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  1. GT3 race mandatory pit stop, crew wont refill, also tire presure wrong all around.
  2. 50 online podiums trophy not registering
  3. [RESOLVED] Ruapuna Expansion Pack problem
  4. Changing setup while driving
  5. LMP1 Car & Contract Assignments?
  6. Ferrari GTE rim with T500 base works on PS4?
  7. T3PA pro pedal calibration
  8. Just installed the new track/car pack & all settings are back to zero
  9. Audi LMP 900 muted in external view.
  10. Thrustmaster T500RS pedals go dead - PS4
  11. Pit stop times
  12. PS4 T500rs not recognised (PS4)
  13. Setups and Pit strategy
  14. Skipping qualifying bug ??
  15. R18 gear indicator
  16. Landmine on Ruapuna GP Track
  17. Freeze
  18. Attention still looking for an answer to: [Not Possible] Second Screen & Apps on PS4
  19. SMS: How Important Is Reporting Game Crashes Via PS4?
  20. Two patches later.. :-\
  21. Track Too Dark Inside Car
  22. New member seeking assistance
  23. Graphic Settings > Explanation Maybe?
  24. Rasp Sound when accelerating
  25. Steering with the DS4 vs Wheel
  26. Where did my career progress go?
  27. Azure ?? WTH😡
  28. ¿Is this a BUG?
  29. missing distance/brake point signs/markers on 24h Le Mans
  30. T300 off-centering mid-race since 2.0
  31. Bug on Ruapuna
  32. Tire Formula A
  33. Suspend/Resume Freezing
  34. [FIXED IN NEXT PATCH] What gives!? - Cut-track penalties galore!
  35. [BUG] Laguna Seca CUT TRACK video included.
  36. Graphics settings explanations and discussion
  37. T100 randomly disconnects during races
  38. Thrustmaster T500RS is not recognized on ps4
  39. Weird Jump Start Penalty
  40. no sound from the engineer on my headset
  41. Kart fuel refill
  42. FFB brake down
  43. Impossible to record the races
  44. Lost all data, now can't adjust controller configuration in original increments.
  45. Slider adjustments
  46. Car tuning heavy for CPU/GPU?
  47. Making Bug-Reporting more efficient and structured
  48. Raining CARS
  49. AI Staying In Pits (Could be a feature, might be a bug)
  50. Set up resets every time you pit
  51. T300 wheel with G27 pedals - accelerator either on or off - very little control
  52. Blocking other players
  54. Kart Tires
  55. problem with the option of simulating the rest of the session
  56. lack of wheels
  57. Kart crahing on rolling start
  58. Qualifying bug with yellow flag
  59. Share doesn't Pause Race, Hanging after resume from Sleep, and more
  60. ABS bug? (multiplayer)
  61. Qualifying bug.
  62. tire heat problems
  63. ps4 French version
  64. Yet another T300 horror story
  65. Logitech G29 Disconnecting from PS4
  66. Broken AI (slowing after a few laps)
  67. Suede steering wheel cover?
  68. dead zone in steering wheel?
  69. PS4 3.0 patch queries
  70. Headset issue
  71. Suspend/Resume
  72. Change in FFB after restarting session.
  73. Sudden zero T300RS steering input?
  74. *Console* AI Slider Increments patch3.0
  75. Lap times not saving
  76. [Answered] Pit Stops Won't Re-Fuel.
  77. Fanatec CSS SQ question
  78. Karting bug/glitch?
  79. T300 - Zero Feeling In The Middle Of The Wheel - FFB
  80. Glitch on Watkins glen GP
  81. Different Nordschleife Bug (didn't see it in the known issues)
  83. maclaren f1 race in career
  84. Main bugs/glitches that need to be fixed (in PS4 version)
  85. Braking Problems with Fanatec CSR Elite pedals (PS4)
  86. What causes your car to become invisible?
  87. PS4 ce-34706-0 error
  88. help calibrating Fanatec csr elite pedals on PS4
  89. A question of switches.
  90. [BETA] PS4 Firmware update 3.0
  91. Thrustmaster T500rs help please PS4
  92. noob question about speed limits?
  93. Unable to Trail Brake After Pit Stop.
  94. My Garage Issue
  95. car suddenly veering of to the right
  96. On-screen HUD keeps disappearing
  97. ps4: fanatec clubsport v3 pedals
  98. ProjectCARS freezing every time I try to play
  100. hud problem
  101. Patch 3.0 Bug
  102. Good patch...BUT...
  103. Red Tyres of Death
  104. DQ Bug at the Glen Post 3.0 Patch
  105. Single player x7 tire wear, NONE
  106. post patch 3.0 cut track penalty issue and shift bug
  107. Fa veering to the left after 3.0
  108. Replays on PS4: Will they ever get fixed??
  109. DLC PS4
  110. Formula A cockpit camera bug
  111. Patch 3 Sky Problem
  112. Track temperature does not appear
  113. bug tire pressure in pit stop strategy
  114. Bugs after patch 3.0
  116. Weather Progression after Patch 3.0 (PS4)
  117. Are setups & pits fixed?
  118. [PS4] how to change FOV ?
