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  1. HUD layout(locking it in)?
  2. Project cars won't start
  3. [solved] Error while updating firmware - help please!
  4. 3rd Party PS4 Apps
  5. Menu not fullscreen
  6. options during race..?
  7. odd orientation of reflections on car, and odd reflection behavior when looking aroun
  8. Career mode starting grids...
  9. Car turns on its own
  10. Lost communication with the pits!
  11. AI cars being stacked on top of each other in career mode
  12. limited edition car park problems
  13. azure coast and California highway track problems !
  14. caterham rolls really really easy
  15. Unplayable controller, Lovely game though.
  16. [Basic] Question on wheel calibration Thrustmaster T500RS
  17. Fanatec CSR Rumble Support?
  18. PS4 camera
  19. Doesn't allow me to drive ????
  20. Downshifting Bug: Compilation
  21. [RESOLVED] Different kind of Fanatec issue (connection issues)
  22. Not Registering to leader boards
  23. Graphic bug (sky box)
  24. everything locked
  25. multiplayer: other players engine sounds break up/skip
  26. Just a reminder for T300RS users.
  27. Ideas for PCars. An app perhaps.
  28. Gear ratios
  29. Steering assistance
  30. ps4 framerate and screen tearing
  31. Car pulling to the left in multiplayer?
  32. T500 rs on ps4 downshift gear 5th or 4th to 1st sometime
  33. ETA on a Patch?
  34. Time trial questions
  35. Cutting the chicane at Watkins Glen
  36. Auto Weather Wrong Tyres & Damaged Wheel not replaced.
  37. Lap time invalidated by hitting cone in middle of road
  38. T300rs Wheel Stiffens when starting the race
  39. Add Steering Sensitivity To the Pit Stop Options for Qualifying
  40. Sunday driver trophy glitch
  41. photo mode not working Brands hatch showdown
  42. Sms is working to fix... ?
  43. Team Audio through Controller
  44. Second White FFB graph?? Bugged?
  45. To WMD members !
  46. I finished 1st even though crashed out
  47. Weather settings
  48. Pit stop screen bug?
  49. PS4 Clips Have Little To No Party Audio
  50. PS4 -T300 - Option screen pops up while racing
  51. UI - PS4 - Adjustments in 5% increments
  52. T100 vs T300 - worth additional $$$ ?
  53. "Replay camera" after leaving the pit-stop when race is finished
  54. Starting a race with warm tyres but acting like cold
  55. Clio launching into the air
  56. FFB PS4
  57. PS4 - Controller and Wheels - T300 Dead zone
  58. A few things a came across
  59. Menu, selection bug
  60. Question concerning steering lock (T300)
  61. 30 Ghost limit but no car restriction = a bit pointless
  62. T500rs not recognized in game
  63. Disqualified for being hit
  64. Invisible collision on Snetterton track.
  65. Two pit bugs
  66. Can some please explain controller settings to me in racing terms?
  67. BUG - Qualifying tme wiped, started race from back of grid
  68. community event times still not working
  69. Online Stats Broken
  70. Clutch Issues My Gamepad
  71. Multiplayer Lobby Amount
  72. I'm getting a message at the end of the race
  73. wrecked car, put to garage but race doesn't end
  74. Geabox malfunction
  75. Gearbox malfunction - variant 2 - blocking career :*(
  76. Car not changing gear
  77. a different class than the contract indicated
  78. Video: DS4 Controller Bug - Mods?
  79. Damage not repaired visually (textures rendering) after pitting/ exiting (PS4)
  80. can't change shift controls on ps4 controller
  81. DLC Missing When Offline
  82. tire,fuel gauge
  83. Thrustmaster TH8rs in combination with Fanatec CSW V1
  84. best ds4 settings after much chopping and changing
  85. PS4 T300 Center Spring On - Any solutions from PS4 community?
  86. Car leaves pitstop in Qual. without Tyres?
  87. [BUG REPORT] Lag When People Join Online
  88. Looking for more friends
  89. strange handling bug
  90. what am i doing wrong? please help
  91. Free Practice crashing [Error CE-36329-3 ]
  92. pit crew chatter not working
  93. Thrustmaster T300RS goes crazy??
  94. Setups resetting on session change
  96. Crashing/Blue Screen
  97. Thrustmaster T80/T100 wheel buttons
  98. T100 help please
  99. No personal best times recorded?
  100. Bug Simulate Race after blown Car PS4
  101. Using Wheel and PS4 controller at the same time
  102. Graphical Issue: Stripes on areas like grass etc. Interference fringes?
  103. PS4 controller issue
  104. Weather bug?
  105. 2nd screen?
  106. Cannot create Multiplayer Session
  107. limited edition upgrade dlc install problems
  108. PS4 Controller and pit issues
  109. PS4 Game crash / freeze
  110. Project CARS Locked
  111. Tyre Wear
  112. Driver Network info inaccurate?
  113. Community Events Bug
  114. Engine Sound Missing
  115. t100 mapping issue
  116. 2 bug reports
  117. please add modern touring cars
  118. T300 RS Dead?
  119. Online game saves not uploading
  120. Double Vision
  121. T300 GTE showing up as T500 in settings
  122. Any FFB ideas T300 GTE
  123. T80 Steering Issue
  124. Request for backing in a mans 24h
  125. My PS4 doesn't no longer recognise the T300 GTE???
  126. T100 Pedal Cord
  127. T500 pedals (T3PA PRO) clutch/brake switch
  128. Single Race - Options locking out
  129. addons downoased & installed - dont show up
  130. The Glitching Sky Looks Angry
  131. Session Time Issue
  132. Current and NEXT lap invalidated
  133. carnage at Monza short
  134. Cars stuck on Monza short circuit
  135. community event what a waste of time
  136. time trial gone....
