vs no assists
  206. just got a t150, help on a setting i seem to have lost..
  207. Hkraft and the Wolf
  208. [ANSWERED] Hmmmm not sure with that is?
  209. Why are cars slower in Solo races?
  210. Short video's and highlights for the lol.
  211. Need help - 24 hours race issues
  212. is there anyway to change field of view whislt driving.
  213. Ooops no pits!!
  214. Reset Seat Position
  215. Sheesh more online problems!!
  216. dashmeterpro for Ps4?
  217. PSN down til the 7th!!
  218. Issues with the Renualt Clio
  219. Lotus 49 cosworth FFB Bug??? what do you think??? I dunno.
  220. [Solved] Added Free-Cars off line not present?
  221. What Exposure Compensation are you using
  222. G29 gas pedal clicks; is this normal?
  223. Seriously?!? What the heck is going on?
  224. Thrustmaster T-80 works on The Crew, but not Project Cars
  225. Booting / starting up the game very slow
  226. Too bad no one races like we used to in Gran Turismo 6
  227. Crashing more often after 7.0
  228. Playseat evo and logitech g29
  229. Car ended up upside down
  230. Specific Information About the Locations
  231. t300rs car steering ratios
  232. Affinity vs Contracts/Invitations
  233. Any PS4 updates due?
  234. T500RS violent vibration in straight line - certain cars only
  235. Oh YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. Fuel question
  237. Reasons to love Project CARS
  238. Speed Sensitivity DS4
  239. Aston Martin DRB1/300
  240. Real fuel usage
  241. Would it be possible to enable head tracking on PS4?
  242. Project cars career mode
  243. Why some cars kind of "dance" in the replay and others donīt?
  244. Time of day seems off!!
  245. Stall or Slow down on some corners
  246. Screen Blacking Out
  247. Corrupt Application Data File seems to be down to a size limit
  248. Blue snowball with ps4 ?
  249. Track names
  250. Megane v6