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  1. This is getting frustrating!!!
  2. Why do I get cut track penalties..
  3. Time trial leaderboard idea
  4. FIX
  5. Sound bug ?? Aston Martin V12
  6. Advice needed before I buy a TH8A TOMORROW ! Please let me know if its worth it?
  7. Just installed the new update..
  8. Another PATCH and another data lost! I GIVE UP!!!
  9. G29 Sequential Stick Shift
  10. Anyone ever notice?
  11. Difference in settings between pro/amateur/novice multiplayer?
  12. "Ignition - Start Engine" with a Button Box - help please!
  13. No sliders in photo mode and in settings
  14. Has patch 8.0 finally fixed the freezing rpoblem in career mode?
  15. yyeeeesssssss!!!!
  16. tyre wear.....
  17. [NO] can you roll back patch 8 on the ps4??
  18. On the WMD Payroll
  19. Default menu selection
  20. Laguna Seca Lap Times. At 70+ cars! 2/4/16
  21. Question - pCars Dash UDP Setting Rate
  22. Buttonbox, wich one to buy?
  23. Best recorded time on a track (not in time trial)
  24. Project C.A.R.S. Car Database 1.9.2
  25. Vehicle Skin/Color Help
  26. Is Online Really This Bad?
  27. Tires wont change
  28. Thrustmasters F430 FFB Manettino
  29. Here are The New Cars and Track Of Januari 2016
  30. Mazda Radbul Settings? Anyone?
  31. OMG BAnnochbrae Circuit......simply stunning, DLC is fantastic..thanks all concerned
  32. Please give PS4 users a true Photo Mode
  33. They forgot the brakes!!!!
  34. qualifying ...
  35. Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake question
  36. Something I think you might consider
  37. pCARS PS4 Digital Edition: Game Crashes
  38. Controller vs steering wheel
  39. Weather settings.....?
  40. A test I'd like some of you to do to confirm something
  41. DLC not visible in game
  42. FORD Falcon in-car view issue - anyone else have the same???
  43. Post Processing Filter, on or off
  44. Game froze twice yesterday. During the race!
  45. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3
  46. Tactile Transducers
  47. Still alot of disconnections
  48. 1st crash on patch 8.0
  49. Questions about Project Cars on PS4
  50. Thrustmaster t300 help
  51. little Help ps4 multiplayer
  52. Driving aids issue in online lobbies (PlayStation 4)
  53. Downloading saved replays
  54. A PS4 for Jack Spade
  55. Rad bull Mazda
  56. Disappointment with ps4 and subscriptions
  57. Fanatec ClubSport SQ shifter issue
  58. Pit Strategy - Tyre Preassure
  59. How do you know what's damaged?
  60. T300 wheel firmware
  61. More apps for pCARS on ps4
  62. Serious problem with Pcars OR PSN last few days?!
  63. Why all ways GT3
  64. This Game is Shit
  65. Patch 9.0 is out on ps4....
  66. Silverstone Classic 9.0 still broken...
  67. ps4 patch notes 9.0
  68. MP replays..
  69. Why updates on PS4 are complete Software downloads ?
  70. Brake line missing
  71. Ford Falcon Nurburgring - Online lobby last night
  72. Something I have been reading about the disconnect problem
  73. Show us your racing set up.
  74. Cheats and Crazy Taxi drivers
  75. Skipping races in career
  76. Logitech G29 problem
  77. [ANSWERED] Do tyre pressure change even when you don't change tyres in pitstop?
  78. How do you get more cars?
  79. All ps4 steering wheel pilots should read. Especially jack spade and Morpwr.
  80. G29 Paddle Shifters don't work
  81. [YES]Does it cost to race online on the PS4?
  82. Damage affect fuel!?
  83. I wanna like this game!!
  84. T300RS settings Racing/Drift
  85. Fictional 1-2 OVAL tracks in end march??
  86. Little bit disappointed after all this time waiting
  87. Sorry but I have found another bug...
  88. t3pa pedalset and ts300 wheel questions
  89. The Power of Three
  90. [RESOLVED] Cannot See V8 Falcon after installing....help please
  91. Damaged Save Data
  92. Working Wireless Dashboard NO PC. 'Basic' V1.0
  93. Logitech G29 wheel.
  94. Unlocking invitations historic
  95. FOV settings
  96. New cars Of March 2016
  97. single dlc uninstall?
  98. Purchased DLC missing!? [PS4]
  99. Career unlockables help
  100. PS4 DLC
  101. [ANSWERED] What is "Temporal level"?
  102. Thrustmaster T150 PS4 Force Feedback settings
  103. C7R Exhaust note
  104. Tire/Brake sound almost inaudible
  105. I finally did it!
  106. Mirror
  107. HELP!!! Formula gulf 1000 dubai international circuit
  108. Just bought Thrustmaster wheel. Now for the seat!?!!
  109. Suggestions on pedal upgrade for t300rs wheel....
  110. Some weird sh**
  111. Talk to other drivers online?
  112. Can you use the TH8A or TH8RS shifter with a G29 Wheel on PS4?
  113. This is what Online Racing is all about.
  114. Is there a way to choose a livery and stick with it?
  115. PS4 themes and avatars
  116. Mounting phone to t300/wheelstand pro combo?
  117. Sharing/Posting a Replay Video??
  118. need help. Lost all files from Feb 20 to current, all tunes, all settings, gone!!!