  119. online buggy grid lineup
  120. Black diagonals lines - Patch 3.0
  121. Gone off the deep end with immersion
  122. Ginetta Junior tire overheating bug?
  123. Skip to end of session bug.
  124. Onestà Multiplayer
  125. Sync to Race weather not working anymore.
  126. Car wont start on free practice. PS4
  127. PS4. Crash with an invisible object
  128. Endurance race pits seem bugged after 3.0
  129. [PS4] Crash to Home Screen After Patch 3.0
  130. Can't Scroll down to Traction Control Slider??
  131. Weather transition UI bug
  132. Which FFB Steering Wheel to purchase for PS4?
  133. t300 rs help please, driving me crazy
  134. Trouble Starting Only on Races with Clutch/TH8A
  135. Bug in fuel estimator, goes nuts after changing race parameters
  136. Multiplayer Session Vehicle Selection Bug Post Patch 3.0
  137. Map location changes randomly post 3.0
  138. [Official Info Req] Need to delete SaveGame files (= Delete Profile during PC Beta)?
  140. Since patch 3.0 tires overheating
  141. Position changes
  142. Thrustmaster ferrari f1 wheel integral t500
  143. Bug in cartuning from pit
  144. Game sound and wheel shuts off?
  145. Can't re-bind "Options" button to pause key
  146. Unable to save ghost data...file size has exceeded 1gb limit
  147. Green screen showing before intro movie
  148. Tyre wear indicator: different info in chosen hud view
  149. Loss of Frame Rate/Glitchy/Jerky Picture
  150. Car Setup bug
  151. Ps4 project cars problem with t300
  152. T500RS not centering correctly
  153. the game showing wrong player tag for the person who is talking)
  154. T3PA-Pro: conical rubber mod setup
  155. Disconnected
  156. Time trial mercedes-benz c-coupe dtm
  157. Out Of Fuel & Spectator Possible Issue
  158. Post 3.0 T300 wheel settings - post you preferred settings
  159. 3 crashes to dash in 2 hours play!
  160. pagani huayra cuts all sound until ps4 reboot?
  161. Thrustmaster T100 to T300 Question
  162. Nordschleife glitch/bug/cheat
  163. How do I choose intermediate tires?
  164. spelling mistake - something small found
  165. gears shift even without using the clutch
  166. More Quirks
  167. Car significantly slower in races.
  169. Time trails and settings
  170. RUF CTR3 livery bug
  171. Multiplayer session issue
  172. Bug @ Oschersleben
  173. getting disconnected in multiplayer sessions
  174. Question for Devs RE: tyre wear
  175. slight graphical issue with the Ford Mustang 2+2 fastback
  176. Audi 90 quattro GTO, no shadow in rear view.
  177. Mustang 2+2 fastback collision detection issue
  178. Help Please, Cant play the game!
  179. Visual wheel and pilot arms glitch
  180. [SOLVED] can't do anything without being kicked
  181. T300 calibration issue
  182. Control config changed by button assignment
  183. 1st PS4 crash..resulted in Default option to go missing?
  184. 3.0 Pit Stops (In Multiplayer)
  185. Fanatic gt2 wheel sat at 90 degrees.
  186. issue with the RUF RT12 R
  187. Fanatec Wheel No Longer Recognised In Settings
  188. DLC is gone after patch 3.0
  189. New DLC and free car not in store?
  190. Historic GT5 UK trophy
  191. Update after re-install
  192. RUF Yellowbird door mirrors
  193. Car stopped and into neutral for no reason?
  194. Csw V2 issue
  195. The slow down penalty for the outside of turn one at Sakitto is completely unfair.
  196. Rumble Strips Review.
  197. What is the difference between inverted gearing YES/NO
  198. New Ruf RT12 R won't show up in my car list.
  199. Fanatec Handbrake works?
  200. Force Feed Back settings, should I be concerned?
  201. Thrustmaster FFB wheel killed by PC!
  202. Dual Shock 4 - Cannot Exit Settings!!!!
  203. Yellowbird cockpit seat boundaries bug (fun and amazing detail closeups)
  204. [Solved] No Contracts Being Offered
  205. First pit race - no DQ
  206. Gt3 tyre change issue
  207. Wheel spin noise
  208. Help an idiot out... please.
  209. Thrustmaster Announces T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alacantra Edition For PS4
  210. Wrong fuel estimate
  211. Rain, rain, rain
  212. Cars rolling for no reason
  213. Trustmaster t100 wheel bugs (how to reproduce in post)
  214. Career Mode not progressing..
  215. NASCAR tyre issue
  216. Time progression resets Bug
  217. Bug Lotus 49 free practice Brands Hatch Indy T300 forced full left in pit box
  218. AI pit bug PLEASE FIX
  219. T300RS fan replacement
  220. Another Clio bug
  221. T300 not initializing correctly - looking for fix
  222. Pit Stop Issues? Still not fixed after 3.0???
  223. Cannot hear pit engineer through headphones- only controller speaker
  224. Sort this mess out please... This game is unplayable atm
  225. MAJOR PS4 Corrupt save
  226. Fanatec turbo S pedals
  227. Is it good time to buy it?
  228. Testing
  229. Reset the room before the countdown
  230. Fanatec Porshe 911 GT3 RS v2 and PS4
  231. Those with TH8A Shirter -- Please Help, 2nd Post
  233. t300rs problems
  234. "You have been disconnected from PSN"
  235. Many issues still not working properly after the 3.0 patch
  236. m3 e30 telemetry power bug?
  237. New csr pedals or used csr elite ?
  238. Friends ghosts.
  239. TH8A issue any advice please?
  240. No multiplayer session found to join
  241. Teammate pit notification
  242. Shadows
  243. Random weather still broken after patch 4?
  244. Helmet leaning/look to apex effect stopped working
  245. Not Getting The 4.0 Update
  246. T300 deadzone still there. Any ideas ?
  247. Enhanced Brake Assistance system
  248. PS4 Freezes During First 2 Hour Endurance Race on 24H Le Mans Track
  249. Steering wheel violently turns to right
  250. bug report, cuttingcorner detection fails missarably @Silverstone Stowe