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  1. Please fix the blurring issue, or refund me my money.
  2. Steering tracking/re-centering issue
  3. Gear shift problem
  4. GOING CRAZY! Car shuts down 10 secs after starting
  5. Can't feel understeer at all, help!!
  6. T300RS not recognised / visible
  7. Replay/Highlights Issue
  8. Mercedes-Benz 190E 1.5-16 Evolution DTM gearbox glitched
  9. [RESOLVED] High Speed Steering Issues
  10. Stuck in morning race
  11. Steering lock with controller
  12. Incorrect race results
  13. Game not picking the saved setup
  14. Any idea on time frame for PS4 patch?
  15. Vertical sync?
  16. Can't change "Final Drive" settings - SMS-R Silverstone GP SLS AMG and others can!?
  17. Why no screenshot mode in replay on PS4?
  18. Ps4 party chat problem
  19. Downshifting Issue or Is It Me?
  20. Switching Target Car during Replay
  21. [RESOLVED] Issues using Thrustmaster T80
  22. T500rs F1 wheel, 2 buttons not working in game
  23. t300 and this game
  24. Setup of car and forcefeedback not saving
  25. Very Frustrated User.
  26. Forcing game in English
  27. [PS4] Multiplayer Bug Reports (NO CHAT!)
  28. PS4 USB slots with T500RS, TH8A and TB PX4 headset
  29. Controller mapping customization Bug
  30. Camera switch during/after pitstops
  31. Fanatec CSR bug
  32. Ignition sounds missing
  33. Pre order incentive.
  34. Best Lap Times and Leaderboards...
  35. Car hits pit garage coming out of pit...
  36. Spa multi player....pit stop without entering pits!
  37. Thrustmaster t80
  38. parked it
  39. Hi i new and i would like to know how introduce the limited edition pack code
  40. when the host leaves lobby when game starts (infinite loading screen)
  41. Nordschleife pit lane entrance bug
  42. My car is blocked on the track or in the air ...
  43. Final Classification Glitch
  44. Langauge Selection
  45. PS4 controller, really struggling to find any consistency.
  46. Car Set Up Bugs
  47. Invisible cars
  48. [ANSWERED] Next PS4 patch (Patch 1.3)
  49. Need Help!!! Hall of Fame Trophy
  50. distance LOD issue with 250cc Karts
  51. PS4 - FFB Monitor HUD White Line - T300RS
  52. [Bug] T300 going crazy after PS4 Rest mode
  53. Visual gear shift glitch
  54. Super AI!
  55. Forced to do a scheduled pitstop?
  56. Scary Glitch
  57. Found a camera bug that only happens in endurance races
  58. T300RS on PS4 keeps defaulting to 900 degrees with Project Cars
  59. Horrible Warble Sound Issue
  60. [PATCH 2.0] need to be able to have multiple input devices connected the same time
  61. Gear Shifting Bug (Formula A)
  62. After watching the replay of the qualifying your position is lost
  63. How to get a refund for DL version?
  64. Auto pilot fail in pits. Mount panorama.
  65. ***** T300 / T500 Centre Spring HELP IS HERE please read and try *****
  66. Center spring????
  67. 2 bugs(1 pit stop-1 AI control)
  68. Unable to access any modes but Solo Race
  69. Would upgrading the ps4 hard drive improve the games performance slightly ?
  70. False start in automatic transmission
  71. help! - T300 steering problem
  72. Is it just me or does the game not save car force feedback setup between sessions
  73. 600 second penalty bug
  74. ...
  75. PS4 No online after REST MODE
  76. Thrustmaster T300rs Firmware
  77. Real date weather?
  78. Headsets: Dolby vs Linear PCM in Project Cars?
  79. Car setup doesnt have sense if you cannot record your lap time.
  80. TT leaderboard is not by car, it is by cathegory
  81. Having problems connecting my thr8rs to my ps4.
  82. PS4 1.3 UPDATE? HOW LONG?
  83. Game crashing! CE-34878-0!!
  84. Community events ghost cars.
  86. Replay bugs?
  87. Audio Bug w/ quick fix
  88. What are people doing about their dodgy wheels?
  89. Limited Edition Import - limited edition cars DLC not working?
  90. No lap times at time trials
  91. Damage repairs itself in replay
  92. Dualshock Rumble
  93. Gt3 road America qualify bug?
  94. best thrustmaster t100 settings
  95. Car Setups keep Resetting to Something Undriveable (breaking the game)
  96. Monza Circuit (Short) Bug
  97. MAJOR BUG: Driving through a ghost car (exiting pits)
  98. Lap Time Delta
  99. Best Visual FX settings for PS4
  100. (Bug) Brands Hatch Indy circuit
  101. Catalunya Barcelona Pit Bug
  102. T80 help please!
  103. Car still gets damaged even if visual only damage and mechanical failure is off
  104. ps4 audio issues
  105. Ghosting while turning wheel?
  106. Bug Report PS4
  107. PS4 - T300RS and Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 plus ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5