  119. T150 upgrade - new pedals or new serve base?
  120. T300 Pedals vs T3PA vs T3PA Pro
  121. Will P Card VR be a standalone game?
  122. Corvette C7 and Cadillac ATS V.R not showing up in career mode?
  124. Project cars server
  125. Kerbs Button
  126. Bug: Rouen Les Essart - Truck inside garage
  127. T300rs help
  128. Same race, two videos and different weather conditions...
  129. Wheel outcomes and weather questions
  130. Pcars fix
  131. [RESOLVED] Project Cars DLC won't download
  132. Lap times
  133. SOP SCALES PS4 t300rs wheel
  134. Questions about Classic Lotus DLC tracks
  135. Perceptions
  136. Can you easily swap between wheel and DS4?
  137. Update 10 has made the game jaggy as hell?
  138. A little off topic (PSVR pre-order)
  139. Force feedback screen
  140. Bug report, PS4 v10.00.1200
  141. One thing I've wanted to do in console racing games for ages
  142. New project Cars update to finally fix project cars
  143. T300 and standby message popup
  144. Wheel Stand Pro
  145. Farmers Special Wheel Stand
  146. wife/kid friendly wheel stand - any ideas?
  147. Why is it the worst drivers have the most elitist attitudes online?
  148. Thrustmaster T300 RS or G29?
  149. Cannot feel understeer !!!!
  150. Fanatec CSP v3 not working plugged into the wheel
  151. game returns to playstation home screen mid race
  152. Telemetry Options
  153. Hope Project Cars 2......
  154. Update question
  155. Bug random climate
  156. T300 setup, support and anything else
  157. Update seems okay
  158. Wheel Calibration PS4 (T300RS)
  159. How is pcars now on PS4 compared to the Xbox one version ?
  160. Thrustmaster T100 mod - adding a up/down shifter
  161. PS4 (Sony Update) remote play PC/Mac
  162. Best Race start technique
  163. V10 brought back some issues...
  164. Autodrome Dubai Rwd p30
  165. The all new updated PCars Car Database II v2.03 is here for Mac and Windows
  166. PCars Dash or Chier Crew? Or Both?
  167. PS4.5 Neo specs released.
  168. Why cant i equip slicks on the ruf ct3R3 Sms-R?
  169. [ANSWERED] Are updates cumulative?
  170. How to save liveries for all cars?
  171. Project cars deleted
  172. G29 - issue with understeering/oversteering
  173. g29 handbrake mod
  174. T-80 wheel not working
  175. [RESOLVED] Odd FFB On Audi 90 IMSA GTO
  176. PCars GOTY edition PS4
  177. What are the 50 new vehicles?
  178. One of the funniest things I've seen in awhile happened tonight.
  179. Won't respond to inputs if car stops
  180. Endurance Career fixed?
  181. installing digital version over top of disc version on PS4
  182. Will this be the game for me?
  183. PS4 MP matchmaking failes..?
  184. Ghost data PS4 vs Xbox One
  185. [RESOLVED] H-shifter to paddle assignment and back
  186. Is there a livery database per car?
  187. probleme calibrage volant T300 rs
  188. Time trail time don't become list at the Leaderboard
  189. New Thrustmaster GT Wheel.
  190. 2 words (Sunday Driver)
  191. Anyone got a T300 AND another wheel that's PS4/Xbox compatible
  192. Wheel stand pro vs Playseat challenge for T500rs?
  194. Is there a way I can use Pcars dash (or another app) for Pcars on my PC?
  195. To the developers...
  196. Logitech G27 Support Problem HELP! 10.0
  197. Ps4 graphics settings
  198. Class system
  199. Wasted my money
  200. Hello!
  201. Wireless PS4 Dashboard V2.0... It's nearly ready, and now BETTER..
  202. High-end Ps4 confirmed (PS4 Neo)
  203. Button Box
  204. Replay doesn't reflect the chosen liveries
  205. Newbie to pcars and g29
  206. Formula b tyres
  207. [ANSWERED] weather
  208. [ANSWERED] Question about GOTY Project Cars
  209. First ever 3.16 on lemans LMP1 (ps4) using pad
  210. Handbrake options or mods?
  211. New Spa record LMP1 with pad 1:54:146
  212. Well this was inconveniant....
  213. Everything locked
  214. G29 problem. No 1st gear or 6th gear
  215. Correct FOV calulater For PS4
  216. Default Force Feedback settings better than Jack Spades now?
  217. LMP1 Championship Season. AUS&NZ Drivers wanted.
  218. DIY handbrake wiring - G29 PS4
  219. Pit Crew Voice
  220. [answered]Lamborghini Cars
  221. Ok why haven't we got pitstop crew yet
  222. Question on amg clk-lm
  223. The annoyances of online racing - Are you one of these people?
  224. [RESOLVED] CSW v2 + BMW M3 GT 2 rim + PS4 + Project Cars
  225. We had a race...
  226. Community Events
  227. World Record Spa 1:40:546 Formula A (with pad) ps4
  228. Fuel and surname
  229. Pit lane full cost me a race!!!!!
  230. Project Cars, A Playstation 4 - do we have a choice of VR headsets?
  231. Loving and hating the blinding sun at the same time!
  232. Rain
  233. Any Malaysian driver hanging around this forum?
  234. pitt strategy help
  235. Thrustmaster 300 with force feedback pedals for PS4?
  236. [answered]Oval Racing
  237. How does the time progressing??? "PS4"
  238. Broke Laguna Seca 1 minute lap challenge (new world record) - 59.839
  239. Emergency Brake Bug
  240. [workaround]Remove Required Controls
  241. TH8A shifter configuration?
  242. Normal edition to game of the year edition
  243. Having multiple users on Project Cars
  244. Tire Temp
  245. Centre spring
  246. Future Fanatec Wheel Support
  247. [reported]Multiplayer Exploit???
  248. Odd gap between 1st and 2nd
  249. [workaround]Disapointed with AI
  250. Nürburgring Combined still broken...