  137. HUD disappear in online match
  138. Generic setups need fixing!
  139. Pit Bug
  140. Crash again, again and again !!!!
  141. Bugs Issues for Me So Far
  142. T300 advice
  143. Bugs/Issues/Suggestions
  144. WTF????
  145. Sync to weather, can't get it to work?
  146. T80 Issue
  147. [RANT] Where is the other half of this game?????
  148. Career Mode - Failed to save the data & Corrupt save file
  149. Career Mode Invitation Bugged Please Fix/Patch
  150. Career Mandatory Pits - AI Takes Control
  151. cockpit view seat adjustment
  152. PS4 Clipping Bugs?
  153. Sound gone/glitched
  154. IED
  155. Issues with Thrustmaster t300rs
  156. [QUESTION] Removing the virtual driver from the FFB equation
  157. tail lights showing through parts of the car (and headlights shining inside of car)
  158. Does Project Cars support the Thrustmaster Leather 28 GT Wheel and T3PA-PRO Pedals?
  159. Canīt exit replay
  160. AI cars don't race if host quits in Qualifying?
  161. "Crash into nothing"-bug
  162. issue with low polygon car models
  163. Pitcrew sound problem
  164. My bug experiences. Issue on Hockeneim box and Monza (short)
  165. Can't participate in community events
  166. Trophies not registered
  167. Telemetry Differences
  168. Random Grid not Random
  169. Anyone have successful t300rs wheel settings (same as controller settings) ?
  170. Finishing your last lap in qualifying...
  171. I am the 5% Trophy...not getting it
  172. T80 Steering Lock
  173. [PS4] Cannot do free run on Azure coast and Cali highway?
  174. How long for a patch?
  175. T100 on PS4 not recognised... HELP!!
  176. cars passing through you in the pits
  177. Career set-up save
  178. highlight video to capture library question
  179. Fuzzy Tracks
  180. Historic TC2 UK Trophy - Brands Hatch Glitch
  181. How do I save replays?
  182. Main menu highlight issue
  183. PS4 Ghosting, Double Images, Blurry Replays or Gameplay
  184. Player Statistics, Preferred Realism, Driver view
  185. Cannot hear pit crew or race engineer on PS4 controller speaker
  186. Thrustmaster T300 - controller disconnected and various other issues
  187. ps4 party chat not working correctly in multiplayer lobby
  188. Multiplayer Option for Online rooms. nneded
  189. Pause Button Assignment Issue. Help Please!!!!
  190. Best DS4 setup so far
  191. [BUG] Tuning Summary- missing sliders.
  192. Favourite location bug
  193. [BUG] Pitstop Strategy can not be renamed
  194. Analog triggers on thrustmaster 300rs?
  195. T300RS, Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals & BasherBoards' CPX Adapter Issues
  196. Bought PS4 Limited Edition, Can't Activate DLC in US
  197. FFB not going light on understeer?
  198. t80 assisting steering everytime still enabled
  199. T300 pedals not registering on California Highway
  200. Taylor would be proud trophy not unlocking
  201. Game Crash
  202. Problems with the FFB-Settings, or hardware-issue (T300)?
  203. [Formula B] Tyres available for PIT STOP are different than when you are TUNING
  204. PS4 T300 Issues
  205. Controller Pit Sound through main audio output
  206. [solved] Steering sensitivity and wheel
  207. Everything is Locked!
  208. Mk1 Escort Gear Ratio Bug...
  209. Pit Stop Bug
  210. Pre order bonus cars
  211. Tyre Wear Physics / Weather Changes (Strange)
  212. Records PS4 vs PC
  213. DQ after finish due to no more fuel (online)
  214. Pit strategy will not save
  215. NO 3rd Gear in ANY CAR in Career Mode
  216. What happened to pit radio from DS4 and wheel?
  217. Left and right thumb stick travel.
  218. cockpit view changes on its own
  219. No FFB at all on collisions or much of anything else?
  220. Pit stop why would I want to change 4 tyres individually???
  221. Thrustmaster T300 GTE
  222. Career mode issues
  223. I've bought the Limited Edition but I don't see the extra cars
  224. T300 Help please!
  225. Mk1 escort...feels so numb?
  226. Update file?
  227. Error CE-34878-0
  228. Thrustmaster T300RS "Disconnecting"
  229. T80 , cant calibrate or other stuff
  230. Kart Driving bug
  231. Unable to play online ps4
  232. weird shader issue
  233. Smoothest possible controller settings, your welcome.
  234. BUG Visual Wheel Filtering and Opposite Lock Help reset to Off
  235. wheel setting and ffb
  236. Bug Report | Super kart quick replay smoke
  237. Pit Engineer / HUD fix ???
  238. Online lobby - Should be able to carry all players to other races
  239. Menu system almost unusable
  240. Ingme chat audio bad quality
  241. Lap times frozen
  242. menu is locked!!!
  243. My opinion of the actual situation
  244. Support Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5 EU
  245. Restart Race Bug
  246. Tyre Choice Auto by Weather - Wrong Tyres
  247. Thrustmaster T100 F button and light?
  248. Ford zakspeed Capri ---> BMW logo on hood
  249. Engine audio clipping tied to revs?
  250. Career Mode broken or am I missing something?