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  2. Slow motion
  3. All sessions counted as race in stats
  4. Hall of fame Trophy?
  5. T500RS not working at all...
  6. Cheat or yet another bug
  7. wheel destroyed by game!
  8. fanatec shifters ? do they work?? need help!
  9. You have no entry recorded on this leaderboard.
  10. Rebuild database improved my post patch performance
  11. Renault Clio Cup
  12. Why is there a maximum of 3000 times in the Community Events?
  13. Have we missed out on the Community Ambassador Trophy?
  14. Wheel shudder at full lock
  15. Ps4 controller query
  16. White (outer limit) track lines at Oulton Park (all) load as you drive!
  17. FF loss with T300rs . simple cuestion..
  18. T300RS default settings
  19. Tire Temperature dropping?
  20. Question? About garbage . Possible feature
  21. Mount Panorama Pit Box glitch - Invisible Wall
  22. Rolling Starts
  23. Wrong tyres fitted at pit stop - and different choices available too!
  24. Bump Stops Issues
  25. Mk1 Escort is going to catch a STD
  26. Free Practice - Race Weekend Timing
  27. What is this symbol?
  28. T300 FFB can it be solved?
  29. T500 pedals calibration
  30. FFB calibration page soft clipping (half input) bug and deadline removal falloff bug
  31. DS4 Controller Issue
  32. Sparkles on track.
  33. Beyond a joke
  34. Infuriating penalty for no reason.
  35. AI is OP.
  36. More bugs.
  37. A few suggestions.
  38. Damage//Corrupted save file..(photo included)
  39. (PS4) Multiplayer Lobby Issues
  40. HUD display disappeared!!
  41. Timekeeping bugs
  42. Coulple of issues
  43. [Known Issue] setup for each car.
  44. how to use a thrustmaster TH8
  45. PS4 BUG... Aston Martin Vantage GT3 front right wheel bug
  46. T300 button assignement reset issue
  47. BMW V12 LMR - Fuel meter doesn't work
  48. Horsepower RUF RGT-8 GT3
  49. Pitting always fills fuel
  50. fanatec csw v2 settings
  51. Useless pit crew!
  52. Reflection camera render placement
  53. AI takes over during multiplayer race.
  54. Brands hatch has missing markers (300/200/100/50) etc
  55. Brandshatch auto pit exit will hit wall:
  56. Shadows loading as you drive toward them
  57. GUI for FFB parameters buggy and not adjustable fine enough
  59. Profile does not count the difference
  60. [KNOWN ISSUE] Weird glitch that happens every so often. Video in thread.
  61. Tyre temperature under rain
  62. Pit Strategies / Pit Manager- Future Change Questions and Suggestions
  63. Possesed Ford Focus
  64. Tune bug?
  65. fanatec csw v2 settings on ps4
  66. Weather Bug??
  67. Tire force vs FFB strength
  68. Some bugs I noticed
  69. Intermittent split times
  70. Landmine @Laguna Seca
  71. Saving several setups for one car (wet, dry, qual)
  72. Patch 1.4 hasn't fixed pitstop strategies. They're worse if anything.
  73. Car wont rev higher than certain amount after applying a pit stratergy
  74. Tyre Puncture Problem
  75. Thrustmaster T100
  76. Career errors on tires and mechanical failure
  77. Bug bug only bug
  78. Mandatory pits and race outcome
  79. Linearity ans speed sensitivity
  80. Suspension Movement numbers on Telemitry screen, what do the mean?
  81. Flat tires installed after mandatory pit stop (Career Mode)
  82. Default Pit strategy not being used.
  83. Career Mode after mandatory pit stop, all 4 tires blow
  84. DualShock Controller steering after Patch 1.4
  85. PS4 What does visual wheel filtring do?
  86. [PS4] Pit Engineer problem
  87. AI is Very Fast in Simulated Qualifying Session
  88. DS4 Tilt/Motion Controller Settings
  89. Telemetry labels PS4.
  90. t300rs on project cars
  91. violent left/right movement on straights
  92. fanatec csr shifter problem
  93. Hud delete
  94. Known bug ?
  95. Looking for a basherboards SFA1 shifter adapter
  96. thrustmaster f1 wheel
  97. Thrustmaster t300rs Settings
  98. Skip to end of session and ai??
  99. Warm tires = handles worse??
  100. I get no sound every "second" race & can't be registered on community events...
  101. Reflection issues on wet road at night
  102. Pitting Bug at Brno
  103. Problems with the online mode after uninstall and install the game again
  104. My setup Has changed for a part when race in Quick Race weekend
  106. New T500rs FFB Glitch
  107. Cockpit Views Not Saving!
  108. Disappearing Brake/Corner Markers (Video)
  109. Enhancement Requests ;)
  110. abandoned race and won it
  111. Various bugs / annoyances in career mode
  112. PS4 Iconic Cars Pack not in store?
  113. T300rs problem
  114. Freezing/Crashing
  115. Unable to join online qualifying
  116. The car veers to the left HELP!
  117. Do all wheels vibrate and make weird noises via their motors during FFB clipping?
  118. T300RS deadzone
  119. Pit Crew trying to kill me in GT5
  120. Qualifying
  121. Crash -> cold tires/no FFB-bug
  122. Will blutooth keyboard work with patch 2.0?
  123. Issue with Project Cars only showing One track and Car - retail disk copy
  124. Newbie Question - tire wear
  125. [Answered] Patch 2.0 "Where is the fix for this issue?"