  108. Driving difficulty: amature change to pro
  109. For next patch - Add v-sync option!
  110. community event times
  111. lost save file on ps4
  112. T300RS firmware v23 to v24 has introduced massive issues
  113. Possible contract offer/renewal bug?
  114. Multiplayer Inaccuracy
  115. 24hr La mans
  116. Do Sony and Microsoft still charge developers money to release patches?
  117. Screen Re-Size on PS4 is it possible
  118. Soft steering dampening setting reset "on"
  119. Remote play lag help
  120. Thrustmaster T50RS Wheel
  121. FFB Calibration Settings Descriptions Needed
  122. Can a T300RS user answer me this please....
  123. Wheel and controller combined use.
  124. Results from the previous race - online race mode
  125. Wheel & Photomode
  126. Gearbox Issue...
  127. Pausing and unpausing causes trans to shift into neutral when using H-shifter
  128. BMW M1 Procar at Zolder and AI rain
  129. Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO PEDALS
  130. ps4 wheel settings.Jack Spades setting put in youtube video format with links
  131. Reply Sound Issue
  132. Can I use a keyboard on PS4 for in car adjustment's on the fly ?
  133. Lap Counter Sometimes not Working
  134. Can't drive in Qualifying
  135. Some general feedback and issues for discussion
  136. 1009 Seconds Speed Limit Penalty for "Cut track warning"
  137. Crash cold tyre bug
  138. GT5/6 Ds3 equivalent settings for pCars with ds4
  139. Everything locked version 1.01
  140. [ANSWERED] Cannot Update above 1.01
  141. Very weird...game fixed itself without patch
  142. Any news on the free monthly cars?
  143. T80 wheel is blinking
  144. Unable To Edit Race
  145. [BUG?] Floating Man
  146. auto brake in formula b race any one eles having this problem
  147. [Bug] I have never seen anything like this
  148. [BUG?] Inaccurate / reduced movement of movable parts (spoilers) on replays.
  149. AI input
  150. very odd steering
  151. Anyone else had this T300RS issue?
  152. Accelorometer support?
  153. BRNO Pit Problem
  154. DS4 controller
  155. Brands Hatch Tree levitating
  156. Race 2 BUG
  157. Invisible object Road America
  158. Tire wear color?
  159. Thrustmaster T3PA PRO pedals availability
  161. Bug report: game crash
  162. Curiouser and curiouser - FFB weirdness on the T300RS - advice needed...
  163. Audio Glitch Not In the Known Issues Thread
  164. control issues
  165. T300RS and TH8A
  167. [Bug] Trophy Hall Of Fame ?
  168. T300RS gets soft after a little while of driving?
  169. (PS4) - Online - Cars Stuck with Bumper View
  170. Colour Banding at night
  171. (PS4)Custom Online Lobby Settings (Make Racing Wheels a Lobby Setting)
  172. Oschersleben - Shell Esses Left Hander Gravel Trap
  173. Liveries and Free Car DLC won't install (PS4)
  174. Onscreen wheel rotates more than mine
  175. No sound from the pitlane
  176. bug with dualshock4 ???
  177. Survey: TM300RS cooling
  178. Flashing Blue Lights at Le Mans
  179. [SOLVED!] no "Racing Icon Car Pack" on Playstation Store For The United States.
  180. Weird Results Happening
  181. Online locked out...
  182. McLaren F1 GTR front wheels clipping through front
  183. Lag online in certain tracks
  184. Research: Brno Pit
  185. Crashing into Spa pit wall on exit (bug?)
  186. Youtube
  187. 1080 degrees not officially supported on Thrustmaster T300RS?
  188. Controls PS4
  189. DLC codes region locked??
  190. Can not create new career
  191. Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T300rs?
  192. Race Position Glitch
  193. Dlc help
  194. ghost cars
  195. Community Events work around?
  196. Default Track Tuning Setup Question ?
  197. Free Practice Bug?
  198. Patch 1.4 Issues found
  199. Jump Start Penalty - Not working @ point 2 point races
  200. SMS please respond to Driver Network issue
  201. Is the 1.4 patch live in North America?
  202. Simply, how to stop camera motion.
  203. Delta Time missing from HUD
  204. Help T100 feels numb
  205. faster car approaching/ blue flag. no cars around me.
  206. Can't switch from gamepad to t300rs since patch
  207. gt2 wheel with gt3 firmware( no h shifter )
  208. Diagonal black lines appear in some conditions -- version 1.4
  209. Front wheel drive cars FFB?
  210. Question - Jack Spade Settings after 1.4 Patch
  211. Multilayer bug still exist after p-1.4 (photo included)
  212. Setups still lost between sessions
  213. Pit Strategy Tires
  214. Patch 1.4 didn't fix centre spring issue.
  215. Found a bug on Zolder (Cars hitting invisible object)
  216. Hud still not saving after 1.04
  217. [Known Issue] Still not saving setups after 1.4 patch
  218. Assign any button anywhere. No mandatory settings
  219. Deleting game data, good idea or bad?
  220. Wheel calibration..what is meant by 90 degrees?
  221. Server Browser Immediately Signs Me Out of PSN Since Update 1.04
  222. Why all the game is locked ?????
  223. All 4 Tyres Puncture/Glitch After A Pitstop
  224. modified car pack and limited car pack
  225. Dualshock advanced settings
  226. T300RS no acceleration
  227. Disqualification
  228. Post 1.4 Blurry Textures
  229. Replays different paint job
  230. Post v1.4 sticky forum thread.when?
  231. Help with T500 and pedals after patch 1.4
  232. [ANSWERED] Why am I getting "throttled back" in superkarts?
  233. Invisible Tire Bug
  234. Pit Stop Glitch/Season Pass.
  235. Bug : PS4 invisible backfire
  236. No Rear View Mirror
  237. Accelerater and engine revs on rev counter!
  238. Fanatec Porsche 911 Carrera Wheel
  239. Position Dropping Although Not Being Passed By Anyone
  240. Problems still after 1.04
  241. AI issue Car track PS4
  242. My LMP1 hit the wall at 200 and all I see is the paint a little scratched
  243. Game still locked after patch
  244. Game reset itself
  245. PSN Digital-Edition - The 3 Preseller-Bonus Cars are not in my garage
  246. Glitching / freezing 1 second on line
  247. Formula C Zolder bug?
  248. I keep getting CE error everytime i go to garage
  249. how to configure commands if no more buttons are available?
  250. Weird bug report during a race