  126. Locked out of every section baring solo mode?!?
  127. GT3 UK Silverstone. Can't see anything!
  128. Career mode puts me in the wrong races
  129. Bump stops.
  130. question about the race engineer
  131. Weird collision in career mode
  132. T3PA-Pro + conical brake mod calibration problem
  133. Zero to Hero
  134. Not a good night for online racing
  135. ps4 not recognising thrustmaster t300gte
  136. DS4 constant vibration with tilt controls selected
  137. T500 Issues and nothing mentioned in the 2.0 Patch notes
  138. Flat tires after pit stop in career mode
  139. HUD not saving
  140. Lemans 24h problem
  141. Lap times after race?
  142. community events lap time
  143. The dissappearing, reappearing trunk (boot for you EU folk)
  144. [ANSWERED] A few random questions
  145. Graphics issue - struggling to find anyone else with this issue
  146. Online Steering Lock & General Car Feel Issue - Formula B
  147. [ANSWERED] Frame Rate in extreme Conditions patch 2.0
  148. [WORK-AROUND] DRS Button Mapping?
  149. Game Freezing after Inviting People
  150. [SOLVED] Online connection issue - insufficient rights
  152. Porblems Vol. 1 (today)
  153. Corrupted data!
  154. T300RS wheel centering issue (not centering spring, something else)
  155. BAR vs PSi
  156. quick question
  157. Thrustmaster T300 constantly uncalibrating on PS4
  158. Difficulty slider
  159. T300RS Weird Problems
  160. Thrustmaster T100 - setup, installation and guide to FFB?
  161. Lapped cars have wrong finishing position and time
  162. Put in last place as soon as race starts
  163. RGT8 Championship
  164. Too many bugs in this game!!!!
  165. Why Does It Take so Long to Tweak Settings?
  166. If you're on PS4 and your save becomes corrupted follow these steps
  167. SMS , Dev , anyone please answer!
  168. Wheels not replaced after accident
  169. Paddle shift gear boxes go straight to first
  170. Issue with online reputation?
  171. Issue with no speed ffb
  172. Selfie trophy don t come
  173. FFB setting not always loading properly
  174. Questions for the moderators.
  175. T300 RS - Dead Zone Removal Range Can Not Be Set To .02
  176. Hud level don t save
  177. T300 GTE Setup Help - One Quirk I Couldnt Find Answer To
  178. We Need Finer Parameter Adjust Capabilty FFB and Mechanical
  179. bug after bug
  180. [bug report]Double downshift no fix?
  181. question about the AI
  182. No community event nor time trials registers
  183. Fanatec GT2 & Patch 2.0 - Wheel Not Working - SOLVED
  184. Lapped cars and final position bug
  185. problems after update 2.0
  186. Patch 2.0 tire model seems off
  188. Keyboard compatibility - Share your experience
  189. Time Trial weather difference. How to change?
  190. Patch 2.0 - Numeric keyboard issue
  191. No smoke in mirrors.
  192. Multiplayer finding no sessions
  193. new update more t500 problems
  194. No chat during racing
  195. [ANSWERED] Bug on the name in Career (******)
  196. Thrustmaster T300rs bug - automatically scrolling down to bottom most in every menu
  197. Flags and Penalties
  198. Clutch not registering after 2.0 Patch any suggestions?
  199. Thrustmaster T300 RS losing FFB and very clunky in steering!
  200. G-27 on ps4 button configuration issue
  201. [ANSWERED] Replay upload
  202. porsche GT3 g27 throttle pedal sticks
  203. Total loss of FFB still randomly happens after 2.0, but here is a workaround...
  204. Rearview camera bug/draw distance
  205. Question for the devs/mods. Regarding tire temperature.
  206. External keyboard assignment and predefined settings
  207. Game Crashes everytime i join an online session
  208. Telemetry question
  209. My first race with patch 2.0
  210. Bug and unrelated annoyance (with mini rant)
  211. Throttle behavious inconsistent with Renault Clio
  212. [INVESTIGATING] Seem to be losing tyre heat quickly after 2.0
  213. T300rs Sequential Shifter (built in wires)
  214. Engineer guy fix and time trail question
  215. issues with AI in multiplayer
  216. Invisible / Ghost cars
  217. AI wins race in pits!
  218. To Affinity and Beyond trophy not popping
  219. No Force Feedback after Patch
  220. Starting a session with low feul.
  221. T3PA brake pedals - no response
  222. Thurstmaster T300 not being detected by my PC
  223. Season ends early
  224. Refunds
  225. corrupted save data
  226. Real Time Progression Bug
  227. USB hub for ps4
  228. PC v2.0 with a Fanatec GT3RS2 wheel : the experience is far from acceptable
  229. Driver Network Profile : Races Entered
  230. FFB Anomalies Increased After 2.0
  231. Collection of weird minor bugs in V2.0
  232. Audio Bug - Career BMW 320 Group 5 Campionship Race
  233. (Solved) Telemetry graph doesn't work (seems static)
  234. AI driver in control of car after pitstop without choosing swap driver
  235. Disappearing mirror
  236. Does anyone know how to reset your stats on PS4
  237. Impossibile to change fuel quantity during the pitstop
  238. Locked trophies
  239. Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2
  240. Official statement needed - Are car physics affected by FFB-tweaks?
  241. Refueling - How is it suppose to work?
  242. [Solved] Problem language
  243. Any chance on getting this feature?
  244. Racing line bug, multi class race
  245. Changing Car Number?
  246. [SOLVED] my game wont get passed the first screen when i try to start it
  247. All car settings screwed ? Wtf
  248. wheel calibration
  249. Canned FFB
  250. Thrustmaster T100 is nog recognized on ps4